MKW Chapter 897

Chapter 897  [Title below]


Li Heqiang wishes to curse. Fucking hell that Great God Sect Sect Leader does not place me in his eyes! What does he count as! Fucking dog!

I am a warm face pasted onto a cold butt! Fuck!

But since the other party is not willing to meet, Li Heqiang does not have any other choice.

He can only sigh and leave.

Two transformed angels are walking behind him. They are the most faithful little brothers.

They will not betray him and their strength is enough.

Their strength is enough to deal with ordinary cultivators but far from enough to deal with those experts.

These transformed angels all over roughly 13, 14 starjade cultivation which can no longer keep up with time.

From the Massacre Shrine that Liu Yi had set up, any experts that came out from there can defeat a few transformed angels!

If this goes on, what would my Solo Sect count as! At most my sect can only be counted as a slightly more powerful sect in the outer pavilion and cannot even squeeze into the edges of the inner pavilion!

How can this do if we do not have a Heaven Realm expert!

Although my cultivation is not bad, I still have some distance from Heaven Realm.

Li Heqiang sighs before looking at a transformed angel by the side and asks, “What should we do? Could it be that in the future, Solo Sect can only be a bystander?”

“Ga ga ga ga ga ga.”

That transformed angel groans but no one knows what he is saying to Li Heqiang.

“Damn it! What is the use of telling you? I am going crazy!”

Li Heqiang wishes to give himself a slap.

But at this moment he heard the sound of a girl giggling.

“Hehe…do you wish to let Solo Sect rise? Then be my subordinate.”

“Who? Who is it?”

Li Heqiang instantly looks around in alarm while the two transformed angels also pull out two knight pikes as they enter their combat stance.

“Where are you looking at. This lady is over here.”

The voice came from above him making Li Heqiang raise his head only to realize that on top of a hill in front of him, a woman wearing purple robes was standing there.

That woman is standing on one leg while her other leg is slightly bent. The view under her robes is faintly discernible making Li Heqiang dazed for a moment.

This woman is really beautiful…

A pair of beautiful legs hooking the soul, exquisite figure as well as that temperament that makes people infatuated.

She stands there not even looking at me. Instead, she is looking at the sky while sucking on her pinky.

Insane…where did such a bewitching woman come from, isn’t this asking for people’s life?!

But what did this woman say earlier? She wants me to be her subordinate?

“Hey, little lass. Did you find the wrong person?”

Li Heqiang laughs, “Do you know who I am? I am the sect head of the Solo Sect! Have you heard of Solo Sect before? Are you afraid!”

The woman bends her waist and smiles merrily at Li Heqiang below, “It is a pity that the moment Liu Haisheng died, all of the people in Solo Sect immediately turned into stray dogs. I also know you. You are Li Heqiang, the traitor of the Nimble Sect. Let me ask you. Since you proclaim yourself as the sect head of Solo Sect, do you know that Sky Demon Technique?”


Li Heqiang’s speech turned sluggish as he thought, just what is the background of this woman?

“If you wish to let Solo Sect rise again then you must follow me!”

That woman repeats what she had said earlier but this time round, Li Heqiang heard clearly.

“Based on you? Who are you?”

“Perhaps you might not have heard of my name before.”

That woman crosses her arms squeezing her breasts together to form a deep ravine making Li Heqiang have the urge to swallow his saliva.

This woman…truly deserves praise…

“But in the future, my name shall resound throughout the world.”

As she speaks she points at the sky, “Remember. I am called Ma Yixuan.”

Ma Yixuan? I have not heard of her before!

Li Heqiang is impatient as he waves his hand and says, “Kill that woman!”

The two transformed angels immediately charge forward stabbing their lances at Ma Yixuan.

Ma Yixuan claps her hand, “There is no need to take out the trash to be mocked.”

Two three-meter long red blood swords fall from the sky and stab into the chest of the two transformed angels, nailing them onto the ground.

The two transformed angels shriek as they struggle before turning into puddles of blood covering the floor.

Liu Haisheng turns pale as he subconsciously looks at the sky, only to see an enormous demon withdrawing its arm slowly.

This is the Sky Demon Technique! Furthermore, it is different!

Li Heqiang felt a trace of horror…this woman…what is her background!

Why does she know the Sky Demon Technique? Could it be that she is a lover of Liu Haisheng?

Impossible…I never heard of one before…furthermore, after Liu Haisheng had cultivated that technique…it seems like he no longer possesses the ability to have could it be possible for him to have a lover?

Ma Yixuan raises two fingers, “You only have two paths to choose from.”

“The first option is to follow me. In the future, Solo Sect will be mine. As for the second, naturally, it is even simpler.”

“What is it?”


Li Heqiang shivers, why is this girl so ferocious…

“Which option do you choose?”

“I…I choose the first option…”

In the cultivation realm, the biggest fist is the truth. Thus Li Heqiang kneels in front of Ma Yixuan.

But it is also not that bad…I have always been looking for a pillar of support…right now, I have found one.

This woman should be around Heaven Realm cultivation. Perhaps following her is a good thing!

Thinking till here, Li Heqiang became much more relieved.

“Liu Yi… just wait for me. Sooner or later, I shall make you pay for the new hatred as well as the old hatred!”

Hearing this, Li Heqiang’s face turned bitter.

Damn it, why is it another one who hates Liu Yi…that Liu Haisheng already ate his bento and is no longer alive…

This woman still did not draw a lesson from it. Is she going to be another moth that flies into the flame…

Liu Yi…just how many people did you provoke!

But it seems like I am also fighting against Liu Yi…Bai Xiaoyu is still by my side…

It is best if I provoke Liu Yi less…he…is too scary!


At this moment, Liu Yi is settling another matter.

He is currently seating on a bench in a park in the appearance of Bullate pretending to read a newspaper.

Although it is English, it does not stump Liu Yi.

Even if he had not learned English before, Little Jade can translate it into Chinese for him.

Very quickly, a slightly fat American body dressed in a grey raincoat sits down by his side.

The chair was originally not that big and Liu Yi felt like he had been crowded.

Good gosh…they say that the USA has a lot of fatties, this is indeed true.

“I saw the mark that you left on the rubbish bin.”

After that person sits down, he lowers his hat and says, “Didn’t we agree that it is best for us to not meet as there are too many spies?”

“But I must confirm the plan again in case of any changes.” Liu Yi pretends to read the newspaper as he says, “I keep feeling like I am being used by you!”

“Scumbag! At this point, what are you saying!”

The Safety Official is angered, “You vampires! We have already given you so many benefits and you are still not satisfied!”

“Vampires’ taste was always heavy.” Liu Yi clucks and says in Bullate’s tone, “Furthermore the risk is even bigger.”

“What the fuck! What else do you guys still want!”

The Safety Official clenches his teeth, “What we gave earlier is still not enough?”

He glares at Liu Yi who stares back at him.

Instantly, Liu Yi obtained his memories.

Scenes start appearing in his eyes.

A boundless sea and on top is an enormous oil rig.

There is a code mark on the oil rig.


Liu Yi sighs and asks, “You cannot give me anything anymore?”


The Safety Official is resolute as he says, “You have obtained enough! If you do not have any important matter then do contact me again!”

He stands up and leaves.

Liu Yi smiles before placing down the newspaper and walks out of the park.

As he passes the back of a tree, his appearance changes into his original appearance.

Liu Hongxian is wearing sunglasses as well as sports attire. She pretends to be jogging slowly as she jogs over. After which she pretends to take as rest as she sits down on a bench beside Liu Yi who had sat down.

“How is it?”

Liu Yi says, “That Safety Official was hard to question but I obtained news. Oil rig B2335.”


Liu Hongxian inquires through her earpiece before replying, “Found it! It is an oil rig set up by the USA in the Pacific Ocean! Looks like this is the crucial point to Project X!”

“Okay. Then let’s prepare to pay this oil rig a visit.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, I did not leave the country for nothing. I’m going everywhere.

“Okay. Then let me arrange it. Let’s…”

Speaking halfway, Liu Hongxian suddenly stopped.

The entire surrounding suddenly changes as a raging heatwave flooded the sky, turning the world flame red!

Far away, it is like a surging flame raging making Liu Yi feel uncomfortable in his heart.

Liu Hongxian sits in front of him but she is not moving like she is on a freeze-frame of a TV.


Liu Yi frowns as he senses that this is a powerful isolation barrier!

From far away, it seems like there is a footstep walking closer and closer to him.

“Who is it? If you’ve got guts then show yourself!”

Liu Yi roars as he gathers his senses, trying to sense the other party.

But even when his Black and White world was open, he was unable to see an enemy.

At this moment a voice speaks up beside his ear, “Hand it over.”

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he turned around to see a guy wearing nine dragon robes standing there as he pointed at him.

“Hand it over.”

He berates again.

Liu Yi’s face instantly turns pale because this person is none other than the Great God Sect Sect Leader!

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Chapter 897   [Hand it over]

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