MKW Chapter 928

Chapter 928  [Title below]


Just as Liu Yi prepares to impart the sword technique, Ma Yuanyuan shouts, “Wait a minute!”

“What is the matter?”

Liu Yi starts at Ma Yuanyuan not knowing what is going on.

“Oi. Why are you so troublesome!” Poison Jasmine is very impatient, “So much nonsense. Do you need to go and pee?”

“Does this aunt have no general knowledge!”

Ma Yuanyuan pouts, “How could a cultivator have the three urgent matters! What a joke!”

[TL: basically pee, shit, fart]

“What rubbish! Quickly say it!”

Poison Jasmine starts to feel a headache being called aunt every sentence.

This lass is too impolite

“Hmph! The reason why I shouted to stop is because of an important matter!”

Ma Yuanyuan says, “The two of us cannot compete for nothing. There needs to be some stakes for the outcome!”


Poison Jasmine raises her head as she looks down on Ma Yuanyuan, “How would I be afraid of you!”

“Okay then. Then the loser shall do a striptease!”

What Ma Yuanyuan says is startling. Causing both Poison Jasmine and Liu Yi to stare at her at the same time in shock.


What the…isn’t this too sexual!

“How is it. Do you dare?”

Ma Yuanyuan’s gaze is filled with provocation.

“Who does not dare to!”

Poison Jasmine is not a woman who is afraid of anyone. Being challenged like this, she immediately agreed.

“Nonsense!” Liu Yi slaps the table, “What do the two of you treat cultivation as!”

The two girls reply in unison. “This is a fight between women!”

“What the…”

Liu Yi didn’t expect that he would suddenly become the common enemy of the two of them and has a headache.

I am unable to understand women…

He can only hold his head and stand to the side.

“Quickly impart us the sword technique!”

Poison Jasmine also urges, “I want to see how hard it is to learn this powerful Wine Sword Technique!”

“That shall depend on the luck of you two.”

Liu Yi says, “Originally I planned to use the memory transmission technique to teach the two of you. But since both of you wish for me to recount orally, then I shall satisfy both of you!”

As he speaks, he turns around and flies out from the window.

Poison Jasmine and Ma Yuanyuan look at each other before swiftly chasing after him.

The three of them swiftly arrived at a public square behind Liu Yi’s room. This small public square is specially prepared for Liu Yi to practice his technique. Thus no other disciples are allowed to be nearby.

“The two of you watch carefully. This is the first move of the Wine Sword Technique. I will only demonstrate it once. The two of you better watch carefully.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out his Firegod Sword and swings it towards the row of human-shaped stakes far away. 

“Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands!”

A stream of sword qi immediately flashes out!

The row of human-shaped stakes were all displaced and after which, broke into two pieces.


The two girls were both startled.

Liu Yi feels that it is not bad. Being able to release such a powerful move without drinking wine, his strength has indeed increased.

If it was in the past, he couldn’t execute the Wine Sword Technique without drinking wine.

“This is the first move of the Wine Sword Technique. Because I have a strong enough cultivation base, I do not need to drink wine. But the two of you are not strong enough, thus both of you must drink wine to boost the power of the Wine Sword Technique.”

“Understood master! I’ll drink it!”

As Poison Jasmine speaks, she took out the wine calabash and pours a mouthful of immortal wine

This immortal wine’s proof is not light. Poison Jasmine only drank a mouthful and her face is already very red.

“I’ll also drink!”

Ma Yuanyuan stretches out her hand wanting to snatch over the wine calabash but Poison Jasmine does not give it to her.

“Damn it. What you are doing is cheating! Even if you win it is not counted!”

“Who says. This is my superiority”

“Oh. So you want to rely on this, that is why you have the confidence to win.”

Ma Yuanyuan thinks rapidly as she says with a smile, “Looks like without this, you would not dare to compete with me?”

“Says who! Who would be afraid of you?”

Poison Jasmine is indeed a person who is unable to withstand psychological methods and was led by the nose by this little sister.

She immediately passed the Wine Immortal Calabash to Ma Yuanyuan. The girl happily received it and immediately drank a large mouthful. Perhaps she had never touched wine before.

This mouthful is not light and her face instantly turns even redder than Poison Jasmine’s.

The two girls’ faces are as red as a baboon’s butt making Liu Yi want to laugh but doesn’t dare to.

“The two of you quickly execute the Wine Sword Technique.”

Liu Yi imparted the trick to use Wine Sword Technique fully to the two of them.

The two girls immediately start operating the technique that they had comprehended. Two swords immediately float in front of them respectively.

A sword twined with green rays of light while the other is emitting golden radiance.

Wood Spirit Body and Metal Spirit Body. The two spirit bodies are actually rivaling each other for the affection of a man. If other cultivators know of this, they will cry themselves to death.

“I shall go first!”

She grabs her own flying sword before swinging out.

“Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands!”

The human-shaped wooden stakes that had just been restored to normal by magic, break into two again.

While the top half that falls off seems to start to germinate and soon several green leaves grow out.

Liu Yi says ruefully, “A Wood Spirit Body. All of the moves carry exuberant vitality.”

“Tsk, what is impressive about this. I also can do it! Furthermore, mine will be even better than yours!”

As Ma Yuanyuan speaks, the red hue on her face completely disappears.

She uses her sword on another row of stakes.

“Don’t ask the nine layers of heaven, one sword cleaves through 9 lands!”

The two girls used the same move but displayed different results.

That row of wooden stakes were all wrung into pieces, not leaving a single one remaining.

Poison Jasmine is stunned. This girl’s move…is too sharp!

Doesn’t this…means…that I lost?

The loser needs to do a striptease…good-good gracious!

“Hehe! I won! Weee!”

Ma Yuanyuan waved her small fist in delight.

Liu Yi only smiles faintly, “Who says that you won?”


Ma Yuanyuan immediately turns around and looks at Liu Yi, not understanding.

“Wasn’t my move the most powerful one? You see, the wooden stakes were all cut into chips!”

The ground filled with wood shavings indeed proved the devastation that had happened.

“This was to test how precise you can control your sword qi.”

Liu Yi says, “This line is the condensation of the quintessence of your sword qi. No matter what it is, it can chop it off. This sword that Poison Jasmine had displayed is not a bed. Not only did it slice the wooden stakes into two, but the rest of the parts were not injured at all. While you see this sword of Yuanyuan’s. It is filled with killing intent. The sword qi cannot be controlled and is messy, all over the place, that is why it smashed the wooden stakes. This is not the one sword sliced nine rivers that I want, so it will not do.”

“This, this…”

Ma Yuanyuan’s face turns pale but does not know what to say.

It seems like what Liu Yi says is indeed right.

“Little Lass you see! I won!” 

Poison Jasmine is joyful, “Since you agreed to bet, you must accept your loss. It is time for you to commit.”

“I, I….”

Ma Yuanyuan is so anxious that she starts sweating. But I said it before. If I do not do it, in the future, I can not raise my head in front of Poison Jasmine!

Poison Jasmine urges, “Do the striptease!”


Ma Yuanyuan is anxious. Don’t mention striptease, even if I dare to do it, it, it also cannot be done in front of Liu Yi. 

Although I have bathed in front of him in the past….but, but now is no longer that time…

She also knows shyness thus she will not do this kind of thing in front of the person whom she likes.

Cannot… cannot…

Ma Yuanyuan does not know what to do and keeps making a nasal sound.

Poison Jasmine smiles cheekily, “How is it. You do not wish to honor our agreement? I didn’t expect that you were a person who is only talk!”

Just now it was this girl that used psychological methods on me. Right now, it shall be my turn to use it on her!

Ma Yuanyuan indeed became angered, “Who says that I am all talk! This miss has always kept my promises!”

As she speaks, she stretches out her hand and prepares to take off her clothes.

Liu Yi turned pale and just as he was about to block, at this moment from the sky came the shout of a woman, “Liu Yi! Quickly come out!”

This shout shocked Liu Yi.

Ma Yuanyuan who is taking off her clothing also stopped.

Poison Jasmine pouts, with some dissatisfaction.

“East Sea 3rd Princess?”

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at the sky only to see an enormous silver dragon flying over from the east. It twists and turns its body and instantly descends in the public square that Liu Yi is at.

“Is, is that a dragon?”

This is the first time Poison Jasmine and Ma Yuanyuan had seen a dragon and were slightly shocked.

After the enormous dragon lands on the ground, it rolls on the ground and transforms into a beautiful woman.

“Liu Yi! This princess finally found you!”

The person who came is no other than the 3rd princess of East Sea, Ao Nuo

But right now she no longer has that princess grace as in the past. Instead, she is a bit cutting a sorry figure.

After she has appeared, she leaps in front of Liu Yi and grabs his hands and says, “Liu Yi! You had disappeared for several months! Do you no longer care about the four seas!”

“Not at all…Didn’t I hand it over to Military Blade and the rest to handle it?”

Although Liu Yi says so like this, he is slightly ashamed in his heart.

Indeed, he had dumped River Song’s matter aside for too long.

Liu Yi asked, “What is it…was the attack towards the east sea not successful?”

“No. It is not unsuccessful! It is too successful!”

Ao Nuo frowns as she says, “The East Sea has already been captured. My royal father knows that he is unable to win the fight, thus he already gathered the dragon kings from the other three seas and had decided to report you to the Heavenly Courts!”


Liu Yi cannot help but recall the matter of Nezha wreaking havoc in the seas. But I am not as muddled as Li Jing’s father.

“So what if we got reported.” Liu Yi laughs, “With the realm guardian around, the Heavenly Courts cannot casually enter the mortal realm.”

“Who says one! After becoming an immortal, one can casually go through and from the human realm and immortal realm!”

Ao Nuo wipes out Liu Yi’s lack of knowledge, “As long as they pass through the Southern Heavenly Gates it is possible! At that time, perhaps there will be a lot of immortals who come and bother you. ”

Toward the matter of the Heavenly Court, Liu Yi truly is not clear. He can only ask the 3rd Princess, “Oh I know. Then what should we do now?”

“Hmph! Now then you know to look for this princess?” Ao Nuo raises her chin, “If you wish to know I can tell you. But you must agree to a condition of this princess!”


Chapter 928  [Report to Heavenly Court]

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