MKW Chapter 910

Chapter 910  [Title below]


When Second brings up these, his gaze turns slightly fanatic.

“The subordinates under our Emperor Qin are Ten Heavenly Stems, 36 Sky Dippers, 72 Earth Fiends as well as millions of Qin soldiers! Back then we almost conquered the Nine Layers of Heaven! If it was not for the Nine Layers of Heaven God Emperor using a ruse to instigate that wretched Ninth to plot against our Emperor Qin, how would we have fallen into such a stage!”

“36 Sky Dippers, 72 Earth Fiends as well as millions of Qin soldiers?”

Liu Yi frowns lightly, “All of them were not killed?”

“All killed? What a joke!”

Second sneers, “What place do you think Qin Imperial Palace is? Especially our noble Emperor Qin. Back then he had found the undying technique! Everyone from Qin Imperial Palace is eternally undying! Even if our flesh body dies, our souls will revive again and again! Emperor Qin sealed himself into an immortal stone statue! Sooner or later, our noble Emperor Qin shall once again walk in this world!”

“That’s right. He has already obtained the 5 Spirit Treasure. Perhaps this day is not far away.”

“What did you say?” Second’s eyes suddenly erupt in excitement, “You say that Qin Imperial Palace has obtained the 5 Spirit Treasure? Hahaha, hahahaha!”

He laughs loudly happily, “Liu Yi oh Liu Yi! What you should do now is to let me go and beg me for mercy! Otherwise, the moment Emperor Qin comes back into being, it is the death date for all of you!”

“Beg you for mercy?” Liu Yi sneers in his heart but his expression did not change, “Why do you say so?”

“The 5 Spirit Treasure is the key to Emperor Qin’s revival! Because sealed within the 5 Spirit Treasure is Emperor Qin’s three immortal souls and two mortal souls! As long as these three immortal souls and two mortal souls return, Emperor Qin can revive! At that time, none of you will live! Especially you. You have over and over thwarted our plans. The moment Emperor Qin revives, he will eliminate you first!”

Liu Yi sighs, “It is a pity that you will never see that day because you are going to die soon.”

“I cannot die and you should not kill me as well!” Second says, “I am your savior! Without me, you will die miserably!”

“Whether or not will I die or live is not up to you t!”

A trace of coldness flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes, “If you do not wish to die miserably then tell me the location of Qin Imperial Palace!”

“Idiot!” Second sneers, “Looks like you do not understand how scary Emperor Qin is! Furthermore, other than First, none of us know the location of Qin Imperial Palace! Qin Imperial Palace is a floating palace that drifts without a resting place! Only when First summons us will we be guided by the moonlight technique to the Qin Imperial Palace!”

“You think that I will not find out if you do not talk?”

A radiance flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as he attempts to read Second’s memory.

But to his surprise, there are indeed no methods to enter Qin Imperial Palace in Second’s memory!

Looks like regarding this he did not lie to me.  It will be difficult then… Since I am unable to find Qin Imperial Palace, I have no way of stopping the revival of Emperor Qin!

That guy who could fight his way into the Nine Layer of Heaven…how am I supposed to stop him with my current strength.

Liu Yi felt his heart sink.

“Your afraid, right. Do you feel the horror?”

Second laughed loudly, “It is good that you know fear and horror! Since you know, then kneel down for me and beg me to spare you! Otherwise, when Emperor Qin comes into being in this world, everything will be too late!”

“As I said before, you will not see that day.”

As Liu Yi speaks, his body appears in front of Second. He then stabs his arm through Second’s stomach.

Second’s originally delighted expression suddenly changes as horror fills his eyes!

“What….what technique is this!”

His body starts to tremble severely as he grabs hold of Liu Yi’s arm tightly.

“The technique to help you transcend!”

Liu Yi uses the Demon Sword Technique and Second’s soul is consumed by Liu Yi!

In the end, Second does not even have the time to scream before disappearing from Liu Yi’s mental space.

Second’s strength is not weak. After Liu Yi had consumed his soul, his cultivation was promoted by a huge amount!

The fifth sun jade is more or less filled. Furthermore consuming another person’s soul like this gives Liu Yi a kind of happiness like he is taking drugs!

Too enjoyable…if this goes on…perhaps I might become addicted!

This is out of the question…wouldn’t I become the second Liu Haisheng like this?

Liu Yi takes several deep breaths as he uses his breathing technique to adjust his emotions before suppressing this high.

Liu Yi finally figured out the Moon Dream Sutra’s path. To be honest, it is like the stronger version of holy power.

But Moon Dream Sutra is a kind of enhancement. Just like Scarlet Blood Sutra and Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra, it cannot be considered as a new strength!

Liu Yi no longer dares to tarry. He immediately sits down and starts consolidating the cultivation that he just obtained.

A golden sun as well as a bright moon rises up from his back. They surround his body as they rotate around him.

The radiance of the sun is lofty reflecting at the moon.

The sun and moon shine upon Liu Yi. Their power alternates with one another in layers.

While at this moment, in reality above Liu Yi’s head, white smoke is being emitted continuously. It is piping hot as it flies to the ceiling immediately.

This is the manifestation of his cultivation rapidly rising!

The room becomes slightly hot and damp.

At this moment, Zhao Yali who was originally in her dreams woke up slowly.

“So hot…”

She takes off her western jacket, wearing only the white blouse inside.

The white blouse is already drenched by sweat, showing her black undergarment that is covering her breasts.

“Did I not turn on the air conditioner?”

Zhao Yali feels very strange but she sees the white smoke above Liu Yi who is sitting in front of her.

“This fellow…is he a radiator…”

Momentarily, Zhao Yali finds it novel, “Could this be the legendary three flowers gathering above the head?”

After watching for a while, she feels that it is boring and very hot as well. Only then did she no longer look at Liu Yi. Instead, she lets go of Liu Yi’s hand a bit unwillingly before sitting up from the sofa lightly and lowering her legs.

Liu Yi’s massage is really useful. My leg is no longer hurting.

She walks quietly on tiptoes to the side and opens the air conditioning in the room. After which she takes off her clothes and only wears the sexy black undergarments that she is wearing inside.

Liu Yi is seriously meditating there and does not know of this charming act.

Zhao Yali also did not do it to fool around with Liu Yi but because she is feeling uncomfortable from the heat.

She walks into the bathroom and without a moment of hesitation starts taking a bath.

To a woman, there is nothing that is more comforting than taking a bath.

After Zhao Yali finished, she subconsciously stretches out her hand towards the towel on the rack.

At this moment, the towel suddenly flings itself off the rack and flies into her hand.


Zhao Yali got a shock as she hurriedly rubs her eyes.

The towel is indeed in my hand!

Zhao Yali is startled in her head and is unable to calm down.

What is going on…isn’t this the magic that Lord Ball-breaking used earlier?

Wasn’t I unable to do it?

Zhao Yali stretched out her hand towards a bottle of shampoo placed on a rack and grasped the air.

Her mind is thinking of the shampoo flying into her palm and indeed the shampoo shakes for a bit before jumping off the rack and into her palm which she grabs tightly.

Zhao Yali is unable to hold it in and lets out a cry of delight!

She is like a curious baby as she keeps grabbing towards the things in the bathroom!

Nothing in the bathroom can escape from Zhao Yali’s demonic grasp and soon they left their original position and fly to her palm.

The more Zhao Yali plays, the happier she becomes. She turns around and waves her palm at the showerhead above her head.

The showerhead immediately twists and turns towards the other direction!

“Hehe, so fun to play with!”

For a moment, Zhao Yali loses herself in her power.

Who says that mortals cannot cultivate magic! See, didn’t I cultivate it!

Zhao Yali is very delighted and at this moment, she raises her eyes and sees herself in the mirror.

The mirror that was covered by hot mist earlier is now cleared up. The reflection of herself that Zhao Yali saw is completely another appearance.

Silver hair, scarlet eyes as well as a pair of blood-red wings on her back.

She is grinning evilly as she looks at her from inside the mirror!


At that moment, Zhao Yali was badly frightened. She screams and the mirror immediately scatters into several fragments and falls into the washbasin.

Liu Yi was immediately startled awake and entered the bathroom.

Seeing Zhao Yali who is not wearing anything, Liu Yi is embarrassed momentarily.

Liu Yi looks to the side before asking, “What happened to the mirror…did you accidentally knock into it?”

“Wuwuwuwu….I turned into a demon…”

Zhao Yali looks at her pair of hands, “Such a scary demon…wuwuwu…”


Liu Yi subconsciously looks at Zhao Yali. Perfect body in perfect ratio, how does she look like a demon?

This lovable body is considerably hot…Liu Yi feels that he might commit a mistake if he looks at her another second longer!

He stretches out his hand and the towel on the side flies over immediately and wraps around Zhao Yali’s body.

“Relax. You are still that Ms Perfect and did not become a demon.”


Only then did Zhao Yali raise her head slowly with tears in her eyes.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand to help her wipe away the tears before hooking his finger, causing a mirror piece to fly over and float in front of Zhao Yali.

Seeing her beautiful self inside the mirror, Zhao Yali does not believe him as she touches her own face.

“Didn’t change, didn’t change? Great! Wuwuwu, truly great…”

She happily leaps into Liu Yi’s embrace and hugs him tightly!

Liu Yi is feeling awkward. Zhao Yali is covered with a bath towel that is unable to get in the way of her soft and lovable body.

Liu Yi’s dick is standing upright causing him to hurriedly chant some sutras to allow himself to preserve his clear mind and scant desire.

Women…indeed in the fall of men!

When Liu Yi wished to hug her, Zhao Yali says while crying, “It…it seems like I am ruined…”


Chapter 910   [I am ruined]

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