MKW Chapter 902

Chapter 902  [Title below]


On the plane, Spades A no longer speaks to Liu Yi. Spades A keeps giving Liu Yi a dirty look making Liu Yi reckon that that fellow hates him.

But since he wishes to scheme against Liu Hongxian, he is asking for it!

Liu Yi did not talk to Spades A. He sat in the car playing with Liu Hongxian’s PSP.

“Senior Colonel Liu. This person that you brought along is too unreliable!”

Spades A is finally unable to hold back his anger as he turns around and questions Liu Hongxian, “Soon we are going to start the mission and he is still playing with the PSP! Could it be that he is not going to do any preparations?”

“Only people without enough strength would do preparations.”

Liu Yi feels that Spades A likes to provoke people too much. I am only playing games and he is unhappy.

Spades A rolls up his sleeve, “What do you mean by that? If you are not satisfied then let’s have a one on one fight!”

“Enough.” Liu Hongxian is slightly angry, “Spades A! Your energy is not to be used on your comrade-in-arms! It is used on the enemies! We are going to arrive at our destination soon so restrain your temper! Prepare to move out!”

Spades A cannot do anything. After all, Liu Hongxian is the commanding officer for this mission thus he can only shut his mouth and arrange the tools that he will need for later.

“And you! Stop playing already! Prepare to move out!”

“Yes, Leader!”

Liu Yi immediately put down the PSP and stood up from the car.

At this moment, Liu Hongxian had already readied her scuba. Carrying an oxygen tank, she is dressed up like a frogman.

The rest of the members of the special forces are also wearing similar attire. At this moment, the plane slowly opens its cabin door, revealing the dark sea below them.

In the deep night, the sea is like endlessly deep waiting to swallow them up.

“Prepare to enter the water!” Liu Hongxian orders and the members of the special forces immediately stand by the side of the cabin door.

She lowered her head and looked at the time. 1:10 am in the early morning.

“The mission starts now!”

The special force members immediately enter the water. At the same time, they are holding an underwater propulsion unit in their hand and swiftly descend into the sea.

“I’ll go down first.”

Liu Hongxian wears her mask properly before entering the water.

Liu Yi did not bring any protection equipment and jumped into the sea just like this.

The sea is slightly cold as it covers Liu Yi. Liu Yi immediately revolved his qi to surround his body like a layer of protection film separating his body from the seawater.

The sea is pitch black and they can only rely on the propulsion unit’s light for illumination.

The special force members stare at Liu Yi who entered the water in this manner, is this kid jumping into suicide? He did not bring any scuba equipment? He doesn’t even have a scuba?

Isn’t this just courting disaster?

When Liu Yi lands in the lander, he swims over to Liu Hongxian’s side as light as a feather and grabs her propulsion unit sharing it with her.

Liu Hongxian glanced at Liu Yi and knew his capability thus she did not say anything. She only points forward.

To hide from the enemy’s radar, the plane drops them into the sea 300 nautical mile away from the target. For the remaining distance, they must rely on the propulsion unit to close in.

Spades A thinks in his heart, could it be that this kid is a freediver?

Although they are special forces they also need to undergo breath-holding training, but even the one with the best results is only just over three minutes.

Could it be that this fellow knows some breath-holding technique?

I heard before that China inner strength experts know some kungfu called turtle breathing technique!

Earlier when he plotted against Diamond Five, it seems like he was using a hidden weapon technique…could it be that he is some inner strength expert?

This is also hard to say …if he does not have any ability, Liu Hongxian would not have brought him over.

Spades A has all kinds of thoughts but he swiftly tosses them to the back of his head.

After all, the mission is the most important and everything else is not what he should focus on pondering over.

After progressing 200 nautical miles underwater, a special force member suddenly mutters through their communication device, “There seems to be something in front.”

Spades A orders, “Use cold fireworks.”

Diamond Five immediately took out two gold fireworks before tossing them to the sides.

These cold fireworks immediately light up the seabed. When all of them saw the things in front, all of them gasped.

Numerous great white sharks are swimming around in the water like wild beast protecting their territory, safeguarding this area.

Spades A gnashes his teeth and says, “This bunch is ruthless! It is too dangerous to pass through here!”

“Shoot them down?”

Liu Hongxian took out her underwater rifle.

“Cannot, ” Spades A shakes his head, “The moment there is a smell of blood, it will stir up the vicious nature of these sharks. Our guns only have a single bullet which is not enough to kill all of these sharks. Furthermore, these sharks are incomparably ferocious. With their rough skin and thick flesh, we will not be able to kill one without two or more shots. It will be a waste of bullets.”

Liu Hongxian became anxious, “What should we do now…the mission does not wait for us! Could it be that we can’t even pass this stage?”

At this moment, Liu Yi let go of Liu Hongxian’s propulsion device and swims forward, “Leave it to me.”

The special force members were all shocked. Especially Spades A. He stares at Liu Yi in surprise. Although he is wearing a communication device, speaking underwater cannot be compared to speaking on the surface. It is very hard to speak underwater and even harder to let others hear what you say clearly.

While his voice was clearly transmitted to everyone’s ear which made Spades A feel disbelief!

Could this be the mystical voice transmission?

At this moment, Liu Yi had already swum forward. He is like a swimming fish as he swims into the sharks.

The sharks seem to sense something getting close and start becoming frenetic.

They did not really tear into Liu Yi. Instead, they dodged away like they are running away from something even scarier.

Liu Yi floats there as he releases his dragon might!

These great white sharks had really received a shock. All of them rush to escape hating that they cannot grow a few more tails to help them swim away!

Within moments, all of the great white sharks that had gathered here had all completely disperse with not a single one remaining.

“What is going on?”

Spades A is unable to conceal his shock. He is unclear just what is going on! Why did the sharks scatter? Everything seems to be exceeding what I know of!

Liu Hongxian is not surprised as she immediately turns on the propulsion unit and swims forward.

The rest of the special force members glance at each other, this fellow is mysterious!

The mission is more important, thus they do not care or question as they hurry forward.

They swam the remaining hundred nautical miles very swiftly. It seems like the USA people believed in their sharks, thus they did not have any other defensive measure.

They got close to the oil rig very easily. Based on the plans they had obtained of the oil rig, there is indeed an underwater security passageway that they can enter.

Spades A wrenched open the safety plug before opening the passageway and jumps in.

The rest of the people follow behind him as they enter a single person wide passageway.

Liu Hongxian is in front of Liu Yi. Watching her sways her butt, Liu Yi’s throat turns slightly dry.

This task is really testing people.

He calms down his emotions and adjusts his breathing to avoid letting his imagination run wild.

Spades A order, “Everyone do not make any sound. Wait for me to go out first.”

There should be two guards guarding the outside of this passageway.

He stealthily leans forward his body out of the passageway before stretching out two hands and grabs the two guards by their necks and smashes their heads together.

The two guards grunt before fainting.

Spades A jumps out with the rest of the special force members following behind.

Two special force members swiftly took off the guards’ attire before putting it on and walking out of this small room.

Very soon, two people return dragging two guards back.

The other two special force members also changed into the attire before leaving and after a while, they brought back two more people.

Spades A changes into the attire when Liu Hongxian opens her combat attire. Inside she is wearing black skin-tight clothing. Although it seems her figure is explosive, but it did not expose herself completely.

The special force members flush seeing this.

It is impossible to say that they do not like such beauty. But she is their superior thus none of them dare to think too much.

Diamond Five looks at Liu Yi, “One more left, I’ll go and get it.”

Just as he was about to walk out, he was stopped by Liu Yi, “No need. I’ll do it myself.”

He turns around as the clothing he is wearing turns into the guard’s attire.

This move causes the special force members to be stunned! What is this? Magic?

“Okay let us go.”

Liu Yi did not care about their surprise as he opened the door and walked out.

Outside is a long corridor and occasionally there are guards patrolling.

Now that the seven of them are wearing guards attire, no one sees through them.

They successfully walk over to the elevator but there are two armed soldiers standing in front of it.

Seeing them walking over, one of the soldiers immediately shouts, “Password!”

Spades A and the rest immediately became nervous as their hands subconsciously touched their waist.

Who knows the password! Looks like a huge fight might happen here!

“California Chicken.”

Liu Yi only replies in English and the soldier immediately gives way and moves to the side.

The special force members were startled, how did he know the password?

The password in this place changes daily and he had only just arrived here…could it be he had guessed it? How is it possible?

Liu Yi and the rest walk into the elevator and start descending.

On the elevator, Spades A finally cannot help but ask, “That…how did you know the password?”

“Because I saw his memories.”

Liu Yi smiles but provokes Spades A snort, “If you do not wish to say then shut up.”

Liu Yi is very innocent. I am telling the truth but am unable to obtain the belief of others!

Alas, indeed nowadays, the truth cannot be said!

Liu Yi only shrugs his shoulders.

At this moment, the alarm suddenly blares out as red warning lights flash in the elevator!

The faces of Spades A and the rest changes!

“What the fuck, could it be that they discovered those guards?”


Chapter 902   [Things are going wrong!]

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  1. I just like to say that, I think it really unnatural that seven guard are roaming around in this type of facility, and though it may be not that likely but isn’t a secret facility like this, where everyone more or less know everyone or something like that? well nevermind that i guess… just me going to far into reallity.

    Thank for the chapter! Notice me Fuji-sensei!

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    • No you are right, its a secret facility on a oil rig, lets be generous and say there is a hundred staff, those will be mostly scientists. At most there should be 30 soldiers. They would be stationed there for years. They wouldn’t be asking password they would be adressing each other by name. There would be a chance disguising as a scientist would get you by a soldier as they may not mingle, but it would be low odds. Remember this is a secret facility, it isnt a stronghold, its not defended by a huge arm its defended by being unknown, the more staff you have the less unknown it is.

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      • Okay thoughts so, in fact i wasn’t even sure what was an oil rig ahah. i just verify to comfirm this guess now, well not far from what imagine in my mind. but well it still stay the same, like wtf no one suspect 7 random dude, well let just say that if fictional and magic is at work here. and now that i have comfirm it what an oil rig is this is even more out that they dont at least know that they are fake i mean, let continue with the 30 guard, it is obvious that they all know each other, after all they’re job is this protect this place they would be asked to remember at least every guard and maybe all the scientist face. at least i would ask that as the bare minimum if it were me. and i also thought that now but since they are asian isn’t even more spotted? i mean commun 7 random asian guard going around is spotted as though the sun was there XD

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