MKW Chapter 904

Chapter 904  [Title below]


Those combat armor soldiers tremble as they kneel on the ground.

A powerful holy aura erupts out from their body.

“All of you retreat!”

Liu Yi orders the rest. The beautiful leader also knows that the situation is not good, thus she leads the rest of the special force members into retreating, giving Liu Yi space.

“Hahaha…all of you shouldn’t have come.”

The single-eye guy crosses his arms with a victorious smile on his face, “But since you all have come, then leave your lives here!”

While he was speaking, those combat armor soldiers who were possessed by angels stood up.

A pair of metal wings spread open behind them, clearly, they were formed from the memory metal!

Liu Yi is slightly interested. This is very interesting!

“What are these monsters…”

“Could it be the western angels?”

The special force members cannot help but wonder.

“Watch the show in ease.” Liu Yi loosens his prohibition, “You have never seen a living person beating up an angel before, right? Today I shall open your eyes.”

“Boasting shamelessly!”

An angel flaps his metal wings. Although he is wearing heavy armor, he is incomparably agile.

His pair of arms start to transform. A greatsword formed from metal appears in one of his hands while a shield appears on the other. With these, he leaps towards Liu Yi.

The greatsword chops down like it is going to split the earth towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi flashes and instantly appears on top of an armored car far away.

“Where are you escaping to?”

That angel instantly flashes over to Liu Yi’s side. Different from Liu Yi’s high speed, they grasp the ability of teleportation, thus appearing beside Liu Yi in a blink of an eye.

The greatsword chops down once again while Liu Yi only moves to the side. The greatsword brushes by Liu Yi’s body and chops the armored car underneath him

The armored car was chopped into two causing the watching special force members to exclaim.

“That is an armored car! It was chopped into two like nothing?”

“What weapon is this?”

Spades A also frowns as he watches silently at this scene.

The current fight had already exceeded his common sense causing him to stare blankly.

In the past, he had thought that he was a super killing weapon but now, he realizes that he is still weak.

That guy who chopped the armored car into two…could he be a monster?

But what Spades A thinks is a monster is nothing worth mentioning to Liu Yi.

This angel is around the rank of a heaven soldier which is quite strong.

This angel is already swinging down his sword at Liu Yi. Liu Yi did not even bother to dodge as he raised his left hand and pulled out his Firegod sword and stabbed it into the ground.

Firegod sword is able to shrink and expand at will. Right now it is over 1.5 meters long and when it is stabbed into the ground, Liu Yi can hold it by the pommel.

When the angel’s greatsword clashes against the Firegod sword, sparks are created.

While the recoil seems to be huge causing the sword in the angel’s hand to stab into the helicopter by the side.

The angel “My, my hand…”

Liu Yi stretches his waist, “It’s time for the show to end.”

A ruthless glint flashed across his eyes.

A sinister aura spreads out causing that angel to start shivering in fear.

Liu Yi took a step forward, causing the ground to tremble.

“Don’t come over!”

The angel was so frightened that he used the shield in his other hand to block in front of him.

Liu Yi raises his leg and kicks the shield.

Like a monk ringing the bell, the shield let out a loud ring.

The angel behind was knocked flying away but Liu Yi stretched out his hand and grabbed him before smashing him into the ground.


Liu Yi pulls out the fire-god sword and stabs it into the heart of that angel.

The armor is unable to block Firegod Sword. The angel screams as his body is turned into ash.

At the same time, traces of power flow into Liu Yi’s body.

Demon Sword Technique surges into his body. When the angel dies, his strength becomes a part of Liu Yi!

Surging holy power forms in Liu Yi’s body. Although it is weak, at the very least, there is some embryonic form.

“Too weak.” Liu Yi sneers, “You can only supply me with this trace of power.”

Liu Yi has a trace of holy power in his body. And now, it is strengthened by that trace. 

Looks like the fusion of me and Xiao Taiji was a success. As long as the enemy is killed by me, I can take their power.

Who knows just how much strength would all of these angels in this room give me.

The Single-eye fellow is unable to remain calm. A Chinese person had killed his subordinate just like this! 

“Kill him!”

The moment he gave the command, those armored angels appeared by Liu Yi’s side. Over ten angels and an equal amount of sword chops down towards Liu Yi!

“Then let’s play together.”

Liu Yi’s body suddenly dramatically increases in size until he is over two meters tall! All of the muscles on his body were picture perfect!

Fireice armor covers his body making him very impressive!

Liu Yi did not use other moves. He only moves around with Spirit Fox Steps as he moves among the angels as he attacks with his palm.

Mysterious Ice Qi and Scarlet Blood Demon Flames!

Liu Yi’s palms, one covered with ice, the other with fire continuously slap against their body.

Spades A and the rest were in a daze as they watched Liu Yi move around continuously dodging the attacks from the angels while using his palms to retaliate against the angels.

These palms of his took their lives!

The angels that were hit by the palm were frozen into ice statues while others were burnt into ashes!

These subordinates which gave the single-eyed person confidence were all done in by Liu Yi with a single move!

“How, how is this possible…these are angels!”

The single-eye person starts trembling in disbelief at what he is seeing.

When Liu Yi turned the last angel into ashes, the single-eye fellow finally shouts in fear, “Who are you?”

Liu Yi dust off his hand as he smiles and replies, “I am who I am, my name is Liu Yi.”

The single-eye angel stammers, “Wha-what!!! Yo-o-you are Liu Yi!”

Is Liu Yi famous? This brother is very famous in the western God Realm!

Which angel in the God Realm has not heard of his name?

He is even more infamous than Satan…I heard that none of the angels who provoked him remain alive!

Even one of the Three Great Gods Ander was defeated by him!

I am only just a small god general in the God Realm…how, how am I the opponent of Liu Yi!

The single-eye person’s delight completely disappears as he shivers, “You, you, you…don’t come over…”

He stands there with horror in his eyes.

“Don’t be so nervous. Come, we still have not had a chat.”

Liu Yi walks forward while the single-eye person retreats in fear.

“Go on and talk. What are you researching in this place? What is this Project X?”

“Damn Chinesechinese! I will not tell you!”

That single-eye person suddenly roared, “Just wait for it! God’s glory shall shine upon the entire realm!”

His body suddenly flashes and disappears in front of Liu Yi and the rest.

Liu Yi frowns and pulls over a soldier by the side and asks, “Where did he go?”

“I, I don’t know…”

That soldier nearly peed in hear. He truly does not know. This scary Chinese person would not kill me, right?


Liu Yi tosses the person to the side like throwing away rubbish.

Liu Hongxian let out a breath of relief seeing that slaughter had not turned into second nature to him.

Spades A is no longer as rude and unreasonable as in the past. Instead, he consults Liu Yi quietly, “What should we do?”

“Prepare to leave this place.” Liu Yi points at an amphibious submarine by the side, “I feel that something is wrong. I shall enter and take a look by myself.”

“Okay, then the rest shall on you!”

The special force team is currently very respectful of Liu Yi’s capability. They do not have any intention of disagreeing.

Liu Yi also orders Liu Hongxian, “Leader, you leave as well.”

“Cannot. I want to go and take a look with you.”

“No! Listen to me!” Liu Yi firmly rejects, “I was only bringing you all to observe. Right now it is different, there can be danger at any moment.”

“As a person from the Military Intelligence 12th Branch, I’m prepared to sacrifice myself!”

“Less nonsense! Hurry and go up with them!”

Liu Yi glares at Liu Hongxian, “I do not wish for something to happen to you!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s angry appearance, Liu Hongxain feels weird in her heart and suddenly throws a little girl tantrum, “Hmph! I’ll go up then…what are you being so fierce for…”

Liu Yi did not say anything. He walks over and carries Liu Hongxian up before placing her inside the submarine. 

Liu Yi says to Spades A, “Watch after her for me. Should anything happen, I will hold you responsible!”

“Relax! We pledge our life to protect Senior Colonel Liu properly!”

Spades A gives Liu Yi a military salute.

Liu Yi returns a military salute and at this moment, the sea base starts rumbling fiercely.

Following which some walls in the surrounding ruptures allowing the seawater to rush in ferociously.

The soldiers were badly frightened as they escaped in all directions, seeking diving equipment to flee for their life!

“As I expected. That guy is fighting with all he has.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he helps to close the submarine door.

Diamond Five exclaims, “Damn it! The door in front seems to have malfunctioned! I can’t open it!”

“Leave it to me.”

Liu Yi jumps in front of the door and does a flying kick, kicking the meter-thick door.

Although the water pressure outside is very heavy, the door is unable to withstand Liu Yi’s kick and was kicked away!

The seawater immediately floods in. Liu Yi pushes the submarine with both hands against the water flow, sending the submarine outside.

After the submarine enters the sea, it immediately heads towards the surface.

“All that remains is my performance time.”

Liu Yi looks at the sea with a smile on his face.

While within the seawater, there is a faint roaring sound like there is some sort of sea monster.


Chapter 904   [The guy who horrify the angels]

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  1. Why was a armored car in a seabase? I would get it if there was a land route in, but it was under a oil rig so not likely. The “official” way in and out would be helicopter, and the discreet and escape option would be the submarine. If the base is large enough i could see something like a golf cart but there is just no point to a armored car.

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  2. Thank for the Chapter!

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