MKW Chapter 918

Chapter 918 [Title below]


Shen Xiaoyun grabs hold of Liu Yi’s arm and says ferociously, “Let go of my fiancee!”

“Fiancee?” Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, “She is your fiancee?”

“I am your fiancee?” Zhao Yali herself also has a shock, “Shen Xiaoyun what drivel are you saying!”

“I am not saying drivel!”

Shen Xiaoyun takes off his fur jacket and loosens his shirt collar. He uses the towel that a server had passed over and wiped his hair before saying, “It is a marriage that our fathers had set up. Even you cannot disobey.”

Zhao Yali snorts, “Who says I cannot disobey? What does their agreement have to do with me!”

“Li Li. This is not your first day being born into this family.” Shen Xiaoyun says, “Even if you leave with this man now, sooner or later you will need to return! Li Li. Don’t blame me. If you want to blame, blame yourself for being born into this family.”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, just as he is about to say something, Zhao Yali stops him and first asks Shen Xiaoyun, “Shen Xiaoyun! What do you mean!”

“Li Li. I can let you be together with another man. Even if we get married in the future, we can each live our own lives.” Shen Xiaoyun smiles, “As long as you agree to a term of mine, I shall turn a blind eye to everything.”

After all, I also do not like this woman. I can take this opportunity and obtain the best of both worlds. I am really smart.

Shen Xiaoyun starts to secretly praise his own intelligence.

Zhao Yali seems to be slightly interested. “What term?”

“Lend me 30 million and let me complete my business discussion for this time. I will keep this 30 million of yours. I will slowly return it to you, in the future.”

30 million to these rich family children is indeed not a large sum.

Asking the sum of money from Zhao Yali is also because of an emergency.

If it is 30 million, then that is not a problem.

Having a fake marriage with Shen Xiaoyun is not bad.

“I’ll go to the restroom and think about it. You all wait for me!”

Zhao Yali does not wish to let Liu Yi keep seeing her female ghost appearance. She waves her hand and takes her handbag before leaving for the restroom. On the way, she badly frightened a number of other customers.

Liu Yi and Shen Xiaoyun sit down again. And that Hong Kong handsome guy no longer cares about his image now.

After moving Zhao Yali’s heart, his heart is a lot more relieved. He actually took the initiative and took a bottle of Royal Salute and poured a cup of wine for Liu Yi.

“Friend. This is the first time we have met each other. Where are you working at?”

Oh, this Shen Xiaoyun is in a rather good mood. To start chatting with me.

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders and says, “No job and am unemployed.”

Shen Xiaoyun frowns lightly as he feels that this voice is a bit familiar.

Where have I heard it before?

But he did not care. Perhaps it is because this voice is too ordinary.

“This way…if you like, I can arrange a position at my office, if you’d like.”

He says in his heart, so this is a gigolo that Zhao Yali raised.

“As for me, in the future, I will be Zhao Yali’s fiancee nominally and will soon become her husband nominally. But no worries. There is no need for you to care about me. The two of us are only entering a record. As for what the two of you want to do, I will not care.”

Liu Yi wishes to smile. This ‘husband’ is rather tolerant of me, this ‘cicisbeo’!

[TL: this is a rather interesting word. Seems to be rather new]

“In the end, you are still a young master. Your bearing is indeed different.” 

Liu Yi raises his wine cup and sways the wine inside.

“Hahaha, originally, you would not have the opportunity to contact me. But since you are Li Li’s person, it is a benefit for both of us to get to know each other.” Shen Xiaoyun did not hear Liu Yi’s sarcasm and continued to say, “There is no need for you to care about who I am. It is useless even if you know. I do not have any other request for you other than a single one and that is not to knock up Li Li. I do not wish to raise your child, understand?”

Liu Yi raises a finger and says calmly, “I feel like you are mistaken on a matter.”

“What is the matter. You want to ask me for money?” Shen Xiaoyun sneers, “Could it be that Li Li did not give you enough money? Let me tell you. Don’t be too greedy.”

“You think too much.”

Liu Yi places down the winecup and says, “The matter I am talking about is Li Li marrying you. In the future, Zhao Yali might get married, but that guy will definitely not be you.”

“Hahaha!” Shen Xiaoyun seems to have heard a joke as he laughs loudly. “What? You wish to stop our marriage? Let me tell you that our two families’ strength is not something that you can block!”

“Shen Family from Hong Kong and the Zhao family from Guangdong. You guys cannot even be considered as one of the front-ranking influential families and your tone is rather big.”

Liu Yi sits here and snaps his fingers, “Waiter.”

By the side, a waiter immediately steps forward and bows to Liu Yi, “Sir, may I know what service you need.”

“Bring out that bottle of Chivas Regal 21 year Royal Salute that is kept in your store’s collection for me.”


Shen Xiaoyun instantly has the urge to laugh. If this kind of Royal Salute is the real deal, a bottle is roughly over ten thousand. Although this price is nothing it rarely appears on the market. Thus a lot of restaurants use it as a display and will not sell it. If they sell it, the price will expensive.

[TL: yes I know. I checked and this bottle is only worth around 200 usd or so]

Shen Xiaoyun mocks, “Looks like you dare to buy anything given that it is not your money.”

“Apologises…this bottle of Royal Salute is classified as a treasure. Our store will allow a look at it and won’t sell it.”

The server also says to Liu Yi with an apologetic look.

Shen Xiaoyun crosses his arms as he sits there waiting to see Liu Yi making a fool of himself.

“There are two bottles of Royal Salute in your store. I am only opening a bottle.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he takes out a red ID card, “Recognize this?”

“Of course!”

Seeing that card, the waiter immediately became emotional as his voice stuttered a bit.

This red card is the 5-star card of Redstar Conglomerate. And there is only one person who holds this card and that is the chairman of Redstar Conglomerate.

The waiter immediately runs out and within moments, the manager of the restaurant walks in respectfully as he holds that bottle of Royal Salute.

“Mr Liu, your wine.”

This restaurant without asking is part of Redstar Conglomerate’s business.

As one of the managers of Redstar Conglomerate, the manager knows his big boss’s temper.

He does not like people calling him chairman or the likes, thus he is called Mr Liu.

As the manager says respectfully, he personally opened this bottle of Royal Salute and poured out a cup of wine for him.

“Mr Liu, are you satisfied with this restaurant of ours?”  Liu Yi tasted the wine while the manager by the side seem to be fawning over him as he asks, “We had specially invited over a famous designer for this plan. We had also invited a fengshui master to read this place.”

“Not bad. I rather like it,” Liu Yi nods his head before looking at Shen Xiaoyun who is slightly stunned, “Do you want a cup? Ah, forget it. Perhaps this kind of wine does not match up to your standards and does not enter your eye. It is best for me, a small character to drink it.”

He drinks the wine in the cup while the manager by the side hurriedly refills his cup full.

Liu Yi waved his hand and let the manager take the wine away, “Take the remaining and arrange it to be sold by the glass.”

“Just…just who are you…”

Shen Xiaoyun is not an idiot. He immediately understood that Liu Yi is not an ordinary person.

How could an ordinary person let Shanghai’s most famous western restaurant’s manager come over to pour wine?

Furthermore, the wine the manager poured is the store’s treasure!

This fellow is only a gigolo? How is that possible!

Not to mention me. Even if it is Zhao Yali…or even Zhao Yali’s father who is here we wouldn’t receive this kind of treatment.

After all, this is a business of Redstar Conglomerate…right now Redstar Conglomerate has jumped forward and become the strongest corporation in China!

How would this large corporation give their Zhao Family face!

This…is not possible…

What is the background of this gigolo?

“I am just a nobody.”

Liu Yi chuckles and says, “Don’t think that a nobody doesn’t have love. Love is not something that you can buy with money. Some more, Zhao Yali is not a tool for you to repay your gambling debt. If you wish to pay back your debt, think of your own method!”

He stands up, no longer wishing to stay with Shen Xiaoyun.

Shen Xiaoyun’s expression changes greatly. How does he know of my gambling debt matter! Is this fellow so powerful that his hands and eyes reach the sky?

At this moment, Zhao Yali coincidentally returned from the restroom.

After washing away the excessive heavy makeup and somewhat supplementing with light makeup, Zhao Yali who had also straighten out her cheongsam as well is the focal point of the crowd!

This kind of beauty makes people unable to help but to wish to take another look!

That natural beauty, curvy figure is the dream lover of a man!

Shen Xiaoyun is also stunned seeing this. That’s right…this is the real Zhao Family’s daughter…

So that ghost-like appearance from earlier..was all to scare me away?

This woman from the Zhao Family…is really…too much!

This guy…could it be that they had colluded beforehand?

Shen Xiaoyun suddenly feels like he had fallen into an enormous trap!

“I had thought through the matter from earlier. Let’s do according to…”

Halfway through Zhao Yali’s sentence, Liu Yi stretches out his hand and stopped her.

“There is no need for you to do anything that you do not like.”

“How can we do that…” Zhao Yali shakes her head, “You do not understand…who asked me to be born in this household…”

Liu Yi points at Shen Xiaoyun and asks Zhao Yali who is by his side, “You don’t wish to be this man’s wife right?”

Zhao Yali nods her head but her expression is awkward, “But…”

“Then just leave with me.”

Liu Yi pulls Zhao Yali and walks out of the restaurant with big steps.

“Ah! Then, then what about my father’s side!”

“If he does not force you to marry, I’ll let him live a hundred years more.”

“Ah? Really?”

“If I lie, I am a dog!”


Chapter 918  [A piece of cake]

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  1. So he is a dog then, as he doesn’t have any abilities that extend lifespan. Ways to do that have been something he has long been looking into.


  2. “If he does not force you to marry, I’ll let him live a hundred years more.”
    i smell weird concoction in the making…
    Liu Yi surely has access to alchemy, but none said able to extend life.. or.. that diluted medicine?!

    thank you for the chapters~
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  3. he probably can’t make someone a cultivator but maybe extending one life is another matter? well who care at this points?

    Thank for the chapter!


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