MKW Chapter 917

Chapter 917 [Title below]


The highway jams for half an hour before clearing up. The taxi soon drove to a relatively high-class western restaurant in Shanghai.

Zhao Yali is expressionless as she gets out of the car.

Today Zhao Yali did not wear her office lady attire. Instead, she wore a white cheongsam which is a good fit for the atmosphere of Shanghai.

Liu Yi must admit that Zhao Yali’s legs are very beautiful.

Her pair of smooth tights wrapped underneath her cheongsam can be said to be a perfect match!

Everywhere she walks to is a focal point. The gaze of the guys is all on her and which of their eyes does not wish to drop on her body.

Liu Yi continues to use the appearance of a dragonfly, following Zhao Yali, and flies behind her into the restaurant.

When Zhao Yali enters the restaurant, an attendant in formal attire and bowtie welcomes her and asks respectfully, “Miss, may I know if you have booked a table?”

There are a lot of people in the restaurant and there is no empty space.

Although this restaurant’s price is rather costly, to the Shanghai people who have a higher standard of living conditions, coming here to have a meal is nothing difficult.


Zhao Yali has already seen Shen Xiaoyun who was sitting on the backside. He is wearing an open fur jacket and carries the flavor of sunshine.

She who had already decided on what she is going to do thinks rapidly.

“This…may I know where the restroom is?”

“It is on the left. Just walk straight and it is there.”

“Thank you.”

Zhao Yali immediately went to the restroom first. The more Liu Yi thinks, the more uncomfortable he gets. Could it be that she wants to touch upon her make-up and the likes?

Liu Yi subconsciously chased after her to the entrance of the female restroom but did not fly in. He does not wish to act as a voyeur!

At this moment a scream suddenly came from the toilet. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!”

Liu Yi got a huge shock and thought that Zhao Yali was in danger and immediately flew in.

After entering did he lets out a sigh of relief. So Zhao Yali is throwing a tantrum at the mirror.

“Damn it! Go and die! Why can’t you touch me! The moment you touch me, wouldn’t I know! AHHHH!!!!”

She is very unhappy, super unhappy!

Liu Yi, that damn fellow! Why is he such a wooden block!

No. He is not a wooden block. It is like he is intentionally avoiding me!

Since young, I have had countless suitors!

Why is it to him, it is like I had turned into a scary demoness? That manner where he feared he could not escape away makes me so fucking mad!

“Could it be that I am going to have a blind date with Shen Xiaoyun?”

Zhao Yali looks at herself in the mirror. “Comrade Zhao Yali, you definitely are unwilling right? Cannot. I cannot give in just like this…even if it is to anger that Liu Yi, I cannot wrong myself like this…sigh, unknowingly I put on makeup, so hateful…”

Zhao Yali looks at herself who is gorgeously dressed and becomes gloomy.

She suddenly thought of something and stretched out her hand and undid her hair which was worn in a bun. After which she messes it.

Those who do not know would have thought that Zhao Yali had just woken up from the bed and did not comb her hair!

After messing her hair, Zhao Yali also messes up her originally carefully worn cheongsam making her look somewhat sloppy.

“Not bad. Not bad…but I feel like I am lacking something…”

Zhao Yali looks at herself in the mirror and suddenly thinks of something. She took out lipstick and smeared it on her lips.

After which she takes out other cosmetics and ‘works’ on her face.

Very quickly, the Ms Perfect had in a blink of an eye turn into a heavily make-up woman.

“Ok! Perfect!”

Zhao Yali seems to be satisfied with her product. She nods her head and looks at the woman in the mirror.

While a woman who had just used finish the toilet walked out. When she washes her hand, she sees Zhao Yali. She got a huge shock as her expression turned strange. She purposefully dodges further away like Zhao Yali has some disease on her.

Zhao Yali did not care about the feelings of that woman. She redos her makeup before carrying her bag and walk out in delight.

When a waiter carrying a tray saw her, he got so frightened that his leg softened and his tray nearly dropped the tray onto the ground.

Zhao Yali stretches out her hand swiftly and catches them in midair before passing it back to the waiter.

“You must be careful!”

She winks at the waiter causing the waiter to nod his head with a pale face.

“Thank, thank you…”

Seeing the reaction of the waiter, Zhao Yali is even more satisfied.

Liu Yi followed her dumbstruck.

Fucking hell. What a fierce woman…she suits my taste a lot!

Zhao Yali had completely given up on her image. She had drawn herself up like a ghost and no longer cared about the gaze of other people before plopping down in front of Shen Xiaoyun.

“Li Li you have arrived.”

Shen Xiaoyun, who was originally looking at his handphone, immediately puts away his handphone and puts on a mesmerizing smile that has fell countless women before looking at Zhao Yali.

The moment he sees her, Shen Xiaoyao nearly falls off the stool from fright.

Fucking hell…this, this is the Ms Perfect Zhao Yali in the photo?

The female director of SC company? This is how she looks?

What the fuck…is, is there a mistake somewhere?!

Shen Xiaoyun holds the table as he asks carefully, “Are… are you Zhao Yali?”

“That’s right. Replacement guaranteed if not genuine!” Zhao Yali nods her head, “I am sorry. There was a jam on the way here thus I came late…aiyah! This is a lobster right! I’m starving to death. Quickly give me a few bites!”

She stretches out her hands and grabs the lobster on the plate and starts gnawing on it ferociously. 

Shen Xiaoyun blinks his eyes as cold sweat covered his forehead.

He feels…like something has gone wrong!

It, it shouldn’t be like this!

Just where did this blind date go wrong?!

“Ah…very delicious. Eatwell!”

Zhao Yali uses her arm to wipe her oily mouth before passing a lobster leg in her hand to Shen Xiaoyun who is stunned opposite her.

“I, I am not hungry. Thank you…”

Shen Xiaoyun waved his hand rapidly with an awkward expression on his face.

“Since you are not eating then I shall eat all of it! I shall not be polite with you!”

Zhao Yali continues to eat heartily.

At the same time, she is secretly delighted in her heart, hmph, now you should be frightened away by this old…ah no, it should be by this miss!

But she did not expect that Shen Xiaoyun actually smiled before taking a napkin and said warmly, “Eat slowly. If you eat too quickly you will hurt your stomach. Come, wipe your mouth.”

Zhao Yali who is eating the lobster halfway instantly drops it on the plate.


Don’t tell me that this Shen Xiaoyun has a heavy taste?

I have already acted like this and he is still interested in me?

Could it be that I had adapted to his taste? What the hell, there is no need to be so unlucky!

Zhao Yali has the urge to cry.

While Liu Yi actually feels that something is wrong. He lands on the sofa that Zhao Yali is leaning against as a dragonfly and looks at Shen Xiaoyun.

Scenes immediately appear in Liu Yi’s mind.

Shen Xiaoyun and Zhao Yali live together happily while Zhao Yali uses her own money to help Shen Xiaoyun complete his business.

This does not seem to be Shen Xiaoyun’s memories but his dream!

So he only wishes to be together with Zhao Yali because of this. He can forget about it!

Liu Yi snorts and prepares to expose Shen Xiaoyun’s mask.

At this moment, a server walks over carrying two cups of red wine.

Although Liu Yi is in the appearance of a dragonfly, he can use his qi.

Just as the server walks over, Shen Xiaoyun suddenly stretches out both his hands and picks up two cups of red wine and pours them over his own head.

Zhao Yali blinks not knowing why Shen Xiaoyun suddenly went mad.

The server also got a shock. He says in his heart, this is the first time I have seen such a ‘thirsty’ customer!


Shen Xiaoyun also screamed. His fur jacket is completely soaked.

The originally handsome guy is looking like a drenched chicken, looking very pitiful.

Zhao Yali asked out of concern, “Are you okay?”

Shen Xiaoyun turned red with anger, I have disgraced myself in front of Zhao Yali!

Zhao Yali asked again, “Are you fine?”

“I, I am fine…”

Shen Xiaoyun can only use his willpower to keep smiling and force himself to say, “My hand accidentally slipped, hahaha…”

Zhao Yali rolls her eyes in secret, a hand slip caused you to pour it over your head?

Could it be that Shen Xiaoyun has a mental problem?

“That…looks like we will not be able to have this meal ..”

Being soaked with red wine, Shen Xiaoyun is very uncomfortable right now.

“I shall go with you to change.”

Right now, Zhao Yali is doing it out of goodwill. After all, this person is the son of her father’s good friend. It is not like she can disregard him now that he has turned into a drenched chicken.

Shen Xiaoyun’s eyes brighten up, accompany me to change my clothing? Good!

Zhao Yali stood up and picked up her handbag preparing to walk out.

Shen Xiaoyun became excited, my opportunity has come! Everything else is now up to me!

I, Shen Xiaoyun am so handsome, and with my good family condition, how can I not take down this Zhao Yali!

Just as he had these thoughts, a guy wearing a black overcoat walks out from the side suddenly. This guy has a delicate appearance with regular features.

He did not say anything and only grabbed hold of Zhao Yali’s hand and started walking away.

Being pulled away by other people, Zhao Yali got a shock, “Hey, hey?”

But when she turned around and saw that it was Liu Yi, her eyes became filled with surprise and delight.

“It, it is you!”

Zhao Yali subconsciously holds Liu Yi’s hand tightly like she is afraid that he would suddenly let go of her hand.

“Leave with me.”

Liu Yi pulled Zhao Yali and did not explain anything as he walked outside.


Zhao Yali did not reject him as she smiled brightly.

She obediently follows behind Liu Yi and walks out of the restaurant.

“Li Li! Don’t leave! Who are you, why are you bringing Li Li away!”

Seeing that someone is taking away his moneybag, he became angered!

Fucking hell! It has been too unfavorable in Shanghai, making me have a bellyful of anger! And now someone has come, allow me to vent it out on him!


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  1. huh, i dont know what to say but that i had a smile all along and feel that thing got fast pretty fast? well a funny chapter!

    Thank for the chapter!


  2. Ok wtf, he just finds out little lass has lost her memory after being revived, yet he goes straight to messing around and getting another woman. No worrying or any time spent on ways to help her, just instantly forgets.


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