MKW Chapter 915

Chapter 915 [Title below]


“Like I said. If you cannot afford to lose, then don’t play.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he sits there and says, “You, penniless person who wishes to have a hard head, this young master has seen too many of your kind!”

Shen Xiaoyun roars in anger, “It is you who is cheating! How is that related to me! My money did not come from nowhere!”

“I said before. You must have evidence for what you say.”

Liu Yi opened his arms, “I am here. You say that I am cheating then take out your evidence. If you are unable to take it out, be careful or I may sue you for slander!”

Shen Xiaoyun says fiercely, “I will expose you!”

“Okay then. How do you wish to expose me? I’ll cooperate with you.”

“I shall gamble with you!”

Shen Xiaoyun touches the tiles on the table, “I want a specialist to examine the tiles. After which I shall wash the tiles! If you are able to pull out another Big Four Winds, I shall admit that you are not cheating!”

“Oh? This suggestion is rather interesting.” Liu Yi nods his head, “Then let’s do it like that. But, do you still have money to gamble with me?”

Shen Xiaoyun clenched his teeth and forced himself to say, “Ten million. I’ll gamble ten million!”

Looks like he wishes to borrow this opportunity to recuperate his losses.

“Sure. This is a very interesting gambling method.”

Liu Yi smiles merrily at the Japanese women and Indian man by the side, “Are the two of you going to play as well?”

The Indian guy immediately shouts, “No, no, no! I have no more money!”

The Japanese woman also shakes her head and sits down quietly by the side.

She has been in the mahjong scene for many years and can see with a single glance that this Chinese guy is a real expert.

But Shen Xiaoyun does not believe in this thing. He finds the manager of the casino and asks him to change it into a new set of mahjong tiles before inspecting all of them.

“Be prepared to be exposed!”

He sneers before washing the tiles on his own and starts setting up the tiles.

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he sits there allowing Shen Xiaoyun to complete everything.

Shen Xiaoyun sets up the tiles in delight before saying to Liu Yi, “Here!”

Although he does not remember where all of the tiles are, he still remembers a few of the wind tiles location.

These wind tiles were washed into different walls by him. No matter which number of points he threw out, he will never draw all of the needed wind tiles!

Shen Xiaoyun looks at Liu Yi as he smiles non stop, “At that time, don’t lose until you cry!”

Liu Yi smiles and says, “The one who will cry might be someone else,” as he tosses the disc at the same time.

Based on the points on the disc, he starts to grab the tiles and all of the tiles are raw in front of Shen Xiaoyun.

Shen Xiaoyun is very delighted. In front of me are 2 wind tiles. A South and a West.

This time around, that fellow will definitely lose!

I will also stare at him with all of my attention. If he cheats, I will see it!

Liu Yi grabs a hand and stacks it in front of him. He did not even look at it and smiled at Shen Xiaoyun.

“Go ahead and flip it over!” This time around, it is time for Shen Xiaoyun to sneer, “If it is a Big Four Wind, I will give you 10 million before leaving this casino!”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Okay. As you wish.”

His finger slides along the top of all of the tiles before he slaps the table.

The rest of the tiles did not move while the hand in front of him flips around and reveals themselves in front of everyone’s sight.

The originally delighted Shen Xiaoyun instantly widened his eyes.

Of the 13 tiles revealed in front of everyone, 12 of the tiles are the wind tiles.

The surrounding people exclaim as their gaze towards Liu Yi changes like they are looking at a monster.

This method can let a person have no difficulty in eating or drinking for a lifetime!

“How is that possible!”

Shen Xiaoyun immediately jumps up to his feet before flipping over the rest of the tiles.

Those other wind tiles that he remembered placing in other locations had disappeared and appeared in front of Liu Yi.

“Impossible. This is impossible! Where did all of the tiles that I saw go!”

He starts searching among the rest of the tiles like he had gone mad.

“Since you have betted, you must accept your loss.”

Liu Yi stretched out his hand and took away Shen Xiaoyun’s final 10 million worth of chips.

Shen Xiaoyun is really going mad!

That 30 million is the money he had brought over to Shanghai to do business!  He planned to play big in the casino and earn something before leaving. But unexpectedly, in a blink of an eye, this 30 million had all gone to other people’s hands!

30 million! Even if it was burned, it would not be gone so quick!

“Mr Shen, please calm down…”

The staff members in the casino hurriedly came over and pacified Shen Xiaoyun while Shen Xiaoyun is acting like he had lost his mind.

“All of you scram! Calm down, how can I calm down! This guy is cheating! Don’t tell me that none of you saw it!”

“Mr Shen, please calm down. We have already gone through the tape. Sir did not cheat at all.”

“How is it possible! How would I not know where I placed the tiles!”

Shen Xiaoyun is unresigned and unable to accept it. As he speaks, he charges forward and grabs hold of Liu Yi’s collar.

Shen Xiaoyun roars in front of Liu Yi, “Speak! How did you cheat!”

Liu Yi did not become angry no matter how impudent Shen Xiaoyun is.

Indeed two bodyguards charge up and restrain Shen Xiaoyun and subdue him.

“It has been hard on you guys.”

Liu Yi took out a few 100k chips and passed them to the staff member, “You are dedicated to your work. Here. Here is a small token. Take them and spend it.”

“Thank you, sir!”

“Sir! Do you need a private bodyguard?”

Liu Yi’s extravagant spending made none of the workers present unwilling to hug his tights.

Looking again at that earlier confident Shen Xiaoyun. Right now he is like a clown.

Liu Yi is also not heartache about this money. After all, this is other people’s money.

“Today I enjoyed myself playing. Thank you for your money.”

Liu Yi stood up and passed the 10% cut to the casino staff members. After this, he ignores Shen Xiaoyun’s shouting as he turns around and leaves the casino.

The two bunny girls follow behind him, reluctant to part. They also use all kinds of methods to try and obtain Liu Yi’s phone number.

Of course, Liu Yi would not give them his phone number. He took the elevator and left the casino.

Delightful. Too delightful!

Unexpectedly when he casually came to win, he had won 30 million.

“I am a responsible master.”

Liu Yi cannot help but boast, “Where can anyone find such a good master like me!”

Lin Tong finally cannot take it and jumps out and roasts, {You can drop it! You still say that you do not care about Zhao Yali. You did such an excessive thing because of her.}

Liu Yi hurriedly explained, {That…I am only wanted to earn a bit of money, that’s all…}

{You can lie to other people but you are unable to lie to your heart.}

Lin Tong uses her tail to swipe Liu Yi’s nose, {In the past, you would never have done such things. It is clearly your jealousy causing mischief.}


Hearing what Lin Tong says, Liu Yi also feels that this time around, he was indeed unusual.

{Is there a need for me to say. Think about it carefully.}

Lin Tong sneers, {If you do not wish to let Zhao Yali date other people. Just tell her. There is no need to do all of this nonsense.}

{How can I do that…between me and Zhao Yali is only a master and disciple relationship. I am not her boyfriend. How can I thwart these matters of hers.}

Especially when he recalls Zhao Yali’s lonely expression when she left, Liu Yi starts to have some hesitation.

If he gets involved, then the feelings for each other in the future might be unable to be unraveled.

To prevent this kind of situation from happening, Liu Yi still chooses to escape.

{Then you better not regret it. This lady can’t be bothered to say anymore.}

Lin Tong gives Liu Yi a look of disdain before transforming into a stream of red light and disappearing into his body.

Am doing right or wrong?

Liu Yi also does not know and he also does not wish to consider these matters.

The sky is already brightening up. Liu Yi walks into an empty room in the house and sits down.

He uses Moon Dream Sutra to lock the door to the room tightly before starting to continue cultivating his Moon Dream Sutra.

Nine Yang God Qi as well as Moon Dream Sutra is like yin and yang. As Yin and Yang mix, it grows and multiplies without end.

But Moon Dream Sutra is still weaker than Nine Yang God Qi. Furthermore, it is only a sutra and is unable to form into strength, unable to become a genuine Yin and Yang circle.

Perhaps what my cheap master Han Yuxin says is right. If I absorb Nine Yin Demon Qi, the strength in my body will achieve a real cycle!

Oneself becomes a cosmos!

That is the real great realm! But if I wish to obtain Nine Yin Demon Qi, there are only two choices.

Either I have sex with Zhang Yunyun or I kill myself.

But either one….seems to be very difficult.

The path forward is heavily layered with obstructions …

Sometimes Liu Yi does not know how he should continue.

Liu Yi can only sit in the house as he continues to consolidate his Moon Dream Sutra.

Moonlight revolves around the sun like a devoted guardian.


At the Shanghai shore that had just calmed down, an enormous whirlpool suddenly bubbles up.

A white dragon whistles out from the whirlpool borrowing the curtain of night. After which he transforms into a handsome guy wearing silver armor and lands on the shore.

The guy is holding a silver spear in his hand. Seawater flows down his armor and soaks the ground.

“Liu Yi. For daring to throw my four seas into disorder, I must take your severed head!”

As he speaks, he waves his spear causing the water droplets on his body to be swung away.

He really stands up before inhaling with his nose.

“Liu Yi, no matter how good you are at hiding, you will never be able to hide that dragon aura of yours!” As he speaks, he stares in a direction, “I have already found you! Just wait for me to harvest your head!”

He stepped on a cloud preparing to fly over.

At this moment his expression suddenly changes as he retreats.

A red lightning suddenly descends from the sky and strikes in front of him.

The ground is completely fine but all of the surrounding flowers and grass have all withered.

“God race god punishment?”

The silver armored guy got a huge shock as his expression changed. He raises his head and looks at absolute beauty that appears in front of him after the lightning.

That woman is wearing a black and red qipao. She stands on top of two fire clouds looking at him.

“Who are you? Why is there still a member of the God Race? Weren’t they exterminated?”

“You ask me, but who can I ask ?”

This woman is none other than Ai Ling.

She stands there without any expression on her face.


Chapter 915   [Liu Yi’s tiny confusion]

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  1. This is what she calls him out on, out of all the antics he does? I half hoped she was ether unable to or to focused to notice what he was doing while hiding in him. As it would explain why she isnt always calling him out. But this means she does notice it all and says nothing. On one hand nice to see her on other wish it was not like that.


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