MKW Chapter 900

Chapter 900  [Title below]


Pieces of flesh start growing out from the skeleton.

Like rebirth once again, Liu Yi’s body reappears in front of the two women.

Just that he is naked. His dick stands up in front of the two women making their faces turn red.

At this moment, Liu Yi did not care how handsome he looks. Right now, his entire person is not feeling well.

Although he had fused together with Xiao Taiji, turning himself into a weapon that can sustain the Demon sword technique.

But a bestial desire continuously batters against Liu Yi’s body. Liu Yi knows that if this continues on, he will lose his reasoning and turn into an evil beast from head to tail!

I cannot let this situation happen!

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he suppresses this beast-like desire of his!

At this moment, Liu Yi’s right-hand trembles as a white light flies out.

Anna’s figure appears in front of Liu Yi and she is panicking.

“What is the matter? Why do I feel like there is a powerful evil energy in your body?”

After the Netherworld Angels were dealt with, the person affecting Anna is gone.

But Anna rather enjoys being in Liu Yi’s body. There is a warm power inside Liu Yi’s body that makes her very comfortable, letting her have a deep sleep inside in peace.

But right now, an evil power appeared making Anna feel cold like she had fallen into an icehouse.

Thus she hurriedly runs out from Liu Yi’s body and jumps out.

Seeing Anna, a hunger arises involuntarily within Liu Yi.

Anna seems to turn very delicious…and this is not merely a carnal desire but a type of appetite!

He wishes to eat Anna…a naked bare desire!

Liu Yi hurriedly controls this desire of his. Making people want to salivate…

Seeing Liu Yi’s appearance is strange, Anna asks in worry, “Liu Yi? What is the matter?”

“Anna…” Liu Yi swallows his saliva, “You look very delicious…”

Anna’s face instantly turns red as she says stammeringly, “What…what nonsense are you saying..”

“I…I also do not know…”

Liu Yi does not know why he would say such things but he understood that the girl opposite him had comprehended his words wrongly.

“But…you really look delicious…”

“Big idiot! Did your dick take over your mind!”

Lin Tong appears by Liu Yi’s side and slaps his shoulder, “How can you say such things to Anna! It is uncalled for! Put on your clothes first! What are you, an exhibitionist?”

“No, no, no…it is not what you girls are thinking of…”

As Liu Yi let Little Jade cover him with a black attire, he hurriedly explained, “It, it is a kind of urge to really eat a person…”

“Did you turn into a wild beast?” Lin Tong is slightly shocked, “This is also….too scary… what technique did you use on yourself!”

“No worries…I am can control it…”

Liu Yi takes a deep breath as he touches his chest and says, “Perhaps it is Anna’s unique ability which is rather alluring to me…talking about this, the holy powers are very interesting.”

Recalling those abilities of Anna, Liu Yi envies her.

Next time when I capture an angel, let’s engulf them and see what happens!

Wouldn’t I be able to obtain their ability!

Choosing to turn into this…perhaps it is not a wrong decision!

No matter what, I must let myself become stronger!

No matter is it Moon Dream Sutra or holy power, I shall obtain all of them!

Little Lass. Wait for me. Lord will definitely save you!

Thinking till here, Liu Yi plans to check his newly obtained power when at this moment, Little Jade suddenly sends him a message.

{Master, Liu Hongxian is calling you!}

{Ah? Right!}

Only then did Liu Yi recall that earlier, he was still discussing with Liu Hongxian regarding the matter of dealing with USA’s plan but, in the middle of the discussion, he had met the Great God Sect Sect Leader.

She must be worried mad!

Liu Yi checks and indeed, over these few days, she has made over a hundred phone calls!

Liu Yi waves his hand and picks up Liu Hongxian’s call.

“Liu Yi! Are you fine! Where did you run off to!”

The moment the call connected, a succession of inquiry came!

Although she is inquiring, it is not hard to hear Liu Hongxian’s anxious tone.

She must be very worried.

Liu Yi hurriedly explains, “Sorry, sorry. Back then I met an enemy and fought with him, thus I suddenly disappeared…sorry for letting the group worry!”

“Hmph! Glad that you know!” Liu Hongxian humph before starting to say with worry, “Did you get injured fighting against your enemy? Then you should stay and rest then…”

“What is the matter. Leader, just say it!”

Liu Yi knows that something definitely must have happened to Liu Hongxian.

Liu Hongxian hesitates a bit before saying, “Nothing. We can complete it ourselves.”

Liu Yi chases for an answer, “What are you being polite with me for? Don’t hide things. Just say it.”

“It is still that task. We found the oil rig that you discovered and realized that there is a huge energy signal source there. We estimate that this is a secret base that the USA had constructed. Thus today we need to go and carry out a mission there…the mission target is to destroy USA’s Project X!”

“It is likely that this task is very dangerous. The danger level is 12 stars!”

Liu Yi says in his heart, since it is Project X that USA attached importance to, then the defense will definitely be tight!

Even if I don’t go, Liu Hongxian still has to go!

But Liu Yi will not feel relieved letting her go.

“I know. But this is a task from the country. If I cannot complete it, I will become the sinner of the entire country.”

“It’s not that serious. I’ll go with you.”

Since the Security Official went to find Bullate, it means that that place might have some fallen creatures standing guard.

No matter how outstanding Liu Hongxian and her special agents are, how can they deal with fallen creatures?

Liu Yi asked, “Where you are.”

“Fine. Since you wish to come then come to our base. I will send you the coordinates.”

After Liu Hongxian speaks, Little Jade immediately receives coordinates.

“I’ll pick you up at the gate of the base. You must move fast as we will take action tonight.”

“Understood,” replied Liu Yi before hanging up the call.

“Immortal Fox Sister and Meng Xi, return. We are leaving now.”


The two beauties nod their heads before returning to Liu Yi’s body.

Liu Yi feels that he is wasting natural resources recklessly. Carrying on him two beauties but he has never used them before…

The moment he thinks about this, that evil desire in his mind turns even heavier.

Gods, after refining Demon Sword Technique into my body, I don’t know if it is a blessing or calamity! But for my Little Lass, even if it is hell I shall descend!

Anna asks, “Where are you going?”

“Can you send me over there.”

After Liu Yi says out the coordinates that Liu Hongxian had given him, he asks, “Can you still reside in my body?”

“Yes…but it is no longer possible for your hand…”

Anna says, “That sinister aura on your body is too heavy. I need to find a slightly lighter place…over here…”

As she speaks, Anna embraces Liu Yi from the back.

Instantly they travel through space and time and appear in the desert!

It is night time outside and the desert is slightly cold. But to Liu Yi who is a cultivator, the temperatures no longer inconvenience him anymore.

As for Anna, she had disappeared while a pair of white wing tattoos appeared on Liu Yi’s back.

For Liu Yi who travels extensively every day, he cannot arrange Anna outside. Thus letting her reside in his body is the best option.

“Liu Yi, over here!”

Looking at the faraway military base in front of him should be the place that Liu Hongxian was talking about.

Indeed, Liu Hongxian is currently standing at the entrance of the base with an off-road vehicle underneath here as she waves at Liu Yi.

The patrolling soldiers at the entrance to the base have some discrepancy because Liu Yi appears in the middle of the barren desert on his own!

Could it be that he walked over on his own feet? How is that possible! This is a desert!

Wouldn’t he die from thirst or heat if he walked over!

How can an ordinary person do it? What is the background of this guy who had mysteriously appeared?

Liu Yi does not care about other people’s gaze as he walks over to Liu Hongxian. He presses his hand on the vehicle and jumps in before sitting beside Liu Hongxian with his legs hanging in front of the vehicle.

The surrounding soldiers were taken back! Liu Hongxian’s rank in their base is not low! Who would dare to be so arrogant in front of a senior officer!

“When are we setting off?”

“After an hour. We will set off together with the special forces.”

As Liu Hongxian drives the vehicle deep into the base she says, “These peoples’ tempers are rather fiery. At that time don’t speak. Just follow me and keep quiet.”

“As you command! I shall follow leader’s command!”

Liu Yi does a military salute which makes Liu Hongxian roll her eyes.

“But leader. Why are we letting ordinary people take part in this matter? Why can’t the two of us deal with it on our own? To be honest, you also do not need to go. Just let me go on my own.”

“This is our task. You are considered as meddling.”

Liu Hongxian explains, “Even if you are the Law Enforcer, you cannot go beyond your authority and get involved with another department’s job as you please. By bringing you along, it can be considered as me abusing my rights.”

“You cannot put it like this, right? With me alone, we can sacrifice a lot fewer people’s lives!”

Liu Yi uses a questioning tone, “The top does not have this ability to judge?”

“This is different.”

Liu Hongxian’s gaze turned very serious. “Liu Yi, you must understand that we are soldiers. And a soldier’s duty is to obey orders! We use the funds and items supplied by the government not to become a vermin! Carrying out our task is our glory. If one day, we die on the battlefield, it is also our glory! Liu Yi. If we these soldiers become greedy for life and afraid of death when we see a task, then who shall protect China?”

[TL: honestly I agree to the above except that this is a 100% death mission with zero possibility of success in any manner or disruption except to let the enemy know that others know of this place and that they need to improve defense and increase surveillance so it is retarded to even think that it is a fucking glory to carry out this mission. Especially since it is still not yet do-or-die and they are being sent out to suicide.]

Liu Hongxian’s words cause Liu Yi to be slightly ashamed. Perhaps I am thinking a bit selfishly…

I should feel proud that China has Liu Hongxian.

“Wrong, aren’t you from military intelligence? Why did you run over to this place?”

“The mission this time is us acting together with the special forces.”

Liu Hongxian’s words carry a trace of pride, “Military Intelligence 12th department is in charge of all secret intelligence! It can be said that every single special force operation is linked to us!”


Chapter 900   [Soldier’s honor]

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  2. “Especially since it is still not yet do-or-die and they are being sent out to suicide.”

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