MKW Chapter 919

Chapter 919  [Title below]


“Damn it. On this spring day, I still need to leave the house and work.”

Qian Xiaochuan hugs himself as he holds a flashlight in his hand while patrolling an already uninhabited park.

It is night time and the park is closed. Qian Xiaochuan is only doing his former day job. Patrolling this place to prevent people from coming to the park in the middle of the night and causing damage to the facilities in the park.

Although it is March, the temperature in the north is still rather cold.

Qin Xiaochuan is wearing a blue security guard attire and is indeed a bit lightly dressed.

As he curses, he continues to patrol.

After circling one round, he plans to go back to the security guard room to hide and warm himself.

Tonight, there might also be a ballgame! I prepared my beer to watch to my heart’s delight!

Thinking till here Qian Xiaochuan walks slightly faster.

While at this moment, he suddenly heard thunder in the sky.

“Eh?” Qian Xiaochuan looks at the sky and does not understand. “At this season, how would there be thunder? It is undoubtedly not summer!”

There is seldom lightning in this city during spring. Although there is the proverb, spring thunder surges on, but because the climate is relatively cold, there is seldom thunder in spring.

At this moment, the black clouds in the sky squeeze together as lightning suddenly descends from the sky and strikes a sculpture in a distant place!

“What the fuck!”

Qian Xiaochuan’s eyes nearly pop out, “Are you for real? Doesn’t the park have lightning rods? Why would the lightning strike there?”

The park wouldn’t make me compensate for it, right?!

Qian Xiaochuan is worried that he needs to compensate, thus he runs over hurriedly planning to investigate that unlucky statue that was struck by lightning.

Indeed when he walked closer to take a look, he got an even larger shock!

What the fuck! What is going on! The statue is in fragments!

“Fucking hell! How much will I need to compensate! Would my wages be enough?! How about I run away!”

Qian Xiaochuan is feeling apprehensive as he holds his torchlight while he carefully investigates the pieces of the statue that were scattered all over the ground.

At this moment, the glare of lightning flashes in front of him.


Qian Xiaochuan retreated in fear as he thought that there was still residue electricity.

He shines his flashlight subconsciously at that location and gets an even larger shock.

There seems to be a human figure there. It is wearing silver skin-tight clothing as it crouches there, arcs of blue electricity cover its body.

Qian Xiaochuan sneers, “What the fuck! What is going on? Did you run over here to cosplay in the middle of the night? Stop messing around and hurry home!”

He says in his heart, there are all kinds of people in the world!

But looking at her figure…her figure seems to be pretty good.

I heard that those girls that like cosplaying are rather beautiful. To take a photo with them, some guys have l went to something called an anime fest.

I want to take a good look at this girl!

They need to spend money to see while I can see for free, hahaha!

But recalling that broken statue, Qian Xiaochuan feels heartache. He thinks rapidly before immediately shouting, “Right, you cannot leave! You have broken the statue, you cannot leave without paying for it! Let’s go, go with me to the local police station!”

As he speaks, he prepares to go over and pulls that woman up.

At this moment, the woman actually stood up on her own first. She presses a hand on her ear as she places her other hand on her waist as her gaze collides with Qian Xiaochuan’s gaze.

Qian Xiaochuan borrows the light from his flashlight. Seeing that woman’s appearance, he instantly gasped and became stunned.

This, this woman is too beautiful…

Could it be that she is a famous star in the movies?

The woman says with coldness in her voice, “Which year is it now?”

“Year-year thirteen”

Qian Xiaochuan subconsciously replies as he says in his heart, such a beautiful woman. She is a bit too into the character when she is cosplaying.

The woman asked again, “Year 2013?”

Qian Xiaochuan nods his head, “Yes. It is the year 2013…”

The young woman breaths out, “Looks like I have finally returned.”

“You…don’t pretend to be a monster! The money that you need to compensate cannot be a single cent less!”

As Qian Xiaochuan speaks, he stretches out his hand wishing to grab that young woman. “You cannot run away!”

“This era’s air is not bad.”

The young woman raises her head as she stares at the sky.

At the same time, she stretches out her hand and raises it in the air.

Qian Xiaochuan’s body suddenly flies up on its own while grabbing his own neck with both hands. His face had already turned into an ugly shade of pig liver.

At this moment the young woman twisted her hand and Qian Xiaochuan’s head was twisted off.

The young woman casually waved her hand and Qian Xiaochuan’s body was tossed to the side.

His handphone flies out from his pocket and lands on the palm of the young woman.

“Synchronizing information begins…”

A transparent lens appears in front of the right eye of the young woman suddenly. On the lens, rows of red lights, as well as peculiar numbers, flash by.

These numbers keep changing like it is gathering some data.

“Indeed it is the Year 2013. What an interesting year.”

She looks into the night sky yet again.

“That guy…is he in this era…it is a pity that this era is going to be changed.”

The silver skin-tight clothing that she is wearing suddenly changes. Within moments, it turns into a blue jacket making her look no different from an ordinary girl.

“Let’s see…who is the first target? Hehe, why don’t we go and take a look at that guy.”

She suddenly transforms into a ripple and disappears from the park.


–Hong Kong–

“What! She actually rejected Xiaoyun?”

An old man with some white hair is sitting on a small yacht as he holds a fishing rod in his hand. Upon hearing what the other party over the phone said, he instantly became angered.

“This lass! She is getting more and more disobedient the older she gets! Old Shen relax. I will discipline that lass properly! There is no need for you to worry about the marriage. Nothing will happen! Old Shen, when are you free. Let us play another round of golf. Last time I lost to you by a stroke which made me unresigned! Hahaha…good. Then as we agreed!”

This person is none other than Zhao Yali’s father, Zhao Delai.

The bodyguard by the side takes the handphone before standing by the side like a pillar.

Zhao Delai keeps glaring at a swim bladder as he asks a bodyguard by the side, “Did Li Li say that she is coming back home today?”

“That’s right. Big miss is coming today.”

The bodyguard looks at his watch, “The plane will land at the airport at 5 o’clock.”

“I’ve heard that she is also bringing back a friend?”

The bodyguard replied like a robot sentence by sentence, “That’s right. Big miss’s boyfriend.”

Zhao Delai smiles bitterly, “Indeed when a child has grown up, it becomes hard to teach them. In the past, she was unwilling to return to Hong Kong. Now that she is finally coming back, she actually brought along a boyfriend. Hahaha, not bad. Looks like she wishes to anger this old man to death.”

“If master does not like him, I can make that fellow be unable to enter the door.”

The bodyguard is filled with confidence. “Then I shall be relying on you.”


Zhao Yali hugs Liu Yi’s arm as they walk out from the airport terminal.

Liu Yi does not understand, “You know teleportation, why are you still taking the plane?”

“I keep feeling…like teleportation is slightly unreliable ..”

Zhao Yali sticks out her tongue. That cute appearance attracted the adoration of a lot of guys. At the same time, Liu Yi also attracted a lot of jealousy.

Indeed…obtaining this kind of beauty attracts the hatred of people.

But that old man. Your head is already white and even needing to rely on your son’s support to walk, there is no need to use such a hate-filled gaze to look at me.

Old but vigorous…

Liu Yi is helpless.

Liu Yi asked, “But. Are we really going to meet your father?”

“Of course. Otherwise, I will not be able to deal with him.”

Zhao Yali tugs Liu Yi’s arms before winking at him cheekily, “But you have snatched me from the hands of that perfect ‘fiancee’! You must take responsibility!”

“Fine then…I do not know if it is lucky or unlucky.”

Liu Yi pretends to be very sorrowful making Zhao Yali pinch his arm in anger.

But Liu Yi’s muscles are very firm. After pinching a few times, it is Zhao Yali’s fingers who are hurting instead.

“You are acting innocent after getting an advantage!”

“Well said, well said. Hahaha!”

Liu Yi feels that the atmosphere is a lot better after teasing her a bit.

At this moment, a car stops in front of them.

The chauffeur gets out of the car and bows towards Zhao Yali before pulling open the car door.

Liu Yi got pulled into the car by Zhao Yali. After sitting down, he is really a bit not used to it.

After the car started, Zhao Yali asked, “Is father at home?”

“Oh. When master heard that you were coming back, he had ordered the chef to prepare miss’s favourite France dishes.”

Zhao Yali sneers, “When did I love to eat France dishes? What I love the most is clearly Sichuan.”

The chauffeur does not dare say anything as he continues to concentrate on driving.

Liu Yi looks at Zhao Yali as he thinks in his heart, looks like this father and daughter have some problems between the two of them.

Zhao Yali says, “You feel that it is inconceivable. This is my relationship with my father. He does not know what I like or what I don’t like. Since young, I can even use my fingers to count the number of times I have met him. Hahaha…”

Her smile is bitter.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and holds Zhao Yali’s hand.

“Hehe, there is no need for you to worry about me. I am used to it after so many years.” Although Zhao Yali says this she still grabs hold of Liu Yi’s hand tightly, “Today bringing you to meet my father is only a formality. Even if he does not agree, it is useless. At most I will leave this family. After all, I haven’t liked it for a long time.”

Liu Yi pats Zhao Yali on her hand, “No matter what your father says, I will not become angry.”

Zhao Yali leans against Liu Yi as she closes her eyes in satisfaction, “Mm. Thank you…knowing you…is like I am dreaming.”



Chapter 919  [Which, which year is this]

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