MKW Chapter 890

Chapter 890  [Title below]


“Bullate, are you mad?”

“That’s right! What everyone’s lives. Did you drink too much?”

Everyone’s gaze lands on Liu Yi.

“My meaning is that if you do not give her to me then all of you shall die.”

Liu Yi sits there with crossed legs like nothing is going on.

“Hahaha, Bullate, who do you think you are!”

“No money and you wish to snatch the goods? You are a madman!”

The auctioneer frowns as he looks at ‘Bullate’ in front of him and says, “I can only make you leave.”

Two burly guys immediately walk towards Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is calm as he snaps his fingers.

The two burly guys instantly turn sluggish as their bodies turn into blood and exploded.

Two bone sword floats in midair emitting a white demonic glow.

“What, what magic is this!”

The crowd was shocked and some started to panic.

Liu Yi claps his hand and stands up. “What a pity. I am not Bullate.”

He waves his hand over his face and his entire appearance changes into another person with the appearance of a Chinese man.

The auctioneer asked in astonishment, “Who are you!”

“The person who will kill all of you.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he places his hands together.

The two bone swords instantly explode into small bone needles shooting all over the place!

A lot of the surrounding corrupted beings were pricked by these bone needles. After which all of them turned into pools of blood.

“Gods…so, so scary…”

“What is this! Save me!”

The corrupted beings were all badly frightened. When had they seen such a scary move?

Any of the corrupted beings who were affected by the explosion would also turn into blood before exploding. One wave after the other and soon, the entire cathedral had turned into hell on earth!

None of the corrupted beings in the stands were lucky and managed to escape. All of them without exception had exploded into paste.

Liu Yi stands among the blood and flesh scaring the auctioneer on the stage badly.

“Don’t, don’t come over!”

Liu Yi asked, “Is the price that I called enough?”

The auctioneer hurriedly retreats a few steps as he says stammering, “Enough, enough!”

Liu Yi leaps lightly onto the stage.

“Team Leader, your servant has come late. Please forgive me!”

As Liu Yi speaks, he stretches out his hand and opens the cage before taking off the black mask that the young woman is wearing.

The moment he takes it off, he gets stunned. Golden hair, blue eyes, clearly this is a big western horse!

What the fuck is this?!

Liu Yi grabs hold of the auctioneer and asks ferociously, “Why is it her!”

Seeing Liu Yi’s ferocious eyes, the auctioneer was badly frightened as he hurriedly said, “It, it has always been her….Spare me lord…”

Liu Yi roars, “The one I am looking for is not her! Where is the person whom I am looking for!”

The auctioneer is trembling in fear, not daring to speak loudly, “Who, who are you looking for…”

Liu Yi takes out his cell and pulls out Liu Hongxian’s photo to show the auctioneer, “Her!

The auctioneer indeed recognized Liu Hongxian, “Ah, this, this woman…this woman was bought by Lord Nether Angel, She is a top grade offering…thus before being offered up on the auction, she was chosen by Lord Nether Angel!”

“Nether Angel?”

Liu Yi raises his eyebrow, who is that.

“That is our leader…”

The auctioneer hurriedly says, “He is the strongest and most influential…all of the Washington corrupted beings heed his command and act according to his will…”

“Where is he?”

Liu Yi does not care about anything else. No matter how strong that person is, there is only death left for him after taking his woman.

The auctioneer says, “He, he is at the Empire State Building…that is his headquarters…”

“Very good.”

Liu Yi nods his head before waving his hand. A bone sword flies over and stabs into the head of the auctioneer.

He stands up and undoes the shackles on the woman, “Quickly escape. Treat this day as a nightmare.”

“Thank, thank you for saving me…what is your name?”

“Lei Feng.”

Liu Yi did not turn around as he left.

He crashes through a window and flies out.

The Empire State Building is Washington’s most iconic building. It has a total of 108 floors and is covered with a few angel carvings.

Liu Yi does not know which floor that Nether Angel is staying on and can only seek for him floor by floor.

The moment he walks into the lobby, a few security guards immediately step forward and block him, “Sorry, this place is a private building. Outsiders cannot enter.”

Liu Yi activates his Golden Eye causing the appearance of these people to change in his eyes.

Black wings appear behind their back as their eyes start emitting faint green light.

“Nether Angel?” Liu Yi smiles.”

“Who are you!”

Those low-rank Nether Angels were shocked as they did not expect that Liu YI would see through their disguises so easily!

One of them seems to sense the aura in Liu Yi’s hand and exclaims, “He is a holy warrior!”

“How would a holy warrior dare to come here!”

The Nether Angels berate, “You want to tear up the agreement!”

“Like I care about an agreement!” Liu Yi snorts coldly before saying, “Tell me where that eastern woman is!”

A Nether Angel laughs loudly, “This fellow is too arrogant. He is just a mere holy warrior.”

Liu Yi stretches out a finger and flicks the forehead of that Nether Angel that was speaking.

Instantly that Nether Angel was sent flying backward through the wall and in a blink of an eye, he turned into a shooting star flying away.

The remaining Nether Angels were stunned, how…

Liu Yi asked again, “Where is she?”

The low-rank Nether Angel stammers, “One, one-hundredth floor…”

Liu Yi snorts and the Nether Angels start bleeding from their seven apertures before collapsing weakly onto the ground.

After dealing with these low-grade Nether Angels, he walks into the elevator and presses the button for the 100th floor.

This big building is so tall…if I was an ordinary person, just thinking about the 100th floor, I would feel afraid.

The elevator continues to ascend. Liu Yi, who is concerned about Liu Hongxian’s safety, prays that the elevator can hurry up!

At this moment, a cold voice speaks up in the elevator, “Where did you come from to dare to be so unbridled in my, Carter’s territory.”

The voice in the elevator seems to come from an acoustic.

Liu Yi uses his qi to transmit his voice out, “Very soon you will meet me.”

“Perhaps not. I will send you to meet your maker.”

The moment the voice finished, the elevator suddenly speeds up like a rocket and swiftly ascends!

The floor number changes rapidly from 30, it rockets up to 70+ and is still climbing up.

If it was other people, perhaps they would be frightened to death.

But Liu Yi remains calm as he crosses his arms. His feet are also tapping to a tempo while he hums some Chinese folk songs.

Finally, the elevator charges through the top of the building and shoots high up into the air.

[TL: Charlie!!! and the chocolate factory!!!]

If the elevator smashes into the ground, the people inside would be turned into meat paste.

The entire elevator had changed shape as the steel meshes together.

Liu Yi only snorts coldly and stretches out his palm.

The elevator door was sent flying by Liu Yi. The two steel doors fly out and smash into the top of the building.

Liu Yi jumps out from the elevator and lands on top of the building as well.

The top of the building is slightly tilted with a few statues of angels on top.

The moment Liu Yi lands on top of the roof, those angel statues start moving.

These angel statues brandish the lances in their hands, stabbing towards Liu Yi uniformly.

“Parlour tricks.”

With that, Liu Yi grabs all of the lances under his armpit and with a tremble of his arm, the lances jolted, jolting these angels backward a few steps as they loosen their grip over their weapon.

Liu Yi grabs those lances and tosses them out.

Those lances immediately pierced through the chest of the angels before stabbing into the wall behind them.

After the top half of the angels are scattered, they turn into broken rocks which tumbles as they collapse.


Liu Yi draws in the sky with a single finger, drawing a seal from Fuxi Palace Hall.

Purple lightning falls from the sky and with a crack, it circumvents the lightning rod by the side and strikes the top of the building.

The might in the lightning is incomparably tremendous and exploded half of the top of the building!

Liu Yi leaps into the caved-in portion like Diamond Brother from Calabash Brother. He continuously breaks the floor below him until he finally lands on the 100th floor.

His body is covered in dust. He raises his head and looks forward, looking at the increasing number of Nether Angels gathering in front of him.

“Move aside if you do not wish to die.”

Liu Yi can smell Liu Hongxian from the air. As a half-dragon, his sense of smell is one of the best!

Liu Hongxian seems to be in a room not far away but there are too many small fries hindering in front of him.

One of the Nether Angels, which seems to be the commander, roars, “Lord Carter’s order is to kill him!”

Instantly all of the Nether Angels in the walkway charge forward.

The movement of these Nether Angels is indeed nimble. Their attacks are also very ferocious. But to Liu Yi, it is nothing.

He uses his Firegod Sword and pushes out.

The Firegod Sword transforms into an enormous fire dragon and twists its body along the corridor!

It opens its enormous mouth and swallows these Nether Angels. Not caring about their anguishing wails, it drills its way from one end of the corridor to the other. It finally crashed through the ceiling before letting out a roar, turning those Nether Angels it had bitten into ashes.

Blazing flames ignite the sky.

Only after Liu Yi had cleaned up all of the small fries, did he walk towards the room where he smelled Liu Hongxian.

There is a very large seal on the door of the room. Liu Yi activates his GoldenEye and realizes that an enormous skull has been entrenched on the door. And that skull is laughing at him in delight.

He stretched out his hand and smacked the door. His palm was reflected away by a peculiar force.

That skull seems to laugh more while Liu Yi sneers.

“Glorious Sun Palm: Broken Army!”

His palm is covered with golden light as he slaps the door!


Chapter 890   [Hurricane operation]

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  1. Hi this is my very first comment I’ve been lurking around and reading this book since the first chapter I really like the book the translation and every comment that other people have the work your doing is incredible but it is a real big turn off when you find out the empire state building is in Washington state instead of new york and its hilarious coming from America

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  2. hi this is my very first comment I’ve been looking around and reading this book since the first chapter I really like the book , the translation and every comment that other people have the work you’re doing is incredible what but it is a real big turn off when you find out the empire State building is in Washington state instead of New York


  3. “The Empire State Building is Washington’s most iconic building.”
    Really? A quick google search is too difficult for ya, Mr. author-man? what’s next? is Liu Yi gonna have to go to California to see the president in his home, the Statue of Liberty?


  4. did the author remembered the Golden Eyes? cause i feel like there were totally forgortten, well maybe there wasn’t really a chance to use them until now? because if i remember correctly the last time they were mentionned were when he was looking for the drunk swordmaster in the montaigne i had forgotten the name, and which were useless btw. they are a nice skill/ability so underused i think.

    Btw Thank for the Chapters!


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