MKW Chapter 898

Chapter 898  [Title below]


“It’s you!”

Anger erupts in Liu Yi’s eyes, “Why did you come!”

“Hand over the Blood Lotus.”

What Great God Sect Sect Leader said is very shocking, making Liu Yi glare at him.

“What do you want the Blood Lotus for?”

“In your hands, Blood Lotus will be destined to fail.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader stretches out his hand while his other hand is behind his back as he says, “Hand it over to me! And I shall spare your life!”

Liu Yi cliches his fist, “Even if I die, I will not hand it over to you! Based on what, do you think that I won’t be able to revive her?! Right now I am a God Race! As long as I continue to condense my God Race True Blood, I will awaken my Little Lass!”


Great God Sect Leader sneers, “I know 500 years into the future and the past. How would I not know what you are capable of!”

“You can forget about obtaining the Blood Lotus!” As Liu Yi speaks, he revolves all of this cultivation as an eye-catching sun lights up from his back.

“You can only take it from my corpse!”

“Hmph! Do you think that you can protect it?”

As the Great God Sect Sect Leader speaks, he makes a move.

Instantly Liu Yi froze as that blood lotus that had grown to the size of a small baseball flies out and floats towards Great God Sect Sect Leader’s palm.

“Little Lass!”

Liu Yi exclaims as he stretches his hand towards the blood lotus.

Great God Sect Sect Leader snapped his finger causing a fire light to erupt out from the blood lotus which sent Liu Yi flying away.

“Damn it!”

Liu Yi flips up from the ground and wipes away the blood on his mouth.

By then, Great God Sect Sect Leader is already holding the blood lotus in his hand as it pulses.

“Give it back!”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn serious as he roars as his powerful avatar emerges behind him!

The avatar is holding four fire god swords as well as the Sky Splitting Golden Spear with two hands and leaps forward with Liu Yi towards the Great God Sect Sect Leader.

Liu Yi pulls out two swords, Xiao Taiji in his right hand and Through Heaven Sword in his left. After which he starts attacking Great God Sect Sect Leader madly.

Great God Sect Sect Leader stands there as he raises a finger.

Red flames surround his body like a protective barrier protecting Great God Sect Sect Leader.

When Liu Yi’s attack landed, it only created a spark and did not injure him!

Is Great God Sect Sect Leader’s power so heaven-defying? Are realm crossers so strong?

Liu Yi roars as he urges his qi.

His attacks became more and more savage as he drew sword lights in the air.

Great God Sect Sect Leader sneers, “Weakling. Could it be that you still do not understand the gap between us?”

“Argggg!!!! Damn it!”

Liu Yi’s heart is raging as he roars out urging all of his qi.

The sun on his back lights up brighter. His shirt can no longer contain this power and starts to break into fragments.

His different qis start condensing into his Fire-ice Armour which covers his powerful body which immediately increases his strength to its strongest state!

The avatar compresses down and shrouds his body giving his Fire-ice Armour a layer of golden radiance.

Four fire-god swords surround Liu Yi as they keep revolving, increasing this cultivation.

Golden light covers Liu Yi’s palm as he repeatedly hits out Glorious Sun Palm on that flame light.

Sparks keeps exploding out scattering all over the place.

While this flame did not shift. Great God Sect Sect Leader stands there unmoving behind that flame holding the blood lotus in his hand.

“Too weak. Really too weak.” Great God Sect Sect Leader sneers, “You using this Glorious Sun Palm is wasteful”

“Glorious Sun Palm! 13th palm!”

Liu Yi suddenly vomits blood as he forcefully pushes his cultivation base into using this final move of Glorious Sun Palm

Although he had already grasped the first 12 palms of Glorious Sun Palm, he still had not cultivated the final palm.

Lin Tong had warned Liu Yi that he can only properly use the 13th palm after he has obtained the cultivation of a realm crosser.

While at this moment, Liu Yi forcefully uses it causing his five viscera and six bowels to receive serious injuries.

His skin starts to turn slightly black while around his heart, a golden small sun tattoo starts to burn bit by bit releasing golden radiance!

Liu Yi’s eyes also erupt with golden light as his gaze turns firm!


This causes even Great God Sect Sect Leader to be slightly astonished, “Cultivation of four sun jades and you wish to use the 13th palm? Interesting. Interesting!”

“What’s even more interesting is coming now!” Liu Yi roars, “Die! Extinguishing the World!”

Liu Yi’s palms are perpendicular in front of him as he slowly closes them together.

It is like the surrounding had received a violent compression as they undulated ferociously!

Following the closing of his palms, the surroundings swiftly descend into darkness.

But when his palms touch each other, everything returns back from the darkness.

Darkness vanishes in Great God Sect Sect Leader’s position like the end of the world is coming as everything turns into nothing!

More blood seeped out from Liu Yi’s mouth as this move almost took away half of his life.

At this moment, a flame starts burning in the darkness.

Just like the stars in the sky starting a prairie fire, the flames spread out swiftly!

Instantly the entire world lights up again!

Great God Sect Sect Leader reappears in front of Liu Yi again as the world in the barrier also restores to its original appearance!

Liu Yi is no longer able to suppress it as he vomits out more blood.

“What a stupid fellow.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader mocks, “Before even obtaining that strength and you attempted to use a move of that strength! You are lucky to even be alive!”

Liu Yi wipes away the blood on his mouth as he supports his body and sneers, “For my Little Lass, so what if I pay with my life?”

“Tsk, but she died for you! You trash!”

Great God Sect Sect Leader says mockingly, “Why aren’t you dead, you worthless trash!”

After this, a flame arm flew out from his body before slapping Liu Yi, smashing him into the ground.

A deep hole instantly appears in the ground while Liu Yi is stuck in the hole, no longer moving.


Liu Yi lies in the hole as he faintly hears Great God Sect Sect Leader snort before he no longer knows anything.



Ai Ling suddenly opens her eyes as she stretches out her hand attempting to grab the guy she loves in front of her.

But her hand touches a guy in nine dragon robes in front of her causing her to be shocked.

“Who are you?” She frowns as she looks at the guy. “Who am I…”

At that instant, it is like she recalled something.

But right now, she has forgotten everything to the point where she does not even know who she is.

Great God Sect Sect Leader looks at the woman in front of him, unable to hide the delight inside his voice, “Do you wish to know who you are?”

“Of course I wish to know!”

Ai Ling holds her heart, “I feel….like there is something missing here…I must have forgotten something important…something that is even more important than myself…tell me! Tell me!”

“Sure I can tell you who you are.”

Great God Sect Sect Leader nods his head, “But in the future, you must work for me. Wait till you finish then I will tell you who you are!”


Ai Ling only forgot her memories but her intelligence did not change.

“Very good. Your first task is to cripple this person for me.”

As Great God Sect Sect Leader speaks, a flame appears on his palm.

That flame changes shape into the appearance of a guy and that guy is none other than Liu Yi!


Seeing him, Ai Ling’s gaze turns blurred but swiftly regain clarity.

“Who is he?”

Great God Sect Sect Leader says, “He is your enemy. It is him who caused you to die.”

Ai Ling asked coldly, “Then why are we not killing him? Wouldn’t that be even more straightforward?”

Great God Sect Sect Leader replied, “Because he is still useful to us. Thus we cannot kill him. Just crippling his cultivation is enough.”

“Okay. Leave it to me then. Remember your promise!”

Ai Ling transforms into blood light and disappears from the spot.

Great God Sect Sect Leader stares at her disappearing figure as he says unhurriedly, “The fate’s gear…is already starting to change…”


“Little Lass…Little Lass…don’t leave!”

Liu Yi stares at the slowly disappearing woman in front of him and panic. He hurriedly stretched out his hand attempting to grab hold of her.

But his hand grabs the air as the woman instantly disappears completely.

“Little Lass!”

Liu Yi instantly woke up in shock and sat up before realizing that his entire body is in extreme pain.

“You finally woke up?

A familiar voice speaks to Liu Yi. Liu Yi opens his eyes to see a guy who is none other than his cheap-skate master Ma Hua sitting by his bedside.

Furthermore, right now, he is no longer in a park in the USA but in the duty room at Keda University.

Outside it is still snowing lightly while the room is somewhat warm.

Liu Yi watches his master pick up a kettle from the stove and pour him a cup of sweet scent tea.

This tea’s fragrance is very concentrated. Despite Liu Yi being in the bed, he can smell it clearly.

“This is called Peiyuan Tea”

Ma Hua carries the cup of tea over and passes to Liu Yi, “Have a sip. It is beneficial to your recovery.”

Liu Yi bears with his pain as he receives the cup of steaming tea as he asks, “How long have I slept for…master…”

Ma Hua replied, “Three days and nights.”

“Oh…still okay. It is not too long…”

Liu Yi let out a sigh of relief. But recalling that the blood lotus was snatched away by Great God Sect Sect Leader, he cannot help but place down the cup and try to get up to leave.

“Where are you going?”

“I am going to snatch back my Little Lass!”

Liu Yi lets out a deep snarl from his throat, “No one can snatch her away from me!”

“Calm down first. Your injuries aren’t healed yet!”

Ma Hua hurriedly stopped Liu Yi, “If it wasn’t for my good friend warning me, you would have already died in Washington!”



Chapter 898   [Plunder]

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