MKW Chapter 903

Chapter 903  [Title below]


At this moment, the elevator suddenly stops and falls into darkness.

There is only that flashing red light which reflects the panic in their hearts.

“Looks like they cut power to the elevator.”

Liu Hongxian says, “Perhaps they discovered our whereabouts and wish to trap us to death inside here like catching a turtle in a jar!”

Liu Yi hurriedly raises his hand and says, “Leader I want to announce a matter!”

“What is the matter?”

Liu Hongxian stares at Liu Yi curiously, not knowing what he is up to again.

“I declare that I am not a soft-shelled turtle!”

Liu Hongxian is hopping mad in anger, “Damn it! At this point in time you are still joking around! We are all trapped inside here!”

Liu Yi leans against the elevator, “Who says that we are trapped? It is just resting. Soon we will go down.”

“What we are afraid of is that we fall down.” Spades A says unhappily, “I knew that you were an unreliable outsider! Diamond Five! Lift me up! I want to check if we can exit from the top.”

“Talking about this, I suddenly recall the first time I met you.”

As Liu Yi watches Spades A knocking around, he says to Liu Hongxian, “At that time, we got to know each other in these similar circumstances…ah, back then you had a very deep enmity towards me.”

“It is also very deep now!” Liu Hongxian rolls her eyes at Liu Yi, “Can you stop caring about romance, are you still not making the elevator descend?!”

“As you order my Leader!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he places his hands on the control panel of the elevator by the side and orders Little Jade, {Take over the entire installation’s computer system and let us go down.}

{Understood master!}

Although Liu Yi is not that good with computers, Little Jade is the real hacker!

In less than three seconds, she had already taken over the entire underground installation’s computer system!

At this moment the elevator lights up and continues to descend slowly.

{Master, on the lowest floor, there are twenty armed soldiers waiting for you.}

Little Jade sees this scene through the surveillance camera and tells Liu Yi.


Liu Yi nods his head. In front of the curious gaze of the special force members, he says to Liu Hongxian, “Leader. There are guests below waiting for us. Did you wear your bulletproof vest?”

Liu Hongxian shakes her head, “No. It is inconvenient to move in a bulletproof vest. Thus everything that I am wearing is light and convenient.”

“No worries, I’ll lend you mine.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he pats Liu Hongxian.

Instantly darkness power gathers together and forms an armor as it wraps around Liu Hongxian’s body.

“What? What is this? It seems to be very light!”

Liu Hongxian is very surprised as she raises her hand and looks at her arms.

“In a while, you will know.”

Liu Yi pats Liu Hongxian’s shoulder before looking at those special force members behind him. Seeing that they are also not wearing bulletproof vests, Liu Yi would not watch them die in front of him. Thus he gave each of them a set of darkness armor to wear.

“What is this?”

“Could this be the latest individual soldier combat weapon? Where did you take it out from?”

The special force members expressed their shock.

Spades A also investigates the armor covering him and sinks into deep puzzlement.

Just who is this guy? He surprises me time after time and makes me feel astonished!

Before Spades A can understand, the elevator jerks slightly and stops at the lowest floor.

The elevator doors opened bit by bit as the sound of guns being fired came from outside!

Following which a dense bullet rain sweeps into the elevator.

The bullets pour down in torrents frantically at these people causing the special force members to be shocked in their hearts. But they soon realize that they are safe and sound. The bullets were all blocked by the armor thus making them breathe out in relief.

Looks like this armor is indeed very effective!

From outside came the exclamation of the USA soldiers, “Combat armor? These people are wearing combat armor!”

“Damn it! Why do they have combat armor as well! Where are our armored soldiers!”

Liu Yi understood that the combat armor soldiers that they are talking about are those soldiers who caused destruction in Keda back then!

The USA was the earliest to start developing combat armor a long time ago. This kind of memory metal combat armor is very heaven-defying and is proclaimed to be the strongest individual soldier armor!

But in front of a cultivator, these are all worthless.

“Coming, they have already arrived!”

Among the sound of bullets being shot, a few soldiers wearing combat armor had run over before standing in front of Liu Yi and his people.


Seeing Liu Yi who is the only person not wearing armor, they instantly frown.

“So it is monkeys from china! Want to wreck our plans? Today none of you shall leave!”

The soldiers shout, “China also has combat armor technology? Hmph, indeed they are a counterfeit country!!!”

Liu Yi is calm as he takes out the roasted peanut that he hides in his storage space. As he tosses it into his mouth he walks out and asks, “Who among you is the person in charge of this place.”

This time round Spades A truly admired him. This person’s attitude is out of the ordinary!

With enemies’ muzzles all around him but he stands there leisurely and eats peanuts…

Where did he take those peanuts from? How is it possible for him to bring such stuff through the water?

Spades A feels that his brain is not enough!

This is the first time I meet this kind of strange situation…just what kind of person did Liu Hongxian bring?

Such composure. He is definitely not an ordinary person!

One of the soldiers looks at Liu Yi vigilantly, “Why are you looking for our leader?”

As Liu Yi eats his peanuts he says, “Because none of you can speak with me. Believe me. I am doing it for your good.”

A person who seems like a senior officer shouts, “You think that you can still survive? Kill them!”

Immediately a few combat armor soldiers raise their shotguns and start firing at Liu Yi and the rest.

Liu Yi’s figure suddenly splits into several shadows and dodged the bullet rain.

Bullets hit Liu Hongxian and the rest but only jolt them back a few steps. The bullets are unable to do any damage to their armor!

“Where is he?”

“Where did that Chinese monkey go?”

The USA soldiers were shocked.

“I’ll give you all one more chance.”

Liu Yi’s voice suddenly came from above them. The soldiers raise their heads in shock and realize that Liu Yi is sitting on top of a tower in this huge underground plaza.

That huge tower is four-stories tall which is 12 meters!

How did that person appear in such a high place?

Liu Yi sits there and raises three fingers as he says, “I’ll count to three and by that time if you do not hand over the person in charge, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

“Ignore that monkey! Shoot him down!”

A combat armor soldier snatches over a buddy’s sniper and raises it. He aims at Liu Yi high up there and fires a shot!

Liu Yi only stretches out a hand and grabs that bullet out from the air.


The soldiers were all badly frightened.

What is this situation? Is that person a world-ending devil?

Is his body made of metal?

Liu Yi lowered another finger. “Two…”

That combat armor soldier who is holding the sniper roars, “Damn it! If you got the ability then come down! I shall kill you!”

At this moment, his vision turns blurry!

Liu Yi who is standing very far away suddenly appears in front of him and a punch lands on his forehead, smashing him into the ground.

That fellow’s helmet and head exploded as his body got embedded into the ground.


Liu Yi lowers his finger.

“God…how is this possible…”

“God…I am not dreaming right..”

Liu Yi raises his head 

“Wait, wait! I, I’ll go and call him now!”

A senior officer immediately ran off and his shoes flew off. It appears that he is very frightened.

The special force members cannot help but give a thumbs-up as they start to admire Liu Yi.

This brother is too impressive…is he still human?

Spades A cannot help but ask, “Senior Colonel Liu, where did you find this person…he is too godly…”

Recalling his attitude towards Liu Yi previously, he starts to feel ashamed.

“Honestly in the past, I also did not know. But he was introduced to me by Dragon Group.”

“Oh my gosh.. Dragon Group!”

The special force members’ eyes widen, that is a legend in china!

No wonder he is so impressive!

Liu Hongxian thinks for a bit before saying honestly, “But…I heard that he is above Dragon Group…but anyways, there is none in Dragon Group who is his opponent.”

The special force members almost swallow their tongue.

Looks like this time around, they are destined to be cheerleaders.

At this moment, a voice came from far away, “So late already and there is a noble guest who honors me with your presence. It really makes me feel surprised.”

A guy wearing officer attire slowly walks over.

His attitude is rather graceful but unfortunately, he is a one-eyed person, similar to Long San.

But Long San does not have that nausea looking smile.

Liu Yi wishes to give him a kick and kick that fellow’s smile!

“Oh, it is a noble guest from China. So rare, so rare.”

That guy’s gaze lands on Liu Yi as his smile deepens.

Seeing that crucifix earring that the guy is wearing, he immediately asks, “You are a person from Saint Court?”

Last time when he pretended to be a holy warrior from Saint Court, he immediately looks into it the moment he returned to see just what is the Saint Court organization.

He realized that Saint Court is a religious organization and all of their members are the believer of the light god!

A majority of people will wear some jewelry that symbolizes the crucifix of Saint Court.

“You know my identity? But it seems like you are not completely correct.”

That single eye dragon raises its brow lightly, “Looks like it is impossible to let you all go. Since you came then there is no need to leave. Let this place turn into your burial ground!”

He claps his hands lightly.

A few white lights flew out from behind his body, before landing within the body of those combat armor soldiers in front.

Angel possession?


Chapter 903   [Since you came then there is no need to leave]

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  1. whoa whoa whoa
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  2. A new Challenger have come to challenge you! if i am not mistaken Liu Yi grandfather was the founder of the dragon group right?

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