MKW Chapter 925

Chapter 925  [Title below]


“Xiao Yi! Quickly wake up!”

Li Biyue hugs Liu Yi tightly while strenuously enduring the attack from the power that spread out from his body.

Liu Yi suddenly stretches out his hand and tears off Li Biyue’s clothes.

“Little brother, what, what do you want to do?”

Li Biyue is gobsmacked.

While Liu Yi’s clothes also instantly disappear. Without giving Li Biyue any warning, he forcefully stabs his genitalia into her genitalia.


Li Biyue cried out because of the pain. Although she had imagined how her first time would be like countless times, she did not foresee it would be so painful!

“Little brother…we, we cannot be like this…”

Li Biyue wishes to push Liu Yi away but is unable to do so.

Their bodies stick close to each other. At this moment, Liu Yi had transformed into a beast that moved by desire.

What is the instinct of humans? Or to be exact, what is the instinct of a beast?

Eat as well as sex!

Liu Yi had just satisfied his appetite and is now satisfying his desire to mate!

Li Biyue had turned into Liu Yi’s offering and is eaten and used by him to satisfy him!

Right now Liu Yi is a wild beast who does not know any technique nor knows how to feel tender for his big sister.

Liu Yi’s dick frantically enters Li Biyue’s body causing her pain but unable to stop him.

She is also a strong person. Her body is also considerably strong thus she soon adapts to it.

After adapting to it, the pain lightens and soon she starts to feel the pleasure.

“Can-cannot like this…”

She wishes to struggle but her body does not have strength.

Liu Yi hugs her up like this and continues to increase his speed slamming into her.

A surge of power spread out in private. This is the ripple that arises when the two of them are having sex.

Such battering is not something any ordinary person can bear with. Luckily Li Biyue is no ordinary human and can take it.

As the two of them are having this ‘improper’ love, on the audience stands on the second floor sits a woman.

She is wearing a black attire. She is very cold as she sits there watching the sex scene below not making any sound.

“If it was not for Yuelian…”

She clenches her fist and continues to watch everything that happens below.

Her gaze seems to be hesitant, with some hatred…as well as some tenderness.

The force that was released by Liu Yi and Li Biyue while they are having sex seems to have received some kind of draw. Traces of it flows down into the ground.

A black devil pattern is faintly discernible on the ground. But Liu Yi and Li Biyue who are having sex did not notice it.

Only after two hours did Liu Yi slow down before calming down.

Only after he satisfies his two desires did he close his eyes and lie on Li Biyue before falling asleep.

Li Biyue endures her lower body pain as she gently strokes Liu Yi’s cheek.

“Alas…to be eaten by you…luckily you do not know anything right now. Let me take responsibility for everything…”

As she speaks, she hugs Liu Yi and disappears from the theater.

When the two of them left, the devil pattern on the ground suddenly became distinct.

This is an enormous circular devil formation. From inside a faint special kind of force was emitted.

Very soon, an enormous palm emerges from inside and slaps the ground.

The earth starts trembling like it is also frightened.

Evil aura gathers there and soon that black figure breaks away from the devil formation.

This guy is over two meters tall. He has a human figure, dark skins as well as a pair of horns on his head.

He has scarlet eyes and breaths out flames from his nose.

“I have finally revived! Hahaha!”

After he comes out, he clenches his fist while dragging his tail behind him and swings it.

Like he is trying to drain all of the depression and anger in his heart, he roars.

This shout causes the entire theater to crack!

The ceiling completely breaks down leaving only the surrounding walls.

“I shall destroy this world! And let the world once again return to darkness!”

He raises his arms up and roars at the moon.

“Damn moon! You are mocking me? I have already come out!”

This fellow actually finds the moon unpleasant to his eyes. He raises his head and opens his mouth and suddenly shoots out a black pillar of light.

The light shot into the sky and exploded a satellite that was in its path and finally reached the moon, instantly exploding a large hole!

“Hahaha! Destroy! I want to destroy it!”

Just as this scary black creature is showing off its might, a woman wearing black clothes walks over. “I’m afraid that your beautiful dream shall end here.”

“An insignificant human?” The creature’s red eyes glare at that woman and smiles, “You are like an ant! Do you know who I am?”

“Why would I not know?”

The woman says, “Cabal the Darkness Devil King. The devil king who nearly destroyed the entire world. You were sealed here by the Hunter’s Organization for 200 years and finally found the opportunity to break out today.”

“What? You know my name?”

Cabal’s red eyes widened, “I didn’t expect that a mere human would actually know my name! Not bad. I will let you die happily in a bit! Treat it as a prize from me to you! Hahaha!”

That fellow starts laughing loudly as his laughter breaks some more walls.

“As the Darkness Devil King, you are indeed very powerful.” The woman opposite nods her head, “That is why I am here.”

“Insignificant human! Die!”

Cabal cannot be bothered to continue tangling with this human. He raises his hand and those broken stones immediately gather in the sky. Instantly it forms a small hill and smashes down at the woman.

When the small hill finally lands on the ground, it causes the ground to tremble violently.


Cabal snorts before turning around and preparing to leave.

But his expression soon turns unnatural as he subconsciously looks back.

That small hill that lands on the ground suddenly split into pieces as streams of black lights fly out causing Cabal to feel a trace of horror!

How is this possible! I am an exceptional devil king!

Why would I feel horror from a human?

While that woman from earlier walks out from the stone fragments while holding a black sword in her hand.

Cabal roars, “You… who are you!”

“I am a Super Hunter.” The black blade in the woman’s hand wave, “You can call me Black Horseman.”

“Never heard of you. Go and die!”

Cabal breathes out that black light that exploded the moon earlier at that woman.

Black Horseman stands there as the black blade in her hand slashes out!

Instantly a black crescent moon flies out and chops the black light.

Even a portion of the moon got destroyed by this light pillar but it was actually split into two by the crescent moon!

After the crescent moon split the light pillar, it finally chops onto one of Cabal’s arms.

Instantly Cabal lost one of his arms which dropped onto the ground.

Cabal screams in pain as he holds his cut off arm.

“How, how is this possible! A mere human, a mere ant, actually injured me, Cabal?!?!”

“I am an avenger who walked out of doomsday.”

As the woman speaks, she waves the black blade in her hand again.

Another crescent moon flies out and chops at Cabal’s body.

Cabal got a huge shock as he rolled on the ground in a hurry, wretchedly dodging this crescent moon.

France’s nightlife is also richly colorful. Especially in a tourism city like Paris. The moment night has come, the lights start lighting up in the early evening.

Eiffel Tower which is located at Champ de Mars is 300 meters tall and is a symbol of France. It is very beautiful.

A lot of people are standing below it taking pictures as a souvenir.

A woman raises her camera in her hand at the Eiffel Tower, preparing to take a precious photograph of her trip.

But her expression which is delighted and happy suddenly changes into shock!

Because a black crescent moon instantly sliced through Eiffel Tower! This causes the top half of the Eiffel Tower to slowly fall down bit by bit!

The tourists turn pale in fright and scream while escaping in all directions.

“Gods, is this doomsday?”

“Is god punishing us?”

The people lose their heads out of hear not knowing what is happening at all.

At this moment, this originator of this matter is currently fighting against Darkness Devil King.

Darkness Devil King Cabal becomes more astonished the longer he fights. He is unable to obtain any advantage when fighting against this human. Furthermore, he still has to keep dodging that scary black blade!

What is that black blade! Why is it so scary! Cabal thought for a very long time but is unable to understand the reason!

I am a devil king! But there are weapons that can harm me?! This is impossible!

“Impossible! Impossible!!!”

He suddenly roars as his body starts expanding.

This brother is like a balloon being blown up. His body instantly expanded to several hundred meters tall and grew out eight arms which he waves about in the air.

“Die ant!”

Cabal roars as he raises his leg and stomps down on Black Horseman below him.

Black Horseman did not dodge. She suddenly jumps up and transforms into a black light facing the sole of Cabal’s foot.


Cabal screams as his foot and leg were sliced into two by the black light.

This black light continues to spread upwards all the way until around Cabal’s neck.

“Who, who are you!”

Cabal’s head fell towards the ground. He stares at the black attired woman who reappears in front of him.

“You have such a bad memory.”

The woman’s other hand also grabs a black blade and she changes into a twin sword stance, “My name is Black Horseman.”

Her body perforates through Cabal’s head with the two black blades trailing behind her.


Cabal keeps screaming as an enormous black plus appears on his head. This black plus splits his head into four sections.

“First phase complete.”

Black Horseman lands on the ground again as she looks at the slowly dissipating black smoke in the sky.

“Second phase begins.”


Chapter 925  [Second phase begin]

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  1. okay here Li Biyue who don’t mind that she had sex with Liu Yi which would lead to Yuelian, their daughterm, and there also Future Li Biyue who come witness it and kill the bad guy, and apparently survive a doomsday (surely cause by Liu Yi) and also now hate Liu Yi, she also seem to have throw her name. what a mess… she also tries to change the pass, which we learn from before couldn’t be done unless your like Ai Ling, which mean a Spirit thing (forgot the name), which mean that all she doing right now is totally useless and had already been done by her unbeknownst to her, just like how Liu Yi did when he become Sword Emperor, that is if the Author had totally forgot about that or just say “fuck it” which is again possible.

    Thank for the chapter!


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