MKW Chapter 895

Chapter 895  [Title below]


Pain has a good plan. He had countless gunmen lying in ambush in this place, just waiting for the Red Scarf Army to bite the bait.

Looking at his watch, Pain asks impatiently, “Why are they still not here?”

A little brother by the side replied carefully, “Boss…perhaps…perhaps they got caught in a traffic jam.”

“Fuck that excuse!”

Pain is very unhappy as he is anxious in his heart.

As long as I settle the Red Scarf Army, Chinatown will be my territory!

I have an agreement with a big boss from a conglomerate! The other party wishes to acquire Chinatown’s area. But that Red Scarf Army is making the surrounding stores unwilling to sell.

As long as I destroy the Red Scarf Army, these store owners will listen to me.

An underling lowers his binoculars and informs Pain, “Boss, it seems like they have arrived!”

“Oh?” Pain licks his lips, “They have finally arrived?”

They are in a football stadium. This stadium is also one of Pain’s territory. He uses this place as there is currently no match ongoing.

This place is spacious and there are a lot of spectator’s grandstands in the surrounding which is very suitable for his gunmen to hide in ambush.

This plan is flawless and Pain is just waiting for the Red Scarf Army to bite the bait.

At this moment, a truck drove in. In the driver seat is a familiar face and it is none other than Zhao Hui.

Ruthlessness flashes across Pain’s eyes. Very good. Today I shall make all of you stay here forever!

The truck drives in a straight path unhindered. It finally creaks and stops in front of Pain.

Zhao Hui and the rest jump down the truck looking at Pain in enmity.

These fellows are quite robust. I heard that they used to be veterans. But that is useless. The gangs in Washington are not a place where veterans can be arrogant!

In this place, gangs rule.

Zhao Hui says without any politeness, “Pain, we have come. Are you still not freeing my people?”

“Zhao, I remember that your China has a saying called, ‘A wise man submits to circumstances’.”

Pain sits on a chair with two rows of little brothers standing by his side. His aura is larger than Red Scarf Army’s.

But the Red Scarf Army members do not have any fear on their faces.

Admirable, indeed they are veterans. They are not the same. It is a pity that these veterans will be turned into lonely souls!

“From the current looks of things, you still do not understand?”

Pain claps his hands.

His subordinates beside him pull out their pistols and point at Zhao Hui and the rest.

At the same time, from the viewing platform by the side appears several gunmen. All of them are holding carbine rifles in their hand with a red dot pointing at them.

Several red dots instantly appear on Zhao Hui and his people.

“Pain, what is the meaning of this?”

Zhao Hui’s expression turns heavy, “Are you trying to trick me?”

“Hahahaha, Zhao. You cannot blame me. This is Washington!”

Pain laughs loudly, “Gangs are not something that you soldiers can understand!”

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly says, “Brother Zhao, let me talk to him.”

“Brother Liu…sorry for implicating you…”

Zhao Hui is apologetic as he says to Liu Yi, “You did not need to accompany us to die…”

“No worries. I am also not an outsider.” Says Liu Yi as he waves his hand.

The clothing he is wearing instantly starts changing. The original black suit instantly changes into a crimson Special Force Uniform which is embroidered with a blazing ‘Guard’ character.

An eye-catching red pentagon appears on his back.

“Ah! Scarlet Cloth Guard!”

Seeing this attire, Zhao Hui got a huge shock as his gaze towards Liu Yi instantly changes.

The rest of the Red Scarf Army members also became delighted.

Scarlet Cloth Guards is the dream identity of every Red Scarf Army member. This is the elites among elites!

No wonder Brother Liu is so impressive! He is a Scarlet Cloth Guard! Everything can be explained!

When Liu Yi changes into the Scarlet Cloth Guard attire, it makes Pain slightly astonished.

“Hey, where did you guys find this magician? His technique is not bad!”

“I’m not a magician,” smiles Liu Yi, “I am their Senior Officer.”

Pain creases his brows, “Senior Officer? In the Red Scarf Army, I have only heard of Zhao before and no one else.”

“That is your ignorance.”

Liu Yi crosses his arms as he stands there without any anger.

“Red Scarf Army has dominated China. How is it something that you can understand?”

“Stupid China monkey.” Pain sneers, “Do you think that my Washington is like your retro China? Just a few insignificant people and you dare be rampant in my territory!”

Liu Yi disdains wasting his saliva as he changes the topic and asks, “Where did you lock my people?”

“Over there.”

Pain points at a distant viewing platform. Immediately a few tied up guys appear with three gunmen pointing at them.

“In a bit, I shall send all of you away!”

Liu Yi understood some of Viper Gang’s information thus he asked, “You are Pain?”

“That’s right. Are you going to report my name to Satan?”

“No, no, no. Didn’t you say that I was a magician? How about I show you a magic trick?”

“Oh? What magic trick?”

Pain became curious as he thought, they are about to die and he still has the mood to perform a magic trick? Chinese monkeys is indeed stupid.

Liu Yi says calmly, “Do you believe that whoever I say, that person will immediately die?”

A Viper Gang member instantly starts laughing loudly, “Hahaha, do you think that you are a death god? What a funny chink.”

Liu Yi narrows his eyes and points at that guy, “Then let’s start from you then.” 

A bang sound came from the sky.

That brother’s head exploded like a watermelon before collapsing.

The headless body collapses onto the ground scaring the people by his side into screaming.

One of the little brothers’ voices instantly climb several octaves and is almost caught up to Vitas’ dolphin sound!

Pain is the first to react as he shouts, “Sniper!”

Only after he had dodged behind the chair did the rest of his subordinates scatter in all directions to find shelter.

After Pain dodge to the side he shouts, “Shoot, shoot, kill them all!”

Those gunmen on the viewing platform immediately start pulling their triggers.

Bullets rain down showering upon Liu Yi and the rest of the Red Scarf Army.

Liu Yi is calm as his black dark armor covers his body.

Bullets hit his armor creating sparks before landing to the side.

After Zhao Hui and his people hide behind their truck, they pick up their weapons and start retaliating.

Both sides start fighting. Liu Yi is like a devil standing in the hail of bullets while the bullets are unable to harm him.

“Damn it! What is he! How are bullets unable to take him down! Is he Iron Man?!”

Seeing how sparks keep exploding from Liu Yi’s body, Pain wishes to bite his tongue.

To think that even bullets are unable to pierce through! Where did he obtain this armor from?

If I am able to obtain this kind of armor, wouldn’t I be undefeatable in the world?

As Liu Yi walks forward, he stretches out his hand and pulls out a tactical shotgun.

With every step Liu Yi took, he will fire his gun once.

His bullets are endless. Every time he fires his gun, he will send a Viper Gang gunman flying.

He did not shoot and kill Pain. Instead, he walks into the viewing platform and continues to use his shotgun to reap the life of the rest of the gunmen.

Liu Yi became like a devil making all of the gunmen afraid of his arrival.

Fighting until the end, the gunmen were badly frightened.

When Liu Yi grabs the head of a gunman and uses the shotgun to blast his body apart, the gunmen scream as they scatter and escape towards the exits of the football stadium.

“A group of trash.”

Liu Yi snorts. Towards those people who escape, he does not care about them. Instead he walks towards those Red Scarf Army members who are tied up.

That three gunmen earlier are kneeling on the ground obediently with their guns placed by the side.

“Not bad. Very obedient.

Liu Yi is very satisfied with their attitude. Towards the surrendered gunmen, he did not have any killing intent, instead, he let them live.

This way more and more gunmen escape or surrender.

They realize that although they have a lot of people, they do not have any chance of winning! That guy in black armor stands there like an undefeatable diamond, they are completely no match for him!

After these Red Scarf Army members were saved, they salute towards Liu Yi. “Thank you Sir!”

Liu Yi salutes back, “We are comrades, there is no need to be polite.”

He turns around and sees that the remaining gunmen in the stadium are kneeling down with their hands raised high up, making him smile in delight.

“Pain what do you think about this magic trick?”

A few people and a few guns actually defeated Pain’s people into such a state.

Pain trembles as he suddenly pulls out a remote control and roars, “Don’t be too delighted! I have covered this place with bombs! As long as I press this trigger this whole place will turn into ashes!”


Liu Yi frowns while Liu Hongxian who is far away can hear it through their listening device. She got a shock and exclaimed, “Madman!”

Right now, Pain is indeed crazy. His Viper Gang was almost wiped out!

Red Scarf Army only has these few people and they destroyed my foundation!

I will not give up! No matter what I must obtain that armor!

Pain glares at Liu Yi and roars, “Give me your armor otherwise all of us shall die together!”

“Okay. If you want I can give it to you. Don’t be hasty.”

Liu Yi smiles as he says in his heart. This Pain played a good move to want my Dark Armour.

If he wants, I am also not unwilling to part with it.

The price is not something that he can afford.

Liu Yi walks in front of him. When they are about two meters apart, Pain shouts, “Stand there and don’t move! Take off your armor and give it to me!”


Liu Yi nods his head as the armor of his body automatically detracts itself and attached onto Pain.

Pain waves his arms and he shouts in delight, “Hahahaha! I am undefeatable now!”


Chapter 895   [Unequal in the whole world]

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