MKW Chapter 920

Chapter 920  [Title below]


Very swiftly, the car drove into a mansion in Hong Kong.

It is a three-story villa which also has a rather big courtyard outside.

In the courtyard is a very large swimming pool the whole place is decorated gorgeously and also carries a bit of elegance.

“We have arrived. This is my home.”

Zhao Yali pulls Liu Yi off the car, “Perhaps, it is also not my home.”

The bodyguard is standing in front of the door as he speaks to Zhao Yali, “Miss, old master is waiting for you.”

“Understood. What are you so anxious for?”

Zhao Yali is hugging Liu Yi’s arm as the two of them walk towards the villa.

At this moment, the bodyguard actually stretched out his hand and placed it on Liu Yi’s shoulder before saying coldly, “Apologies, only people from the Zhao Family can enter this place as well as old master’s guest. Sorry, but you are neither of them.”

“Ante! What is this meaning of yours!” Zhao Yali immediately frowns as she glares at that bodyguard, “You dare to block my person?”

“Apologises miss. This is my job.”

That black bodyguard Ante stands there using fluent Chinese to reply. His attitude is neutral and is so cold that he is no different from a robot.

Zhao Yali is hopping mad, “Damn it! You are doing it on purpose. It is him who gave the order, right!”

Ante says neutrally, “This is only my job.”

“Your job? Without his order, you dare to do this?”

Zhao Yali orders, “I order you to immediately move!”

Ante rejects the order, “Apologies miss. Although you are the big miss of Zhao Family, but you do not have the right to order me.”

“Too much! You…”

Just as Zhao Yali is going to berate him, Liu Yi gently stops her.

Liu Yi is smiling, “No worries. Although I am not welcomed, there is no place that I cant enter.”

“Do you wish to intrude?”

At this moment, Ante smiles, “It is best for me to warn Mr Liu, I am one of the top 100 ranking bodyguards in the world. If you want to intrude, you will need to pay a painful price.”

“Painful price?” Liu Yi smiles even deeper, “Since you said it like this, I am curious what kind of painful price?”

As he speaks, he walks forward.

“Hmph! Then do not blame me for being impolite!”

As Ante speaks, he stretches out his hand and grabs Liu Yi’s arm before pushing it downwards.

If it is a weaker person, perhaps his arm might really be broken.

But Liu Yi did not move. Instead, his arm trembled and jolted away Ante’s hands before grabbing him by his throat. He raises Ante, who is over two meters tall, up midair with a single hand!

That black fellow’s face is already red. His hands grab Liu Yi’s arm but are unable to force it open.

“You better not kill him!” Zhao Yali warns Liu Yi at this moment, “Although this fellow is also very annoying but after all, it was under the orders of my father. There is no need to kill him.”

“I don’t plan on killing him.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he places down the black man before straightening out his suit under his shocked gaze.

“Comrade. There is a saying in China, ‘don’t look down on others’. Today you are lucky that you met me. If it was other people, perhaps you might be killed.”

Ante’s forehead is covered in sweat as his panting bit hurried.

He can sense that the man in front of him is not an ordinary person.

Who is he? What kind of scary boyfriend is miss dating…

“Let’s go. Let us enter and clear things up with him!”

As she speaks, Zhao Yali pulls Liu Yi and walks through the main door.

The moment they entered, they came into a very spacious hall. When the maids say Zhao Yali entering, they immediately bow slightly towards her.

A butler-like person says to Zhao Yali, “Miss, the soiree is prepared in the dining room. Old master is waiting for you.”


Zhao Yali is rather impatient. From her view, these servants are all her father’s people. Staying with them a moment more will make her feel uneasy.

Ever since young, I grew up under the gaze of these people.

Wasn’t I a bird living in a cage?

After the two of them have left, the servants start whispering.

“How did that person come in?”

“Is Ante sleeping?” 

“Do you think the old master will be furious?”

If it was an ordinary person, they would not be able to hear what they are saying.

Right now, Liu Yi and Zhao Yali are no longer ordinary people. Their whispering can be heard clearly by the two of them.

Liu Yi senses that Zhao Yali is uncomfortable and hurriedly holds her hand tight.

Indeed Zhao Yali is a lot calmer now. She feels that as long as Liu Yi is around, she has confidence in her heart.

The two of them walk into the dining room and inside, a strict looking old man is sitting there.

There is a servant standing by his side helping him with eating the french meal.

“Since you all have come then have a seat.”

This old man is none other than Zhao Yali’s father, Zhao Delai.

Seeing Liu Yi entering, he instantly frowned.

But he still points at the empty space in front of him and lets the two of them sit down.

“Li Li. You shouldn’t have brought people back.” Zhao Delai uses the napkin to wipe his mouth and says, “It will only make all of us embarrassed.”

“You already make me embarrassed.”

Zhao Yali did not sit down. Instead, she stands in front of Zhao Delai as she crosses her arms. “What is the matter? After controlling me for a lifetime now you also wish to control my marriage? Mr Zhao. I am afraid that you have thought wrongly. I am no longer the obedient girl who wishes to win the favor of her father.”

“You think that without me, you will still be a Zhao Family miss who has everything going your way?”

“Without the Zhao Family, I still have hands and legs.”

Zhao Yali had already thought this through clearly, “I can still fill my stomach and not starve.”

Zhao Delai smiles faintly, “Hahaha, this is nothing but an impulsive thought that you have. You should know what it means to be the of the Zhao Family. It means money and position. Without this identity, branded bags, sports cars, all of this will have no relation with you anymore. Furthermore, you will no longer o eat your favorite french meals anymore.”

Zhao Yali roars from the bottom of her heart, “I don’t even like to eat french l! You don’t even know what I like to eat! I do not need this kind of father!”

“Furthermore, this young man should have also thought clearly,” Zhao Delai did not follow up with her. Instead, he says to Liu Yi, “Right now, you are staying with Li Li just for her money. But if she continues to stay with you, she will be penniless. At that time, you will not want to be with her.”

“This escargot is not bad.”

Liu Yi sits there calmly as he samples the french meal as he says, “Where did your chef come from? Can you introduce him to me?”

“Young man. Don’t pretend to be stupid here. You should understand what I am saying! Right now, there are two paths in front of you for you to choose.”

As he speaks he stretches out his hand and fills in a cheque.

“Here is a million which is enough for you to live your life comfortably for this lifetime.”

“What is this meaning of this!”

Zhao Yali is finally angered while Liu Yi comforts here before saying calmly, “Then the other path?”

“The other path is you can continue to be together with Li Li. But, at that time, the two of you will be penniless paupers. I have already frozen all of Li Li’s bank accounts. Right now, you are penniless.”

“You think that you will make us succumb this way?”

Zhao Yali sneers, “Zhao Delai. Do you think that you can control everything given that you are a bit richer?”

“At the very least, I can control your life.”

Zhao Delai’s eyes carry a trace of arrogance, “I can let you become a rich family miss, I can also turn to penniless”

Zhao Yali’s reply is only cold laughter. “Hahaha…this my father.”

“I do feel that this kind of conversation is rather interesting.”

Liu Yi looks at the cheque in front of Zhao Delai.

While Zhao Dalai seems to notice Liu Yi’s gaze. He immediately pushes the cheque in front of Liu Yi.

“How is it? 10 million is a sum that you will never earn in your lifetime.”

“You want to buy back your daughter with 10 million?” Liu Yi smiles, “Indeed you are a businessman. Everything in your eyes has a price.”

“How I view the world will never be up to you to criticize!”

Zhao Delai does not place Liu Yi in his eyes, “Take this money and disappear!”

“10 million?”

Liu Yi took out a black card and place it on the table.

Seeing this black card, Zhao Delai is no longer able to sit still.

“I’ll give you 20 million. In the future, Zhao Yali will no longer have any relation with you. She will no longer be Zhao Family’s miss but my Redstar Conglomerate Vice-president.”

“Red-redstar Conglomerate…”

Zhao Delai wiped off his cold sweat, “Stinky kid. Who are you kidding? Who do you think you are? When is it your turn to determine who to be the Vice-president of Redstar Conglomerate?”

“I can. I am the behind the scene boss of Redstar Conglomerate.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raps that black card, “This black card can prove my identity. The one and only Emperor Card of Redstar Conglomerate’s Redstar Bank. There is no upper bound of overdraft and the one who possesses it is me.”

“What, what are you joking about…”

Zhao Delai’s cold sweat trickles down. Although Zhao Yali is startled, she soon calms down.

She already knew a long time ago that Liu Yi’s identity was not common.

This kind of big character, it is not inappropriate for him to possess such wealth and power.

“Zhao Yali’s talent cannot be showcased. It is indeed a pity to leave it at Zhao Family. Thank you for finally showing your daughter a bright path.”

As he speaks, he stands up and pulls Zhao Yali along. “Today’s dinner was not that pleasant. Let’s go. Let’s have a meal out. Is there any Sichuan cuisine in Hongkong?”

“There is indeed one nearby. Let us go!”

Zhao Yali becomes happy again.

After the two of them had left, Zhao Delai sits in the chair dispiritedly.

He realized…that some things indeed cannot be controlled by him.

Just as Liu Yi and Zhao Yali left Zhao Family’s mansion, a young woman wearing a blue sweater, lands on the roof of the mansion.

“The aura…is getting close…”


Chapter 920  [Zhao Family’s mansion]

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  1. Oh, shit a bigger big shot then me appear! rip old man you where barely worth a chapter in our eyes, let not even talk about seeing you again, what was your name already? what Zhao thing? can barely remember it cause of your daugther ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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