MKW Chapter 894

Chapter 894  [Title below]


Although Chinatown is under the control of the Red Scarf Army on the surface, the Viper Gang has never been willing to let go of this piece of land.

Viper Gang came over to mess around very often and due to the fact that Red Scarf Army only had 10 people, they were unable to manage.

As time passed, Chinatown’s chaos became infamous and fewer people were willing to come to this place to spend their money.

Without any guarantee of safety, who would dare to come to this place!

Liu Yi thinks about it and agrees. Even eating Mala Soup you will need to face a hail of bullets afterward, ordinary people will not dare come to this place.

“Come, have a taste of our distinguished Redstar Big Dumplings!”

A tall and burly Red Scarf Army member placed two bowls in front of them.

Liu Yi sniffs, rather fragrant. It is like the Shanxi Dumplings in front of my old school.

“Wow, it is very delicious!”

Liu Hongxian, like a typical foodie, had picked one up to taste.

“Thin skin and lots of fillings, delicious soup, and lots of juice! Very delicious!”

“Is that so? Seeing how happy you are eating it, let me have a taste.”

Liu Yi also picked one up to taste.

Indeed it is not bad. Such a delicious dumpling and there is no one coming over to eat, outrageous!

“How is it, delicious right? This is a recipe that Redstar spent a lot of money to buy!”

Zhao Hui says in delight, “Redstar Dumpling Restaurant is open all over China! Right now, it has exceeded other chain restaurants! Originally we thought that it would become famous in Chinatown but who would know that we would meet with our current situation. Alas, it’s really hard to explain in a few words!”

Liu Yi chuckles and says, “Relax. After finishing the dumplings, let’s discuss how to settle the Viper Gang.”

“I shall depend on brother then!”

Zhao Hui cups his hands, “I shall go and settle some matters first. The two of you eat first. If it is not enough, just ask them to send up more!”

“Okay. You go and settle your stuff.”

Liu Yi waves him off and Zhao Hui immediately leaves.

There are no other customers in the dining area, only left with Liu Yi and Liu Hongxian.

“Finally there is a chance for us to talk.”

Liu Hongxian sighs before putting down the dumplings and asks Liu Yi, “Are you really going to be involved with the fight between the Red Scarf Army and the Viper Gang?”

“Leader, to be honest…”

Liu Yi swallows the dumpling in his mouth before saying, “That person who established the Red Scarf Army, is none other than me.”

“What?” Liu Hongxian nearly bit her tongue, “What, what did you say?”

“Hey…I do not want them to know…”

Liu Yi lowered his voice and said, “I am China’s Law Enforcer…that is why the government assists my Red Scarf Army. Otherwise, if it was other people, such a huge gang would have been eliminated!”

Liu Hongxian grabs Liu Yi’s face angrily, “As I expected! You hid it very well! Right now if you say that you are a prince of some country, I might also believe!”

“It’s not that exaggerated, hahahaha…”

“Then how are you going to settle this matter?”

Liu Yi says, “Very simple. Find the headquarters of the Viper Gang and kill them. After dealing with Viper Gang, Red Scarf Army will have space to develop. Later after returning, I shall deploy two Scarlet Cloth Guards to give the Red Scarf Army in this place some backing.”

“Scarlet Cloth Guards…I heard that they are the strongest and most mysterious group in the Red Scarf Army…”

“Of course. How could the group that I train be weak?”

When talking about this, Liu Yi is slightly delighted.

“Don’t be so delighted…I will not stop you from dealing with the Viper Gang but you must help with my current task.”

Following this, Liu Hongxian drew a ‘x’ on the table, “The current Project X of USA possesses too much threat! Our 12 Zodiac Project stems from self-preservation while USA’s Project X…is set up to proclaim hegemony over the entire Pacific Ocean!”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders, “It is not like it is the first time they wanted to dominate the world. Our great USA is unable to keep silent!”

“Don’t say that nonsense anymore. It took me a lot of effort to investigate but unexpectedly I got charmed by Bullate. Right now I reckon that he was killed by you, right?”

“Of course. How would I let a person who took action against you live. Not to mention that Bullate is guilty of terrible crimes. I don’t even know how many innocent women have been harmed by him. It is not a pity for him to die.”

“But what about the clues…”

“I will help you find new clues. Where is that Security Official from earlier? The one who had contact with Bullate?”

“He should still be alive if you did not kill him.”

Liu Yi questions, “Do you know the method of their contact?”

“Of course, I observed him for a few days!”

“That is good. Later I will go and find that Security Official.”

Liu Hongxian asks in worry, “Will that work?”

“How can it not work?”

As Liu Yi speaks, he waves his hand over his face. Instantly, in front of Liu Hongxian’s sight, he changes into the appearance of Bullate.


Liu Hongxian covered her mouth in astonishment, “Are you a god!”

“No. It’s a minor trick.”

“This is still a minor trick…you make other people very envious!”

To a special agent, this kind of transformation ability is simply a godly skill!

But it is Liu Yi who is an outsider who has this skill which makes people unhappy!

What a waste!

How would Liu Hongxian know that the transformation ability of the Fog Technique is just a corner of the iceberg? She still has not seen the real power of it yet.

While the two of them are chatting, Zhao Hui came back with anger on his face.

“Brother, forgive me for not accompanying you anymore. I need to leave!”

Behind him are 4 other Red Scarf Army members who made a beeline towards the door.

Liu Yi hurriedly asked, “Brother Zhao, where are you going?”

“This…this brother…”

“My surname is Liu.”

“Brother Liu. A few of my Red Scarf Army brothers were captured by the Viper Gang people! I must go to get them back! Brother Liu just has to wait here. I will be back soon!”

“How can I let you go on your own.”

Liu Yi stands up, “Didn’t we agree to go and deal with the Viper Gang together? Come, let us go together.”

“Then I shall thank Brother Liu first! With Brother Liu taking action, it will be fine!”

Delight appears on Zhao Hui’s face.

“Good. Let us go then. Leader, are you coming along to watch the show?”

“Of course!”

Liu Hongxian loves joining in the fun the most. Hearing that she can join, she became full of zeal.

“Okay. Then we have to prepare a bit first.”

Liu Yi says, “At the very least, you guys need to bring along some good fellows.”

“We are carrying!”

As Zhao Hui speaks, he pulls out a black PPK.

The rest of the people also pull out a pistol and show Liu Yi.

“All of these cannot do. The firepower is not enough.”

Liu Yi shakes his head. “Taking these to the Viper Gang, wouldn’t it make them laugh until they collapse onto the ground?”

“But…these fellows of ours were all snatched from Viper Gang!”

“No worries. Leave it to me.”

Liu Yi claps his hand and asks, “Who has been a sniper before?”

Liu Yi’s question stumped these burly fellows from the Red Scarf Army.

They look at each other before shaking their head.

Zhao Hui sighs, “Only Lei-zi had been a sniper before. But he was one of those who were captured by the Viper Gang!”

What makes Liu Yi feel surprised was that Liu Hongxian actually raises her hand and says, “In the army, I was a sniper.”

“Okay then. I’ll let you play with this.”

Liu Yi activates his dark power and instantly creates a black sniper rifle and tosses it to Liu Hongxian.

When Liu Hongxian receives it, her eyes brighten up.


She became even more delighted like she is touching her favorite toy as she strokes that rifle body, “With this baby, I can control the whole show!”

Zhao Hui and the rest do not understand, where did Liu Yi take out such a big sniper rifle from?

“Here, you two take this.”

Liu Yi creates two domestically produced type 95 as well as magazines before tossing it to two of the people behind Zhao Hui.

When the two of them receive the gun, they skillfully pull the gun bolt after which amazement appears in their eyes.

“It is a real weapon!”

Although they do not know where Liu Yi pulled out these guns from, the Red Scarf Army members are very delighted to have military weapons!

One of them who had not received a gun shouts, “Then, what about me?”

“I’ll give you this.”

Liu Yi took out a Gatling and placed it in that brother’s hand.

That brother’s eyes turn green, “What the fuck…this is the most lethal weapon on earth!”

Zhao Hui is also stunned. “Brother Liu….what, what sorcery is this….”

“Oh, right! Brother Zhao, you take this.”

As Liu Yi says, he took out an RPG and passed it to Zhao Hui, “Today we shall destroy Viper Gang until the sky and earth turn upside down.”

“These firearms…”

Although guns spread unchecked in Washington, but it is not to such a vile degree!

If Gatling guns, sniper rifles as well as RPG’s are on the streets, then the presidents and the likes would have been killed over a hundred times!

How is this like a gang war! This has turned into terrorism!

What is the background of this mysterious Brother Liu?

Could it be that he was sent by gods to assist my Red Scarf Army?

“Brother Zhao? Brother Zhao?”

Liu Yi called out a few times before Zhao Hui came back to his senses.

“We should leave now. The brothers cannot wait anymore.”

“Ah, okay…”

Only then did Zhao Hui open the door. He did not dare to carry these military arms on the street, instead, he drove out a truck. They toss all of their guns in before getting on and drove towards the Viper Gang.


Today Pain’s mood is not very good. Originally he had planned to let his underling create trouble in Chinatown before chasing the Red Scarf Army. But in the end, not only was the Red Scarf Army not chased away, a lot of underlings died for nothing!

Towards this kind of gang wars, even if people die, the police will not care. After all, these gangs have already paid off the police.

If I do not take revenge for this hatred, the Viper Gang will become a laughing stock!

Right now with those few underlings of Zhao Hui, I don’t believe that he will not take the bait!

At that time, I shall lure all of them into my territory then kill all of them!

The Red Scarf Army shall disappear from Washington!


Chapter 894   [Arsenal]

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