MKW Chapter 913

Chapter 913 [Title below]


Shen Xiaoyun is the son of a tycoon from Hong Kong. There is hearsay that when he was young, he was sent back to China after a period of studying overseas. He majored in banking at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Giving himself a gold plate. Returning to China, he took over his father’s company.

All of these are displayed in his profile. Liu Yi took a look and saw a tall guy wearing a woolen coat appearing on a magazine cover as he smiled brightly.

He looks not bad. If Zhao Yali can find someone like him, it might be good.

But Liu Yi does not know why he keeps having an uncomfortable feeling in his heart.

Right. No matter what, Zhao Yali is also my disciple. Towards this disciple, as her master, I must be responsible for her!

At the very least I must help her take a look at this fellow’s character.

Not bad. Let’s do it like this. Definitely thinking for my disciple!

Liu Yi nods his head and lets Little Jade find Shen Xiaoyun’s lodging.

Indeed Shen Xiaoyun is found in a very luxurious hotel in Shanghai.

Looks like I must go and take a look.

Alas, I must help my disciple check on him!

{Master, that Shen Xiaoyun does not seem to be located at the hotel.}

At this moment Little Jade says, {He just spent a very large sum of money in a place of entertainment in Shanghai.}

{Where is it?}

A place of entertainment?

Liu Yi thinks in his heart, could it be a place for sex?

What a good Shen Xiaoyun. Indeed you are not a good thing!

Liu Yi thinks in his heart, let me take off that handsome mask of yours!

Why did I add the word handsome!

Liu Yi flies speedily on his fire god sword towards the location that Little Jade gave him and instantly flies into the night sky.

Outside Zhao Yali cannot be seen anymore. Perhaps she had returned to the hotel.

Flying in the sky is a lot faster than driving a motorbike on the ground.

Liu Yi travels without obstruction and speedily reaches the location of that place of entertainment that Little Jade had given him.

But what surprised Liu Yi is that this so-called place of entertainment is an old house with a courtyard in Shanghai.

The house doors are tightly closed and this does not look like a place of entertainment!

Little Jade reminds, {Master, from the house underground, I sense a large amount of electricity in use.}


Liu Yi knows clearly in his heart. Looks like this so-called entertainment house is established in a shameful place.

He immediately walked to the doors and tried to push it.

But at this moment, two golden lights emit from the door and push Liu Yi away!

This caused him to be slightly surprised, what is going on?

Only to see two door god images posted on the door.

On the left is Yuchi Gong while on the right is Qin Shubao.

The two generals are majestic as they hold a halberd and spear respectfully. In their eyes, there are two words sun and moon!

“Door gods?”

Liu Yi glanced at the two of them.

Regarding stories of door gods, he had heard his teacher speak about it before.

It was said that back then when Emperor Taizong of Tang became an emperor, due to the Xuanwu gate coup of June 626 in early Tang, these two brothers had massacred Li Jiangchen and Li Yuanji’s family for their emperor. So merciless as even the oldest who was unable to take care of themself all the way to the crying infants were all killed! Not a single one was let off!

This is the legendary cut weeds and eliminates the roots!

But from then on, Emperor Taizong started to have nightmares daily and in his nightmare, his brothers brought demons and ghosts demanding for his life! Emperor Taizong was so badly frightened that he was unable to sleep. Feeling vexed, he finally let his two generals Yuchi Gong and Qin Shubao guard in front of his bedroom doors day and night.

The two generals were ferocious and perhaps shocked the demons and ghosts. For a few days, Emperor Taizong did not have any nightmare. But at that moment, the two generals were still flesh and blood! How could they endure it. In less than a few days, the two brothers fell sick. Thus Emperor Taizong had no choice but to find a painter and draw up their portraits and paste on the doors to subdue the demons and ghosts!

This is how the door gods came about. But why would these two great deities who are supposed to ward away ghosts and demons act against me?

Liu Yi does not believe in evil and touches the door again.

Once again two golden lights emit out and crash into Liu Yi, forcing him into retreating.

Liu Yi instantly sneered, “With my violent temper the two of you dare stop me?”

“What evildoer dares to cause mischief here!”

From the door flies out two golden lights that land in front of Liu Yi.

The golden light transforms into two generals in golden armor. They look the same as the drawing, with huge beards as they display their might.

Liu Yi raises his head to look at the two of them. Neither of them are short and they are nearly two meters tall. They are both tall and sturdy like they can be the pillars that support heaven!

Qin Shubao waves his spear as he shouts, “After seeing us two gods you are still not waiting to be executed!”

That brother’s thunder-like voice rings in Liu Yi’s ear.

Good fellow, his voice is so loud!

Liu Yi digs his ear and says, “Two-door gods, forgive me for being rude. I am only going in to take a look. It is not like I am going to do evil deeds so can the two of you make things easy.”


Yuchi Gong raps his halberd on the ground as he fumes, “How dare you be so arrogant! Today if we do not execute you, the two of us gods shall be ashamed to be door gods!”

This creates a surging wind like space is being torn apart!

A golden light rises. This is the immortal qi that gods from heaven cultivate!

At this moment Liu Yi immediately determines that these two brother’s strengths are roughly around the beginning stages of Heaven Realm.

In the human realm, after reaching Heaven Realm, one can ascend and become an immortal.

Liu Yi raises his hand as he releases Moon Dream Sutra from his left hand.

When the halberd reached his palm, it was immediately captured by his qi and became unable to move.


Yuchi Gong got a huge shock as he uses his strength to pull on his halberd but is unable to do so!

Yuchi Gong’s expression changes greatly, “This demon is rather powerful!”

“Isn’t it just a demon! Yuchi Gong! Let me help you!”

By the side, Qin Shubao also roars as he glares. The spear in his hand slams down at Liu Yi’s head.

When the door god takes action, of course, it is like thunder!


Liu Yi is calm as he pushes up with his palm. The halberd in Yuchi Gong’s hands also raises and clashes against Qin Shubao’s lance.

An explosion occurred causing golden light to be shot all over the place.

Qin Shubao and Yuchi Gong’s strength clash into each other, instantly causing them to retreat and nearly fall on their asses.

“Who, who are you?”

Yuchi Gong is greatly shocked as his gaze towards Liu Yi changes!

“Me? I am just a person who wishes to enter and watch the show.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder, “But the two of you are blocking me. Can you move aside?”

Yuchi Gong and Qin Shubao look at each other before blocking in front of Liu Yi obstructing the path with their weapons.

“As door gods, how can we be absent without leave! No matter who you are, you can forget about passing through here!”

The two of them look stubborn thus Liu Yi did not say anything else. Instead, he reaches into his spacial inventory and takes out two demon dans.

Back then during the war with demons, he had harvested a lot of dan. Usually, he would use it to feed Immortal Fox Sister but there are too many high-grade dans that Immortal Fox Sister is unable to use.

“This is two Eight Eye Demons’ dan. After refining, you can increase your cultivation by 60 years.”

He uses Moon Dream Sutra and makes the two Dans fly up before stopping in front of the two door gods.

The two door gods cough before one grasps his forehead while the other holds his stomach.

“Aiyah…I suddenly feel a headache. It must be standing guard for too long and I got a cold.”

“Aiyah…my stomach is so painful…could it be that the peaches I ate yesterday were bad?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, they can act so realistically! The two of them are Heaven Realm gods and are unafraid of illness!

But since the two of them gave him face, Liu Yi did not bother to look into it. Instead, he walks over the pushes open the door and enters.

Only after Liu Yi had left before Qin Shubao wipes away his cold sweat and says in fear, “My mother…where did this great demon come from. He is too scary! If he takes action against us brothers, I’m afraid that our minds would be destroyed!”

“What great demon…only later when he took action did I understand…what he cultivated is clearly Moon Dream Sutra…”

Yuchi Gong’s complexion is super ugly.

“What, what did you say? Moon Dream Sutra?”

This time around, Qin Shubao’s complexion also turns pale. The two black-faced generals had turned into white face ghosts.

“Could it be…he is a person from Qin Imperial Palace?”

“Definitely not…we have seen people from Qin Imperial Palace!”

“This is strange then. He is not a person from Qin Imperial Palace then how would he know that Moon Dream Sutra?”

The two door gods are at a loss.

“I see…the two of use will not be able to understand this matter.”

Yuchi Gong finally claps his hand and considers, “Why don’t the two of us make a trip to the Southern Heavenly Gates and tell this matter to the Heavenly Court and let the Heavenly Court deal with it. What do you think?”

“Okay!” Qin Shubao immediately agreed, “Let’s do as you say!”

After the two of them finished, they joined hands and went to the Southern Heavenly Gates.

While Liu Yi does not know that this momentary soft-heartedness would attract a huge disaster for himself in the future. After walking through the door and entering inside, he immediately realizes that the inside is a completely different world.

A guy is sitting inside the house like he is playing a computer game.

Seeing Liu Yi enter, he immediately reminds, “Sir, this place is a private house.”

A gleam flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes and instantly sweeps that guy’s memory.

He smiles before saying, “I was introduced by Boss Zeng.”

“Sir please enter!”

That guy immediately took out a magnetic card and touched it lightly against the ashtray by the side.

Following which the door beside him suddenly opens on its own. Astonishingly it appears to be an elevator.

Liu Yi knows clearly and enters it, following the elevator down.

Outside is an old courthouse in Shanghai while underneath is another completely different world.

The moment Liu Yi goes down, he immediately hears a clamoring sound.

Underneath this old courtyard is none other than a large casino!


Chapter 913   [What should us brothers do?]

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