MKW Chapter 926

Chapter 926  [Title below]


“Big sister!”

Liu Yi dreamt of him stabbing Li Biyue causing him to sweat as he sits up from his nightmare.

“You woke up?”

At this moment, he heard Li Biyue’s voice coming from the room opposite.

Liu Yi’s heart calms down a lot and then looks around.

He realizes that he is lying in a very warm room. The blanket also has the fragrance of a woman.

He suddenly understood. It seems like he is in Li Biyue’s room!

But this is not the one in North Dragon City but the one in France.

This house is a villa. Very elegant and very unique.

Liu Yi pulls away the blanket only to realize that he is not wearing anything!

What the. Could it be that yesterday when I was sleeping, I was sleep talking and ordered Little Jade to remove my clothes?

Liu Yi hurriedly let Little Jade put on his clothing because he is in the house. As there is no difference between his house and his big sister’s house, Liu Yi did not dress up very formally. He is only wearing casual pants as well as a white shirt.

Liu Yi walks out of the room to see that Li Biyue had already prepared breakfast.

“Big sister. What happened yesterday?”

Li Biyue is wearing an apron as she gently places a bowl of steaming congee in front of him.

“Eat. Yesterday night was so exhausting on you. You must be hungry.”

Recalling Liu Yi’s beast-like manner yesterday, Li Biyue’s face turns slightly red.

While Liu Yi does not know what happened yesterday night. Lin Tong and Meng Xi also refuse to say anything, neither of them willing to explain to him.

Liu Yi recalls that when they are fighting in the theater, he suddenly fainted. “Yesterday night…, what happened yesterday? Big sister?”

“No, nothing.”

Li Biyue also did not plan to tell Liu Yi what happened, “After that elder sneak attacked you, you fainted. But I helped you kill him.”

“…I feel like I have committed such a mistake!” Liu Yi holds his forehead and says, “I nearly caused Big sister to be harmed. I deserve death!”

“This cannot be blamed on you. That elder’s sneak attack method was effective.” Li Biyue hurriedly comforts him, “Anyways, big sister will protect you.”

“With big sister by my side, I am at ease.”

Liu Yi sits down and starts drinking the porridge.

After yesterday night, I am indeed a bit tired. To actually feel hunger.

To cultivators, this is not something impossible.

The porridge that my big sister made is fragrant. Looks like after running all over the place for so many years, she had trained up good culinary skills.

Liu Yi drinks some porridge and feels that it is not bad. So he smiles merrily at Li Biyue and says, “I will cook up something for big sister someday.”


Li Biyue’s smile is also very warm. As long as I am with my little brother, then I will feel at peace.

If I can stay with him forever, perhaps it is fine to not be a hunter.

I have been a hunter for so many years, not doing it is putting me at a loss on what to do.

Liu Yi thinks for a bit before saying, “Big sister, since you do not have anything to do, why don’t you join my Scarlet Cloth Guard?”

Hunter’s Organization has already been destroyed. In the future, Li Biyue will no longer have anywhere to go. Thus she can come over to my Scarlet Cloth Guard to be the leader.

“If I can help Little Brother, I am willing.”

Li Biyue agrees without any hesitation.

Instead of putting in effort for Hunter’s Organization, why don’t I help Liu Yi?

“That is great! This way Scarlet Cloth Guard’s power will strengthen.”

Liu Yi clapped his hands in delight, “With big sister by my side, I feel a lot more valiant.”

“You fellow. When did your mouth learn to be so sweet.”

Li Biyue stretched out her hand and gently pinched Liu Yi’s nose.

It is like a big sister who loves her younger brother dearly. But also seem to have some other meaning inside.

As Liu Yi drinks the porridge, he suddenly feels very hungry and asks, “Strange…how come I feel so hungry…”

Li Biyue says with a smile, “You fainted for a month.”

“Oh, a month has passed…what?” Liu Yi’s eyes suddenly widened, “A month? How come I fainted for so long!”

Li Biyue also does not know how to explain and can only say casually, “That elder’s magic was special…”

“I feel like my cultivation has increased yet again…like my fifth sun jade is about to be filled…”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out his hand and pushes it up to the sky.

Five suns immediately shoot out from his back and revolve around him, emitting radiance.

Four of the suns are slightly brightly lit up while the remaining one is slightly dimmed.

In a while more, the final sun would be completely lit up.

“What power is this. So pretty.”

Li Biyue looks at the few small suns behind Liu Yi’s back as her gaze becomes fascinated.

“How nice would it be if I also had this strength. It would be very interesting.”

“In the future, I will teach big sister.”

Liu Yi is also considering this matter. Nine Yang God Qi is the most supreme cultivation method. If I can teach it to my women, I can allow them to increase their lifespan. In the future, we can cultivate together!

Otherwise, if I am the only cultivator, I would watch the women whom I love to grow old and die while I die from loneliness.

If that is the case, I might as well not cultivate and grow old together with them!

Liu Yi feels that he is thinking too much right now and laughs lightly.

“A month huh. After I eat, I must go back and take a look.”

Recalling that he had not returned to Massacre God Hall for a long time, he is unable to let it go in his heart.

“I must make a trip back to Massacre God Hall. That is my headquarters, does Big Sister want to go together and take a look?”

Li Biyue smiles faintly, “I will not go back first. After all, there are still things that need to be dealt with.”

As she speaks, she looks at the tv.

The television is broadcasting the matter regarding the reconstruction of Eiffel Tower.

“Okay then. I shall not wait for Big Sister in that case.”

Liu Yi placed down the empty bowl, “After Big Sister is done with the things in this place, give me a call.”


Li Biyue nods her head before picking up Liu Yi’s bowl to wash it.

“Then I shall leave first.”

Liu Yi feels that if he does not leave, he will no longer wish to leave.

He waves his hand and says goodbye to Li Biyue before jumping out of the window.

When he jumps out, a black cloak instantly covers his body.

Firegod Sword lands under Liu Yi’s feet. Carrying him, it instantly transforms into a shooting star and disappears into the horizon.

Li Biyue who is washing the bowl suddenly feels nauseous.

She leans against the basin as she dry heaves.

After dry heaving a few times, she finally became a bit better. Subconsciously, her hand covers her stomach.

“Did I really get…clearly it was only one time…”

Li Biyue frowns gently but soon relaxes. Her hands cover her stomach at the same time.

“Relax. Mother will not dislike you…”

Liu Yi does not know of this matter. He stands on his flying sword and flies like lightning swiftly to his Massacre God Hall.

Right now, Massacre God Hall is more lively compared to Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

Other than those disciples who joined later on, a lot of Scarlet Cloth Guards are also stationed here.

The remaining people are the envoys of other sects which gives Massacre God Sect a lot of vitality.

There are a lot of disciples in the plaza training their techniques making Liu Yi feel gratified seeing this.

He pressed down on his sword blade and descended.

“Sect Head!”

“Great Sect Head!”

When these disciples see Liu Yi, they immediately bow and pay respect which makes Liu Yi a bit vain.

After all, he is also a sect head of a major sect thus he is slightly excited in his heart.

He stands here as he receives the worship and respect of the disciples.

“Junior brother you have returned.‘

Chen Keqing’s gaze carried a surge of anger, “Sensing your aura I immediately came over. You actually know to come back.”

Liu Yi coughs drily, “This…it was my bad…earlier I was busy with some matters. Didn’t I hurry back immediately after dealing with those matters.”

“Okay then. If you have a bit of a Sect Head’s responsibility, then teach these new disciples.”

Chen Keqing points at the disciples practicing swordsmanship by the side, “After coming here for so long, they have never received your teaching!”

“Okay then. I will give them a precious swordsmanship lesson!”

Liu Yi laughs before grabbing his Firegod sword and walks over to the disciples.

Hearing that Liu Yi will personally teach swordsmanship, the disciples of Massacre God Hall immediately become excited!

Their sect head is very famous in the cultivation world!

Who is the strongest person in the entire cultivation world? It is most likely Liu Yi!

If they can obtain Liu Yi’s instructions, it would be their fortune!

“Sect Head, thank you for your trouble!”

The disciples salute to Liu Yi politely.

Liu Yi waves his hand, letting them straighten up.

“Some of the people standing here might already recognize me while others might not understand me.”

Liu Yi says, “In terms of swordsmanship, I indeed have some level of mastery which were all learned from those masters of mine. After all, they are all outstanding sword immortals.”

A somewhat proud and arrogant young disciple walks out and says to Liu Yi, “Sect Head. I heard that your swordsmanship is unparalleled, why don’t you show us a move?”

“Hey! Wang Jian what is that attitude of yours!”

“That’s right. To use this kind of tone to speak to Sect Head. Are you mad?”

The surrounding disciples were all shocked.

“Hmph! I am the reincarnation of the Sword Star from Heaven!”

The disciple says arrogantly, “Ever since I was born, I already knew swordsmanship! This is my superiority! I also heard before that Sect Head’s swordsmanship is unparalleled thus I came to pay respect! But from the beginning up till now, I have never seen Sect Head. To be honest, it is disappointing!”

“Wang Jian! Your tone is too big!”

“What would you do if you provoked Sect Head!”

The disciples hurriedly gave advice.

Liu Yi smiles and says, “No worries. Since you wish to experience for yourself, then I’ll let you experience it.”


Chapter 926  [My Sect]

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  1. To be honest had someone had my child and hide it from me, I did be so piss, like why would you do that? I know she feel like he is her little brother and all, that she dont want him to feel guilty and such but still… and more then that those 2 that keep quiet are not really better, it the type of thing you shouldn’t hide, like when, well he got rape by those girls, that the kind of thing that bring bigger troubles if addressed later on, and clearly from the fact she came back in the future we can see the result…

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