MKW Chapter 9

Chapter 9 [I am afraid of height]



When the little loli sees the messy face and clothed Liu Yi, she instantly thought that a demon and came out from the trees and wanted to eat her, frightening her to cry out.

Liu Yi is instantly at a lost.

Gods…this…what the heck ah

“Little girl, big brother is not a demon. big brother is a human ah!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he pulls on his cheeks with his hand.

His action represents that his skin is real and is not transformed one.

“Rea, really….”

The little loli sniffles before pitifully looking at Liu Yi.

This little loli is too cute already, with her watery eyes, her killing power is very strong.

Liu Yi says in his heart, luckily I am not a pedophile.

“If you do not believe then you pull.”

Liu Yi bends down and moves his face closer.

The little loli stretches out her hand and gently tugs on Liu Yi’s cheek.

“Real…also very warm…Big brother, Xiao Ying is sorry for treating you like a demon…”

The little loli wipes away her tears and stop crying.

{What is the matter with demons. How is a demon not good…}

The little fox starts nagging by Liu Yi’s ear again.

My gosh, this girl is almost like Tang San chanting beside me already!

Liu Yi ask: “That, little girl where is your mother?”

“Mama went to the carpark to get the car…Xiao Ying is playing here but my balloon is stuck in the tree…”

Looking at the Minnie mouse balloon stuck in the trees, the little loli’s tears start to form again.

“Xiao Ying don’t cry. Big brother will help you take it down.”


The little loli looks at the 4-5 meters tall tree and says: “but….this tree is very tall…”

“No worries. Leave it to me!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he bends down and pretends to tie his shoelace while softly asking the little fox, “Is your Immortal Qi…able to let me jumps up 4-5 meters?”

Liu Yi asked filled with expectation.

{Are you crazy! Do you think that this miss is your battery?!}

The little fox starts cursing Liu Yi.

{To jump 4-5 meters high you must at least open your first-star jade and start cultivating!}.

Liu Yi immediately asks: “What star jade…is there enough time to do it now?”

{Of course there is not enough time!}

The little fox starts cursing, {You trash. Do you think that cultivating is just a matter of a sentence or two?! To open the first-star jade and step into the cultivation world needs a lot of preparation! Normally a person can’t enter. You are so fortunate and met this lady! With this lady instructing you, you will walk a lesser curved route!}

“That…let’s talk about it in future!”

Liu Yi looks at the teary-eyed loli and says in his heart, where do I have so much time to prepare now…

He takes a deep breath as the strange feeling starts to revolve in his body.

The blood in his body starts to circulate swiftly.

{Are you crazy why are you wasting this miss’s immortal qi again!}

Lin Tong immediately shouts, {Oi, oi, oi don’t be like this ah! You are going to suck this miss dry!}

Sweat… it sounds so sinister….

Liu Yi’s face turns red but he did not waste time.

He retreats a few steps and with a run-up, he runs like the wind towards the tree.

Liu Yi feels like he is a parkour expert with many years of experience as he steps on the tree trunk runs up vertically a few steps.

He feels that on his legs there is a mysterious attractive force that pulls on his body, allowing him to stick to the tree trunk.

But this mysterious feeling quickly disappears as his body suddenly turns heavy and starts to fall towards the ground.

At this moment, Liu Yi is already 2 meters up the tree. He shrieks and swiftly hugs the tree trunk tightly.

After sliding down a bit, Liu Yi finally halts the descend.

Liu Yi is so frightened that his heart is beating rapidly.

The little loli below also cries out, “Big brother you are a superman ah!!”

Superman…what superman ah…

I was almost frightened to death…

This is the first time I had to do such an extreme thing ah!

Liu Yi’s heart is beating so fast that it is almost flying out. He wipes away his sweat and feels that his forehead is chilly.

{You are really crazy!!! This miss’s immortal qi is being wasted like this by you!!!}

Lin Tong’s heart is bleeding.

Liu Yi immediately says: “Helping people is the foundation of human beings.”

{This lady does not care! This lady is not a human! This lady is….an immortal fairy!!!}

“Yes, yes, yes. Immortal Fairy lady, don’t screw up. Just a bit more will be enough.”

As Liu Yi speaks he takes a breath as his blood circulation increases, making his body become lighter.

Borrowing this feeling, Liu Yi is as agile as a monkey as he climbs up the three and helps the loli take the balloon down.

“Wah! Big brother is the best!”

The little loli happily claps her hand together.

Just as he is about to go down, Liu Yi’s legs start trembling as he starts sweating.

Lin Tong taunts by his ears, {What is the matter, big hero. Go down ah. Do you want to be up the tree forever?}

“I, I….”

{What is the matter with you?}

“I am afraid of heights…”



Chapter 9 [I am afraid of height!!]


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