MKW Chapter 899

Chapter 899  [Title below]


“Good friend?”

Hearing this, Liu Yi got stunned. But thinking about it for a bit, it is also strange. How would my master know that I got into trouble in Washington when he was in Jingdou’s Keda.

“Of course. Come and take a look at this kid.”

“Immeasurable Tian Zun!”

A slightly sloppy-looking Taoist walks out from the side. He is holding a horsetail whisk and looks decent.

Ma Hua sighs and says to this ‘good friend’ of him, “Dao Ran you tell him.”

“Leave it to this poor Taoist then.” That old Taoist walks over to Liu Yi’s side as he strokes his beard and says, “This little friend. This Taoist had used Zhou Tian Bagua to help you calculate your fate. Your current path is full of danger. It is best not to proceed on.”

“Fuck off! Who do you think you are!”

Liu Yi instantly became angered as he insisted on leaving. 

“Liu Yi! Sit down right now!” Shouted Ma Hua causing Liu Yi to calm down slightly.

“Why don’t you take a look at yourself! What is the current condition of your own body? If it was not for Dao Ran calculating that you would meet danger in Washington, do you think that you would talk to us now?”

“Master! No matter what, I must go back!” exclaim Liu Yi as he clenches his fist.

Dao Ran says, “Little friend, listen to this taoist. The current you is not the opponent of that person!”

Liu Yi is unconvinced, “How can you determine that?”

“Stinky kid. You are too arrogant to speak to Dao Ran in this manner!”

Ma Hua snorts, “Do you know who is this friend of mine? Let me tell you. Before he became a taoist, he was a famous cultivator in the cultivation world, Chen Wenhang!”

Chen Wenhang?

Liu Yi faintly feels like he had heard of this person before.

Liu Yi asks Lin Tong, {Immortal Fox Sister. Have you heard of this Chen Wenhang?}

{Never.} replies Lin Tong as she shakes her head.

But Meng Xi seems to recall something as she exclaims, {Ah! Benefactor! This servant seems to know this person! Chen Wenhang…it seems like he was very powerful back then…}

{Which sect is he from?}

{This…this servant forgot…anyways he was very impressive…}

Meng Xi is unable to recall clearly.

Just which sacred being is this Chen Wenhang?

“Thank you Brother Ma for your compliment.”

While Chen Wenhang waved it off with a modest laugh, “Compared to the famous Brother Ma, I am nothing much. I am slightly proficient in the Book of Changes’ physiognomy which is not worth mentioning.”

[TL: Physiognomy- for chinese is the reading of a person’s fate through their face/ fortune telling]

“Your physiognomy is super impressive!” Ma Hua says with admiration, “Back then how many people begged to ask you to help them perform a physiognomy. Today consider it as me begging you to help this disappointing disciple to calculate his fate!”

“Since brother Ma has said so, then this Taoist shall naturally help.”

Chen Wenhang narrows his eyes and looks at Liu Yi, “This little friend, if this Taoist did not calculate wrongly, it should be the person whom you love who was snatched away by others?”

“These are what I had said earlier. You should have guessed it already.” Liu Yi snorts, “This is not anything new.”

“Hahaha, this person is the biggest heart devil in your heart. This Taoist did not calculate wrongly, right?”

Liu Yi instantly turned taciturn, this, I never told anyone that before.

“This Taoist had calculated that this person’s strength, definitely is one of the top in the six realms! Based on his current state, you are still not his opponent.”

Chen Wenhang’s words cause Liu Yi to become more and more apprehensive.

Just how much does this bloody Taoist know?

“Then…based on what Taoist sees, what should I do?”

“Actually sometimes, to obtain your objective, there is no harm in using some extreme methods.”

Chen Wenhang’s words contain profound theory.

“What does Taoist mean? Why don’t you state clearly?”

“Hahaha, cannot be said, cannot be said.”

Unexpectedly this old Taoist purposefully holds it in suspense and says, “But I can give a suggestion. Among your enemies, perhaps there is someone worthy of you to learn from.”

“A person who is worthy of me learning from?”

Liu Yi pauses for a moment while Ma Hua says in annoyance, “You stinky Taoist! At this point in time, you still want to toy with my disciple!”

“Heaven mysteries must not be revealed. Heaven mysteries must not be revealed!”

The old Taoist continues to be mysterious as he says, “Some things need to be comprehended by your disciple!”

“Scram you old thing!!”

Ma Hua cultivated the devil path for a long time thus his temper was not very good. With how Chen Wenhang is continuously keeping people on tenterhooks, it makes him in a bad mood.

“Hahaha, this anxious temper of yours. You need to go and cultivate your mentality.”

“All of my cultivation has already been scattered! Fuck off!” Ma Hua snorts, “As long as I can bring my disciple up properly it is enough!”

“Master. I am fine…”

As Liu Yi speaks, he bears his pain and gets off the bed. After which he drinks the cup of tea that his master had poured for him.

A surge of warm flows up from this stomach into his 5 viscera and 6 bowels.

Liu Yi became a lot more comfortable. This tea is indeed as effective as what master had said.

Ma Hua says, “Stay at my place and recover properly. This place is peaceful.”

“There is no need master. I wish to go and do a very important matter.”

“You stinky brat! Still wish to snatch her back?”

“No. I wish to strengthen myself. I am going to cultivate.”

Ma Hua is slightly worried, “Really? Your injuries are still not healed!”

“No worries. Disciple’s body is cast from steel.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he did not turn back to look as he walked off, making Ma Hua sigh.

“This stinky brat has the same temper as me!”

Chen Wenhang strokes his beard as he smiles merrily and says, “Fortunes and sorrow are the same. Perhaps to him, it is a fortune.”

“What do you mean by that! Stinky Taoist, can’t you say clearer?”

“Let’s drink tea, drink tea!”

“Drink your sister!”

The two old men are quarreling nonstop while at this moment, Liu Yi had reached the fake pond in Keda and jumped in.

Right now the underground laboratory in Keda had already been emptied out, leaving behind a very large empty space which is very safe and can be used by him as a cultivation ground!

After he swims out from the lake and lands in the center of the underground cave, there is not a single drop of water on him.


Meng Xi transforms into her original form as a beautiful woman lands by his side, “Let servant stand guard for you.”

“Okay…” Liu Yi nods his head before summoning out his taiji sword.

Liu Yi grabs Xiao Taiji as he calls out, “Immortal Fox Sister, come out as well.”

“What is the matter?” Lin Tong transformed into her human form. She is wearing the fire-god armor as she stands in front of Liu Yi, “Why did you summon me?”

“Immortal Fox Sister. Meng Xi. The two of you help guard me together.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he waves his hand, “Emotion Sword Technique!”

The two women let out a moan as two beautiful swords fly out from their bodies and float in the air.

He returns b the two emotion swords into the hands of the two women and says, “If something scary happens to me later…the two of you must kill me.”

“Your sister! What are you saying!”

Lin Tong glares at Liu Yi, “What do you mean by killing you! What do you want to do?”

“I shall learn from Liu Haisheng.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he raised Xiao Taiji, “Immortal Fox Sister and Meng Xi. If something really happens, you must not be softhearted!”

Without waiting for Lin Tong or Meng Xi to stop him, he stabs Xiao Taiji into his stomach.

“Be careful!”

Lin Tong pulls Meng Xi and immediately retreats.

An eye-catching white light erupts out from Liu Yi’s body spreading out in all directions.

The two women use their individual emotion sword technique to block this scary shockwave!

Liu Yi knees there with Xiao Taiji stabbed in his stomach.

As it is his sword, Xiao Taiji did not consume its master’s flesh and blood.

While the reason Liu Yi does this is nothing but to combine with Xiao Taiji!

Demon Sword Technique. Liu Yi follows the traditional method to cultivate while Liu Haisheng’s method is slightly crueler!

He had turned himself into a demon sword. Liu Yi uses Xiao Taiji to engulf souls while Liu Haisheng uses himself to engulf souls!

Relying on engulfing souls, one can swiftly obtain strength and power!

But the price is…. the possibility of falling into the devil path and have a huge change in character!

But for a swift increase of strength, Liu Yi decided to give it a try!

After Xiao Taiji enters his body, there is a very intense tearing feeling.

This feeling very swiftly spreads out from his wound to the rest of his body.

Liu Yi clenches his teeth, not letting himself scream.

Bear with it…I must bear with it…

It is like millions of ants biting all of the blood vessels in his body making Liu Yi almost go crazy.

Damn it…too painful!

Xiao Taiji starts to break little by little before digging into Liu Yi’s body like roaming fishes before slowly spreading out.

He is currently combining with his Xiao Taiji!

If it was not because 40% of his current body is being formed from his qi, perhaps he might die from the pain.

All of the veins in Liu Yi’s body swells up proving just how much pain he is experiencing currently.

Really is painful…

{Give it up…give it up…}

It is like someone is whispering into his ears.

Liu Yi really wishes to give up. Based on my traditional cultivation method and my fake spirit vein, my improvement will still be as heavenly. Why is there a need to use such a painful method…

Just as Liu Yi is unable to take it and is about to give up, Ai Ling’s figure suddenly appears in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi stretches out his hand towards Ai Ling, “Little Lass…”

“Lord…” Little Lass also stretches her hand towards Liu Yi, “Forget about Little Lass…”

“Cannot!” Liu Yi’s eyes turn red, “Even if I die, I will not forget you!”

“Hahaha, she is mine!”

While Great God Sect Sect Leader appears behind Ai Ling and picks her up, “You trash, lie here and wait for your death!”

He sits up and stabs Xiao Taiji even more fiercely into his body!

No matter how painful the body is, it is not as painful as his heart!

Liu Yi lets out two deep roars as Xiao Taiji completely disappears within his body.

His body suddenly exploded just like that and transformed into a skeleton!


“Liu Yi!”

Meng Xi and Lin Tong were both badly frightened and their souls almost flew out!

Is Liu Yi…entering a qi deviation?

At this moment, the skeleton suddenly starts moving.


Chapter 899   [Evolution]

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