MKW Chapter 922

Chapter 922  [Title below]


The young girl suddenly asked sweetly, “Hateful uncle. Do you really wish to know my name?”


Black lines immediately appear on Liu Yi’s forehead, am I that old?

“Since you wish you know then let me tell you.”

The young girl suddenly smiles, “Uncle listen carefully, my name is…”

She places a finger on her lower lips and says with a very cute expression, “My name is…Liu…Yue…Lian!”

After saying the final character, an enormous truck suddenly appears above Liu Yi’s head.

This truck falls down and Liu Yi hurriedly stretches out his hand and catches the truck.

“What the heck…to use teleportation to teleport a truck from the side! This lass is mischievous!”

Liu Yi carefully placed the truck down feeling gloomy in his heart. I was made a fool of by her.

In this short period of time, the young girl had escaped.

This girl’s head is rather good. To escape from my hands.

But her technique is very strange. like it is intangible.

Liu Yi sighs as he says in his heart, looks like I will not catch up.

Thus he can only return to Zhao Yali’s side.

At this moment, time resumes flowing. A lot of the drivers were shocked to notice that they were in a different place.

One of them discovered that his truck is on top of the roof of a building and screamed, “Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! Save me! Save me!”

At this moment, Liu Yi does not care about this. He returns to Zhao Yali’s side.

Zhao Yali asks, “How was it. Did you catch that mischievous young girl?”

Liu Yi looks at Zhao Yali suspiciously. “No. She was too slippery…how did you know that she was a young girl?”

“When I was scanning her, I saw what she looked like.”

Zhao Yali looks at Liu Yi like he is an idiot, “To think you taught me so much. Don’t you know that this is also an ability of angels?”

“The holy power in my body is still very weak. Thus, I only know some obvious abilities,.” Liu Yi’s face turned red, “Anyway, I am unhappy that I got made a fool of by that girl!”

“Who was she? She ran over and caused trouble but did not fight you. Is she an enemy?”

“Whether or not she is an enemy we still do not know, but they are definitely not my friend.” Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder, “Looks like this matter is becoming more interesting.

Zhao Yali is very curious about Liu Yi’s casual attitude, “Don’t you wish to know of the other party’s identity?”

“There is no need to be curious. Because sooner or later they will come and find us.

Liu Yi purposely puts on a mysterious smile making Zhao Yali roll her eyes.


“I finally threw off that scary fellow!”

The young girl is resting on a tree as she wipes away her cold sweat.

“Luckily this Miss’s skill was a bit better! Otherwise, if I was caught, then that would be bad!”

At this moment a voice came from behind the tree, “You have seen him?”

The young girl got a shock as her face instantly pales!

The tree suddenly split into two as a woman figure stands behind the tree.

This woman is wearing a black windbreaker and beautiful riding boots.

“Mo-mother…” Liu Yuelian is so frightened that her face turns pale. Holding her hands together she says, “I, I was just curious…”

“You broke our agreement.”

The woman in black windbreaker clenches her fist as coldness flickers in her eyes.

“You went to see him and also got discovered by him. Because of that, you might make all of us lose our lives!”

Liu Yuelian shivers, “So-sorry…I, I won’t do it again…”

The woman does not plan to let off Liu Yuelian like this. “This is not something that can be forgiven with just an ‘I’m sorry’. You must receive a punishment. 3 days of imprisonment.”

“I, I don’t want to go in. Mother, I beg you, I won’t do it agian…wuwuwu…”

Liu Yuelian cannot help but cry but the woman remains unmoved as she snaps her finger.

“Shadow world!”

A black shadow suddenly appears behind the young girl and drags her into the shadow before disappearing together in front of the woman.

“Don’t blame me. If I don’t do it, you will never learn.”

The woman confirmed the current time.

“Looks like the time to the trial is getting closer and closer…everyone report.”

The moment she finishes speaking, in front of her flickers out 6 human figures.

These 6 human figures seem to be an illusion as they float there. There is only a vague silhouette and their appearances cannot be seen clearly.

“Nine-tailed Turtle in position.”

“Dragon-mouth Scorpion in position.”

“Windlistener in position.”

“Heaven Swordmaster in position.”

“Ghost Monk in position.”

“Tomb Guardian in position.”

Among the six people kneeling in front of the woman are men and women

A woman asked, “Eh? Where did Crosser go?”

“She has committed a mistake thus she is currently receiving her punishment in the shadow world.”

This sentence causes the surrounding people to tremble.

It looks like the shadow world is a very scary place.

Another person carefully advises, “Lord Black Horseman.., she is your daughter.”

The woman addressed as Black Horseman says coldly, “No matter who it is, after committing a mistake, they must receive their punishment.”

The rest of the people can only sigh.

“The trial date has already started. We should also take action.”

Black Horseman looks at a woman in front of her and says, “Heaven Swordmaster. The first is you. Do you remember your task?”

“Never forget! I shall proceed now!”

“Very good.”

Black Horseman nods her head, “The rest of the people also go and prepare. This operation can only succeed. Otherwise, everything will face ruin again.”


The few figures immediately disappear completely while the woman called Black Horseman also turns into a shadow and disappears instantly.


Zhao Yali pulls Liu Yi’s arms and asks a bit unwillingly, “In a few more days, there will be a temple fair. Can’t you stay with me a few more days?”

“Cannot. My Massacre God Hall has just been established. There are a lot of matters that I need to deal with. I cannot stay ”

Liu Yi brushes Zhao Yali’s hair, “Furthermore, I have already taught you all that I know. In the future, you just need to pay more attention. Remember to find time to report to the general headquarters of Redstar Clogomerate. I have already informed Dahai. When you arrive, he will help you handle the formalities.”

Zhao Yali pouts unhappily, “I know. Are you that anxious to chase me away?!”

“How is that so? I also wish to stay a few more days with you. But now is not the time for us to develop our relationship.”

Liu Yi recalls what Chen Wenhang told him, the calamity of the cultivation world.

As long as I survive this calamity, I can repair the fate between me and Little Lass.

No matter if it can work or not. I must give it a try!

Liu Yi comforts Zhao Yali, “In the future, you can just teleport to where you want to go. You can find me as well. After all, you are an angel. It is not hard for you to find me.”

“I did my best! But my teleportation is still not perfect!”

Zhao Yali is very smart but regarding this, until now she still has not mastered it.

She pouts and looks at Liu Yi unhappily.

“Then slowly practice until you are familiar with it.”

Liu Yi laughs, “I will give you a prize when you successfully teleport yourself!”


Zhao Yali seems to have captured some information that can be used against him. She holds Liu Yi’s arm and smiles like a spoiled child.

Just at this moment, a woman’s voice came from behind Liu Yi.

“Even now, you are still so affectionate?”

This voice is very familiar. Although he had not heard of it for a long time, Liu Yi still remembered it.

He turns around and immediately sees a woman whom he had not been for a long time appearing behind him.

“Leng Mo? Why are you here?”

Leng Mo is the girl whom Liu Yi got to know in North Dragon City’s Hunter Organization Branch. She is the liaison in-charge of North Dragon City’s branch. She is a girl who sticks close to  Li Biyue as well as adored her. It seems like she also has a bit of lesbian love as well.

In the beginning, Leng Mo was very hostile against him. But later on, this hostility slowly changed.

But because of that Dragon Transformation matter, Leng Mo left Hunter’s Organization and later disappeared.

Thus meeting her in Hong Kong this time round is unexpected.

Leng Mo crosses her arms as she looks at Liu Yi while mocking him, “Big sister is going to die but here  you are, enjoying your life.”

“Big sister is going to die? What do you mean?”

Liu Yi frowns, while Zhao Yali who is standing by the side looks at the two of them not understanding what is going on.

“Looks like you have forgotten about Big sister.” Leng Mo’s mocking sneer turns deeper, “then forget it. I’ll treat it as Big sister being blind and recognizing the wrong little brother.”

“Are you talking about Li Biyue?” Liu Yi grabs hold of Leng Mo who is leaving, “What happened to her?”

“So you still remember her name?” Leng Mo snorts, “I thought that you had forgotten about her.”

Liu Yi became anxious, “Quickly say! What happened to her!”

“To take the blame for you, she will be tried by the Presbyterianism. If she is sentenced, it will be a death penalty for heavy punishment while a light punishment will also be a life sentence!”

“What are you talking about!”

Liu Yi’s frown became even deeper, “It was done by me. Why did Big sister take the blame for me!”

“What else can it be for?”

Leng Mo sneers, “You, for what reason can you enjoy Big sister’s love? In my opinion, you do not deserve it!”

Looks like this lass’s lesbian sickness appeared again!

But right now Liu Yi cannot be bothered to quarrel with her. Liu Yi only wishes to know where Li Biyue’s is.

After all, he only stayed in North Dragon City’s Hunter’s Organization’s branch and had never gone to the general headquarters before.

Thus he does not know where the mysterious general headquarters is located.

“Tell me where the general headquarters is.”

Right now, Liu Yi is only concerned about this.

“You wish to know? Dream on! I will not tell you! Right now it is too late. No one can save big sister now.”

Leng Mo’s expression is gloomy.

“Quickly say it!” roared Liu Yi!

The surrounding windows break into pieces shocking the pedestrians into screaming!


[TL: If you guys still cannot guess the actual identity of the girl and woman, you all should re-read the chapters again XD]


Chapter 922  [Big Sister had an accident?]

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  1. So i was right, huh? She Li Biyue daughter which also seem to be his daugther? not totally sure but hightly possible, also the woman is probably Li Biyue from the future it seem. also Heaven Swordmaster is maybe Leng Mo from the future from the timing of it, but at this point it too hazzy…. it annoying but it all my guess

    Thank for the chapter!


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