MKW Chapter 914

Chapter 914 [Title below]


So that gongzi Shen Xiaoyun, who returned from overseas studying, first came to this casino underneath this old house?

All domestic casinos in China are illegal. Other than Macau, a special administrative region.

But Macau’s casinos have a lot of rules, thus a lot of people do not wish to go there and play.

For this kind of private casino or that casino ship that drives into the international waters that Ms Perfect took, those are much more welcome by people.

This Shen Xiaoyun is rather interesting.

Liu Yi is wearing a black windbreak. Because it was created by Little Jade, it is clearly not an ordinary product with a glance.

When he walked down, he had already transformed into a pure looking young guy to hide his original appearance and he did not attract the suspicions of other people.

Especially since Liu Yi had received the training from Dragon Group, he had a huge breakthrough in his acting skills.

At this moment, he is acting like an upper-class gongzi. As he walks forward, he stretches his hand and picks up a glass of champagne from a server’s tray by the side.

This casino is rather convenient. There are bunny waitresses all over the place which can help the customer exchange their chips.

Liu Yi pushes a black card between a bunny girl’s breasts before saying with a smile, “Exchange 110k worth of chips. Give me 100k and the remaining 10 is your tip.”

“Thank you sir! Wait a moment for me!”

The bunny girl gives Liu Yi a flying kiss before twisting her hips as she walks away to exchange for his chips.

The casino’s bunny girls are all long-legged beauties. Their figures are also very good. No one would disbelieve if they claimed to be models.

After all, this place is a high-class place and those that came here to play are all rich people.

Rich people are not picky. How would any ordinary woman be able to enter their eyes?

Furthermore, how is it possible for an ordinary woman to earn a tip in this kind of place?

These bunny girls are also working hard, each of them revealing their charms and graceful bearings.

If they can hook up with a wealthy husband, their life will be settled.

The bunny girl who went to change his chips for him actually treats Liu Yi as a rich guy.

After she changes the chips, she nooks her arm around Liu Yi’s and sticks her chest against Liu Yi’s body before saying sweetly, “Sir do you want me to guide you.”

“Of course.”

Liu Yi is not polite as he hooks his hand around the bunny girl’s boneless waist.

Those who do not know might think that they are real lovers.

“Sir what do you like to play? Here we have the old-fashioned pai gow, dice. In our VIP hall, there is also mahjong as well. For the latest type, we have blackjack, golden flowers, five-card studs…”

“There is no hurry in matters like earning money.” Liu Yi passes the wine cup in his hand to the bunny girl to drink before laughing into her ears, “Without seeing suitable prey, this young master will not give up.”

“Oh? Sir wishes to play with a conspicuous spender?”

The bunny girl raises her eyebrow before giggling sweetly.

“Hehe, today’s VIP Hall has a rich young master playing mahjong.”

“Is that so?” Liu Yi’s heart moves, “Then why is sweetie not bringing this young master to take a look?”

As he speaks, he lightly pats the bunny girl on her butt.

The bunny girl pretends to be shy as she says, “Aiyah…sir is so bad…”

Liu Yi says in his heart, you don’t even have the smell of a virgin, what are still acting shy for!

“Sir, follow me!”

The bunny girl pulls Liu Yi’s hand as she leads him twisting and turning around the hall and finally arrives at the VIP hall.

There are already four people sitting in the VIP hall. Liu Yi takes a look and realizes that all of them are of different nationalities.

The most obvious one is that handsome guy that was on the magazine cover. He is unhappily drawing a tile while a bunny girl who is standing by the side is cautiously attending to him.

Looks like this handsome guy who returned from studying overseas has been losing money continuously.

While the other three people seem to be an Indian, a Russian as well as a Japanese woman.

As the four of them play mahjong, the Japanese woman seems to have earned quite a bit while the Russian guy had lost the most and is covered in sweat.

Liu Yi walks over and gently pats that Russian guy, “Friend. Why don’t you take a rest and let me play a few hands.”

The Russian guy is massive and it appears that his temper is not that good.

He had lost a lot of money and now is being disturbed by Liu Yi, he was about to erupt in anger.

He turns around and looks at Liu Yi’s eyes.

The moment he looks at Liu Yi’s eyes, the Russian guy immediately feels his heart become weak as a whiff of fear arises involuntarily. Like he is not looking at a person but a devil!

His cold sweat instantly drips down like he is bathing and immediately stands up and says with fear and trepidation, “Have…have a seat…”

He does not know why he feels frightened…but he is unable to suppress this dread.

The Russian guy walks away dejectedly while Liu Yi replaces him on the table.

Shen Xiaoyun did not care about him and remained gloomy.

As for the Japanese girl, she nods her head at Liu Yi while the Indian guy only laughs and says, “You are also playing? Friend. Over here, every round is a hundred thousand RMB. That bit of money of yours is only enough to lose a hand.”

“How do you know that I will lose?”

Liu Yi laughs, “Perhaps, this hundred thousand of mine will turn into a million or ten million.”

The Indian guy laughs, “Do you think that you are the god of gambling?”

“Whether or not, we will know when we start playing.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he starts washing the tiles.

Liu Yi who possesses the super AI Little Jade is invincible.

Little Jade had recorded down all of the tiles in the wall.

Although all of the tiles are turned over, Liu Yi clearly knows what every tile is.

At the same time, he uses Moon Dream Sutra to control these tiles easily.

He very easily created a good hand in front of him before controlling the disc that the Japanese woman had thrown.

After doing all of these, Liu Yi finally draws all of the tiles that he wants to have.

Even if the tiles are not something that he wants, he can secretly use Moon Dream Sutra to exchange it into the tile that he needs.

The Japanese woman is the preceding player before Liu Yi. After she had drawn a tile, taking a look, she threw it out as she did not need it.

Liu Yi stretched his hand out and drew a tile. Without even looking at it, he slapped it on the table.

“Self drew, Big Four Winds”

The Indian glares as he says, “What are you joking about? You did not even look at your tile and call Big Four Winds?”

“Big brother we haven’t even started playing.”

Shen Xiaoyun is also unhappy, “Don’ t you know how to play?”

The Japanese woman did not say anything. She only raises her eyebrow and looks at Liu Yi.

The bunny girl behind Liu Yi is also a bit nervous. What is the matter with this sir of mine? Could it be that he is so rich that he wants to lose money?

Liu Yi did not say anything. He only smiles as he grabs his tiles with both hands.

The tiles are like a long wooden stick in his hands, roving around before slamming down on the table facing up.

North, South, East, West, three of each winds a total of four wind pong instantly slaughtered everyone.

The Indian guy starts sweating. This loss is not light…

They are playing 100k per faan. And this hand of Liu Yi’s is 88 faan!

8.8 million ah…even if they are super-rich, they would feel heartache for a moment!

The Japanese woman stretched out her hand to check Liu Yi’s tile. The more she inspects, the more she cries out in surprise.

Shen Xiaoyun had lost 8.8 million at one go causing this expression to change greatly.

Liu Yi smiles merrily and says, “Looks like I earned quite a bit this round.”

The bunny girl behind him is also startled. She covers her mouth when she sees this. Staying in this place for so long, this is the first time she had seen the Big Four Wind!

“This is your tip, take it.”

Liu Yi stuffed a 1 million chip between the girl’s breasts causing the bunny girl to smile brightly.

This guy is so magnanimous!

The rest of the bunny girls’ eyes are green as they stare at her. Most likely they are mad with jealousy!

Liu Yi had won 26.4 million in one go. After giving the girl a million, he still has 25.4 million left.

This way of earning money is even faster than any other method. No wonder everyone comes to the casino to gamble.

But after winning this money, finally, they still have to give the casino 10% of their winning as this is part of the rules.

But Liu Yi does not mind. He came here not to win money but to observe Shen Xiaoyun’s character.

“I do not believe it! One more!”

Shen Xiaoyun hardened his heart and wanted to win back the money that he had lost!

While Liu Yi smiles as what he wants is precisely this.

This time around, he is the dealer thus everything became even simpler.

Draw the first tile and it is yet another Big Four Wind.

All of the people in the VIP room are about to go mad.

Is this guy cheating?!

The first Big Four Wind can be considered as lucky but what is going one with two hands in a row?

Shen Xiaoyun slapped the table and stood up roaring, “You are cheating!”

“Young man.”

Liu Yi sits there and leans back on the chair.

The bunny girl tenderly helps him massage his shoulder behind him. Perhaps she is still waiting for Liu Yi to continue to give her tips.

“You must have evidence of what you say. If you cannot bear to lose, you can leave.”

“You are definitely cheating!”

Shen Xiaoyun sticks to his statement, “Want to cheat away my money, impossible!”

“I already said. If you cannot afford to lose you can leave. Don’t nag endlessly!”

Liu Yi snorts before beckoning over the bunny girl by Shen Xiaoyun’s side, “Come, here is a million. Massage my leg for me.”

Today he is going to be a lecherous rich young master. After all, he has already seen before the style of a rich young master, thus acting it does not give off a strange feeling!

That bunny girl looked at Shen Xiaoyun by her side awkwardly and Shen Xiaoyun hurriedly grabbed hold of her.

But this girl considers for a moment before obediently walking over to Liu Yi’s side. She then lowered her body and massaged his leg.

As she massages his leg, that bunny girl pretends to carelessly rub her breasts against Liu Yi’s leg as she asks, “Sir is it comfortable?”

“Comfortable, comfortable. Here, here. All of these are yours.”

Liu Yi stuffed a million and another 100 thousand between that rabbit girl’s breasts.

That girl immediately rubs even harder The bunny girl behind him is unwilling as she kneads and rubs him. This causes the people by the side to envy.

Liu Yi is delighted in his heart. Fucking hell, the feeling of being a rich young master is not bad!

Shen Xiaoyun in front of him is about to explode. That refined smile that appeared on his face disappeared and on the contrary, turned sinister!


Chapter 914   [I am here to expose you one]

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  1. XD as usual, he is a bad guy.
    and our hero Lei Feng will set things straight.

    though its to bait Shen, i dont think winning too much is for the best. better off make his draw bad or something occassionally. at least the suspense make sense. maybe.. the author just wanted to make things escalate so quickly..

    thank you for the chapters~
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  2. Hell, how to be rich lecherous, that want to enrage other rich in 5 minute. But, winning like that are you serious? anyone will feel doubt about that, after all odds are clearly agaisn’t that, 1 time okay, but 2 times in a row, I also call bullshit. Well fiction fiction with magic and a super ultra computer.

    Thank for the chapter!

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