MKW Chapter 929

Chapter 929  [Title below]


“Condition? What condition?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, this east sea 3rd princess still had not changed. At this point in time she still wants to discuss terms and conditions with me.

Really…cannot be saved.

“Say it. What condition are we discussing? You want to be the Queen of the four seas?”

Liu Yi waved his hand, “I can agree to this condition…”

“No, it’s not that…”

Unexpectedly the East Sea 3rd Princess shakes her head, “All of this is not important…what I want is that you must agree to a condition of mine. As long as you agree, I am willing to help you.”

When Poison Jasmine heard this woman immediately demanding terms the moment she came. She becomes slightly unhappy and pulls out her sword shouting, “Who do you think you are! How can you talk about conditions with my master!”

“That’s right. Other than me, no one else is allowed to speak to Big Idiot like that.”

Ma Yuanyuan stands on Liu Yi’s other side as she releases her flying sword which floats in front of her. The tip of the sword is pointing at East Sea 3rd Princess Ao Nuo.

“You have accepted two decent female door gods eh!”

Ao Nuo looks at the two girls, “They are still rather young. Liu Yi. Why didn’t I notice that you were so outstanding.”

Liu Yi coughs before changing the topic, “Eh…say your condition.”

“My condition is very simple.” Ao Nuo raises a finger, “Can you please…spare my royal father…I only have him. If he got defeated, I beg you to spare him and don’t kill him.”

“Is that it?”

Liu Yi is rather surprised. He originally thought that this woman would request for herself but unexpectedly, it is for other people.

This more or less makes Liu Yi feel a bit gratified. This lass is not done for.

“For a child to plea for leniency for their father is pardonable.”

Liu Yi nods his head, “I can promise you.”

“Real, really?”

Ao Nuo instantly becomes delighted, “That is great! That is really great!”

“That’s right. Now you can tell me what we should do next?”

“Let us go back to Dragon Palace first. After going back, I will tell you.”

Ao Nuo is not that anxious for this short time. She only wishes to urge Liu Yi to go back to Dragon Palace.

Liu Yi orders, “You go back first. I still have to hand over some matters on this side. After all, my avatar is in the Dragon Palace. I can get there with just a thought.”

“Okay then. I shall take my leave first. You must hurry!”

As the 3rd Princess speaks, she immediately transforms back into an enormous dragon before flying back towards the east.

“An enormous dragon seems to be rather interesting…” Ma Yuanyuan looks at the far away enormous dragon and mutters, “How nice would it be if I can catch one, to be my mount.”

Hearing this, cold sweat starts dripping down his forehead.

This little sister is too valiant. To think of capturing a dragon as a mount. How is this the thought of an ordinary girl!

I hope that she doesn’t really go and kill a dragon…but if she follows me by my side, she might really have an opportunity to kill dragons.

With his mind concerned with River Song’s matter, Liu Yi hurriedly settles the matters on hand as well as uses mind transmission techniques to impart the entire Wine Sword Technique to Poison Jasmine as well as Ma Yuanyuan.

“After I leave, instruct Chen Keqing that the entire Massacre God Hall needs to be on standby. We might be taking part in a war.”

“Understood master.”

Only after Poison Jasmine nods her head obediently did Liu Yi start preparing to leave in relief.

He sits down in the public square and closes his eyes. He prepares to use his qi to beckon out Little Black and enter his avatar’s body.

At this moment, what shocked him was that he is unable to connect with his avatar Little Black!

Fucking hell what has happened?

When was my connection with my avatar severed?

This matter is too grave!

Liu Yi can no longer sit still. He immediately waves his hand and Firegod Sword emerges. After circling the sky once, it lands underneath his feet.

“Goodbye master!”

“Bye-bye Bid Idiot!”

The two girls say good-bye to Liu Yi while Liu Yi speeds up chasing after Ao Nuo.


In River Song Dragon Palace, a general from the Cambarus Tribe is saying loudly to ‘Liu Yi’ who is sitting on the Dragon Throne.

“Your Majesty Dragon King. Right now we should send out our army and take over East Sea Dragon Palace! And seize the dragon head of that East Sea Dragon King!”

Military Blade stands by Liu Yi’s side with his arms crossed as he says faintly, “Right now the 3rd Princess still has not returned. Everything shall wait for her to return, before deciding.”

“The 3rd Princess! It is not like the 3rd Princess is our master!”

Another general is also somewhat dissatisfied and says with a sneer, “That’s right. She is the princess of the enemy country and at this point in time, she is not here. Perhaps she had secretly run over to the East Sea to send them intelligence!”

“I don’t understand why we are delaying orders to assault the East Sea Dragon Palace despite the East Sea Dragon Palace’s regime being on the verge of collapse!”

“Could it be that the 3rd Princess had betrayed us?”

This Dragon Palace meeting apparently is not going well as the tongues of the people underneath are wagging.

Ao Susu finally cannot take it and berates, “Shut up!”

Ao Susu is rather reputed in the Dragon Palace. With this shouts, all of the people below instantly quieten down.

“The third Princess went to find Dragon King’s real body. It is not like what you are saying, defecting, and seeking glory and the likes!”

“That’s right. What Chief Ao says is right!”

Carp 9257 raises his belly and nods his head, “All of you don’t quarrel any more. Let us wait for Lady Ao Nuo to find the Dragon King’s real body!”

“Wilfully making a scene…”

“That’s right. The grand Majestic Dragon King is only an avatar.”

“Alas, the East Sea has already allied with the other three seas to report to the Heavenly Court. Very soon, there will be a major army pressuring the borders. At that time, can we still win?”

“What can we do. The one currently sitting there is a puppet. Nothing but a puppet!”

The generals became apprehensive again.

As Liu Yi’s avatar, Little Black sits on the dragon throne not speaking.

Those who do not know might have thought that Little Black was a statue.

Ao Susu looks at Little Black and sighs.

Liu Yi threw his avatar here and ran away. So irresponsible.

This sigh enters Little Black’s ear causing him to tremble faintly.

Ao Susu waves her hand and says slightly tiredly, “Forget it. Today shall end here. Everything shall wait for Lord Dragon King to come back then we can discuss again.”

She is the chief in River Song thus what she says is still rather reliable.

The generals can only break up the meeting.

9257 advise, “Chief Ao, there is no need for you to be too worried. The 3rd Princess left three days ago. Perhaps, she has found Dragon King already.”

Ao Susu nods her head, “Mm. l do not know what happened. In the past when there was something, as long as we called out to the puppet it would help us. Now no matter how we call out, it is useless.”

“Perhaps there is some issue.”

Military Blade also walks down from the stage, “He has already sat there not moving for over a month. When Commanding Officer comes back, we will know.”

“Mm. We can only wait for Liu Yi to come back…”

After the rest had grudgingly departed the dragon palace, the dragon palace’s main hall swiftly became silent and gradually entered the darkness.

After an unknown amount of time, Little Black who had originally sat there unmoving suddenly raises his head slowly.

A gleam flashes across his eyes as he stands up from the dragon throne.

He lowers his head and looks at his hands. After which he moves his fingers then grips his fist.

“I…am not a puppet…”

This voice is slightly hoarse like the rubbing of sandpaper.

At this moment, a voice speaks up in the hall, “You are indeed not a puppet.”

Little Black instantly raises his head as a black light flashed across his eyes.

In the darkness, a person is standing by one of the pillars in the hall.

Little Black does his best to see through that person’s appearance, but the darkness that gathered around that person does not dissipate, thus, Little Black is unable to see his appearance.

That person’s voice rings out again, “Don’t tell me that you are willing to be Liu Yi’s puppet?”

Little Black mutters, “He…is my master.”

“Hahaha, then could it be that you are willing to be a slave?”

That person laughs, “You possess your own thoughts. You are no longer that puppet. Your strength is blessed by heaven. Or is it that you are willing to forever be a silent shadow that does not speak.”


Little Black stands there silently.

“Take a look at your current appearance! You don’t even have the right to speak to other people! No one recognizes your existence! You do not have any friends nor relatives! You are only a shadow!”

“I…I am not…”

Little Black stands there holding his head in his hands.

“Whether it is true or not you can seek the answer yourself.”

That figure keeps staying in the darkness, “I shall wait for you here. I can help you become even stronger and become a real person!”

“Becomes…a real…person?”

When Little Black hears this, his body turns sluggish as he stares at that figure blankly.

“That’s right. A real person!”

Little Black pursues his brows lightly. He did not say anything else but raised his feet and walked out of the dragon palace’s hall.

He wishes to seek an answer. Only with this answer would he know what he should do.

Little Black walks out of the hall and enters the chambers of imperial concubines in the Dragon Palace.

From a room came a faint fragrance.

This person who is living in this room is none other than Ao Susu.

Ao Susu is sitting cross-legged on the dragon bed cultivating.

After dual cultivating with Liu Yi, her improvement also became very quick.

After all, in the past she is going be the master of the chambers of imperial concubines, it will not do if she does not have valiant strength.

But this time around Liu Yi left for too long. Thus it is impossible for Ao Susu to not miss him.

Thus many times she has some complaints in her mind.

This slob…he must be occupied with hanging out with other girls and had forgotten about me! Hmph! Wait till he comes back then I must ferociously beat him up!

Thinking till here, Ao Susu suddenly heard movement outside. She immediately jumps off the dragon bed and starts revolving her dragon qi.

“Who is it! Who dares to trespass this place!”

Ao Susu became swift and fierce as well as very shrewish.

The entire dragon palace can hear this shout of hers.

When that figure walks in, Ao Susu instantly becomes super happy.

“Liu Yi? You have returned? I missed you to death!”

She had forgotten her thoughts on teaching Liu Yi a lesson. She charges over and hugs Liu Yi.

While ‘Liu Yi’s’ body instantly trembles.


Chapter 929  [Shadow]

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