MKW Chapter 901

Chapter 901  [Title below]


Liu Hongxian had always taken pride in being part of the Military Intelligence 12th department. Before getting to know Liu Yi, she was the up and coming female successor to the 12th department.

Her permission appears to be quite a lot and seems to not be any lower to Long San.

Ever since knowing Liu Hongxian till now, Liu Yi realized that she always had the role of a senior officer and there has never been anyone being her senior before.

But thinking about it, it is also right. This woman is born with a powerful aura and is not willing to be under someone else.

If this were in the ancient era, she would be the same kind of character as Wu Zetian, the Tang Empress!

Liu Hongxian drives the off-road vehicle without being stopped through the base.

Liu Hongxian drove the two of them and stops in front of a barracks before she stops and jumps off.

At this moment, there is already a row of special forces soldiers standing in their special war attire. All of them are fully armed, looking valiant, and formidable.

One guy with a colonel rank is standing in front of these special forces soldiers with strong haughtiness on his face.

“Senior Colonel Liu. I have brought over the people that you are looking for.”

Liu Yi says in his heart. So Liu Hongxian’s military rank is senior colonel?

How old is she? Around 27? And she is already a senior colonel?

Above senior colonel is a major general! A character of a general rank!

This means that in just a few more years, would Liu Hongxian become a female general?

Tsk, tsk…indeed she is not an ordinary woman!

“Senior colonel. These people are all soldiers who have taken part in a war before and fought against terrorists. You can just hand over the task to us. You are a woman. Just stay in the rear to command us!”

“Thank you for your kind intention.”

Liu Hongxian smiles, “Commanding from the rear has never been my character.”

She cast off her windbreaker, showing the war attire underneath, “Not only me, my assistant will also be part of the operation this time.”


That colonel looks into the vehicle to see Liu Yi who is lying inside. His lips instantly twitched, “What is this. Senior Colonel Liu, you don’t believe in us? To find a person to help you? Senior Colonel Liu, the task this time is not a joke. We can die at any moment. Let me say something that sounds bad, even if you are not afraid of sending your assistant to death, we do not wish to bring along another obstruction.”

Liu Yi who is sitting in the car says, “You guys can ignore me if I get into danger.”

This causes the officer to choke back down his words.

A few of the members of the special forces behind him cannot help but laugh, making the senior colonel immediately turn around and glare at them.

“What are you guys laughing for! 100 push-ups on the spot!”

The special forces members do not dare to say anything and immediately get down and start doing push-ups.

Liu Hongxian glanced over. Inner quality is not bad but t they are all too arrogant.

“I shall be in charge of my own people. You choose your own people.” Liu Hongxian says, “Choose five of the most elite soldiers and we shall set off immediately. Upon reaching the plane, we shall start our discussion.”

“Do you hear it?”

The officer stands in front of those people doing pushups and shouts, “If you are men then don’t let Senior Colonel look down on you! Those that feel that you can complete the task stand up!”

The moment he finished, all of the special forces soldiers stand up with their hands behind their back and upright.

“Not bad, all of you are indeed qualified. But right now only 5 of us can go!”

Liu Hongxian can hear the other deep intentions in this officer’s words. He is taking the opportunity to say that I am seizing the quota.

Forget it. Let him say what he wants. At that time, he will understand.

The officer points out four people, “The four of you follow me and settle this task!”

Liu Hongxian is slightly surprised, “Spades A, you are also going personally as well?”

Liu Yi thinks in his heart, Spades A? This name is rather interesting.

Could it be that these special force members’ code names are arranged according to the cards?

Spades A says, “Of course. The mission this time is very important. I will only be relieved if I personally lead the team!”

Liu Hongxian looks at her watch and says, “Fine then. Let’s set off now.”

“Senior Colonel just watch.”

Spade A presses his earpiece and says, “Black Falcon One, prepare to set off.”

While they are speaking, the base trembles as the ground by the side slowly split open.

A vertical takeoff and landing aircraft slowly floats out from inside before the butt of the airplane slowly opens up towards the ground, showing an entrance to let people enter.

“Let us go.”

Liu Hongxian jumps back into the off-road vehicle before driving it up the plane.

The inside of the plane is not that big but it can park an off-road vehicle.

The special force members also board the plane and the plane doors close.

Instantly a drawing is hanged on the wall appearing in front of everyone.

“After two hours we will arrive at the destination.”

On it is the drawing of an oil rig and is the oil rig that Liu Yi had seen from that Security Official’s mind.

“This is the plan for the oil rig which we had obtained by paying a huge sum of money to one of the past designers of this oil rig.”

Liu Hongxian says, “All of you look here. This place is a very long underwater passageway. We estimate that there is a secret military base here. As for what military secrets are inside, it is up to us to discover it. At that time, we will enter from this path before taking down the guards there and change into their clothes before descending to lower levels through the lift.”

Liu Hongxian presents simply before saying cautiously, “This mission is nine deaths and one survivor. It is possible that we will not return. There is still time for those who wish to withdraw.”

“Is there anyone who wishes to withdraw??”

Spades A look around and the rest of the special force soldiers did not say anything except keeping their head high and chest out.

Liu Yi has slight admiration in his heart. It is because of these people that ordinary citizens can sleep in their homes in peace.

“Senior Colonel, none of us here are afraid of death.”

Spade A is very satisfied as he says to Liu Hongxian, “Furthermore as the leader of the special force squad, I request that Senior Colonel to stay behind and oversee from the rear, directing the overall situation!”

“This is not possible!” Liu Hongxian shakes her head, “I am a person from the Military Intelligence 12th Branch. I must know what is inside this oil rig! You all do not fear death while I, Liu Hongxian will not freeload!”

Spades A thinks rapidly and says, “Senior Colonel Liu. It is not me trying to be rude but you are a woman, it does not make us able to feel reassured!”

Liu Hongxian is slightly angered. “What you say is too much! I have also gone through training at the Black Dragon Military Base and you still look down on my skills?”

Spades A smiles and says, “Senior Colonel Liu, how about this. Choose any one of the special force members behind me! As long as you can persevere against any of them for a minute, I will withdraw what I had said earlier. If you are unable to persevere then you shall be the overseer of this mission. How about it?”


Liu Hongxian’s temper is easily affected when being questioned if she is up to the task. Spades A immediately becomes happy and secretly gives those behind him a look.

Liu Yi can see that they are planning to be ruthless. Perhaps they might knock out Liu Hongxian and make her sleep until the mission is over.

Their intentions are good but they are looking down on others.

With me around, Liu Hongxian will not be in any danger.

After all, it is only bringing Liu Hongxian to an oil rig. Not a trip to the Great God Sect, thus Liu Yi still has this bit of confidence.

But Liu Yi’s attitude is like he is watching a show. Seeing that there is a pack of roasted peanuts in the vehicle, he impolitely takes it and opens it.

Hearing Liu Yi tearing open the packaging, Liu Hongxian immediately turns around and glares at him, “You better leave some for me.”

I am about to go all-out fighting and he is eating peanuts like nothing is going on!

Too shameless!

“I know, I know.”

Liu Yi waves her off as he continues to eat the peanuts.

Although Liu Hongxian is very valiant, she is a woman thus she has low resistance towards snacks.

Liu Hongxian points at a special force soldier and says, “You!”

Indeed, she chooses the member that appears to have the biggest fist.

That brother is 1.8m tall and is full of muscles. Hearing Liu Hongxian choosing him, he immediately steps forward.

“Diamond Five, don’t throw the game.”

Spades A laughs secretly by the side, “Although our Senior Colonel Liu is a beauty, if you throw the game, it will be a huge humiliation to her.”

“That’s right. Use your full strength!”

Liu Hongxian shook her finger at that special force soldier.

He immediately lowered his body before leaping towards her.

His fist punches out towards her heart.

If this punch really hits her, Liu Hongxian might faint due to a short moment of paralysis of her heart.

But Liu Hongxian is also not to be trifled with. Although she is surprised by the opponent’s ferocity, she leans to the side and moves out of the way of the punch.

At the same time, her hands grab his arm planning to borrow his strength to toss Diamond Five out.

While Diamond Five only smiles as he seizes the opportunity to slap towards her nape.

Liu Hongxian did not know it as she is wholeheartedly focusing on flipping to Diamond Five.

Liu Yi smiles. Seeing this scene, he picks up a roasted peanut and flicks it out.

This peanut hits Diamond Five’s forehead making him cry out in pain as he covers his head while retreating.

Although he had learned before Hard Qigong this peanut actually caused him to feel pain. This causes Spade A who noticed Liu Yi cheating to be shocked.

“What is going on?”

Liu Hongxian still did not know. She only hears Diamond Five crying out in pain. Not only was he not thrown out by her, he pulled back his arm as he retreated.

“You are cheating!”

Spades A look at Liu Yi unhappily, “What hidden weapon did you use to play such tricks!”

“The enemies that you are going to face are people who are unscrupulous.”

Liu Yi continues to toss the roasted peanut into his mouth as he says, “They will not fight fairly against you guys. Liu Hongxian will be protected by me. You all play on your own. She will be perfectly fine and there is no need for all of you to worry.”


The atmosphere in the place instantly became strained.


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