MKW Chapter 932

Chapter 932  [Title below]


His expression is suffering as he shudders lightly.

Ai Ling turns around and looks at Liu Yi and asks, “What plots are you planning again?”


Liu Yi holds his heart and only feels a chill but does not know what had happened.

It is like something important had been torn from his body making him feel an uncontrollable pain.

Liu Yi’s face turned green as his expression turned very ugly.

Ai Ling feels like he is not acting it out but is unable to determine if it is indeed real.

I am unable to guess what his thoughts are. If I get too close, he is like a black hole that will suck me in.

Thus she is already doing her best to maintain a distance from him. I cannot fall for his trap like an idiot.

Only Liu Yi is clear that he is not acting.

This tearing pain came fast and left fast as well.

As the roller coaster finally slowly slows down, he finally recovers back to normal.

“Don’t tell me that you are afraid of heights?”

After getting off the roller coaster, Ai Ling looks at Liu Yi strangely.

“How is that possible? If I had a fear of heights, how could I fly on a flying sword.”

Liu Yi says in his heart. This woman also has times when she is muddle-headed.

“Had you forgotten how we came here earlier?”

“Then what was that earlier? Pretending to be sick to gain my pity?”

Liu Yi’s lips twitched as he replied, “What a joke. As a man, how can I pretend to be sick?”

“Could it be that girls like to pretend to be sick?”

“During the military training in my senior high and university, countless girls pretended to have heatstroke, great aunt came and the likes to rest.”

“Hmph. What do you know? This is called the privilege of women!”

Liu Yi instantly starts sweating, “Why is it that everything becomes justified coming from your mouth.”

“Because I make sense.” Ai Ling rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “You have already played. Now it is time for you to do your job.”

“Cannot. Right now I am very weak.”

Liu Yi hurriedly holds his chest and says, “Just now I felt very odd in my body. If I do not find a place to properly cultivate, perhaps I would not even have the strength to use my flying sword technique.”

“Hey, that’s enough from you!” Ai Ling stomps her feet in anger, “Don’t tell me that you still want to rent a hotel?”

“Miss Ai Ling is very clever and quick-witted. To think of such a good method.” Liu Yi snap his fingers, “There is no other place, let’s go and get a hotel room.”

“Hey Liu Yi! Don’t be too much!” Ai Ling says angrily, “You still want to lead me by my nose !‘

“Hey, my heroine Ai Ling. Right now I am very weak.” Liu Yi smiles bitterly, “It’s okay to let me cultivate a bit and replenish a bit of my qi. Heroine Ai Ling is not that mean, right.?”


Ai Ling no longer speaks. Looks like she had silently agreed to it.

Liu Yi says in his heart, this sickness that suddenly happened helped me accomplish my aim.

Only then did the two of them leave the playground and go to a hotel nearby and prepare to stay for the night.

Liu Yi says to the receptionist at the hotel counter, “One room.”

Ai Ling immediately shakes her head and rejects, “One room? What are you talking about! How can I sleep in the same room as you!”

{It is not like we are going to sleep together.}

Liu Yi transmitted his voice to Ai Ling, {It is only meditation. Why, could it be that you still wish to sleep with me?}

Liu Yi smirks as he looks at Ai Ling, {Heroine, seeing how beautiful you are, why are your thoughts so unhealthy.}

{AYou are the one having unhealthy thoughts!}

Ai Ling transmitted to Liu Yi, {Furthermore, we can also cultivate in a room each. Why should we take only one room?}

{A room per person? Okay then. Are you not afraid that I would run away?}

{Tsk. Based on your capability, you still wish to escape?}

Ai Ling gives Liu Yi a disdainful look. Although Liu Yi is not convinced in his heart, he can only acknowledge what Ai Ling says.

Her cultivation is at realm crosser and I am much weaker.

{After all it is just meditation. What are you afraid of? It is not like we are going to undress. It is of no concern if we are in a single room!}

Liu Yi persisted, {What, could it be that Heroine Ai Ling is afraid that I would be handsy?}

{What a joke. Why would this miss be afraid of you?} Ai Ling snorts, {This miss’s cultivation is boundless. I can hit you to space with just a finger.}

{Then why do you not dare to stay in the same room as me?}

Ai Ling agreed, {Who does not dare to! One room then!}

Liu Yi turned around with a delighted smile on his face.

I just do not believe that you will not fall for it!

Ai Ling is helpless and can only follow Liu Yi into the room.

After Ai Ling walks into the room, she first occupies the bed.

Ai Ling tosses Liu Yi a single sentence, “I shall be meditating here. Go and find your own place.”

“Okay, you cultivate first. I’ll go and take a bath.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes off his outer clothing before walking towards the bathroom.

“Hey! What are you doing!”

Ai Ling instantly jumps off the bed. She waves her hand as a blood sword drops from the sky and stabs the floor in front of Liu Yi blocking his path.

Liu Yi says very naturally, “Bathing, what else can I do?”

“What, what are you bathing for!”

Ai Ling glares at Liu Yi, “Didn’t you say that you want to meditate to recover your qi?”

“That’s right. But right now my body is covered with sweat thus it is uncomfortable.”

Liu Yi ignores the blood sword and gives Ai Ling a sword, “Naturally one must be comfortable to meditate.”

“Are you really a cultivator?”

“Of course. Butt now I do not have any qi thus my body is dirty.”

Liu Yi shows that he is also very helpless.

“Wait till I have a bath and meditate, naturally I will recover my qi.”

Ai Ling is hopping mad, “Liu Yi! I see that you are just acting shamelessly!”

“What are you saying? How did bathing become shameless?”

Liu Yi gives Ai Ling a strange look, “Could it be that Heroine Ai Ling has never taken a bath before?”

“What a joke. How can I have not taken a bath!”

“Then you also acted shamelessly?”

Ai Ling grinds her teeth as she glares at Liu Yi, “You, you are twisting words and forcing logic!”

“I am saying the truth. I’ll go and take a bath first. It is best if you do not make blind guesses.”

Liu Yi won this round again and feels delighted in his heart. He ignores the blood sword and walks into the bathroom.

“Do you dare to close the door!”

Ai Ling waves her hand as a blood hand flies out and drills into the bathroom door.

She is very gloomy in her heart and only feels like she is being bullied by Liu Yi all the time!

How did it become like this? If it is strength, I am the stronger one. If it is intelligence, it is also me who is a level higher but why is it me who is bullied?


Hearing the sound of water coming from the bathroom, Ai Ling only again became gloomy that she kept being led by the nose by that fellow!

Just as Ai Ling is gloomy, a small card suddenly got pushed in from the door gap.

She pauses a but and walks over. Picking up that small card, she looks at the words written on it. <Offering massage and foot massage services…>

She suddenly has a crafty smile, “Good. Watch how I settle you!”

With that, she uses the phone in the room to call this number.

Liu Yi comfortably takes a bath in delight.

When he opens the door and walks out, he does not wear any clothing and only wraps his waist with a bathrobe.

Liu Yi’s figure is very good. After all, he had experienced all kinds of training.

Having muscles around the stomach is very pretty one and Liu Yi also has it and that is his pride.

When he came out, he did not see Ai Ling. But he can sense that her aura is still in the room.

Looks like Little Lass had purposefully used some method to hide her figure from me. What is she playing now?

At this moment, the doorbell suddenly rings.

Liu Yi frowns and asks, “Who is it?”

“Sir, it is the room service that you called for.”

The room service I called for?

Liu Yi thinks rapidly. Should have been called over by Little Lass.

He casually waves his hand and the room door immediately opens on its own.

A woman walks in. She is somewhat well-rounded, dressed to the nines and wearing makeup. She seems to have sprayed a lot of perfume on her making Liu Yi feel like he is choking on it. 

Why did Ai Ling call this girl?

“Sir, may I know what kind of massage you want?” When the girl walks in, she places a small bag by the side before asking Liu Yi, “Is it a full-body, head or foot massage”

Liu Yi thinks rapidly. Massage? Ai Ling actually found a masseur for me?

Okay. Looks like she wants to put me on a spot? What am I afraid of? I am a man!

Facing Liu Yi who is only wearing a bath towel around his waist, that woman is rather calm.

Liu Yi plops down on the bed and says, “Full body then. Massage me properly and the tip will be large.”

“Thank you, sir.”

Liu Yi thinks in his heart, Ai Lings still wishes to play this move on me. Too naive. Isn’t it just a massage?

The girl rides on Liu Yi’s waist before applying certain massage oil over her hands and starts to massage Liu Yi’s back.

Liu Yi has a comfortable look on his face and indeed the air suddenly has some angry aura.

Ai Ling is in a bad mood.

Originally she planned to deal with Liu Yi and see how he looks when panicking!

Unexpectedly he did not mind at all! Furthermore, he is enjoying it!

Irritating! Too irritating.

Just what method can I punish this man!

Just as one is delighted while the other is in a bad mood, the woman who was originally riding on Liu Yi’s back suddenly removes her skirt before hugging Liu Yi and shouts, “Molester! Molester!”

When the girl starts screaming, Liu Yi and Ai Ling blank out at the same time.

What the hell?

A person suddenly kicks open the door. Clearly, the woman purposefully did not lock the door after coming in!

Two men wearing police attire walk in with serious-looking faces.

One of them has a fierce look on his face and cuffs Liu Yi’s hands.

“How dare you display immoral behavior in broad daylight! Follow me back to the station!”

If it was ordinary people, seeing this attitude, perhaps they would be badly frightened.

But who is Liu Yi. He sits up calmly and looks at the two policemen.

Tsk, full of flaws.


Author’s note-> From today onwards, there will no longer be any more pits. We shall bury the pits one by one. In addition, the principal of the book is frank writing as core. The occasional oppression will not influence the big picture. Demon Empress, Little Lass, these are the dishes in Liu Yi’s bowl and definitely will not let other people eat one. But the specific on how to retrieve them, we shall wait and see.


Chapter 932  [Buddha jumps over the wall]

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