MKW Chapter 905

Chapter 905  [Title below]


Liu Yi enters the underwater base through the door that he kicked open.

At this moment, the base had y turned into an ocean world. Liu Yi faintly feels a trace of uneasiness thus he enters the fourth stage of Dragon Transformation. This results in an increase in the strength that he can exert underwater.

It is a pity that there is only a very minor gain in holy power. Liu Yi is unable to execute instant movements like Anna.

After this mission is over, he plans to take out Second who was locked by him in his Nether Ring to make inquiries before consuming him!

This way he can obtain a portion of Moon Dream Sutra Qi.

After fusing with Xiao Taiji, it became a lot more convenient!

Liu Yi makes himself stop thinking about these as he swims inside the base nimbly.

Liu Yi orders, {Little Jade. Open the map of this base for me.}

Earlier when he let Little Jade hacked the base, she had obtained the digital map.

{Understood master!}

Little Jade instantly pulls out the map of this entire base to show Liu Yi.

Liu Yi lets out a gasp of surprise. This place is big!

But at the very front of the passageway, there seems to be an even wider underground space!

That place is marked as a special grade military restricted area. Maybe that little angel from earlier ran there.

Liu Yi immediately speeds up his swimming and swims deeper into the base.

This passageway is very long and the inside is filled with seawater.

Liu Yi’s swimming speed is very swift, a dragon in water is like returning home!

In a flash, he swims in front of a tightly closed large door!

Behind here should be that special grade military restricted area. Liu Yi placed his hands on the small crack of the large swing door.

After dual cultivating with Yang Mianmian, Liu Yi’s strength became startling.

The muscles on his arms swell up. The tightly closed swing door was pulled open by him. Taking advantage of the instant when the door was open, Liu Yi swims in before pulling the doors closed.

Only a small amount of seawater manages to enter. Before investigating clearly, Liu Yi does not wish to damage this place!

When he lands on the ground, he seems to hear the sound of an operating machine in a distant place.

These Americans are very impressive. To construct an enormous underwater base.

Cracks start appearing on the surrounding walls. Looks like due to the destruction of the base, this place is unable to withstand the underwater pressure.

From his communication device hooked to his ear came Liu Hongxian’s inquiry, “Did you discover something?”

“Nothing. How are you?”

Liu Yi is more concerned about Liu Hongxian’s safety in comparison to what is hidden in the base.

“We are fine and are about to return to the surface of the sea. But the organization says that they picked up a larger source of energy from the Pacific Ocean!”

“Mm. I understand. I will reach it soon.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, I want to see what this enormous energy source is.

The deeper he walked into the depths, the more astonished Liu Yi became.

Nutrition troughs for fallen creatures appear from time to time in the surrounding. This nutrition trough does not seem to be used for breeding…it is more like a kind of battery facility.

Liu Yi is very concerned, what is this thing used for?

Looks like this is the private deal that the USA signed with Bullate and the rest.

Liu Yi continued to walk inwards and swiftly he came to an enormous open space!

This open space is over a hundred meters in height!

In the middle of the space, there is an enormous angel statue which is standing there with crossed arms.

There are a lot of mechanical arms by the side which seems to be this adjusting the angel statue.

A lot of places seem yet to be constructed. But looking at the current situation, there is no longer enough time.

That single-eye angel is standing on top of the statue. He had also seen Liu Yi, making him chuckle. “Damn China monkey! Do you think that you are invincible?”

His legs are inserted into that enormous statue’s head while he is still smiling. “This is the noble Creation God that we manufactured by integrating mankind’s science and technology! The Creation God’s strength can destroy the entire world! At that time all of the humans shall die and the noble angels shall one more assume control of this world! New humans shall be up to us to create!”

“Are you mad?” Liu Yi frowns, “Why did you come over to the human realm to mess around instead of staying properly in your God Realm!”

“Don’t you feel that humans are the dirtiest and ugliest creatures?”

The singe-eye person looks at Liu Yi and says, “A few hundred years ago, how did earth look like? It was so beautiful, there was so much beautiful vegetation all over the place and the entire world was very healthy.”

As he speaks, he stretches out his hand as a beautiful Earth’s model appears in his palm.

“This is earth back then. Take a look, how beautiful it is! And now, look at it again!”

He waves his hand and that earth model’s appearance turns murky.

“Do you see this? A few hundred years and earth have turned into this appearance! If another few hundred years pass…hahaha….”

He crushes the earth in his hand.

The earth model scatters into pieces before disappearing.

“The existence of humans will only speed up the end of this world! Me exterminating the humans is equivalent to saving this world!”

“Nonsense!” Liu Yi retorted, “There is indeed a portion of humans that are bad but there is no need to kill all of the humans for this reason! Furthermore, you are only an angel from the western part of the world, it is not up to you to manage the eastern part of the world!”

“God shall shed god light over this entire world!”

The angel’s eyes slowly start to gain pious radiance!

Liu Yi senses a trace that something is wrong. While that single-eye person’s body had merged into that enormous statute.

That enormous Creation God statue slowly moves!

The surrounding space starts to tremble as patches of dust fall down.

This Creation God is over a hundred meters tall already. If it stands up straight, how tall would it be?

Liu Yi hurriedly flies toward that Creation God when at this moment, the Creation God lets out a scream from its mouth.

This scream carries a certain kind of power that surges out in all directions.

The surrounding wall completely breaks apart as seawater rushes in!

While Liu Yi was sent flying out by this enormous strength. His entire person smashes through the seawater like a cannonball. He flew very far away until he finally shot out from the sea surface.

Liu Yi stabilizes this body in midair as he stares at the seabed in panic.

The seawater is dark. It was very calm but at this moment, it is surging.

An enormous black figure breaks the surface of the sea and emerges.

This black figure is none other than that Creation God Idol that was hidden in the underwater base!

Upon seeing it, Liu Yi does not have any other thoughts but that it is fucking big!

How long did they use to create this toy?

If the entire Creation God statue stretches out completely, Liu Yi estimates that it is around 300 meters tall!

How high is 300 meters? It is more or less the same height as a hundred story building!

At this moment, the enormous Creation God Idol lets out continuous cries from his mouth. The cries batter against the surrounding waves causing larger waves to spread out in all directions!

This fellow…it seems like he is muttering some incantation?

Just as this thought appears in Liu Yi’s mind, that enormous idol in front lets out a grumble and disappears in front of him.

“Liu Yi! It is bad!” From the communication device came Liu Hongxian’s exclamation, “The energy origin teleported over to China, Shanghai’s coastal area!”

Fucking hell!

Liu Yi wishes to curse out loud but right now is not the time to curse and swear!

Anna is still asleep. Thus he can only stand on his Firegod Sword and use his fastest speed to rush back to China!


As the successor of SC company, Zhao Yali has a lot of other business that she needs to handle other than controlling White Princess.

For example this time around, she is currently inside a coffee shop that is located near the seaside in Shanghai. She is being blown by a comforting wind as she discusses with another company about taking over them.

Recently, SC company wishes to open up to other economic channels. After consideration, Zhao Yali chose this clothing company. Their clothing brand name was rather famous a few years ago. But these few years, they were battered into a shadow of their past by the foreign brand names and are currently on the verge of collapse. If this goes on, in less than two years, their brand name will disappear from the clothing market.

Zhao Yali wishes to buy their brand while the other party also wants to be acquired. But they still have not come to an agreement on the price.

The person in charge of the other party is a forty years old middle-aged uncle. His attitude is like he is highly sought after.

“President Zhao, it is not me boasting but our brand name is still very famous in the market! Other than you, a lot of other companies are discussing buying over my company! There is also an American capital firm as well! Americans are very magnanimous, their opening price is 80 million!”

“President Liu is really humorous.”

Zhao Yali spent years in the business sector. She had come to experience countless local tyrant officials on White Princess thus how she would be unable to see through this act.

She slowly drinks her coffee before saying with a faint smile, “If you told me two years ago, I would 100% believe you! But now, President Liu, take a look. This is the assessment of your company. Right now, your company’s market value is only this amount.”

Seeing Zhao Yali stretching out a finger, that middle-aged uncle laughs, “A hundred million? Hahaha, a small token, a small token…”

“It is 10 million.”

“10 million? What are you talking about?” The middle-aged uncle immediately stands up with a red face, “10 million? I will not sell it even if you kill me!”

Zhao Yali is also not in a hurry as she smiles faintly and says, “Of course, this is only the beginning price. Since I want to acquire, I will not give you this small amount of money. After all, I still like this brand quite a bit.”

“Then how much are you willing to pay?”

“I must give a bit more, right? 15 million.”

“You, you are mocking me!”

The middle-aged uncle became angry.

Zhao Yali shrugs her shoulder, “Consider yourself. If you do not like it, you can sell it to the Americans.”

“Chairman Zhao. Let me tell you, it is impossible for you to buy my company with 15 million! Unless angels descend and miracles appear!”

The moment he finishes speaking, a shockwave suddenly slaps his face.

Hearing the sound of exclamation from the side, the middle-aged uncle subconsciously turns his head over to take a look, only to see an enormous angel appear by the seaside!


Chapter 905   [Miracles appear]

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