MKW Chapter 924

Chapter 924   [Title below]


The ten S-rank hunters immediately follow the elder’s order and start charging at Liu Yi.

As an S-rank hunter, these hunters all possess strength above the earth realm.

With them making an all-out effort, if Liu Yi was an ordinary hunter, perhaps his hands will be tied and waiting to be captured.

“Let me show you a technique that stunned me.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he revolves Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra.

Liu Yi draws a circle in the air and following which, rows of a meter long ice swords appear in front of him.


Liu Yi claps his hand and those ice swords immediately fly towards the hunters.

“Parlour tricks!”

“Do you think that this will hit us?”

The hunters laugh out loud as they use their own techniques to send those ice swords flying away.

“Oh…it looks like this technique is a bit too weak.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders while that hunter who controls the flame devil had arrived in front of him.

This hunter is currently covered in flames.

He urges the flames on his body and punches at Liu Yi.

He is very confident in his punch of his. Even a steel wall will not block this punch!

Today I shall turn him into ashes!

While Liu Yi only raises a finger and easily blocks that incoming fist.

Liu Yi laughs, “What? Did you use all of your strength on women? Scram.”

As he speaks, he pushes with his finger and that hunter instantly flies out like a cannonball. With a crash, he smashes into the second-floor audience stands, breaking a portion of it.

That hunter brushes by the second hunter’s ear as he flies out. That S-rank hunter who was holding two greatswords turn pale as his charging steps stop.

“Friend there is a good saying. Once you have shot the arrow, there is no getting it back.”

Liu Yi appears in front of that hunter, “Since you have made your move then don’t stop.”

“Ah!!!! Go die!”

That brother was frightened and immediately started slashing at Liu Yi with both swords swiftly.

This person is very powerful. His strength, speed as well as sword technique is out of the ordinary.

Not to mention a person, even a dinosaur will be sliced into pieces if it appears in front of him!

But right now, this S-rank hunter realized that his attacks have no effect.

Liu Yi stands there with a hand in his suit pocket while holding his Firegod Sword with his other hand. He uses a single hand to wave his sword and blocks all of this hunter’s attack.

“Impossible. This is impossible!”

The hunter’s eyes widen as he can’t imagine that he would be unable to do anything to Blood Emperor!

How powerful is he?

“You can also scram!”

Liu Yi’s Firegod Sword erupts with a circle of fire that jolted away that hunter.

This hunter instantly got sent flying away like the previous brother as he instantly smashed the elders’ stand into pieces.

“Too scary…”

“This person…has exceeded S-rank?”

The hunters were all astonished seeing this scene while the elders also started trembling from fear.

The elders start shouting hysterically, “Attack together! Attack together!”

The remaining eight S-rank hunters immediately attack together at the same time. All kinds of power flood the center of the theater.

“Too weak.”

Liu Yi shakes his head. The Firegod Sword in his hand suddenly trembles and froze into an ice sword that releases cold qi. 

The sword flips before being caught by Liu Yi in his hand and stabs back into the ground.

A stream of cold qi instantly spread out with the ice sword as the center, instantly enveloping the entire theater.

In less than a few seconds, the inside of the theater turns into a frozen world!

Almost all of the hunters including those S-rank hunters were all frozen into ice statues.

“What, what is this…”

Only one elder luckily managed to survive. His cloak almost dropped off from his trembling.

He collapses onto the broken table, badly frightened.

“Although I left Hunter’s Organization, I had not thought of destroying this place. I thought that everyone would mind their own business.”

Liu Yi instantly appears in front of that elder before stretching out his hand and pulling him out from behind the chair.

This elder is a skinny small old man. Being hulled up like this by Liu Yi, he nearly peed in his pants in fear.

“But why do you still want to come and provoke me, to the extent of touching my reverse scale!”

“Spare me! Spare me!”

The elder starts begging as he cries, “I’ll no longer dare! ”

“Gutless person!”

Liu Yi snorts and tosses this elder to the side.

Although he had frozen this place, he did not kill these people.

After all, they all possess Qi and will not die from being frozen.

After dealing with the people from Hunter’s Organization, he then walked over to Li Biyue’s side.

He waves his hands and the shackles binding Li Biyue break into pieces.

This is the benefit of Moon Dream Sutra. It has a lot of uses.

“Big sister. I have come to pick you up.”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and catches Li Biyue who is falling from a stumble.

Li Biyue lies in Liu Yi’s embrace as her body turns soft.

“Stupid little brother….”

“Big sister. I am no longer that weakling from many years ago.”

Liu Yi gently touches Li Biyue’s hair and smell the fragrance on her body.

“I have grown a lot. I can protect you now.”

Big sister…you have suffered too much for me.

“No matter how old you are…you are forever my little brother…”

Li Biyue hugs Liu Yi as warmth fills her eyes.

“Big sister. In the future, let’s not be hunters anymore.”

Liu Yi says, “Why don’t you do a more relaxing occupation! Big sister has been a hunter for a lifetime already. You should also retire.”

Li Biyue rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Why do you say it like I am already in my seventies and eighties.”

“No, no, no. Big sister is still very young! Big sister is like a university student! Why don’t I help you handle the procedures and let you attend university?”

Li Biyue smiles tenderly, “Attend university? I am already a double Ph.D. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.”


Liu Yi instantly sweated, this big sister of mine is too valiant!

A double Ph.D…in comparison, I am too pathetic.

After managing to enter a reputed university through much effort, I got expelled by the school.

Although I am capable and can obtain as many diplomas as I like, those diplomas are all fake and meaningless.

Just as the brother and sister are having an intimate talk with each other, that elder who had always been hiding secretly suddenly climbs to his feet with a black spheroid in his hand.

“Both of you perish!”

As the old man speaks, he tosses out the spheroid.

“Damn it!”

That ball’s speed is very fast and Liu Yi does not have time to defend against it.

He immediately uses his back to forcibly receive the attack head-on!

Streams of black lights exploded on Liu Yi’s back. Originally there is not much pain but when those black lights dig into his body, Liu Yi feels like a lot of knives are cutting apart his muscles causing him to cry out in pain.

“Xiao Yi!”

Li Biyue was badly frightened as she hurriedly checked Liu Yi’s injury.

But Liu Yi did not have any trace of injury on his back which makes Li Biyue feel that it is strange.

“Hahaha! This is Curse Light!”

That elder laughs sinisterly, “Those who received my Cursed Light will become my servants! This person is very powerful and in the future, he will be my underling! Hahahaha!”

“Damn it!”

Li Biyue grabs a black blade off the ground before appearing in front of the elder. The edge of the knife rests on the elder’s throat.

“Undo your ability or I will kill you immediately!”

Li Biyue’s pretty eyes flash with ruthless light and pressed the blade against that elder’s throat causing him to bleed.

The elder orders, “Hahaha, do you think that you can kill me? My loyal servant! Help me kill this woman!”

A sinister wind flashes by.

Li Biyue looks back subconsciously and sees Liu Yi standing behind her stretching out his hand towards her.

“Xiao Yi…”

Li Biyue sighs in her heart. Could it be that…I am going to be killed by my little brother…

If that is the case, it is fine ..even if I die in his hands, I cannot bear to harm him…

Li Biyue’s gaze towards Liu Yi is filled with tenderness.

That tenderness is so dense that it seems like it cannot be transformed.

“Hahaha! Die! you damned traitor!”

The elder laughs heartily complacently but seen his smile freeze on his face.

Only to see Liu Yi’s hand stretch pass Li Biyue’s arm at him.

The elder’s body immediately flies up and floats in the sky.

He widens his eyes in shock as he shouts in horror, “What, what are you doing! You cannot kill me! I am your master!”

Li Biyue originally thought that Liu Yi did not get controlled. But hearing his deep roar, she realizes that Liu Yi seems to have once again lost his rationality.

“You cannot kill me! I am your master! Your master! Do you hear me, you stupid slave!”

Liu Yi roars as he pulls apart the air.

Instantly that elder’s body was torn into two. Fresh blood and organs scatter all over the place.

Li Biyue is stunned as she looks at Liu Yi.

While Liu Yi is like he has lost his intelligence. After killing the elder, he starts attacking those statues.

How would these ice statues be able to restrain Liu Yi who had obtained god strength from Yang Mianmian!

After shattering countless ice statues, he finally lets out a roar and a shockwave impacts the entire theater.

All of the ice statues in the theater break apart and fall all over the place.

While Liu Yi opens his mouth and sucks all of the souls into his mouth!

These hunters all possess all kinds of different abilities. But because their bodies were all too weak, after being swallowed by Liu Yi, these abilities did not take effect.

But their souls greatly increase Liu Yi’s cultivation and it also causes his soul to become a mess.

Liu Yi roars loudly causing the theater to tremble. The ceiling as well as the four surrounding walls start to crack as stone fragments start falling.

Li Biyue is very worried as she suddenly rushes up and hugs Liu Yi.


Chapter 924  [I am your master]

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  1. oh god… The dude lost control there? isn’t Liu Yi going out of control when Li Biyue is concerned? or don’t he have too many related thing that make him lost control? his dragon blood, and now his demon thing souls sucking thing… 1 is already too many now he have 2 it pretty much too many… i sure hope demon lord girl 9 thing isn’t something that can make lost control too…

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