MKW Chapter 908

Chapter 908  [Title below]


Earlier he got teased by Liu Hongxian which caused Liu Yi to be confused in his heart.

Being hugged by Zhao Yali like this, the fragrance that enters his nose is making him hard to have self-control over his emotions.

This Ms Perfect…why does she not know how to restrain herself…does she not know that I am an ordinary man!

Being so unreserved…can make guys cannot help but commit a sin you know!

As Liu Yi chants buddhist scripture in his heart, he suddenly hears Zhao Yali saying, “Why are you still not taking me to the hotel…”

Fucking hell!

Liu Yi wishes to curse out loud!

Does this Zhao Yali not know that saying such things will cause a guy to misunderstand!!!

No matter what, I am still a hot-blooded youngster! Do you really think that I am Liu Xiahui!! Damn it!

Liu Yi clenches his teeth while his heart feels itchy.

But at this moment, there is the sound of sirens behind them. Looks like the police are rushing over here now.

“We are setting off now.”

Liu Yi steps on the gaze and the motorbike instantly roars like a beast before transforming into a black light and speeding forward.

Zhao Yali did not expect that it would be so quick. She gasps and hugs tighter, afraid that she might fall off!

The motorbike drives very quickly. Liu Yi carries Zhao Yali as they drive forward as fast as lightning, traveling along the road of Shanghai.

Although the shore is in a mess, the inner Shanghai is still brightly lit up and very bustling.

This city is full of nightlife. In the past, Shanghai could not be considered as a night city.

“Why are you staying in a hotel?” As Liu Yi drives the motorbike, he asks Zhao Yali, “With your identity, don’t you have a house in Shanghai?”

“I do not like living alone.”

Zhao Yali’s voice is somewhat lonely, “What is the point of a beautiful large villa if I am the only one living in it? At the very least, living in a hotel, there are people around.”

“I do not understand the thinking of you rich people,” replies Liu Yi, “If it was me, I would be super happy to live in a huge house!”

“You are very poor?”

“That’s right. I am very poor.”

Liu Yi sinks into his memories, “I and my family members live in a roughly 60 m² house. My bedroom is only 6 m²…My room is small thus I can only place a small bed as well as a small computer desk. My computer is also an Altos 586. Hahaha, being able to play poker is considered a large-sized game. Turning it on will take more than 5 minutes on average and the computer’s motor is even louder than this monster bike of mine.”

“Is it so exaggerated?”

Ever since she was young, Zhao Yali had been living in a rich family thus she did not understand all of these.

But her mind moves and she asks subconsciously, “What if… you can live the life of a rich person…would you be willing?”

“To me, the rich person’s life or poor person life is meaningless to me now.” 

Liu Yi did not see through what Zhao Yali was thinking and thought that it was just an ordinary chat. Thus he replied frankly, “I have stood aloof of secular life and jumped out of these daily necessities. Even if I do not eat or drink, I can still live until an age that you cannot think of.”

Zhao Yali is slightly disappointed but she changes the topic calmly and asks, “Then how old are you? You look quite young? Don’t tell me that you are actually a few thousand years old?”

A few thousand years old? That I don’t have but I do have a few hundred years on me.

I stayed in the Asura Realm for too long!

Liu Yi suddenly has the urge to tease and laugh sinisterly.

“Hehehe…actually, I am a thousand-year-old demon!”

As he speaks, he even turns around as a radiance flashed in his eyes.

Zhao Yali suddenly turns pale from fright as she exclaims, “Be careful in front!”

Eh? It seems like something is wrong!

Liu Yi immediately turned around and looked forward.

A truck suddenly appears in front and it appears that the motorbike is about to crash into their rear!

Liu Yi’s expression did not change as he pushed down the bike sideways.

The motorbike immediately slants and sticks close to the ground, threading through under the truck.

So the two of them had unknowingly entered the depths of the downtown. The traffic turned huge as the way forward became even more blocked up.

There are a lot of cars in front of them. Every single one is very close to each other as they travel along slowly. They are moving forward two steps every minute and are in a jam.

While Liu Yi’s motorbike is still driving very fast. He raises the front of the bike and lands on the roof of the car in front of him. After which he rushed along on top of the roof of the cars in front continuously.

Zhao Yali hugs his waist tightly as she screams continuously!

This is the first time she has done such an exciting thing!

Those private car owners stretch out their heads and curse. But they were left far behind by Liu Yi’s bike.

Zhao Yali’s heart rises and falls along as well as she feels that it is damn exciting!

Even when I rode a roller coaster, I’m afraid that I have never felt so enjoyable before!

I don’t know how he drives the motorbike e. Although we are jumping from car roof to car roof I do not feel any jolting! Too miraculous…

Liu Yi shows off his bike handling skills on top of the traffic and soon they leave the traffic jam section and came to a spacious road.

At this moment, a police car is already following behind them. At the same time, from the speaker inside the police car came, “The motorbike in front! Immediately pull over to the side and stop! Immediately pull over to the side and stop!”

“Ah! We got noticed by the police!”

Zhao Yali seems to recall something, “Right, aren’t motorbikes not allowed to be driven in Shanghai district?”

Liu Yi forces out a smile, “Don’t you think that it is a bit too late to say it now?”

It is just a police car thus he can break away from it.

Thus Liu Yi did not stop his bike. Instead, he lowers his body and wrings the throttle and accelerates it!

The motorbike is like an escaping wild horse and spurts out with a whoosh.

Liu Yi’s motorbike is created using his qi thus there is no speed limit!

But the police car is unable to match hit and was soon left far behind them.

“So fast…”

It is very strenuous for Zhao Yali to speak currently. Feeling that she seemed to be uncomfortable, Liu Yi lowered the speed.

Little Jade opens the map in front of his eyes thus he is not lost no matter what.

“Isn’t it very exciting?”

Zhao Yali is filled with expectation as she asks, “Really exciting…can you teach me all of these?”

“Don’t think about it. It is impossible.”

Liu Yi laughs, “You have already passed the age for cultivation. This kind of thing will not work anymore. It is better to keep being Ms Perfect!”

“Damn it. I am not called Ms Perfect!”

Zhao Yali says unhappily, “Remember. I am called Zhao Yali!”

“Yes, yes, yes. Ms Zhao Yali, we have reached the hotel.”

Liu Yi’s motorbike stops in front of the hotel entrance before getting off.

Zhao Yali who is sitting at the back glares at him peeved. 

“What is the matter? Time to get off beauty, we have reached the destination.”

She pouts, “With my leg…how am I going to get off the bike? Why don’t you have any kindness!”

“Okay, okay, okay. It is my fault.”

Liu Yi hurriedly stretches out a hand and hugs Zhao Yali down from the bike.

“Hmph, this is more like it. Carry me in.”

Zhao Yali nods her head in satisfaction before leaning into Liu Yi’s embrace like a little cat.

Liu Yi helplessly shakes his head and under the gaze of the crowd, he hugs Zhao Yali and enters the lobby of the hotel.

Indeed, when the two of them enter the hotel like this, they attracted the attention of a lot of people.

A lot of people use their peripheral vision to look at Liu Yi. Perhaps they had thought that Liu Yi made the woman drunk before bringing her to a hotel.

Liu Yi’s face turned slightly hot being stared at by so many people. He can only lower his head and ask Zhao Yali softly, “Hey….where did you live?”

Zhao Yali replies back softly, “Room 1503. The card key is on the inner pocket of my blouse.”

Eyeing Zhao Yali’s large breasts, Liu Yi clenches his teeth and says, “No need!”

Zhao Yali is slightly surprised, “Don’t tell me that you are going to carry me up 15 floors? Without the card key, you will not be able to take the lift.”

“Watch carefully, ” as he speaks, he carries Zhao Yali into the lift.

The moment he walks in, the 15th-floor button lights up on its own shocking Zhao Yali.

“This is too weird…don’t tell me that your ability can control the lift?”

Liu Yi smiles mysteriously but does not say that this is actually Little Jade’s ability.

The lift slowly ascended and soon stopped on the 15th floor.

Liu Yi hugs Zhao Yali to the front of her room door.

The door opens on its own making Zhao Yali admire him.

Good fellow…this fellow is too scary. Is there any lock that can stop him?

“Your room is not bad…”

Only when Liu Yi enters the room did he know that this is a presidential suite.

“Of course. I usually live here.”

Zhao Yali says indistinctly, “There is only me, and I handed in a year’s deposit. Why don’t you live together with me? After all, the room is so big…”

“There is no need!”

Liu Yi instantly waves it off and places Zhao Yali on a comfortable sofa in the room before observing the surrounding curiously.

This presidential suite is very luxurious. It is decorated with a simple European style and is very high class.

There is also a tree of unknown species planted in the middle of the room. And there is also a very large multicolored parrot raised on one of the branches.

The multicolored parrot screeched towards Liu Yi, “Welcome back home! Welcome back home!”

“Oh. Interesting!”

Liu Yi cannot help but exclaim in admiration. Indeed is a 5-star hotel’s presidential suite. It is indeed different!

“That…can I trouble you a bit…”

At this moment, Zhao Yali speaks up faintly, “There is a Red Flower Oil (Safflower) in the cabinet over there…can you help me rub it in…”

“Is it this?”

Liu Yi waves his hand at the cabinet and the cabinet door opens on its own.

He had absorbed some holy power. Holy power and Moon Dream Sutra use different methods to achieve the same results. Both can control external objects like telekinesis.

Although it is still not that strong, small actions can still be done.

After opening the cabinet door, the Red Flower Oil (Safflower) flies out on its own before landing in Liu Yi’s palm.

“Wow! How did you do that! It is way too convenient!”

Zhao Yali stares at Liu Yi in admiration as she asks once again, “I really can’t learn?”


Chapter 908   [Rich person’s life]

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