MKW Chapter 916

Chapter 916 [Title below]


The silver armored guy is alarmed as he grasps the spear in his hand to increase his sense of security before asking, “Why do you want to block me?”

Ai Ling asked, “You are going to kill Liu Yi?”

“That’s right! He is the enemy of the four seas! I must kill him!”

Ai Ling shrugs her shoulders, “It is a pity. I do not care if he is the enemy of the four seas or five seas. But he can only die in my hands.”

With that, she snapped her fingers. A scarlet lightning bolt immediately descended from the sky and struck that silver armored guy!

That silver armored guy does not have any opportunity to even resist and was struck into a corpse. His corpse is still covered in the armor as it collapses onto the ground. Following this, it was broken into several pieces by the weight of the armor.

“Where is he at?”

Ai Ling turns around and looks at the brightly lit up city, “I do want to see what kind of person you are!”

She transforms into a stream of red clouds and flies far away.

While Liu Yi who is meditating opens his eyes because he suddenly feels his heart palpitate for no reason.

Lin Tong who is inside Liu Yi’s body immediately senses his demeanor and immediately comes out and asks, {What is the matter?}

{It seems like…there is a similar aura getting close to me…} 

As Liu Yi speaks, he stands up unhurriedly before clenching his fist.

{I don’t know who it is…but it is very familiar…and very powerful as well…}

{Be careful!}

Lin Tong reminds Liu Yi in worry. Being in the same body as Liu Yi, she also seems to sense that pressure.

At this moment, a loud sound suddenly came from the sky.

The ceiling of the room instantly sinks down while Liu Yi was also instantly obliterated by red lightning.

Ai Ling stands in the air on top of the fire clouds as she looks at the old house that had turned into ruins underneath her and says faintly, “If you die like this. Then you are not worth letting me feel interested.”

At this moment the black smoke was slowly blown away by the wind. Revealing a black figure standing there.

He is squatting on the ground, covered in black armor and the armor is still emitting black smoke.

But the person inside the armor is fine. He had his head lowered as he says, “Although both God race god punishment lighting and my trial lighting are both scarlet lightning, their attributes are completely different. Trial lightning is stronger and conquers all obstacles. While god punishment lightning snaps the lifeforce of things. Xue Luo, could it be that you are still alive?”

Liu Yi raises his head and looks at the woman who appeared in the sky.

The moment Liu Yi sees her, he trembles as his eyes turn red.

“Little Lass…you, you are still alive…”

When Ai Ling saw Liu Yi’s appearance and hear his voice, her heart starts to hurt.

She covers her heart, “My heart…seems to be very painful…what technique did you use on me!”

“Little Lass! Did you come back to look for me? Lord really missed you…”

As Liu  Yi speaks, he opens his arms wanting to hug Ai Ling.

But Ai Ling suddenly waves his hand as god lightning descends from the sky and strikes at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he retreats.

This lightning struck the ground in front of him and all of the originally growing grass immediately turned into withered grass.

“Little Lass what are you doing? Do you not recognize me anymore?”

Liu Yi can see that Ai Ling is using killing moves!

Impossible…Little Lass would not use killing moves on me…could it be that she is not Ai Ling?

Can’t be…the fragrance on her body did not change! She is Ai Ling! My Little Lass!

Liu Yi glares at the familiar woman in the sky.

“Little Lass? Who is your Little Lass!”

Ai Ling clenches her teeth as she holds her heart. Similarly, she glares at Liu Yi, “To affect me so greatly! No wonder he wants me to kill you! I cannot let you remain! Die!”

Ai Ling calls down another two god lightning which strikes Liu Yi consecutively.

How powerful Ai Ling is?

Before the god punishment, she possessed the strength of a realm crosser!

Although she had lost some of her cultivation from her revival, she is still more or less similar to Realm Crossers!

Her two god lightning descends. Even if Liu Yi is wearing Monarch Armour, he is still affected and was forced down onto the ground by the lightning.

Without any resistance, Liu Yi fainted from the lightning.


Ai Ling stretched out her hand and black clouds instantly started gathering in the sky as red god lightning started stirring.

As long as this trial lightning descends, that guy’s body will be annihilated and disappear from this world!

This way there will no longer be anyone who can threaten my life.

But…he has fainted, there shouldn’t be any technique in effect…but my heart, why is it still so painful…

Furthermore, it is like it is becoming more and more painful!

Just what is going on…could it be that this person had planted some poison in my body?

Ai Ling did not sense that there is other power affecting her body, but her heart is very painful, super painful and the pain is making her panic.

“Damn it! Let me kill you then it will no longer hurt!” 

Ai Ling moves that god lightning to strike at Liu Yi.

At the instant where that god lightning is about to strike Liu Yi, Ai Ling suddenly trembles as her hand subconsciously trembles causing the lightning to land on an ancient tree by the side.

The originally vigorous in vitality verdant old tree instantly starts to wither. Finally, it turned into dust.

Liu Yi is still lying there, not moving.

While Ai Ling opens her mouth and vomits out red blood which stains the ground.

She cant understand why she is unable to kill this man!

Just what evil technique did he cast on me!

Ai Ling remains perplexed despite much thought. She thinks hard but is still unable to think of an answer.

I wish to kill this guy but my body will not listen to my control, making me unable to take action. Instead, my heart is becoming more and more painful!

This causes Ai Ling to feel like she is going crazy.

Looks like I cant kill him today. This guy is indeed strange.

Ai Ling really has no methods and can only swing her hand, “I will find a method! The next time we meet, I will kill you!”

Her body transforms into a red light and instantly disappears from the old house.

{Big idiot! Big idiot! Quickly wake up! Quickly wake up!}

After a long time, there seems to be someone calling him faintly by his side.

Liu Yi slowly opened his eyes and realized that Lin Tong had transformed into a little fox lying in front of him. She is using her tail to lightly sweep his cheek.

Liu Yi shakes his head and asks, “How long have I been out?”

A slightly familiar voice speaks up beside Liu Yi, “Not long. Only 6 hours.”

Liu Yi immediately leaps to his feet as he looks at the person in front of him in vigilance.

The person in front is none other than that Cheng Wenhang.

He is still in that tattered robes as he hugs his horsetail whisk as he sits in front of him.

“Why is it you?”

“Why can it not be this poor Taoist?”

Chen Wenhang brushes his beard and puts on a mysterious appearance.

“This poor Taoist calculated that your fate had a calamity, thus I came to took a look.”

“Now that you have seen it, you can leave.”

“Why are you so anxious? Could it be that you do not wish to know how to resolve that memory lost technique cast on that woman?”

“Memory loss?” 

When Liu Yi heard this, he instantly got a shock, “You are saying that Little Lass… lost her memories?”

“Heaven secrets cannot be revealed.”

Chen Wenhang did not continue talking.

“Get lost!”

Liu Yi is about to go mad with anger, “You have said such so much and now you are going to say that heaven secrets cannot be revealed.”

Cheng Wenhang waves his horsetail whisk and says slowly, “Some can be said while others cannot. But if the two of you wish to revive your future karma, it is not impossible.”

“You can say this?”

Liu Yi’s gaze turned urgent. He unwittingly got led by him.

“Naturally. I can reveal a bit to you.”

He says, “Very soon, your God Massacre Hall, as well as the entire cultivation world, shall be embroiled in a horrifying catastrophe! If you cross it, the two of you will repair your marriage predestined by fate. If you are unable to survive it…hahaha, everyone shall be finished.”


Liu Yi thinks in his heart, what kind of matter could it be? Could it be Qin Imperial Palace?

“That catastrophe is coming from the sky?”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and points at the sky.

Cheng Wenhang shakes his head again. Clearly what Liu Yi thought was wrong.

“Where did it come from?”

“Not from the sky nor is it from the ground.”

Cheng Wenhang waves his horsetail whisk, “As for where it will happen, naturally you will know in the future. Immeasurable Tianzun. Little friend, you’re on your own.”

He transforms into petals and lands all over the place but his figure is already gone!

“Damn it! That old taoist is unreliable!”

Liu Yi frowns. Cheng Wenhang said a bunch of nonsense making Liu Yi start to have a headache.

He plops down on his ass and starts straightening out his thoughts.

But at this moment, Little Jade’s reminder came, {Master. Zhao Yali left the hotel.}

Liu Yi’s attention was immediately dispersed and hurriedly asked, “Oh? Where did she go?”

{She has boarded a taxi. Do you want to track that car?} asked Little Jade.

“Do it!”

Liu Yi nods his head straightforwardly. After all, if I ignore this matter, my heart will always be in suspense, unable to put it down. I might as well settle it once and for all.

He let Little Jade track that taxi before using Imperial Sword Control and flew high up into the sky.

After 6 hours had passed, the sky had already brightened up.

Liu Yi flies rather high up in the sky so as to avoid being exposed to the line of sight of everyone.

His figure is as fast as lightning and swift caught up to that taxi which is on the highway.

Hey, this is the first time realizing that traffic jams are so rejoiceful.

Although Liu Yi is high up in the sky, he can see Zhao Yali who is in the taxi with his hawk-like sight.

Oh? Didn’t this girl not like blind dates? Why would she dress up?

Liu Yi must admit that when this Ms Perfect dresses up…she is very alluring.

Natural beauty. These two words can hardly be used to describe her.

Liu Yi does not care and transforms into a dragonfly and lands on the reverse mirror of the taxi.


Chapter 916   [Pursue]

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  1. Liu Yi the stalker, he have all the ability to stalk people, really what a guy. So demon queen girl name is Zhang Yunyun, i had forgot, but good to see that she mentionned i want to see her again, i quite like her, but it still good to see that Little Lass body remember him, the mind can forgot but not the body they say!

    Thank for the chapter!


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