MKW Chapter 909

Chapter 909  [Title below]



Hearing Zhao Yali’s question, Liu Yi says in his heart, you want and I also want as well!

Just this bit of ability was only obtained with great difficulty after I had massacred so many angels!

Only I can only use it to open cabinets and the likes…if I wish to achieve even higher standards, I still need more holy power!

It is impossible for Zhao Yali to obtain the abilities of angels.

“You better be your Ms Perfect.”

Liu Yi continuously crackdowns on her, wishing to dispel these small thoughts of hers.

“Hmph! If you do not teach me, how would you know that I will not be able to learn it!”

Zhao Yali scrunched up her nose cutely and glares at Liu Yi unhappily.

This scene causes Liu Yi to tremble as he recalls the first time he had met Gu Yu.

Back then Gu Yu was like the current me and I was like the current Zhao Yali.

Can a mortal cultivate into an immortal?

All cultivators question it while mortals are unwilling to be mediocre and die!

Liu Yi’s expression changes before he smiles and says, “Then you give it a try.”

He points at an ashtray on the table and says, “Concentrate all of your attention on that ashtray with thoughts of moving it in your mind. If you really move a bit then I will believe that you possess the talent to learn holy power.”

“Tsk. Leave it to this miss!”

Zhao Yali is eager to start trying, “This miss is very smart! I can learn anything within moments!”

Towards this point, it is not Zhao Yali boasting. Since young, she is already considered as a 100% genius!

Studies are not a problem while sports are outstanding! Whether golf, swimming, equestrianism…no matter what sports, she can use the fastest speed to learn it and practice until perfection!

If it was not for Zhao Yali’s family not willing to let their daughter become a tomboy, perhaps Zhao Yali would have even learned Karate, Taekwondo, and the likes already!

Zhao Yali’s upbringing in her family is very strict. Ever since young, she had received extremely elite-type education. But Zhao Yali’s father had children late thus he is no longer young now. He is currently recuperating in Hong Kong thus allowing Zhao Yali to have a bit more freedom.

But Zhao Yali also has suffered. Because her father keeps arranging blind dates for her for the past few years. Borrowing the reason for going overseas to deal with business, she escaped and no longer dared to return to Hong Kong even till now.

But with my father’s character, he will not give up….perhaps sooner or later, there will come a day where I marry an unfamiliar guy that I do not like. Afterward, I will be even more lonely as I live and finish this life.

If there is a need to accept compromise to obtain smoothness and steadiness, then I would rather be down on luck for a lifetime.

Seeing Liu Yi agitating her, Zhao Yali clenched her jaw.

“Isn’t it just moving the ashtray! I will do it!”

As she speaks, she glares at that ashtray like she can use her gaze to move the ashtray!


Zhao Yali tilts her head as she clenches her fist. Liu Yi does not know what strength she is employing.

“Damn it…move!”

Zhao Yali is so anxious that she starts sweating but the ashtray stays there peacefully, not moving.

“Ahhh! I give up!”

She sits down dejectedly. Liu Yi smiles as he sits down by the side of her sprained leg. He then lifts up her foot and places it on his leg.

“This is not something that an ordinary person can obtain. My abilities were obtained due to luck and fortune.”

As he speaks he pours the medical oil into his hand before pressing it onto that red swollen part on Zhao Yali’s ankle.

Zhao Yali instantly lets out a soft gasp.

“Very painful?”

Liu Yi says in his heart, but I did not use much strength at all.

“It…it is due to the cold…”

Zhao Yali sticks out her tongue embarrassedly, “Growingly up so big, this is the first time I’ve strained myself…”

Liu Yi is slightly curious, “You have never gotten injured before?”

“Of course…I am very impressive…I learn everything quickly and safely!”

Zhao Yali says arrogantly, “Back then when I learned equestrianism, the first time I rode a horse, I was very stable and nothing happened to me! Even my equestrianism instructor was very surprised and says that I was a natural, hehe…”

“As for cultivation, it is different from equestrianism.” Liu Y gently massages Zhao Yali’s injury, “Cultivation needs opportunities. Furthermore, it also must be a huge opportunity. equestrianism is different. Anyone can learn and do it.”

“But isn’t there a good saying, a determined person will find a solution!”

Zhao Yali still is not satisfied.

“That is different.”

Recalling his path in cultivation until now, Liu Yi cannot help but feel rueful. “If you possess the fate for cultivating, even if you wish to escape from it, you will still step into this path. What is yours will be yours. What is not yours, even if you demand it, you will not get it…”

“Tsk, making it sound so deep…”

Zhao Yali pouts and appears unconvinced, “Sooner or later this miss shall step into the path of cultivation for you to see!”

It is a pity that you do not have destiny nor are you one of the 5 Spirit Bodies.

Liu Yi did not say this nor did he continue to strike her down.

He is different from Gu Yu. She is too inflexible. He does not wish to discourage Zhao Yali. It is better to let her hold a tiny trace of longing.

Liu Yi is worried that medical oil’s effect will not disseminate properly. Thus he secretly used a bit of his qi to spread the effect.

Zhao Yali suddenly lets out a cry again and Liu Yi immediately raises his heart to look at her. “Is it cooling now? Or is it still painful?”

“No, it’s not…”

Zhao Yali is blushing as she shakes her head.

Being massaged by a guy who can be considered as a stranger… is so comfortable…

Her entire body turned soft as she felt a trace of dampness down below.

So strange…why would I become like this?

In the past, didn’t I feel gross when a guy touched me a little bit…Zhao Yali, you have turned bad!

Zhao Yali is very ashamed in her heart. Luckily Liu Yi did not notice as he carefully helped her rub her ankle.

To prevent herself from being too disappointed, Zhao Yali did not look at Liu Yi as she lay on the sofa, letting Liu Yi do as he pleased.

Liu Yi rubs it very comfortably. Not only did Zhao Yali relax her body, but soon her mind also relaxed along as well.

Very quickly she fell into a deep sleep.

Liu Yi glanced at the spot where Zhao Yali had sprained her ankle. The swelling is more or less gone. Looks like my technique is not bad.

After placing down Zhao Yali’s leg properly, he slowly stands up and prepares to leave.

At this moment, the parrot standing on the tree actually says, “Remember to wear a condom! Remember to wear a condom!”

What the heck!

Whose parrot is this! It is too immoral!

Which guest that stayed here did not teach it properly and led it astray!

Liu Yi covered his forehead. He cannot take it out on the parrot thus he is very gloomy.

In her sleep, Zhao Yali mutters softly, “Don’t go…don’t go…”

Liu Yi turns around and looks at Zhao Yali who is in deep sleep.

Memories appear in Liu Yi’s mind,

This ability is not easy to control… sometimes when I do not wish to see, I still see it!

Liu Yi feels that it is not a polite thing to read other people’s memory!

It is like looking at a person’s naked body!

At this very moment, Zhao Yali is exposed in front of Liu Yi!

A roughly seven years old young girl is hugging a doll in her hands standing in a luxuriously decorated quiet room.

“Papa, don’t leave me behind..”

She anxiously stretched out her hand towards a back but that figure left without looking.

The scene changes again and the young girl is now 12 years old. She is looking blankly at the maid who is helping her change her clothes.

“Aunty…didn’t you say that as long as I score a hundred marks, father would come and see me?”

“That’s right young miss…perhaps master is too busy…wait till he has finished his work, he will definitely come back and see you!”

The young girl’s expression turns even more lonely.

The scene changes yet again. Zhao Yali who is now studying in senior high has already developed into a beautiful girl.

She secretly avoided her home and went to play with a somewhat bashful handsome male classmate in a playground for a day.

During that day, Zhao Yali had a content smile on her face!

But the next day, that male classmate no longer attended the school anymore. Very soon Zhao Yali got to know that he had left for another city with his family.

At that moment, Zhao Yali felt that she was incomparably lonely.

Seeing the memories, Liu Yi cannot help but feel rueful.

Indeed, the children of a rich person also have their own sorrows. Zhao Yali lived even more miserably than Murong Die.

Looking at Zhao Yali’s desolate expression, Liu Yi waves his hand and a black chair appears by the side of the sofa. He then sits down and gently holds her hand.

Only then did the worry on Zhao Yali’s face disperse and turn peaceful. She also reveals a trace of a smile from her dreams.

She is an easily satisfied woman…

Liu Yi also closes his eyes and enters his mental world.

Entering here, Liu Yi opens the Nether World Ring and releases Second of Qin Imperial Palace who is inside.

The current Second is no longer as high-spirited!

His soul floats in front of Liu Yi. His hair is in a mess and his clothing tattered. His entire person is no different from a feral lonely soul.

“You, you…kill me!”

Second is already in despair. Within the Nether Ghost Ring, he was being torn apart and eaten by those Nether Ghost soldiers daily. Not only is Second weakened, at the same time his spirit is already on the brink of collapsing.

This is not the first time that he wished to die. But he is only a soul thus he is unable to suicide!

Liu Yi sticks his hands into his coat’s pocket as he looks at Second in front of him and says, “As long as you tell me about Qin Imperial Palace, I will let you die.”

Now that Second is hoping to die, he no longer wishes to hide any secrets. Ask…”

Liu Yi is delighted in his heart as he immediately questions, “Among the combat strength of Qin Imperial Palace, are there only Ten Heavenly Stems?”

“Far from that.” Second smiles bitterly, “The Qin Imperial Palace was unimaginably enormous!”


Chapter 909   [Remember to wear a condom]

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