MKW Chapter 906

Chapter 906  [Title below]


“My mother ah…”

The middle-aged uncle’s wig was sent flying away by the shockwave before disappearing.

The middle-aged uncle no longer cares about his wig. Right now he is so frightened that he wishes to pee in his pants.

Right now, this current situation makes him wish to cry in fear.

What, what is that in the sea…

Is it an angel? But how would there be such things in this world! Furthermore…even if it is an angel, are they so enormous?

That enormous fellow in front of them has the lower half of its body submerged in the sea while the upper half of the body is above the sea.

Just this upper half of the body is over a hundred meters in height!

As long as it stretches out its hand, it is like it can touch the sky!

The people by the seaside start screaming in shock. Some of them faint while others run away.

In comparison, Zhao Yali is a lot calmer.

She is considered as someone who had seen and experienced a lot. Thus to her, although this situation is startling, she is not afraid.

Indeed…there is another side to this world! And this other side is brimming with mystery and excitement!

The enormous angel suddenly raises his hand before slapping down on a restaurant by the seaside.

That restaurant was smashed. Scattered stones, as well as screaming people, fall from the sky into the water.

The angel roars, releasing a shockwave that sends the tables and chairs and the likes by the seaside flying away.

A few small cars also lift off the ground, scaring the middle-aged uncle who is running towards the car to escape to hurriedly hug an electric pole by the side, which saved him from being blown away.

While Zhao Yali was also sent flying away. But her hands are swift and she hugs a street light by the side and thus was not blown away.

“Gods. What, what is this! Too scary!”

The middle-aged uncle feels his pants turn damp, “Are the gods going to punish us? Will we die here?”

“We won’t die…” Zhao Yali says firmly, “Someone will d come and save us!”

The very first that arrive at the scene is the police. Armored police cars stop by the seaside as armed policemen jump out. They start shooting at the enormous angel with their guns!

The bullets that hit the angel is the same as tickling it!

“What is this damn thing!”

The police bureau chief of Shanghai hides behind an armored police car as he looks at the enormous angel.

A young policeman says with a pale face, “It, it is god…”

The police bureau chief scolds, “There is no god in this world! It is likely that this is a secret weapon from some other country! Damn it! Do they want to start World War Three! Why are the soldiers not here yet!”

“The nearest Nanjing Airforce Base already sent out their fighter jets! They will reach in around 15 minutes at max speed!”

“What about the navy?”

“They also need roughly 10 minutes! They are rushing over at full speed!”

This place is in a complete mess. That Creation God keeps destroying the seaside causing the police to be hard-pressed.

While the police are at wit’s end, two tanks appear by the seaside and start firing at the Creation God!

The cannon round exploded on the Creation God. Although it looks very powerful, it does not seem to cause any damage!

The police bureau chief immediately asked, “Whose tank is that?”

Seeing the red pentagram, a policeman reply, “It seems like it is from the Red Scarf Army!”

“Red Scarf Army? This group moves faster than the army!”

Even the police know of Red Scarf Army’s name. The police bureau chief sneers, “Why is the army still not here!”

A few policemen point at the sky as they exclaim, “The air force has arrived!”

The police bureau chief raises his head to see rows of fighter jets flying over.

These fighter jets had received the order to attack. The moment they reached, they instantly fire their missile.

When the missiles land on the Creation God, they explode!

The Creation God seems to not feel anything nor did it’s body budge!

One of the policemen with good eyesight saw something and exclaims, “That fellow seems to have a layer of shielding!”

The rest of the people also saw it and started sweating i.

How do we fight? Missiles and the like only hit that fellow’s cover!

We will not be able to harm that enormous angel in this manner, instead we only provoke its viciousness!

The four pairs of enormous wings on its back move faintly and extend out to form an arch above its head.

Following which, from the center of the arch, a silvery ray of light shoots out!

This ray of light does a sweep from bottom-up, cutting a pitch-black ravine along the coast while the fighter jets in the sky were turned into ashes!

“Gods! What is that scary weapon!”

Everyone is shocked, how do we fight?

“Save me! Mommy!”

The middle-aged uncle is crying badly while Zhao Yali stands blankly there staring at the enormous angel.

Is there no one who will save us? Aren’t there still cultivators in China? Where are they?

The angel suddenly raises its arm and smashes it toward a bay bridge by the side.

If its arm lands on top of it, the bay bridge will definitely be destroyed!

On the bridge, there are a lot of cars which are unable to leave!

“Wuwuwu, we are going to die!”

“Save me, save me!”

“Amitabha…may buddha protect us…”

Seeing that death is coming for them, the people on the bridge start displaying different attitudes.

Some are crying, some are making noise, some are praying.

At this moment, a figure flashes above the bridge.


He is standing on a flying sword, wearing a black suit as well as a white mask.

He raises his fist and punches that descending enormous arm!

The enormous arm actually stops in midair before being sent backward.

The enormous angel that did not move from the missile was punched backwards by this guy!

“Blood Emperor! It is Blood Emperor!”

“Heavens, Blood Emperor has come and safe us!”

“Blood Emperor bless us! Blood Emperor protect us!”

The people instantly become delighted while Zhao Yali who is standing by the seaside looks at the back view of the Blood Emperor and only feels that he is slightly familiar.

“This fellow has come. We are safe now.”

The police bureau Chief knows Blood Emperor’s identity. Blood Emperor is China’s Law Enforcer thus it is the most suitable for him to deal with this kind of matter.

“You run very fast!”

After forcing the Creation of God into retreat with a punch, Liu Yi crosses his arm while standing on the flying sword.

“To cause destruction in my China? Fine, you succeeded in angering me!”

Seeing the buildings in shambles, Liu Yi is angered in his heart!

A mere angel dares to be arrogant in the east? He is just seeking death!

Creation God snorts as he sweeps his arm at Liu Yi.

Liu Yi snorts as he stretches out his right arm.

An asura Arm emerges from out of nowhere and blocks that enormous arm!

Compared to the enormous figure of that angel, the enormous Asura Arm is pitifully small right now.

But this arm that looks ‘slender’ blocks Creation God’s enormous arm.

That single eye angel seems to have sacrificed his soul as an offering to activate the Creation God.

The current Creation God does not have any ability to think and is relying on its instinct to take action!

This instinct of it is perhaps the final order of the single eye angel which is to attack China!

But with him around, Liu Yi will not let the Creation God harm China anymore!

Having failed with its attack twice, Creation God is slightly angered!

Its wings spread out once again like it is going to shoot out a ray of light again!

While Liu Yi instantly appears underneath it. His asura arm clenches its fist and gives it an uppercut.

That fellow nearly toppled over from the punch. The ray of light that was gathered, shoots at the sky instead.

In space, a satellite that was sent up by the USA was turned into space rubbish by this ray of light!

“Don’t think you are impressive because of your big size!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he breathes out immortal qi!

Mist Qi gathers around his body and almost in an instant, Liu Yi’s body starts to grow!

Very quickly, an enormous person in black armor appears in the sky. It is almost the same size as that enormous angel in front of him!

Liu Yi gathers his qi and condenses such an enormous body!

His legs entered the sea creating a huge wave!

At the same time, Sky Splitting Golden Spear appears in his hand before growing several hundred meters long.

Liu Yi raises the spear and sweeps the spear at Creation God’s face, instantly collapsing half of its face causing the entire body to fall towards the side!

That protective layer on that fellow does not have any effect against Liu Yi!


After Liu Yi whips out with the spear, he sends out the spear-like lightning and instantly pierces through the chest of the Creation God, raising him high up in midair!

The lifeforce of the Creation God is indeed very powerful. It grabs Liu Yi’s spear body and suddenly blasts out a beam of white light at Liu Yi!

That white light instantly blasted onto Liu Yi’s chest causing him to retreat as the spear lowered.

Although he had noticed this white light, Liu Yi found it hard to control the enormous body thus he was unable to dodge.

His avatar exploded and transformed into a golden mist, returning into his body.

Liu Yi was beaten back to his original appearance as he transformed back to his original size.

“Looks like becoming bigger is not very convenient!”

Although his avatar got destroyed, Liu Yi did not receive any injury, “Looks like I still need to rely on this method to destroy you!”

As he speaks, he puts on his Fire-ice Armour.

Creation God lets out a scream instantly causing an enormous ten meters tall wave to rise and charges at Liu Yi!

The people on the beach were startled. If this wave crashes onto the beach, it is likely that everyone on the beach will be washed away!

“What should we do now…”

Zhao Yali starts to become afraid. That alarming enormous wave is like a ferocious beast going to swallow her up any moment!

“Fucking hell! Stop!” At this moment, Liu Yi takes action again!


Chapter 906   [Gods fighting]

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  1. That navy response time geez. The air force time is a bit slow but reasonable, but only 10 minutes for the nazy, what are they sending speed boats with a mounted gun? Even if just off the coastline the boats would ether be out at sea a good ways away or at a base, but the ones on base need there whole crew to ready up. The ones out at sea would need quite a while to get there. The area sounded like it was tourist based, you dont want warship visible off the horizon. At the very least the navy should need 30 minutes.
    As for the tanks its safe to assume red scarf has some supernatural tricks that allow there response time.

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  2. lol i thought the same about the Navy like what? they are boosted or something? or do they just send some speed boats to say they do something? cause 10 minute compare to the 15 minute jet doesn’t seem realist to me.

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