MKW Chapter 931

Chapter 931  [Title below]


When you miss a person, just how sad, just how frantic and just how obsessed would one be?

Liu Yi feels that he is unable to calculate this matter!

Perhaps cultivation or abilities, all of these can be calculated. But longing and emotions cannot.

Even if he keeps suppressing his emotion, the moment he sees Ai Ling again, that flame in his heart once again burns up ragingly.

He did not even think and charged towards Ai Ling.

At this moment, a cage made entirely from blood locks Liu Yi within.

“Little Lass?”

Liu Yi grabs the cage with both hands. He feels that this cage is very sturdy and that he is unable to break out.

“Who is your Little Lass!”

Ai Ling glares at Liu Yi, “If you do not tell me, I will not let you out!”

“I will say, I will say!”

Seeing Ai Ling, Liu Yi becomes delighted in his heart. Although he wishes to hug Ai Ling properly and get close to her, since Ai Ling put it like this he has no choice.

Right now Ai Ling seems to have lost her memories of him. Thus he also cannot force her too hard. Thus whatever Ai Ling says, he will naturally agree to it.

Ai Ling blinks, “Remember what you say. You are a guy!”

She gently claps her hand and the cage immediately disappears.

Liu Yi is delighted and flies in front of Ai Ling and subconsciously attempts to give her a hug.

At this moment he is astonished to realize that his hands are actually tied up by a blood handcuff!

He is unable to spread open his arms! What is this?!

“Guys and the likes cannot be trusted!”

Ai Ling narrows her eyes at Liu Yi again.

Lin Tong lies on Liu Yi’s shoulder as her lips twitch, {This scary girl…}

Liu Yi says in his heart, Ai Ling, this girl…even if she has forgotten her memories, this character of hers has not changed…

She is still crafty, making people unable to guess her thoughts.

“Okay then. You have captured me now.”

Liu Yi raised his handcuffed hands, “With my strength, I can’t undo this handcuff. Beautiful woman, right now you can, believe me, right?”

“I can believe you if we seal up that mouth of yours.”

Ai Ling smiles. This smile causes Liu Yi’s heartbeat to fluctuate sharply and feel like he cannot find himself.

Clearly the person whom he likes is in front of him but he does not dare to say I miss you nor does he dare to say I like you.

Is there any matter more driven mad than this? It seems like there is not.

Liu Yi no longer wishes to resist and the likes and lower his hands before asking Ai Ling, “Then what do you wish to do? Didn’t you forget about me? Why did you come and look for me?”

“Because if I do not see you, I will keep thinking of your image in my heart.”

Ai Ling sighs helplessly, “I have only seen you once. So strange. What kind of spell do you know? Tell me. Or is it that you are the legendary nine-tail fox that can charm anyone’s heart? Impossible. Isn’t a nine-tail fox a woman…”

Seeing Ai Ling’s appearance of having a big head, Liu Yi wishes to smile.

This is the first time he has seen this side of Ai Ling. All the time in the past, she was always cleverly coming up with plans after plans and appears like nothing is difficult for her.

In this world, how is there magic that influences love? Furthermore, it influenced me so deeply!

If this is magic then I should also be inflicted by it.

Ai Ling wishes to undo this magic then who should I find to undo it?

Liu Yi is unable to understand this question himself.

“Quickly say it! What spell is it?”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Do you wish to know?”

“Nonsense! Of course, I wish to know! Otherwise, why would I look for you!”

Ai Ling rolls her eyes at Liu Yi.

“If you wish to know, it is okay. But this is a very, very complex spell.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “Furthermore, it is also very, very troublesome to undo it. So troublesome to the point that you cannot imagine! I also have no choice, that is why it is like this.”

“Then what do you wish to do?”

Ai Ling is exceptionally intelligent. She immediately hears the hidden meaning in Liu Yi’s sentence.

“If you wish to know and even undo this spell, then keep following me.”

“What did you say?” Ai Ling’s eyes widen as she glares at Liu Yi. “What did you say? Say it again?”

Liu Yi looks at Ai Ling with some astonishment, “Eh? With your realm crosser cultivation, your hearing so bad?”

“Stop playing dumb!”

Ai Ling says angrily, “You! What intentions do you have to make this miss keep following you?! What do you think this miss is? A pet that you raised?”

“If I can raise such a beautiful pet then I have obtained a few generations of fortune.”

Ai Ling says angrily, “That’s why I said that I should seal your mouth!”

That is not okay. If you seal my mouth then how do I tell you how to undo the spell?

Liu Yi smiles and purposefully says such things to lure Ai Ling into biting the bait.

“You…could it be that I must keep following you by your side then?”

“Up to you.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders again, “Why don’t you kill me then question my soul?”

“If I can kill you, I would have long ago!”

Ai Ling huffs. She does not know why but she is unable to do anything to this guy!

Ai Ling retorts, “Then you must accompany me daily until you tell me how to undo this spell then you can leave!”

“That is not okay.” Liu Yi rejects Ai Ling’s suggestion, “Right now I have an important thing that I need to handle thus I cannot accompanying you. Either you follow me or kill me. Choose one.”

“Damn it!”

Ai Ling grinds her teeth but it seems like other than that, there are no other methods!

“How is it. You don’t dare?”

“Don’t use psychological methods on me. It is useless!”

Ai Ling snorts, “Fine. It is nothing impressive. This miss wishes to know just what tricks you want to play!”

“In front of the smartest Daoist Ai, how would I dare to play any tricks!”

“Hmph, what you say is right.”

Ai Ling nods her head with a bit of satisfaction, “Since you know then do not play any games!”

“Will not, will not.” Liu Yi hurriedly waved it off. “It is decided then. Right now I have some important things that I need to do and need to make a trip to River Song.”

“River Song…”

Ai Ling frowns as she presses her finger against her temple like she is thinking about something.

“That’s right. River Song.”

Liu Yi immediately thought, could it be Little Lass had thought of something?

The very first time when we meet each other was at River Song!

At that time she went there to snatch the dragon pearl but was chased away by me.

Oh yeah….if we go to River Song, perhaps it might let Little Lass recall something!

Liu Yi nods his head. That’s right. Let’s do it like this!

“Okay. Let us go.”

Ai Ling no longer thinks about it. Let’s take it step by step. After all, this fellow can not escape from the palm of my hand!

It is better to do him in after the spell is dispelled!

Liu Yi holds his stomach with both hands and says, “Cannot. Right now I am hungry. How can we hurry on with a hungry stomach? I need to eat first.”

Ai Ling’s glares even wide, “Eat? Does a cultivator still need to eat? You are a cultivator! Furthermore, your cultivation is not low at all! At the very least, you are in the heaven realm and you still need to eat?”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Of course! The cultivation technique that I am cultivating is slightly unique. I must eat!”

“What spell is this. How is there this kind of spell!”

“Isn’t there this spell that mesmerized you to death?”

Liu Yi smiles faintly causing Ai Ling to wrinkle her cute nose.

“Sure. Let’s have a meal. Be careful of choking to death!”

“Hahaha, I know of a famous restaurant in North Dragon City. Follow me.”

Liu Yi smirks in his heart as he leads Ai Ling and flies towards North Dragon City.

Ai Ling originally thought that it would be over after finishing a meal but when the two of them are sitting on a roller coaster, she finally cannot stand it and explodes.

Ai Ling who is sitting by Liu Yi’s side stretches out a hand and grabs Liu Yi by his collar and questions, “What are you doing!”

“After eating, we went to watch a movie then went window shopping. And now we are sitting on a roller coaster! Is there a mistake or not! Do you really have an important thing that you need to do?”

“Why do you not understand anything?”

Liu Yi contently enjoys the wind blowing on his face, “After a meal, there needs to be some exercise to promote digestion.”

“Is it me who does not understand or you do not understand!”

Ai Ling really wishes to roar, “After a meal exercise is not good for digestion. There is a limited amount of red blood cells in a human body and they are used to exercise, then there will not be any red blood cells around the digestive system!”

Liu Yi laughs, “Aiyah. It is not like I am an ordinary person. I am a cultivator.”

“Now you recall that you are a cultivator?”

Ai Ling clenches her teeth. Why did I agree to follow this fellow!

It seems like he has steadily had a grip over me!

Am I crazy? Why did I accompany him to this damn roller coaster!

The most important point is that…why is my heart happy?

This is impossible! Could it be that that damn devil spell is still causing mischief?

On the other hand, Liu Yi is truly happy. In the past, he can only bring Little Lass to rush about, constantly on the move. So much so that they traveled through time back to 1300 years ago to fight against the demon race during the Tang dynasty.

Finally, I came back on my own and left Little Lass back there.

Ever since I got to know her, I have never had a proper date with her before.

This time around, Liu Yi wishes to make it up to Little Lass.

Doing so this way, at the very least the remorse in his heart would be a little lesser.

At the very least, the two of us have not dated and she has forgotten about me.

Thinking about this, I don’t know if I should be happy or upset.

The roller coaster is very fast. The surrounding girls cannot help but shriek loudly.

Ai Ling pouts, “What is there to be afraid of. Furthermore, it is not as fast as me flying.”

“Because you know how to fly, that is why you are not afraid.”

Liu Yi winks, “Think for a moment that you do not know how to fly before screaming and hiding in my embrace!”

Just as Ai Ling is going to mock him, she saw Liu Yi frown before holding his chest with an ugly expression.

[TL: I bet all of you know what is going to happen next 🙂 ]


Chapter 931  [Date]

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  1. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) side quests..

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    • Yeah seriously. He knows little black got severed from him, he know the heavens are about to be informed about him. He knows he doesn’t have time. Even little lass will be in danger if the heavens attention is drawn yet he is wasting time with a date.


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