MKW Chapter 912

Chapter 912 [Title below]



Liu Yi raises his eyebrow.

“What is it. After hearing this lord’s name you are afraid now?”

Blackeyes place his hands by his waist as he laughs loudly with delight on his face.

“Never heard of you.”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulder nearly causing Blackeye to sprain his waist in anger.

But Liu Yi knows in his heart that there are some territories in the human realm that indeed are illegally occupied by some demons.

These demons have very strong territorial awareness. If foreigners accidentally infringe their territory, they will jump out.

Back then when Liu Yi was still working in the Hunter’s Organisation, he had dealt with a wolf demon called Black Wind. His territory was the suburbs of North Dragon City.

Zhao Yali had just obtained her holy power thus she still does not know how to exercise restraint. Thus while she was flying, she attracted the attention of this crow demon.

Liu Yi uses his truth eyes and can easily see through the opponent’s real body.

“Damn it. To toy with this lord! Today this lord shall suck away all of the essences from the two of you! Obediently become this lord’s supplements!”

He grabs a large number of feathers and tosses them at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi can see that this crow demon’s feathers contain his own unique demon qi.

But this brother is only 7 starjades which is too weak. It is perfect for him to try out his Moon Dream Sutra.

Liu Yi stretched out his palm and placed it in front of him.

The black feathers were instantly controlled by his Moon Dream Sutra. All of them float in front of him.


Blackeye’s eyeballs nearly pop out from their socket. What is this situation!

Liu Yi snorts, “Just a small demon and you dare call yourself a king. So be it if you dare to call yourself a king, you dare to harm other people! Today you shall not be spared!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he waves his hand and raises it.

These black feathers were instantly tossed to the side. Following which Blackeye’s left arm suddenly let out a breaking sound as it warped upwards, causing him to shriek in pain.

Liu Yi uses Moon Dream Sutra to control Blackeye’s right arm, warping it in accordance with his intention and achieving this result.

Indeed. Moon Dream Sutra’s controlling capability is several levels higher than holy power.

The way holy power moves things is relying on telekinesis which is also the legendary mental power!

While Moon Dream Sutra uses the formless qi to wrap around the object and from there attain the ability to control things far away with a person’s will!

Holy power is moving the intention of moving as one wishes while Moon Dream Sutra is the intention complying with power!

Right now the stronger Liu Yi’s cultivation base is, the larger the object he can move!

No matter how powerful an angel is, even a God-King can not move mountains and seas!

But Liu Yi can! Through a powerful cultivation base, he can do all of these!

That is why breaking the arm of a small crow demon is just a child’s play.

“Who, who are you!”

The crow demon’s gaze carries a trace of horror. He is not an idiot. Right now, he finally discovered the gap between his strength and the guy in front of him!

Liu Yi smiles merrily and says, “You can call me Sword Emperor.”

“Sword, sword….Sword Emperor!”

Towards every single demon, Sword Emperor’s name is equivalent to a nightmare!

That crow demon is badly frightened and wishes to escape by flying!

Liu Yi’s arms moved apart and instantly the pair of wings that had just open up on the crow demon’s back were torn away and tossed to the side.

He screams as he kneels down on the ground, “Spare me, spare me!”

“Spare you?”

Liu Yi’s gaze turned severe, “Who can save those whom you harmed!”

He waves his hand and a fire god sword flies out from the void. It instantly turns into a red light that stabs through the crow demon and through the wall behind.

That crow demon’s body was instantly burnt into charcoal. When it dropped onto the ground, it turned into ashes and dispersed.

Zhao Yali lies there blankly with cold sweat covering her forehead.

Liu Yi walks over and lies on the ground stretching out his hand towards Zhao Yali. “How is it. You feel very frightened, right?”

Zhao Yali grabs hold of Liu Yi and only then does she stand up from fear.

Zhao Yali looks at the ashes on the ground as she asks in fear, “What…what was that…”

Liu Yi points, “This is a demon. A crow that cultivated into a demon.”

“Demon…there are demons in this world…”

Zhao Yali becomes curious now, “Are there a lot of them?”

“There are not a lot of demons in the human realm.”

Liu Yi shakes his head, “The majority of the demons are living in the demon realm. Only a minority are in the human realm. Furthermore, they are hiding, afraid to be found by cultivators.”

Recalling all of the righteous path sects he only sneers, “After all, the cultivators are swift in killing the demons. They do not care if they are good or evil, as long as they are not of my race their intentions will be different!”

This point is similar to the gods.

“This world is really dangerous…”

Zhao Yali’s heart is nervous. After pushing open the door to the cultivation realm with great difficulty, she realizes that this world is very dangerous!

“The cultivation world is more cruel and heartless than the mortal world!”

Liu Yi says firmly, “The cultivation world is where the weak are prey to the strong, where the strongest are the most respected! If your strength is weak then you can only be swallowed whole! Furthermore, no one will protect you!”

“You, don’t scare me…I did not grow up to be frightened!”

Zhao Yali’s complexion does not look good as she looks around the surrounding restlessly, “Could there still be demons in the surrounding?”

“Relax. Demon’s awareness of their territory is very powerful. This area should be that crow demon’s territory thus no one will casually enter.”

Zhao Yali pouts as she says, “Damn it. Demons are all bad people, so bad!”

-Liu Yi coughs, “You cannot say it like this. There are also good people among the demons but that the one that attacked you was a bad demon. Just like humans, aren’t humans also distinguished as good or bad right? Sometimes when humans harm humans, it is a lot scarier than demons.”

“This…what you say is true…” Zhao Yali nods her head thoughtfully, “Then what should I do now? Will it be very dangerous?”

“I will teach you how to conceal your aura,” comforts Liu Yi, “After learning it, you will no longer attract other demons.”

Zhao Yali hurriedly tugs Liu Yi’s hand and says, “That is good then…quickly teach me!”

Liu Yi nods his head before telling Zhao Yali the trick to restrain her power.

Zhao Yali’s talent is indeed very powerful. Liu Yi only gave her a slight push and she already comprehends it thoroughly.

In less than 5 minutes, Zhao Yali’s aura completely disappears.

Fucking hell…is this woman a genius!

Liu Yi cannot help but feel jealous!

“That…you had taught me such so much…and I still do not know your name…”

Zhao Yali suddenly becomes shy as she gently grabs Liu Yi’s hand and asks, “Can you tell me your name…I heard them calling you Blood Emperor…but, this is not your real name, right?”

Liu Yi nods his head, “Yeah…I am called Liu Yi.”

“Liu Yi…Liu Yi…I’ll remember it…”

Liu Yi says firmly, “You cannot call me Liu Yi.”

“Ah? Why?”

“You need to call me master.”

“I…I do not wish to be your disciple…”

Zhao Yali pouts her mouth looking very cute.

Liu Yi tilts his head and does not understand it, “What? Last time when we parted, didn’t you and me have a promise that if we were fated to meet again, you would take me as your master?”

“That, that is because I was too impulsive…”

Zhao Yali is very anxious, “Not to mention right now, I have learned what I need to learn…you no longer need to be my master!”

“Hey! Isn’t this the same as killing the donkey when the grinding is done! Eh…”

Liu Yi feels like he seems to have cursed himself as well.

Indeed Zhao Yali giggles before saying, “Originally. Right now we cannot be regarded as master and disciple!”

Zhao Yali says in her heart. Liu Yi’s thoughts cannot be even clearer. He wants to use the identity of master and disciple to restrict our relationship! Hmph, not a chance!

I am not stupid, how would I satisfy his wish?

“This action of yours, in the ancient era would be utterly disgraceful!”

Liu Yi is unable to do anything to this girl.

“It is a pity that right now is modern times!”

Zhao Yali is like a female rogue as she lifts up Liu Yi’s chin with a hand, “Lord, just obey this lass!”

Hearing this, Liu Yi’s complexion turns heavy and subconsciously pushes Zhao Yali away.

“What happened to you?”

Zhao Yali is slightly surprised and feels that Liu Yi seems to have, in a blink of an eye, turned very cold like they are especially distant!

Just as she wishes to get to the bottom of it, her handphone rings.

Zhao Yali placed her handphone in the pocket of her blouse. Because of her work, she is used to carrying around her handphone on her.


She apologizes to Liu Yi before taking out her handphone to take a look and her complexion turns very ugly.

She hurriedly dodges to the side before receiving this call.

“Why did you call me at this time…”

Liu Yi can hear that Zhao Yali’s voice seems to be wrong and subconsciously strengthens his hearing.

“I do not wish to go back…”

Zhao Yali’s voice became stiff.

“OK! Got it! I will go! I am hanging up!”

Zhao Yali hangs up before walking over and forces out a smile towards Liu Yi.

“Originally I planned to accompany you to enjoy Shanghai…but I have some urgent matters so I cannot go anymore.”

Her eyes are slightly dim, “I shall go back first… do as you wish…”

Zhao Yali flaps her wings and flies out of the hole and soon disappears from Liu Yi’s sight.

Liu Yi is slightly surprised. This girl changed her face like flipping the pages of a book?

What happened during the phone call earlier?

{Little Jade, help me check who called Zhao Yali earlier.}

He lets Little Jade hack into the communication system.

{Master. Zhao Yali’s call is from a Hong Kong number. The owner of the number is Zhao Delai.}

Zhao Delai? Looks like he should be her father?

{Take down a recording. Let’s see what the two of them are chatting about.}

Liu Yi knows that these calls will leave behind a backup in the call center.

Liu Yi borrows Little Jade’s ability and easily finds out what the two of them are chatting about.

So this Zhao Delai came to find his daughter to make her go to Hong Kong.

If she does not go back, she must meet the son of a rich family called Chen Xiaoyun for a date.


Chapter 912   [Be your master can or not]

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