MKW Chapter 891

Chapter 891  [Title below]


That skull became terrified and started distorting.

In a blink of an eye, the skull was shattered and the door disintegrated.

Liu Hongxian’s figure appears in front of Liu Yi. She was tied to a crucifix like Jesus. Luckily she is still wearing her clothes making Liu Yi let out a breath of relief.

If they dare to mess around, even if Liu Yi has to chase them to hell, he will kill all of them!

At this moment, Liu Hongxian had also woken up. Seeing Liu Yi, her eyes were filled with delight.

But her mouth was sealed by some magic making her unable to speak.


She can only groan as she struggles with all her might. The shackles are too firm and Liu Hongxian is an ordinary person thus she is unable to struggle free of the shackles.

Liu Yi hurriedly walked over to help Liu Hongxian out.

At this moment, Liu Hongxian’s body was suddenly carried away by the crucifix and flies backward. It smashes through the window behind her and falls down.

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he hurriedly leaped out of the window as well. After which he chases after the falling Liu Hongxian as he frantically runs down the building!

Right now, Liu Yi is going against the law of physics as his legs keep stepping against the building’s reinforced glass.

His body is like a gale chasing after the falling Liu Hongxian.

Right now, Liu Hongxian’s face is filled with astonishment and is almost frightened to death.

Instead of saying falling, it is more like she was pulled downwards by other people!

Otherwise, with Liu Yi’s speed, how would he not catch up if it was an ordinary freefall?

His heart is anxious as he stomps on the reinforced glass fiercely. The reinforced glass deforms before scattering.

As for Liu Yi, he became like a cannonball charging downwards as he sped up!

He stretches out a hand trying to grab hold of the crucifix while Liu Hongxian is looking at him with hope in her eyes.

This is how superheroes save people on TV. A beauty falling from the sky and the superhero handsomely stretches out his hand and pulls the beauty into his embrace.

In reality, based on their speed along with the steel-like body of the superhero, at that instant, the superhero’s arm will be equivalent to two blades. Catching the beauty like this will cause the beauty to split into three parts!

Liu Yi also knows about this logic. He cannot just grab Liu Hongxian, thus he should grab the crucifix and slow down the speed.

But when Liu Yi increases speed, the crucifix increases speed as well!

There is someone messing around!

Liu Yi is very angered as he prepares to release God Sword Protecting Body and uses his god swords to stabilize Liu Hongxian’s body.

But this move has some danger. If it was badly executed, it might chop Liu Hongxian into two!

Just as Liu Yi was hesitating if he should use this move, Liu Hongxian’s figure suddenly came to a pause and was pulled through a sliding window!

Liu Yi got a shock as his body reacted by hooking his legs about the side of the window and flips into the room.

There is not a soul in sight in the room, only some pillars that are bearing the weight of the floor.

While Liu Hongxian and the crucifix is smack in the middle of the room.

The seal on Liu Hongxian’s mouth is gone as well. Upon seeing Liu Yi, she hurriedly exclaims, “Liu Yi! Be careful! Its an ambush!”


Liu Yi looks around the surrounding only to see the windows in all directions suddenly close on him. It is like an invisible hand controlling all of them!

Following the closing of the windows, the sound of the cars and humans completely disappeared.

The room became quiet and very soon, a piece of melodious music was played.

This is Ludwig van Beethoven Symphony No.5, Destiny.

[TL: Destiny is the first movement of Symphony No.5]

“It is not my style to receive guests in this kind of simple and crude place.”

A figure walks out from the air. The figure is wearing a red suit with a red rose in the breast pocket.

The figure is a blond hair guy who tied his hair in a ponytail. He is also wearing golden frame spectacles.

He did not look at Liu Yi, instead, he pulled out the rose and smelled it.

“Take a look at how beautiful this flower is, how fragrant. It is a pity that soon, it will be stained with blood.”

Liu Yi did not look at that mental fellow. Instead, he walks over to Liu Hongxian.

“Team Leader, I came to save you.”

Carter frowns and says, “You’re just a mere holy warrior and you dare to come and provoke me! You are tired of living!”

Liu Yi continues to ask Liu Hongxian like he is unable to see Carter, “Team Leader. In a while, how about I bring you to a banquet?”

It had been a few days since Liu Hongxian had eaten anything nice. She has been eating pizza for the past few days until she wanted to vomit from eating pizza.

“Will there be Mala Soup?”

Right now, she is clamoring, wishing to eat Mala Soup! Especially with extra chili and extra peppercorn!

“This…I do not know if there is any place that sells Mala Soup in Washington!”

Liu Yi starts sweating.

“I don’t care! I want Mala Soup!”

“Okay, okay, okay…I’ll bring you back home to eat, okay?”

“When will that be! Too late! I want to eat right now!”

Perhaps she got broken during her imprisonment, Liu Hongxian starts to throw a girl’s tantrum.

“Fine, fine, fine. I’ll find it for you, I find for you!”

Without any other choice, Liu Yi can only rely on Little Jade.

A map of Washington appears in front of Liu Yi. And to his surprise, there is a shop that sells Mala Soup! But they need to go to Chinatown.

It is not that far. If I carry Liu Hongxian and fly we will reach it quickly.

Carter, who is in a red suit is finally unable to take it and roars, “How dare you ignore me!”

Only after the symphony in the room had come to a spontaneous stop did Liu Yi turn around and look at him.

“Oh, there are other people here? May I know what this brother’s name is?”

“You damn holy warrior! You are seeking death!”

Carter roars as a red shadow appears from behind him which appears in front of Liu Yi and stabs its arm towards Liu Yi’s chest.

At this moment, a hand grasps his neck and raises him into the air.

Carter looked at the owner of the hand in astonishment — that holy warrior!

Liu Yi raises a finger and says coldly, “You are mistaken!”

“I am not a holy warrior. I am an eastern cultivator!”


When Carter heard this, he nearly peed in his pants from fear!

“You touched my woman thus there is only death for you!”

Liu Yi’s sentence causes Liu Hongxian to blush faintly.

What my woman… these words are too vulgar…but I do feel slightly elated…

This stinky kid…he is always so reliable…I always thought that I was an impressive woman. But unexpectedly after meeting him, only then did I know what is called there are people who are more talented than oneself in the wider world!

This world is too big…What I have seen is nothing but a corner of an iceberg!

“Damn it…isn’t she just a woman?”

Carter does not wish to die and he hurriedly begs for mercy, “I can give you as many women as you want! I am very influential in this place and can cover the sky with my hand! If you let me off, I can give you anything you want!”

Liu Yi smiles, “Really?”

Carter nods his head, “Of course, I can give you anything! Definitely!”

Liu Yi raised his other hand and raised a finger, “But I only want one thing.”

“Quickly say it! What do you want?”

Carter became excited. Looks like I do not need to die anymore!

As long as I do not die, I will d report everything to the Nether God!

At that time, the Nether God will go and find this fellow to kill him!

Hahaha, I am too smart! 

“Your life!”

Liu Yi clenches his hand and snaps Carter’s neck.

At the same time, he stabs with Xiao Taiji in his right hand through Carter’s chest raising him.

Originally he thought that breaking their neck would kill them but unexpectedly not only are these people’s souls inextinguishable, it can also do evil. Thus Liu Yi uses Xiao Taiji.

After the bone like Xiao Taiji stabs through Carter’s body, it is like a hungry ghost madly consuming his body and soul!

Carter does not have time to scream before he turns into a pool of blood and lands on the ground.

“Okay. The guy who was disturbing us from eating is gone.”

Liu Yi swings Xiao Taiji and breaks the shackles that are imprisoning Liu Hongxian.

Liu Hongxian falls off strengthless into Liu Yi’s embrace.

That warm body instantly causes Liu Yi to become excited.

Cannot…this is not a place for random thoughts! This is the enemy’s main base!

Wouldn’t I lose out if people charge in while we are having sex and see Liu Hongxian’s naked body?

Liu Yi! You must bear with it!

Liu Yi mouths a heart sutra and steadies his emotions.

“I am really hungry…bring me to eat and after that, I need to tell you something.”

Liu Hongxian lies in Liu Yi’s embrace and says faintly, “It appears that this project needs your help.”

“Okay. Let us go now.”

Hugging Liu Hongxian, Liu Yi steps on Xiao Taiji and crashes out of the window into the sky.

They fly as fast as lightning. People who saw them will at most see a flash and will not notice that there are people flying.


Zhang Ji’s Malatang is a small store in Chinatown which was just opened recently.

The shop owner is a Sichuan person who is not that tall. At this moment, he is standing in his store looking miserable.

So much so that he did not even attend to the two customers who just entered.

Only after the two customers had chosen their dishes and brought the menu over to him did he wake up.

The store owner sighs as he says, “Dear customers…to-today our shop is not open for business…”

“Why not? Aren’t the front doors open?”

The ones who entered are none other than Liu Yi and Liu Hongxian.

Hearing that the shop is not open for business, Liu Yi started sweating cold sweat.

If today we are unable to eat…wouldn’t Liu Hongxian eat me up?

“This…there might be chaos in Chinatown today…”

The store owner hesitates as he says, “I am afraid that the two of you will be disturbed…”

Liu Yi says generously, “Not a problem! Hurry and make Mala Soup for us! There is no need for you to worry about anything else. I’ll pay you twice the amount!”

But Liu Yi because curious, how chaotic could Chinatown be?


Chapter 891   [Want to eat Mala Soup]

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