MKW Chapter 923

Chapter 923   [Title below]


France, Gothic Theater.

This theater has always been famous. Those who perform here are some of the first-rate musicians in Europe. Thus every day, countless people came here to listen to music.

But today, this theater is not open for business nor is it public screening any musical.

Because today, to this place, it is a very, very important day.

Hunter’s Organization General Headquarters is located here.

Although there is no musical, the stands are still filled with people.

These people are Hunter’s Organization judges. Today they are here to trial a formidable person.

This person is called Li Biyue, the most outstanding S-rank hunter of Hunter’s Organization!

At this moment, Li Biyue’s hands are cuffed. This is a special cuff that is specially used to restrain the qi of hunters.

In front of Li Biyue sits a row of silver hair people. These people are old men and old women who are elders of the Hunter’s Organization.

These old men and old ladies have worked for many years as hunters until they had become old and were no longer able to work as hunters, thus they became elders.

These people are all very experienced and their airs are also very big.

They are sitting here is to give a penalty on Li Biyue!

This person who betrayed Hunter’s Organization must receive her punishment!

This time around, there is not only Li Biyue this single S-rank hunter around here. To prevent Li Biyue from escaping, the Hunter’s Organization deployed ten other S-rank hunters to surround this theater. They are like the ten strongest patron saints!

An old lady in a silver cloak asks Li Biyue arrogantly, “Li Biyue! Do you know your crime! As an elite of Hunter’s Organization, you betrayed the organization! An entire branch was killed by you! Li Biyue! Do you know what you have done?”

“Do I know? Hahaha…”

Li Biyue only smiles faintly, “Hunter’s Organization has long fallen into politicians as well as being used as a tool by businessmen! Killing demons and devils? Take a look at your list of assignments. How long has it been since there was that kind of mission?”

“Impudent! It is up to us to decide what the Hunter’s Organization should do or should implement. It is not your job to criticize!”

An old man berated, “Your nothing but a mere hunter. After taking our money, you are nothing but a tool in our hands. Do you think that you have become that valuable? What a joke!”

Li Biyue smiles, “That’s right. I also feel that I am a joke. That is why I am standing here.”

“Shut up! You arrogant girl!” Another elder roars, “You do not know how to repent! Looks like today shall be your death date!”

“Since I came, I never thought that I would go back alive.” Li Biyue’s expression is at ease, “Let’s forget about this so-called trial. I have seen enough of your blustering.”

“You don’t know how to repent!” The small silver hammer in the centermost elder’s hand raps on the table heavily, “Li Biyue! Death is not the start. We have thousands and millions of methods to torture you! If you hand over his location, we can let you die in peace!”

Li Biyue has a teasing smile, “He? Who is he? Why do I not understand what you are saying?”

An elder immediately roars in anger, “Stop playing dumb! Hand over his location! Otherwise, we will make you feel so much pain that you will wish for death!”

Li Biyue is still smiling, “Can you say something that I can understand?”

The elder is angered and roars, “Electric torture! Give her the electric torture first!”

Two hunters walk over and stick a few electrodes on Li Biyue’s body.

After which they turn on a switch and streams of blue electric arcs erupt out from Li Biyue’s body.

Li Biyue’s qi is very powerful. If an ordinary person suffered this kind of voltage, perhaps their heart would have gone into shock and die.

But Li Biyue will not die but exist in pain!

This kind of electric current continuously shocks Li Biyue’s body. The electric current flows through every inch of her skin, every strand of her nerves causing her so much pain.

But Li Biyue is still smiling.

The elder roars in anger, “Let’s see how long you can hold on! If you do not wish to suffer then hand over his location! More horrifying punishments will be waiting for you!”

The elders shouting at her causes Li Biyue to feel that it is more ridiculous.

“You are a group of clowns.” Li Biyue endures the electric torture as she says mockingly, “A group of ignorant ducks.”

“Damn it! Looks like the electric torture is not enough and we need something more painful!”

An elder slaps the table and shouts, “Circumcision torture her!”

Circumcision torture!

This circumcision torture is very violent and is specially used to deal with women!

What is a woman’s second life? It is their breasts!

While circumcision torture is to slice away their second life!

When the women present heard this, none of their expressions did not change!

While Li Biyue stands there without any change in expression.

A hunter walks in front of Li Biyue with a hunting knife in his hand while smiling sinisterly.

“Li Biyoe, weren’t you very arrogant in the past? Didn’t you reject me before?” That person is vindictive and is currently very delighted, “Your just a woman and you think that you are a big character! Today I shall slash you! Do you want to beg me for mercy now? This way I can still let you suffer less!”

Li Biyue smiles mockingly, “What kind of man are you, bullying a powerless woman? I was right to reject you because you are a woman, a soft-egg!”

“Damn it! You are seeking death!”

That hunter raises the machete in front of Li Biyue’s breast and is preparing to slash down.

At this moment from the lobby came the voice of a male, “Whoever dares touch her shall die.”


That hunter thought that someone was bothering him and cursed impatiently, “Right now I am doing serious matters. Don’t bother me!”

After this, the knife in his hand slices down again.

At this moment, a golden-red sword suddenly falls from the sky and stabs through his head and nails that hunter onto the ground.

“I already said. Whoever dares shall be killed!”

The moment the voice speaks, that switch suddenly turned off on its own.

The elders were surprised and shouted, “Who are you?”

The hunters present look around seeking the owner of the voice.

While Li Biyue looks at the ceiling of the theater with a slightly sentimental expression.

“Who are you! Stop hiding and come out!” A S-rank hunter shouts, “Don’t think that I cant find you if you hide! Flame Devil!”

He summons out his summon beast. A 2 meters tall flame devil king flies out from the void and lands in front of him.

“Sorry. I never thought of hiding myself.”

At this moment the lights at the entrance of the theater suddenly light up.

A guy is standing at the entrance. He has a hand in his suit pocket while his other hand is holding an enormous Firegod Sword which is propped against his shoulder.

“It is all pf you who are too stupid. You can’t find me after so long.”

Those hunters who know of Liu Yi’s identity immediately shouts, “Blood Emperor! He is Blood Emperor!”

The one standing there is indeed none other than Blood Emperor Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is wearing his formal black suit as well as a white shirt.

He stands at the entrance like he does not place the hunters in the room in his eyes.

“Big sister, I have come to pick you up.”

Liu Yi is smiling as he looks at Li Biyue who is chained at the very center.

Li Biyue’s eyes are slightly moist.

“You…you shouldn’t have come…”

Liu Yi winks at Li Biyue, “If I shouldn’t come then I should go to hell y. Big sister. Wait for me. Soon, it will be settled.”

“Arrogant evildoer! Instead of going on the heaven path, you entered the entranceless hell!”

That S-rank hunter laughed before controlling his flame devil to toss out two basketball-sized fireballs at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not move. He waved the sword in his hand and sliced the two fireballs in half.

Liu Yi stabs his Firegod Sword into the ground in front of him as he says with a smile, “This is your innate beast? It is really weak.”

That S-rank hunter did not expect that Blood Emperor would so easily deal with the two fireballs that possess the might of a hand grenade. Thus he can only urge his innate beast to use its most powerful attack. “Damn it! Flame Devil! Use your ultimate attack!”

The flame devil roars and spreads its arms open. Hundreds of egg size fireballs fly out from its body and whistle as they envelop Liu Yi.

“This is a bit more interesting. This flame is rather pretty to look at.”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and points at the sky.

Those fireballs that were attacking him suddenly look like they were being controlled and separate from the control of the hunter before revolving in the surrounding above Liu Yi’s finger.

“What, what is this?”

The hunter got a shock as he did not expect that his ultimate move was unable to deal with the other party.

“Everyone attack together!”

“We have so many hunters! We can kill him!”

Along with the command of the elder, all of the hunters in the theater immediately start attacking Liu Yi.

“I do not like this present. Let me return it.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he waves his finger.

Those fireballs immediately fly out in all directions and smash into each hunter before exploding.

Within moments, the theater is covered in flames and hunters crying out in pain.

“Why, why did you want to attack me!”

“What is his rank! So strong!”

In this place, other than the S-rank hunters, the remaining hunters were all badly beaten up.

“Damn it. How can we let this fellow roughshod over us!!”

Another S-rank hunter claps his hands and streams of water erupt out extinguishing all of the surrounding flames.

“Oh? Looks like your Hunter’s Organization preventive measure is rather complete.”

Liu Yi steps on the hunter that just sneak attacked him and says with a smile, “You even brought along a firefighter.”

“S-rank hunters. What are you waiting for? Kill him!”


Chapter 923  [Trial date]

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  1. XD water magic is firefighter for him.
    i do wonder when will Liu Yi shows his lil cai again? his butterfly (i think?) and a skeleton dog (?)
    this novel has a lot of untapped props.. kinda lost track.

    thank you for the chapters~
    stay safe and healthy everyone!

    (._. ) the current state of things in the world doesnt seem to be bright.. i do wonder if 2021 is fine..


  2. I thought the hunters were aware of cultivators, shouldnt they know he is way out there league? Also as they know his name shouldn’t they know he now leads massacre hall? Its not like he tooks steps to hide what he did. And that is a very big event.


  3. well with how they are no wonder their organisation is falling… I can hear the cry of agony of the past hunter at how the organisation have become.

    Thank for the chapter!


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