MKW Chapter 930

Chapter 930  [Title below]


“Liu Yi! You finally returned! I missed you to death!”

Ao Susu is a fire attribute dragon thus she is very passionate like fire.

Seeing Liu Yi returning, she hugs him enthusiastically.

“Annoying fellow…why did you only come back now…have you forgotten about me?”

Little Black trembles. After being hugged by Ao Susu for a long time, he finally says, “I….am not…master…”

This hoarse voice causes Ao Susu to blank out.

“You, you are not Liu Yi?”

She smells with her nose. The dragon race’s sense of smell is very accurate.

The moment she smells, Ao Susu’s expression undergoes an extreme change and pushes Little Black away.

“You are Little Black!”

Ao Susu still remembers the name of Liu Yi’s avatar.

“Why did you come in?”

Seeing Ao Susu’s complexion turned pale as she pushes him away, Little Black’s face turns sad for a spell.

Little Black says it word by word, “I…wished…to…find…you…to…speak…with…you…”

“Want to speak with me?”

Ao Susu tilts her head and looks at Little Black. She does not understand why would Little Black take the initiative to look for her.

“Could it be that something happened to Liu Yi?”

Little Black says slowly, “Not… related… to… master… it… is… me… who… wished… to… speak… to… you…”

“Strange. Instead of talking to me about Liu Yi, what could an avatar talk to me about?”

Ao Susu sizes up Little Black, “Could it be that something happened to this avatar…yeah, I should wait for Liu Yi to come back and take a look.”

As she speaks, she stretches out her hand and releases a stream of flames that surround Little Black. Finally, it forms into flame ropes that twine around Little Black.

“Wait for Liu Yi to come back and let him investigate a bit.”

Little Black’s gaze turns sluggish as he looks at Ao Susu and asks, “Why……”

“Little Black. Right now something might have happened to you. I feel that it must be because you have left Liu Yi for too long. But no worries. He will come back soon. At that time, he will cure you. Stay here y for now. I will not harm you.”


“Really strange. Just where did it go wrong?” Ao Susu frowns deeper in suspicion, “Forget it. I’ll wait till Liu Yi comes back then let him see.”

It seems like she feels that it is no longer convenient to live in the room, Ao Susu walks out of her room and goes to another room to sleep.

The room falls back into darkness only leaving behind the fragrance of Ao Susu in the air.

That figure had at an unknown period of time appeared on the chair sitting there. He laughs as he says to Little Black who is tied up by flame ropes, “I said before. No one treats you as a friend. You are nothing but a shadow. A pitiful shadow!”


Little Black’s speech is broken like he is hesitating in his heart.

The figure shakes his head and says in sarcasm, “Pitiful puppet. Looks like you are destined to be a puppet for another person forever.”

“I am not…not a shadow nor a puppet, even less so a puppet!”

Little Black suddenly roars as his speech starts to become coherent.

“I have a name! I am called Little Black!”

This roar contains incomparable might!

The flame ropes tying up Little Black breaks down bit by bit as a shockwave batter the ceiling, instantly breaking a large hole on the ceiling of the chambers of imperial concubines!

The shockwave continued to move forward and left the barrier of the Dragon Palace and entered the river!

The entire River Song’s waters immediately start undulating and soon an enormous whirlpool forms on the surface of River Song!

A lot of fishermen were caught by this whirlpool. Their boats were overturned as the fishermen fell into the river causing them to scream for help!

The clouds in the sky change as black clouds start gathering.

The people in the Dragon Palace were also startled as they started running towards the chambers of the imperial concubines.

While Little Black had struggled free of the ropes. He leaps up and flies out of the Dragon Palace. Instantly he flies out of River Song to the sky outside.

That figure appears behind Little Black again as his voice enters Little Black’s ear, “Follow me and I will let you become a real person!”

“Can…I really…become a human?”

Right now Little Black is still sometimes incoherent in his speech.

“Of course, I can teach you.”

That figure continues to entice Little Black causing him to hesitate for a moment.

At this moment, the Dragon Palace’s army had already flown out of the surface of River Song!

Ao Susu is at the head as she flies out on a flame.

Ao Susu is holding a lance which she points at Little Black and shouts, “Little Black! Are you defecting?”

Little Black floats in the air as he faces Ao Susu and says slowly, “I…only…wish to become…human.”

He is surrounded by the River Song’s aquatic army. Looks like they do not plan to let him leave.

“Become human? How is that possible!” Ao Susu becomes slightly anxious, “You are an avatar of Liu Yi!”

Little Black is Liu Yi’s natal pet! A part of him!

If he separates himself from Liu Yi, then Liu Yi will be adversely affected. This cannot do!

Ao Susu hurriedly stopped him, we cannot let Little Black leave!

“Don’t…force me…”

A layer of black flames starts appearing on Little Black’s body.

Little Black’s strength was from flame and ice. But now for some unknown reason, the flames suddenly turn into a mysterious black color.

Ao Susu became anxious in her heart. What happened to Little Black?

“No matter where you go, I will stop you!”

As Ao Susu speaks, she stretches out her hand and waves her lance instantly sending out a red fire dragon.

This fire dragon wraps around Little Black’s body and pressures his body down back into the river.

“You…shouldn’t…take action…”

Little Black sighs as the red dragon that wraps around his body slowly start changing. In a blink of an eye, it turned into a black fire dragon. 

The black dragon is no longer controlled by Ao Susu. Instead, it turns its head around and attacks Ao Susu.


Ao Susu got a huge shock. The lance in her hand swept out ferociously and swept the head of that fire dragon.

The fire dragon roars and rolls to the side.

Ao Susu steps on flames as she leaps onto that fire dragon’s neck. The lance in her hand stabs into that fire dragon’s body.

That fire dragon roars and is controlled by Ao Susu’s lance before charging at Little Black again.

“Why…are you not willing…to let me off…”

Little Black’s expression is bitter.

Seeing that fire dragon flying over, he roars in anger.

A powerful shockwave blast out causing that fire dragon to immediately disperse!

Ao Susu got a huge shock. She nearly falls off from the fire dragon.

But Ao Susu is experienced. She twists her body and forcefully changes direction. The spear in her hand’s, dances and stabs towards Little Black below.

Just like the saying, a spear is like a dragon, perhaps it is like this!

“Don’t…force me….”

Little Black is suddenly covered with an ice armor that carries chilly air.

He stretches out his hand and uses his palm encased with ice armor to grab hold of that spear.

Ao Susu is astonished to realize that the spear starts being frozen into ice starting from the portion that Little Black is grabbing. Soon it spread to the entire spear body!

Ao Susu can only let go of her treasured spear. At this moment, the spear had already turned into an ice spear.

Little Black waves his hands and that spear instantly scatters.

Pieces of ice land into River Song causing Ao Susu to be astonished.

Little Black is so strong?

No wonder it is Liu Yi’s avatar!

9257 is afraid that Ao Susu will be in danger and immediately shout, “Quick! Quickly protect Chief!”

The aquatic army immediately charges forward with their weapons.


Little Black roars in anger as a black dragon suddenly flies out from his back. It coils around his body and spins one round before attacking the aquatic army.

The aquatic army was instantly knocked away. Like putting in dumplings, all of them plopped into the water.

“Whoever dares to get close to me again…I…will kill…”

Little Black clenches his fist. Standing in the dark night in white frost armour, he is like a devil.

“You are not allowed to leave!”

Ao Susu is worried about Liu Yi’s safety leaps at Little Black again even though she does not have any weapon.

“Dragon Recollect!”

She sends out a kick that carries an explosive flame at Little Black.

“I said! Don’t touch me!”

Little Black stretches out his hand and an ice ball explodes out from his palm.

The ice ball rushes out smashing onto Ao Susu’s body!

Ao Susu’s leg was instantly knocked away as her body started to get frozen bit by bit.

“Damn it!”

Military Blade suddenly appears by Ao Susu’s side and grabs hold of her. He then uses Shadow Step and instantly appears far away. He uses his power to help Ao Susu get rid of those ice.

Military Blade is a sensible person. He clearly knows that these people cant make Liu Yi’s avatar remain behind thus he orders, “Let him leave!”

In River Song Dragon Palace, other than Ao Susu, Military Blade’s identity is the highest.

Ao Susu has currently fainted thus Military Blade had the final say.

The moment he gave the order, the aquatic army no longer dared to harass Little Black and one by one stepped aside.

Little Black immediately turns around and transforms into a black flame and instantly flies far away.

“This fellow…is too scary…”

“Indeed it is the avatar of Lord Dragon King…”

None of the aquatic army was astonished as they started muttering.

“Looks like we can only wait for Commanding Officer to return, then we can discuss.”

After returning to the Dragon Palace, Military Blade can only placate Ao Susu first. As for the rest, he can only hand it over to the real master of this Dragon Palace.

But when is Commanding Officer coming back?

Military Blade is deeply worried and sick at heart as he longs to see Liu Yi again.

But he did not know that at this moment, trouble is currently looking for Liu Yi.


Liu Yi who is standing on his flying sword rushes the entire way back anxious in a speed that had long exceeded the Second Princess.

When he flies above a group of mountains, the sky suddenly turns blood red as blood color clouds cover the entire sky.


Liu Yi looks around and immediately determines the current situation.

“Who is it! Quickly come out!”

“I am very curious, what kind of person you are. What kind of spell did you cast on me.”

A blood lotus appears in the sky. And sitting cross-legged on the blood lotus is a woman.

“Little Lass!”

Seeing this woman, Liu Yi’s gaze is instantly filled with delight.

He did not hesitate and flew towards the Ai Ling who is on the blood lotus.


Chapter 930  [I wish to become a person]

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