MKW Chapter 889

Chapter 889  [Title below]


Bullate’s figure suddenly appears behind Liu Yi. He extended his fangs and bit towards Liu Yi’s neck.

Liu Yi clucks and does not move. He only crosses his arms as he stands there.

When Bullate bites into Liu Yi’s neck, he prepares to release poison before sucking his blood. 

Unexpectedly a powerful force smashed into Bullate’s face and breaks his two fangs before sending him flying.

Bullate tumbles away and crashes into a number of corpses before crashing into the ceiling.

“What, what is this strength…”

Bullate climbs out wretchedly as he stares in disbelief at Liu Yi who’s back is facing him.

“He is only a holy warrior! How come he possesses such power!”

“You know that I am a holy warrior and you still want to attack me. Could it be that you want to tear up the agreement?”

Liu Yi is not in a hurry to attack as he starts questioning this baron.

He did not sense the aura of any other living human in this house and knew that Bullate is lying.

But because he wanted to know Liu Hongxian’s whereabouts, Liu Yi decided to beat him at his own game and entered this place along with Bullate and pretended to fall into his trap.

Bullate shouts, “Damn dog! You think that with an agreement you guys will be safe! I shall turn you into my blood slave then let you go back to be my spy!”

Liu Yi did not panic. Instead, he asks, “Where did you put her?”

“Hahaha! Go and ask the noble Satan!”

Bullate laughs loudly, “This darkness is my world! You will not find me while I can smell the blood on your body! There is nowhere for you to hide, hahaha!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi’s voice suddenly appears behind Bullate.

“What!” exclaims Bullate as his blood runs cold!

How could it be possible that he find me in this darkness!

Is it because I spoke earlier?

Bullate hurriedly transforms into countless bats and appears in another corner of the room.

Let’s see how you find me now! I’ll wait till you expose an opening and kill you!

“Did you wish to escape?”

Unexpectedly Liu Yi’s voice came from beside Bullate’s ear frightening him until his sweat flowed steadily.

“This room is only so big and you wish to play hide and seek?”

Coincidence! It must be a coincidence!

“No need to hide anymore. You will never escape from my eyes.”

Seeing that Bullate is going to transform into a bat and escape, Liu Yi immediately raises his leg and stomps on the ground.

Bullate’s figure condenses and falls onto the ground.

“Who are you!”

Bullate starts to feel that Liu Yi is not ordinary.

He is not an ordinary holy warrior!

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and grabs Bullate’s neck as he asks coldly, “Where is she.”

“Damn dog!”

Although blood is flowing out of his mouth, Bullate still says fiercely, “Don’t think of getting any information from me!”

“Is that so?”

Liu Yi’s eyes look into Bullate’s eyes.

Instantly, scenes after scenes appear in front of Liu Yi.

/// “This woman is a first-rate offering.”

Bullate passes Liu Hongxian to an underling.

“Bring her to the church auction. She will be sold for a good price.”

“Understood master.”

The person opposite is a blood slave who nods his head and left carrying Liu Hongxian.///

After which the scene of the church appears in front of Liu Yi.

Liu Yi mutters, “St George’s Church…”

“How, how do you know!”

Bullate turn pale in fright as he did not imagine that Liu Yi would know of this secret!

Liu Yi laughs, “Of course it is you who told me.”

“Impossible! I did not say anything! You, you are a devil!”

“Being called this by a corrupted being makes me feel extremely honored.”

Liu Yi pulls out Xiao Taiji, “Right now it is time for you to meet your Satan!”

He resolutely stabs Xiao Taiji into the heart of Bullate.

Bullate screamed as his soul was consumed by Xiao Taiji.

Ever since Xiao Taiji soul ate Liu Haisheng’s soul, Xiao Taiji gained another ability.

As long as it stabs into a person, it will start consuming that person’s flesh and blood as well as soul!

This sword which was bought from Taobao had turned into Liu Haisheng’s doppelganger! Very sinister!

Bullate is only a minor vampire. How could he endure Xiao Taiji’s ability?

Liu Yi seems to hear Xiao Taiji letting out a satisfied burp. Fine then… let’s see how far this sword of mine can evolve to!

“Looks like I have to make a trip to St George’s Church.”

As Liu Yi speaks, he wipes his hands on himself.

Gold fog avatar activates as his figure immediately changes and instantly turns into the appearance of Bullate.

At the same time, God fog wraps around his right hand and concealed the aura of the angel’s mark.

With this mark, it will be difficult to infiltrate into a place that’s filled with corrupted beings.

After restraining the aura of an angel, Liu Yi releases some darkness power to purposefully mimic the aura of a corrupted being.

After completing this, Liu Yi took the elevator and entered the password that he had memorized, leaving this horrifying ‘food’ warehouse.

Liu Hongxian! You must be safe! Nothing can happen to you!

When Liu Yi leaves the club, he jumps into the sky and flies speedily towards the church.

According to Little Jade’s database,  St George Cathedral is private property. Outsiders are not allowed to visit it.

This is just like the USA. If it was in China, a church would be classified as a cultural relic which the country will be the custodian of.

USA is a democratic country that honors privately-owned property. Because the ones who control this country are the big tycoons, if they do not let the government protect privately-owned properties, what is to be done about their own interest!

Although everything looks beautiful, it is a trap that protects the benefit of a minority of people.

Liu Yi speeds up and within moments, he lands in front of St George Cathedral.

St George Cathedral is very peaceful like a beast that is sleeping under the cover of night.

The cathedral is covered with lots of dark style carvings making ordinary people feel uneasy when looking at it.

There are a lot of guards standing outside of the cathedral protecting this ‘private property’

But when Liu Yi walks in, no one stops him. From the looks of it, Bullate is considered as a frequent guest here.

Liu Yi wearing a black cloak. Borrowing Bullate’s leather bag, those who did not know would have thought that they had seen a Hollywood star.

One must say that all of these vampires look not bad.

But the guards seem to be ordinary people. They should be hired through money.

Liu Yi did not care about them as he pushed open the church door and walked in.

The inside of the church is slightly dark and there are people in black robes all over the place.

When they see Liu Yi, they only nod their head towards him as a greeting before continuing with their own business.

Liu Yi is also happy to stay low-key. He finds a front seat and sits down.

In front of him is an auction. The auctioneer is standing there holding a small hammer.

“This next item is the Blood Cup that came from the UK Willian Castle.”

As he speaks, two women push a small cart forward and on the cart is a winecup that is carved from a skull.

The moment this cup is taken out, it instantly attracts the attention of the people attending the auction.

“This Blood Cup is a real treasure! No matter if you pour in plain water or good wine, it will turn into the sweetest blood!”

After saying this, the auctioneer takes out a cup of plain water and pours it into the Blood Cup.

Instantly the plain water turns into red blood water.

This makes Liu Yi feel a bit nauseous.

“Good item! What a good item!”

“I must win this bid!”

As the people below become excited, Liu Yi says in his heart, an auction of corrupted beings. All the things in the auction are hardcore.

He sits there watching with a detached point of view. If Liu Hongxian is as precious as what Bullate had said, then she will be taken out at the back.

He tries his best to maintain his patience as he waits bitterly.

The following is a bunch of messy hardcore items. The most exaggerated is a mantle made from the scalp of 100 virgins which was bought by a werewolf.

What the fuck…can these corrupted beings live more gracefully?

Just as Liu Yi is feeling rueful over their heavy taste, the host finally says.

“The final auction product is very precious! It is a young woman, furthermore, she is a virgin! Her body is the best offering! Whoever takes in her blood can rise their grade by one!”

The moment this is said, everyone present was startled.

These corrupted creatures became excited as their eyes turned green.

Liu Yi also became anxious as he concentrated fully on the stage.

At this moment, a woman is pushed onto the stage. Her eyes were covered by a black visor while her hands and legs were chained up.

The moment she appears, everyone below starts shouting excitedly.

As for that woman, she starts from fear curling up in the cage.

Liu Yi clenches his fist, Liu Hongxian, I am going to save you soon!

“This auction’s starting price will be slightly higher!”

The host smiles and says, “The starting price is 1 million. Every increment must be at least 100 thousand.”

The moment he finished speaking, the people below start shouting their bids.

“1.1 million!”

“1.5 million!”

“2 million!”

“3 million!”

The price continues to rise and finally stops at 55 million.

Liu Yi shakes his head. These fellows are crazy. 55 million…but being able to raise one’s grade can be considered as well spent.

The host also did not expect that he would get such a high bid and became slightly excited as he asked, “55 million! Is there any higher bid!”

“Let me bid.”

Just as everyone thought that this would be the highest bid, Liu Yi suddenly raises his hand.

“Oh? Sir, how much are you bidding?”

“My bid…is all of your lives!”


Chapter 889   [My bid]

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