MKW Chapter 893

Chapter 893  [Title below]


“Still not getting lost?”

Liu Yi berates. The members of the Viper Gang were badly frightened as they scrambled to run out of the shop.

“Hero! You are a hero!”

Seeing this, the store owner Old Bi cannot help but worship Liu Yi, “Please tell me hero, how did you train!”

“I’ve let you see a joke…”

Liu Yi hurriedly waved it off, “Its nothing but some insignificant talent.”

“My mother…this is still some insignificant talent!”

The shop owner’s guts got bigger as he walks over to the fainted Raul’s side and used his strength to pull the chopsticks out but he is unable to budge the chopsticks.

“What huge strength…”

Liu Hongxain says, “Can I trouble Mr Zhao to toss this fellow out. He is spoiling the mood.”

“Not a problem.”

Right now, Zhao Hui and his buddy both admire these two people a lot. The moment Liu Hongxian says so, he immediately drags down the fainted Raul and tossed him out of the door like throwing rubbish.

Zhao Hui dusts off his hands before turning around and greets Liu Yi and Liu Hongxian respectfully, “Nice to meet the two of you. My name is Zhao Hui, the Red Scarf Army in-charge of this Chinatown.”

Liu Yi glances at the pentagram on Zhao Hui’s red ribbon and says casually, “Seeing your rank, it is platoon leader?”

“You know our Red Scarf Army’s military rank?”

Red Scarf Army’s military rank is different from China’s military rank. But this guy can determine with a glance which makes Zhao Hui amazed.

Liu Yi smiles in his heart. What does this count as. The military rank for Red Scarf Army was drawn up by me personally with Chen Dahai and the rest to carry out.

Thus even if other people do not know of this military rank, I will know.

“I came from the mainland thus it is not strange that I know a bit.”

[TL: mainland basically means China]

Liu Yi also did not state his identity. He only finds an excuse to gloss over it.

“So it was like that!”

Zhao Hui nods his head, “Alas, those brothers in the mainland have it better than me. I am unable to obtain any fame in Washington which is making me ashamed to face the red ribbon on my arm…”

Liu Yi pats Zhao Hui’s shoulder and comforts, “The waters in Washington are too deep. Take your time.”

“I have been here for half a year and there has been no progress.”

Zhao Hui’s eyes gleam, “Brother, why don’t you join our Red Scarf Army? Seeing how impressive your moves are, you are almost as good as our Red Cloth Guards!”

“I’d rather not. I am not interested in the gangs.”

Liu Yi hurriedly explained. I am the boss of the Red Scarf Army why would I want to start from the position of a little brother?

It looks like this Zhao Hui is crazy from the lack of people. I should transfer two Red Cloth Guards to help him.

After Liu Yi decided, he wipes his mouth preparing to leave with Liu Hongxian.

He suddenly frowns and carries Liu Hongxian as he turns his back towards the door as he roars, “Everyone gets down!”

Zhao Hui and the other Red Scarf Army member look at each other before pulling the store owner and getting on their stomachs without any hesitation.

Gunshots ring as bullets rain into the room tearing up the interior of the room.

The bowls and plates on the tables were all shattered.

Luckily all of them are lying on the ground. Otherwise, they would be turned into sieves.

The ground is covered with fragments while bullets continue to wreak havoc.

Liu Yi stands there using his body to protect Liu Hongxian. When those bullets hit his body and embed on his flesh, it was squeezed out by his muscles and dropped onto the ground.

Yellow ammunition sprinkles onto the ground. Nothing in the room that can be seen is intact.

The store owner who is lying on the ground is pale in fright as he trembles continuously.

It is not yet over though. When bullets are no longer being sprayed in, two Molotov cocktails are thrown in.

Liu Yi frowns as he says in his heart, these damned fellows are ruthless!

He turns around and kicks, kicking the two Molotov cocktails back out.

The sound of the molotov cocktail exploding is heard from outside followed by the curses from the westerners as well as roaring flames.

“Oh! *$%^$&*!”


Looks like the ones outside is none other than the Viper Gang!

“Remain inside. I’ll go out and take a look.”

Liu Yi uses his leg to flip the table over and lets Liu Hongxian hide behind it.

“Brother! I’ll go outside with you!”

Zhao Hui picks up the P226 from the ground and follows Liu Yi, charging out of the door that is already destroyed.

There are over 30 people standing outside. Riding on their motorbike in pairs and wearing a jacket that is matched with chains. Their hair is of all colors like a peacock cut in a punk style.

All of them have the same tattoo which is a black poisonous snake.

Their shock was due to the still-burning fire in front of them.

A Viper Gang member who is holding a submachine gun in his hand starts at the two people who had just walked out of the shop. “Oh, there’s still someone alive?”

“Send them to hell!”

Another person raises his SMG, preparing to fire at the two of them.

But how can this group of people be compared to a professional soldier in terms of playing with guns?

Especially since Red Scarf Army members had gone through a devilish training, their gun technique is even more out of ordinary!

Zhao Hui’s muzzle rises and a bullet shoots through the chest of that Viper Gang member.

That Viper Gang member collapses onto the ground while another member by the side exclaims, “They also have guns! Quickly kill them!”

Zhao Hui raises his eyebrow and dodges behind a pillar attempting to use the pillar as a bunker to attack and retreat.

While Liu Yi raises his hands holding a pair of black pistols, he stands in front of the door and starts firing his guns.

-Bang! Bang! Bang!-

Bullets after bullets continue to reap the lives of the Viper Gang members.

The very first person to be killed is the person with SMG. After a few more shots, the remaining Viper Gang members who survived are the empty-handed ones.

“Dammit! He killed Jack and the rest!”

“This person is a pro killer! We can’t kill him! Escape!”

The remaining Viper Gang members wish to escape but how would Liu Yi let these people escape. They nearly killed Liu Hongxian as well as the innocent store owner!

For protection fees, they are so ruthless!

Zhao Hui saw their indications. While in amazement of Liu Yi’s marksmanship, he shouts, “They are going to escape!

“They won’t escape.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he kicks off the ground.

He is like using lightness technique as he appears in front of the Viper Gang members after leaping a few steps. Scaring the Viper Gang members into exclaiming about Kungfu.

“Since you came, why don’t you have more fun?”

Liu Yi kicks the motorbike in front of him!

This 300kg Harley Motorbike was sent flying up by him and sent the two riders flying.

Liu Yi stretches out his hands and under the shocked gaze of the crowd, he grabs the Harley and tosses it at the rest of the Viper Gang members.

“Fucking hell!”

The Viper Gang members were badly frightened. Such a heavy motorbike is flying over, how can we live? We’ll be crushed!

These people immediately ignore their motorbikes and escape in all directions!

The two motorbikes crash into each other before exploding into flames.

The Viper Gang members were so frightened that their legs turn soft making them strengthless to stand up.

Liu Yi dust off his hands and says coldly, “Go back and tell your boss that Chinatown is under my Red Scarf Army. If you dare to provoke the Red Scarf Army, we shall kill you.”

Realizing that he is not going to kill them, the Viper Gang members immediately run away.

Zhao Hui gives Liu Yi a thumbs up as he praises, “ have impressive kungfu!”

Liu Yi waves it off, “Perhaps this time the Viper Gang will know fear.”

“They will not give up so easily.”

Zhao Hui sighs, “The people around this area are desperadoes. It is nothing good, for them to gather together. Chinatown is a very large piece of meat thus they will not let it go. Brother, wait for me first. I’ll go and settle Old Bi.”

Zhao Hui returns to the Mala Soup shop and takes out a stack of USD and placed them on the destroyed table.

“Old Bi. This time your loss was not small. Take this money to renovate your store.”

“Alas…renovate what store…I no longer dare to stay in Chinatown. I don’t want this store anymore. It is better for me to go back home and hope that my son will raise me…”


At this moment Liu Yi walks back into the store, “In less than three days, I will make the Viper Gang disappear from Washington.”


Hope flashes across Old Bi’s eyes.

“I am a hero. Don’t you believe me?”

“I believe, I believe!”

Old Bi nods his head, “Since hero has said so, then I shall keep my store open!”

“Mm. Continue to open your store in relief. Leave the remaining matters to me.”

Zhao Hui also became excited as he grabs hold of Liu Yi’s arm and asks, “Brother is willing to help my Red Scarf Army to deal with Viper Gang?”

Liu Yi nods his head, “It is just a small matter.”

Zhao Hui invites warmly, “Then brother, please come over to my Red Scarf Army’s gathering place to have a seat! Let’s have a drink together!”

Liu Yi is not in a hurry to agree. After looking at Liu Hongxian and obtaining her agreement did he agree, “Let’s go.”

This causes Zhao Hui to start guessing, who is this woman?

This brother is so powerful but he still listens to her?

After settling Old Bi, they walk out with Zhao Hui.

They walk for a while, and not too far away, they came to a dumpling restaurant.

<<Redstar Dumpling Restaurant>>

This name is a bit weird.

On the sign is a very large red pentagram which gives off a deja vu from the 50s.

“Brother come in!”

Zhao Hui respectfully lets Liu Yi enter. Although this dumpling restaurant is rather big and has 2 stories, there is not a single customer inside and is very desolated.

“Why is this place so quiet?”

“Alas, Chinatown is a mess, there will not be any customers who are willing to come to this place to eat.”

Zhao Hui sighs before telling Liu Yi everything.


Chapter 893   [Chinatown]

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