MKW Chapter 927

Chapter 927  [Title below]


Liu Yi swings his Firegod Sword causally.

He wished to display a wine sword technique for them but unexpectedly a black crescent moon suddenly slashed out from the sword.

The 4 meters wide crescent moon flies out over that brother’s scalp. It flew out very far until it sliced a statue of Liu Yi which had just been constructed. It sliced off the head of the statue.

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he stared wide-eyed at ‘his’ head.

Fucking hell! What is this situation!

It looks like…big sister’s shadow transformation power?

But this is Li Biyue’s ability…how would I have it?

While that brother who called himself the Sword Star reincarnation was badly frightened. He sits down on the ground with a pale face while trembling.

“I am sorry…have a small break…”

Just as Liu Yi started speaking, that disciple kneels down, “Sect Head! I was wrong Sect Head. I had presumptuously thought myself to be great and provoked Sect Head. Sect Head please don’t lower yourself to my level!”

Liu Yi starts sweating. I didn’t expect that a small mistake would scare this brother so badly.

But why would I have big sister’s ability…could it be that I had sex with big sister?

This is impossible!

That is my big sister…even though we do not have any blood relationship…

But in Liu Yi’s heart, he indeed respects Li Biyue a lot and treats her as his blood sister.

Not to mention didn’t I faint that night…furthermore I fainted for a month…

How would I do that thing when I fainted. Could it be that big sister pushed me down?

This…is even more impossible!

Big sister is that kind of person!

Right now Liu Yi is unable to understand.

Especially that strange improvement in cultivation…could it be due to having sex?

Fucking hell..I am becoming more and more confused.

Liu Yi does not understand and finally decided to not think about it for now.

When he returns back to the Massacre God Hall, he starts dealing with the administration in Massacre God Hall.

But Massacre God Hall does not have as much matter as he had thought. With Chen Keqing and the rest helping out, they had dealt with a number of matters.

The remaining ones are the recent trivial matters which Liu Yi did not use much thought to settle.

After reporting her task to Liu Yi, Poison Jasmine waves her fist in delight as she says, “Master. I am now an earth realm 14 starjades expert!”

Liu Yi nods his head. Although they had experienced the 5 Spirit Gathering, these spirit bodies women did not lose their unique ability and became even more valiant in their learning capability.

Although her cultivation speed is not as fast as Liu Yi, Poison Jasmine’s cultivation speed is very swift. It has made countless Massacre God Hall’s disciples envious.

“Yeah. Your improvement indeed makes me feel shocked.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he picks up his Firegod Sword, “You are my disciple but I have never taught you any especially good technique. This makes me feel very ashamed.”

“Not at all master. You brought me onto this path which made me very happy y.” Poison Jasmine says, “Before this, I was just a nameless killer. Now, I am a cultivator! Furthermore, I am the cultivation world’s strongest expert’s disciple!”

“What strongest expert. Remember Jasmine. In this world, there are a lot of experts. Very many. My strength compared to them is too weak.”

Poison Jasmine is slightly surprised, “There are people who are even stronger than master?”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “Of course. In the wider world, there are people more talented than oneself. This idiom is not a joke.”

“Gods…so the cultivation world is so enormous…”

Liu Yi says, “Not only is the cultivation world, but this entire world is also very big. So big to the point where you cannot imagine.”


“Really. Wait till you have cultivated to a certain level, you will know.”

“Then…what level would I need to reach?”

“At the very least, you must reach the heaven realm first.”

“Then I will do my best!”

Poison Jasmine is like a spoiled young school girl making Liu Yi feel some pity for her.

“Mm. I will also help you. First, let me pass this technique to you.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out his Wine Immortal Calabash, “I can longer make much use of it anymore. Let me pass it to you.”

“What is this?”

Liu Yi passed the calabash into her hand, “Wine Immortal Calabash. Even if you pour water into it, it will transform into delicious wine.”

“Thank you master…but what is the use of this calabash?”

Liu Yi says, “Because I shall pass down Wine Sword Technique to you.”

“Wine Sword Technique? Great!”

Poison Jasmine immediately becomes excited. She had seen Liu Yi use Wine Sword Technique before and it was indeed very powerful.

Poison Jasmine says in her heart. If I can learn this technique, I will become even stronger!

“Mm. The first move is…”

Before Liu Yi speaks, the door to the room is suddenly pushed open and a girl rushes in front of him.

The one who barged in is none other than Liu Yi’s past neighbor.

Ma Yuanyuan is holding a sword in her hand as she says excitedly, “Big Idiot! I also want to learn! I also want to learn!”

“You cannot favor one and discriminate against the other! I also want to learn!”

Liu Yi’s head instantly became big.

“You want to learn? How is that possible!” Poison Jasmine immediately shouts, “You are a person from Concealed Sword Pavilion! Wine Sword Technique is my master’s ultimate technique! How can he teach it to you!”

Ma Yuanyuan pouts and says, “Hmph, master this master that. Isn’t he still my Big Idiot!”

“That was the past! Now cannot!”

Poison Jasmine contend on strong grounds, “My master naturally shall pass his ultimate technique to me. You are firstly not my junior nor senior sister. Second you are also not a disciple of my Massacre God Hall. Of course, it cannot be taught to you!”

“Hmph! When I knew Big Idiot, who knows where you were!”

“This matter does not depend on the order of arrival!”

Poison Jasmine says in delight, “I am master’s sole disciple!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi started to sweat a bit. 

I nearly accepted a casual disciple Zhao Yali, a while back. 

Comparing their aptitude…it seems like Zhao Yali’s aptitude is a bit higher than Poison Jasmine. If it was not for her holy power restraining her development, if I taught her some techniques, perhaps she might learn it in a day or two!

“Anyway this is our sect’s technique! It cannot be taught to you!”

“Cannot! I also want to learn! I shall learn! Big Idiot! Are you going to teach me or not!”

The two girls start quarreling loudly in the room causing Liu Yi to have a headache.

“How about this.”

Liu Yi thought of a method. He takes out a coin and says, “I’ll toss out this coin. If it is the right side up, Jasmine shall learn it. If it is the backside up, then Yuanyuan shall learn, okay?”

“Sure! Agreed!”

The two girls agree before glaring at each other.

Liu Yi smirks in his heart, what makes you think I couldn’t deal with the two of you?

He takes the coin before tossing it up.

The two girls’ gaze chases after that coin. Watching it fly into the sky as it revolves and finally lands down. It drops on the table and starts spinning.

Poison Jasmine and Ma Yuanyuan stare at that coin nervously, hoping that it would land on their side!

Liu Yi smiles secretly as he uses Moon Dream Sutra to secretly control the coin.

Finally, the coin stops like this, standing on its side.

The two girls cry out at the same time, “Ah! How is this possible!”

Poison Jasmine is very angry while Ma Yuanyuan is happy.

Liu Yi sighs and says, “Looks like it is the Will of Heaven.”

Poison Jasmine stares at Liu Yi suspiciously. “Master, are you not playing tricks in secret?”

“Will not, will not…. I swear in God’s name!”

Liu Yi once again let the old fellow get shot lying down.

Poison Jasmine still does not believe Liu Yi, “Really?”

Liu Yi pretends to be grave as he slaps the table and chides, “What. You do not believe in Master anymore?”

Poison Jasmine hurriedly lowered her head, “Di-disciple does not dare…”


Liu Yi nods his head, “Furthermore, I also believe that even if Yuanyuan learns my Wine Sword Technique, she will not teach the people from Concealed Sword Pavilion, right?”

“Of course not!” Ma Yuanyuan smiles in delight as she says, “This is Big Idiot’s technique! I will not teach the people from the sect! Furthermore, this is such a good thing. Naturally, the fewer people who know it the better!”

“Hmph, I’m glad that you know!” Poison Jasmine is still not satisfied

“What is this old woman exaggerating for!”

“Old Woman? You say that I am an old woman?”

“You are an old woman!”

The two girls started quarreling again and Liu Yi can only sigh.

“If you are not convinced then the two of us can have a competition to see who can learn the Wine Sword Technique that Big Idiot is going to teach us first!”

Ma Yuanyuan raises her chin and stares at Poison Jasmine in provocation.

“Compete against me? Hahaha, you?!”

Poison Jasmine laughs, “Do you know who was I in the past? I was a famous killer on the Heaven List! You still have not had your menarche  when I was outside putting up a life or death struggle!”

[TL: Menarche is the first occurrence of menstruation]

Talking about menarche, Liu Yi’s and Ma Yuanyuan’s faces turn red at the same time.

Since young, Ma Yuanyuan’s parents were not by her side. Her great aunt also came rather late. Thus the first time it came, it was Liu Yi who went to buy her menstruation pads for her.

But in a blink of an eye, she had already grown up and is no longer that ignorant lass in the past.

“Hmph! In the past, this miss bullied Big Idiot daily! How would I be afraid of you!”

Damn it. Looks like this character of her’s did not change. She is still the little demoness.

But this makes me reminisce of the past…

Poison Jasmine says, “Master. Quickly impart your technique!”

“Quickly quickly! I shall let this aunt know who is the most impressive!”

“You are the aunt!”

“I am still young. Who knows who is the aunt.”

The two lasses cannot stop fighting with one another for a moment.

Liu Yi sighs and stands up. Holding Firegod Sword, he says, “The two of you stop fighting. Watch my first move carefully.”

The two women’s eyes instantly widen as they wait to fight it out to determine who is the stronger one.

Just as Liu Yi wishes to speak, Ma Yuanyuan suddenly shouts, “Wait a minute!”


Chapter 927  [Who is faster]

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  1. Nice to see these two return. Suprised he didnt favor the neighbor girl though. Her messing with him was always just her wanting to hang out with him. Of all the women in this novle she is one the very few who was nice and affectionate to him from the start with not ulterior motives. Vs say poison Jamie who litteraly was hired to kill him. Sure she is nice now but he manly just noticed her spirit body and sent her somwere he could keep track of her. They are hardly close.


  2. lmao, a refreshing chapter after that one hell of a ride surely welcome.

    oh right, i noticed the link on the landing page is pointing to 926 instead of 927.

    thank you for the translations~
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