MKW Chapter 921

Chapter 921  [Title below]


“This is your new order.”

A blond-haired man in a black suit hand over a secret order to the beauty in front of him

The woman is wearing a black windbreaker and pretty riding boots.

Her build is slender and wearing this kind of clothes make her look even more beautiful.

She stretches out her hand and receives the secret order.

After opening it and taking a look, a ferocious light flashes across her eyes.

A black shadow flickers on the paper before tearing it into fragments.

“Why are we condemning him?”

This woman is none other than Li Biyue.

“The reason is very simple. The higher-ups already know of the things that he has done.”

The blond hair guy shrugs his shoulders, “The entire North Dragon City’s branch have died a violent death. Do you think that the ‘Presbyterianism’ will ignore this debt? Furthermore…right now there are also rumors flowing into the general headquarters that this Blood Emperor is that person in the prophecy! His current actions have already proven his future path. That is why the Presbyterianism wants to cut the weeds and eliminate the roots! In view of this man’s strength, they are only letting S-rank hunters like you to take action.”

It is already a past matter that she got promoted to S-rank.

But she rejected this task.

“I will not receive this command.”

“This matter is no longer up to you. Right now it is already a white gold task. You cannot forcefully reject it.”

The blond guy expressed that his hands are tied, “Do you think that if you do not go, the Presbyterianism will let him off?”

“The one who eliminated the North Dragon City’s branch was not him but me.”

Li Biyue says coldly, “If you want to sentence someone then sentence me.”

“Li, Li Biyue! Are you crazy?”

The blond guy is gobsmacked, “Do, do you know what you are saying?”

“What I say is the truth.” Li Biyue stretched out her hands, “Bring me to the general headquarters.”

“You, you are mad…so mad…”

The blond guy is helpless and can only pat Li Biyue’s wrist.

As the silver handcuff cuffs her wrist, a trace of radiance flashed across Li Biyue’s eyes.

Little brother. Let big sister protect you.


While at the same time, Liu Yi and Zhao Yali are currently sitting in a Sichuan restaurant.

Liu Yi is stunned as he watches Zhao Yali who is wolfing down the bowl of Sichuan poached sliced fish in hot chili oil. He finds it hard to imagine that a graceful Ms Perfect would actually eat in such a manner!

“What are you looking at. This is how you should eat Sichuan!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s gaze, Zhao Yali rolls her eyes, “Eating in tiny bites will not have that enjoyable feeling when eating!”

Liu Yi “Nothing…you can eat however you like to eat. After all, no one will snatch it.”

“Are you not eating?”

“I am not hungry…”

“Hmph. Then you watch this miss eat!”

Zhao Yali eats happily, no longer caring about Liu Yi.

After their meal, Zhao Yali decided to go for a stroll.

The two of them walk along the streets of Hongkong while Zhao Yali says with satisfaction, “I didn’t expect that I would walk onto another path.”

Zhao Yali holds Liu Yi’s hand as they stroll randomly along the streets. She looks content as she says, “Finally gotten away from that fellow. Thank you for everything, Liu Yi!”

“Call me master!”

“Liu Yi!”

“Call me master!”

“Liu Yi, Liu Yi, Liu Yi! It is Liu Yi!” Zhao Yali hrumps before sticking out her tongue at Liu Yi, “Slob! If you make me call you master again, be careful of this miss reporting you!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and can only keep quiet.

This lass…she is stubborn in certain matters.

“Right. Soon I am going to report to your Redstar Clogomerate. This miss must buy two new sets of clothes! That Italian brand store in front is not bad. The female attire there is considered as upper class. Let us go and take a look.”

Liu Yi clucks, she indeed has the demeanor of a Ms Perfect

At this moment, Liu Yi and Zhao Yali frown at the same time.

It is like an unclear aura spreading over from far away. Furthermore, this aura is slowly becoming stronger and stronger.

“It seems like a guest has come.”

Liu Yi holds Zhao Yali not letting her run, “Prepare to receive our guest.”

Zhao Yali tilts her head as she looks at Liu Yi, “Guest? What guest? Do you know people in Hong Kong?”

“I don’t know any.” Liu Yi shakes his head, “But it does not mean that there is no one here that recognizes me.”

While they are speaking, the surrounding crowd and vehicles suddenly quieten down like the time had frozen.

“What is going on?”

This is the first time Zhao Yali experienced this kind of situation and was slightly shocked.

“It is a barrier, ” replied Liu Yi, “Furthermore, it is no ordinary barrier…Li Li, be careful.”

“Understood. I will protect myself.”

As Zhao Yali speaks, she stretches out her hand and pulls in front of her.

Instantly a silver shield was summoned out and blocked in front of Zhao Yali.

“This is the technique that you taught me!”

“Not bad. You are talented.”

Liu Yi cannot help but be a little jealous.

No matter what it is, Zhao Yali swiftly masters it.

Not to mention Liu Yi did not use memory transfer technique. Everything was transmitted to Zhao Yali orally.

While Zhao Yali instantly connects after getting in touch with a corner which is super impressive!

At this moment, the cars on the road suddenly fly up into the sky before charging at Liu Yi and Zhao Yali in two and threes.

“It is wrong to throw things that do not belong to you.”

Liu Yi shakes his head before using Moon Dream Sutra!

The cars that flew over stopped in front of Liu Yi before slowly landing on the ground.

“Oh?” A woman’s voice rings out in the surrounding, “I didn’t expect that the devil from the legends actually has a bit of love?”

“Who are you!”

Liu Yi is unable to find the location of the person, “Hiding your head while revealing your tail is not heroic.”

“Hehe, I am no hero.”

The young girl laughs, “Today, I came to have a look at you. But you are a bit lacking from the devil that I had imagined.”

“What devil?”

Liu Yi does not understand, “Who are you? Why don’t you let me see you!”

“We are people who shall revise everything.”

The woman’s voice carries a trace of arrogance.

“We? So it’s not only you?”

Liu Yi secretly gives Zhao Yali a look which she understands.

“Oops…it seems like I accidentally revealed something…indeed you are very sly.”

Liu Yi wipes away his cold sweat, “Come on. It is you who said it.”

“I don’t care!” The young girl says rudely, “After all, If I hadn’t talked to you, I would not have had a slip of the tongue! Hmph, if mother finds out about this, she will blame me!”


The more Liu Yi listens to her, the more he does not understand. What is going on?

This voice sounds like a stranger to me. I also cannot determine which sect her technique belongs to.

Which enemy camp is she from? It seems like having too many different groups of enemies is not a good thing.

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder helplessly.

“Forget it. Today I am only just giving you a greeting. I do not wish to accompany you. I am going. I shall find you in the future!”

After this, Liu Yi sensed that aura which carried enmity going far away.

Before the other party had left, Liu Yu purposefully mocks, “Since you have come, are you not going to leave behind your name?”


That young girl’s voice rings out again, “Wait until you catch me,  then we will talk about it.”

At this moment, Zhao Yali points in a direction.

Liu Yi smiles. He suddenly uses Shadow Step and instantly appears on top of a small building far away.

Opposite of Liu Yi is a beautiful girl wearing a blue sweater who is currently eating an ice-cream cone while she is holding a stopwatch-like object.


Seeing Liu Yi appearing in front of her, she instantly got a shock.

“How did you find me…ah, you used that half-angel?”

The girl covers her forehead, “The holy power of angels is annoying…”

“I had=ve caught you.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms and looks at the familiar-looking girl in front of him, “But…where have I seen you before…why do I feel that you look slightly familiar?”

“Who has seen you!”

The girl suddenly became angry, “Damn it! To let you discover me. Mama will scold me to death!”

As she speaks, she suddenly tosses the ice-cream cone in her hand over at Liu Yi’s face.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and uses Moon Dream Sutra to control that ice-cream cone and floats it in front of him.

“Didn’t your mother teach you before that wasting food is wrong?”


The young girl does not wish to be in a tangle with Liu Yi. After tossing out the ice-cream cone, she raises her leg and instantly appears on top of a tall building very far away.

“Instant teleportation?”

Liu Yi got a shock. Isn’t this a holy power?

Could it be that that young girl is an angel? But I did not notice an angel aura from her!

But this kind of short distant instant teleportation will not escape from the range of my ability.

Liu Yi uses Shadow Step and instantly caught up.

“Damn it, it is Shadow Step!”

Sensing Liu Yi behind her, she turned around and took a look before fuming and says, “You learned the Hunter’s technique quite well!”

“Of course. I had a good teacher.” Liu Yi smiles, “Now you should tell me your name.”

“You did not catch up with me.”

The young girl disappears again.

In a blink of an eye, numerous figures of the young girl appeared on top of the surrounding buildings.

“Oh? You know this kind of avatar technique?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow. This kind of technique is not bad. But to trick me, it is still lacking.

He instantly activates his Black and White world.

The young girl creates over a hundred avatars as she hides among them while she says in her heart, now you are unable to catch me.

Just as she was delighted, Liu Yi once again stood in front of her. At the same time, he is holding a golden red sword in his hand and the sword’s edge is resting on top of the white throat of the young woman.

“This time. you should say your name. right?”

A bit of despair finally appears in the young woman’s eyes.


Author’s Note

Just who is this young woman? Everyone takes a guess. If you guess it right, there will be a price~Wish everyone a merry double festival~Wish all lovers in the whole world to finally become together~

[TL: but there will NOT be a prize from me  though(:]


Chapter 921  [Young girl]

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5 thoughts on “MKW Chapter 921

  1. Oh this is a hard one. The way the author said it we should know her by name, or maybe he wanted us to guess her mother? We also seem to have time travel in play making this much harder. Some seem to think little jade is or is corrected to the time traveler but i dont think so. Little jade wouldn’t ask year she would hack something and look at the date.
    Power set of this girl is mostly angelic, but she doesn’t give angle aura. Felt like she had disdain for half angles. I get the feel she may be a hunter.
    Honestly im stumped. For some reason i want to say she is conected to his natal pet little black, but i cant explain why exactly, just weird hunch.


  2. Oh, god beat me! how could we know? there pratically nothing reavealed about her other that she seem familiar. She could be her daughter or something even, maybe related to Li Biyue since she was mention at the beginning, at least we know she chinese since they didn’t say she was japanese. also Li Biyue still exist!?

    Thank for the chapter!


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