MKW Chapter 911

Chapter 911  [Title below]



Liu Yi must admit that he is thinking of it wrongly.

Liu Yi feels that if any guy heard a beautiful woman saying such things to them…they will think wrongly!

Of course, it is 90% of the men. The remaining 10% will also think wrongly just that the target’s sex needs to change first.

“That’s right…I seem to be ruined…”

Zhao Yali’s voice trembles, “Just now when I saw myself in the mirror, I looked very scary…like I was another person…”

Liu Yi asked, “Could it be that you saw wrongly?”

Zhao Yali shakes her head, “No..”

She then pushes Liu Yi away before stretching out her hand and beckons the shampoo bottle on the ground over.

That shampoo bottle flies in front of Liu Yi.

“It is holy power!”

Liu Yi instantly frowns and feels that it is weird!

Why would Zhao Yali have holy power in her body? She is not an angel from the west! 

This is impossible…

It is not like Liu Yi can dissect and research Zhao Yali, thus he can only make random guesses.

Could it be when I killed that Creation God earlier, a trace of the Creation God’s power entered her body?

This is hard to say…those angel’s powers are very strange perhaps they might have this kind of ability! What to do…

Liu Yi is unable to determine if it is a good or bad thing. Still, he can only choose to first observe for a while before discussing it.

Liu Yi hurriedly asked, “Do you feel anywhere uncomfortable?”

“Not at all…furthermore, it is even more comfortable than in the past…” Zhao Yali says, “I feel like there is a warm thing in my body…it is rather comfortable…”

Perhaps it is holy power…

I had gone through so much difficulty to obtain a bit of holy power…but unexpectedly, Zhao Yali had obtained it so easily? So unfair…

Liu Yi thinks for a bit before saying, “Ms Perfect. How about we try out your other abilities?”

“You are not allowed to call me Ms Perfect!” Zhao Yali pouts as she stares at Liu Yi unhappily, “Call me By my name…why don’t you call me Lili!”

Liu Yi can only change the way he addresses her, “Fine then…Lili…how about we try out other abilities?”

Zhao Yali nods her head and expresses some delight, “Okay!”

“Try your best to think of what the living room looks like.”

As Liu Yi guides Zhao Yali, Liu Yi feels that it is very novel as it is the first time he had officially become a teacher for another person.

He had also never taught Poison Jasmine like this.

While Zhao Yali is very serious when learning. Her body instantly disappeared from the bathroom! While a sound came from the living room outside!

What the heck! It succeeded?

Liu Yi is both shocked and delighted. But looking at the towel that dropped onto the ground, he is a bit stunned.

Looks like this teleportation…was not completely successful!

From the living room came Zhao Yali’s delighted shout, “Ahhh! I came to the living room! Is this teleportation? Quickly come and take a look! Quickly!”

Liu Yi grasps his forehead and says, “Put on your clothe first t..”


Outside, that girl also seems to realize that she is not wearing anything. After a series of cloth rustling sounds, Zhao Yali says, “You can come out…”

Only then did Liu Yi walkout in relief, only to realize that Zhao Yali had only worn a blouse while her lower half is naked.

But the blouse is still considered as long. It lengthened all the way past Zhao Yali’s butt and is covering some rather important places…

Liu Yi coughs and reverts his eyes and ignores Zhao Yali’s legs.

Too alluring…could it be that this girl does not know that I am a guy with flesh and blood? Damn it…this is a hard test for me!

After her excitement, Zhao Yali is slightly hesitating, “Then…am I still a human now? Will I turn into a monster…”

Liu Yi immediately shakes his head, “Of course not! It is just that you have a power that ordinary people do not possess. But you cannot use your power to do evil things. Otherwise, it will bring you bad karma.”

Zhao Yali hurriedly raises his hand and swears, “I understand. I guarantee that I will not use my abilities badly!”

“But…other than telekinesis and teleportation…are there other abilities? For example…related to combat?”

Although about these, she becomes hot-blooded. Thus, at that instant, all she is thinking of in her mind is the scene of Liu Yi fighting that huge monster!

Too impressive. She also wishes to be so impressive!

“I do not know a lot but I can still teach you a bit.” As Liu Yi speaks he claps his hands, “Now, imagine in your mind that you are wearing an impressive armor and waving a weapon.”

“I’ll try…”

Zhao Yali closes her eyes and seems to be pondering.

Very quickly silver armor covers her body!

At the same time, a greatsword also appears in her hand. This Ms Perfect had in a blink of an eye turned into a war goddess!

“Wah! So dashing!”

Zhao Yali waves the greatsword in her hand excitedly, creating the sound of wind.

“Hehe…it is like I have become very impressive…”

“Of course. This holy power of yours…is impressive.”

Liu Yi senses a bit and realizes that the holy power in Zhao Yali is roughly around 10 starjades in strength.

This is the strength of an earth realm expert!

Within a single night, she had become an earth realm expert…this is something that other people would not dare to imagine!

To step into the earth realm, I had to cultivate in the Asura Realm for 500 years!

Although during that few hundred years I was busy chasing and killing people…

It is like becoming a millionaire overnight! It makes people unable to help but feel jealous!

Zhao Yali is like a curious baby as she keeps inquiring, “Then. Can I fly?”

“You can. Imagine the wings of an angel.” As Liu Yi speaks, he walks over to the balcony waiting for Zhao Yali.


Zhao Yali closes her eyes again and Liu Yi senses holy power flowing in the room.

Very soon a pair of pure white wings spread out from Zhao Yali’s back.

Zhao Yali looks at herself in the mirror and is a bit infatuated, “So beautiful…am I an angel…”

“More or less.”

By possessing holy power, Zhao Yali can be counted as an angel.

But she is a half-human, half-angel!

Liu Yi turns around and steps into the night sky of Shanghai from the balcony.

He stretches his hand towards Zhao Yali and says with a smile, “Follow me.”


Zhao Yali nods her head and stretches out her hand holding Liu Yi’s hand.

The wings on her back flaps. Some white feathers got loose as she immediately left the ground and up into the sky.

“I’m flying…I can fly…”

Zhao Yali let go of Liu Yi’s hand as she flies about in the sky 

Liu Yi cannot help but admit that her learning capabilities are very strong.

Within a few minutes, she can control her balance and can flap her wings to hover in front of him.

Flying is the dream of all humans. No one does not admire the birds who fly freely in the sky.

Zhao Yali is also the same. Right now she is like a bird who has left the cage.

“Hehe, come and chase me!”

She flaps her wings leaving behind a lot of feathers. She suddenly speeds up and flies several meters away.

“This girl…”

Liu Yi shakes his head worried that Zhao Yali might get into danger. He immediately summons out his fire-god sword and steps onto it before using the Imperial Sword Technique to chase after Zhao Yali in a beam of red light.

Zhao Yali is very delighted. With her wings gathered behind her back, she keeps speeding up.

She shuttles between the tall buildings letting out bell-like laughter.

Liu Yi is calm as he stands on his fire god sword and follows behind her.

Little Jade had locked on to Zhao Yali in front as she kept giving Liu Yi the most optimal flight path.

Just as Zhao Yali is flying very happily, a black figure suddenly appears in the sky.

This black figure flaps its black wings before charging at Zhao Yali.

Its speed is very quick and instantly grabs hold of Zhao Yali. Pressing down on her body, they tumble a few rounds in the sky before crashing into a big empty building by the side.

The glass breaks into pieces and falls down to the ground.

From inside came the shriek of Zhao Yali. Liu Yi immediately chases over on his Firegod Sword.

That black shadow transforms into a human shape and closes the pair of black wings on his back. He steps on Zhao Yali who is lying on the broken stones as he laughs sinisterly, “Hehehe…what a pure spiritual qi you have!”

“Who are you! Why did you harm me!”

Zhao Yali is wearing armor. Although she did not receive any major injury but she is very shocked.

The guy in front has a malevolent complexion and a lot of places on his body have black feathers growing…

Is, is he a monster?

“Who am I?”

The guy immediately sneers, “You stepped into this lord’s territory and you still dare to ask who I am? Tsk, tsk. Wait till you are sucked dry by this lord then you can go and ask Yama King!”

He stretched out his right hand. His hand is no different from a claw which he uses to grab towards Zhao Yali’s neck.

Zhao Yali screams, “Scram!”

The surrounding stones immediately fly up and smash toward the guy.

“Tsk. Parlour tricks!”

The guy waves his hand and a lot of feathers fly out and break the stones into fragments.

Although Zhao Yali has the strength of earth realm she does not know how to use it and is like a child who possesses a gold bar.

Seeing her technique being easily broken, Zhao Yali became more afraid as she trembles in fear

“Be enjoyed by this lord obediently!”

The guy licks his lips as his hand stretches out again.

At this moment, a very cold voice came from behind him. 

“Let her go.”

Seeing him, Zhao Yali immediately is like she had seen a savior and shouts in delight, “Ah! You, you came! Quickly save me!”

“Who came and spoiled this lord’s good matter!”

This guy impatiently turns his head around and looks at Liu Yi who is standing at the building gap.

Liu Yi is wearing a black windbreaker and standing on riding boots. The windbreaker is fluttering along with the night wind.

The guy sneers, “Damn it what are you pretending for! Let me tell you, this lord is the owner of this territory!”

“Oh? This territory also has an owner?”

“Of course. Remember this lord’s name properly. This lord is called Blackeye!”


Chapter 911   [Greenhorn]

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  1. O.o so.. that place (where was it? shanghai?) got vampires..?

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  2. Was the vampire girl in the mirror be someone watching her? or just her falling to become a fallen angel or something? well i hope the author don’t forget to explain like the dream Liu Yi had toward the beginning. also greenhorn for Lili cause, well she still a greenhorn who don’t know how to use her power.

    Thank for the chapter! can’t wait to see the next one!


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