MKW Chapter 888

Chapter 888  [Title below]


After taking part in the Japan task, Liu Yi was considered as a familiar and experienced veteran special agent.

At this moment, he is wearing a superior quality black suit as he dressed up as an upper society businessman.

Liu Yi’s target for today is the party that is hosted in this high-class club.

The owner of this club is none other than Bullate.

Every few days, this baron from the UK would host a party.

In Washington, a lot of people took glory in being able to take part in Bullate’s part.

The party’s invitation letter can be hard to find, with a price but no market.

Liu Yi did not panic. He sits in a Mercedes-Benz car as he watches the unceasing people who are entering and exiting the club.

Very soon, Liu Yi’s gaze lands on a blond beauty.

From Little Jade’s database, a file is pulled out which identifies this blond beauty as a rather famous model.

Furthermore, it appears that she had just broken up with her rich boyfriend.

Liu Yi smiles, there she is.

He pushes open the car door and gets out. After this, he pretends to crash into that blond woman.

“My god do you not have eyes!” exclaimed the blond beauty as she curses.

Liu Yi apologized very politely, “Sorry, sorry. It was an accident. Are you okay?”


Seeing the impressive suite that Liu Yi is wearing then noticing the Patek Philippe that he is wearing on his wrist, her attitude instantly changes.

“You….are from China?”


Liu Yi smiles as he nods his head. “I am sorry for knocking into you.”

“No worries, no worries. Don’t you Chinese have a good saying…don’t bump, won’t make friends!”

The beauty immediately gets closer to Liu Yi while he smirks in his heart, good, the fish bites the bait.

Liu Yi says with practiced American style English, “It is don’t fight, won’t make friends.”

Back then during the training in Dragon Group, Liu Yi had skillfully grasped the UK style and American style English. Thus dealing with this kind of situation is no problem.

“Ah, so it is like this. It looks like my learning of the Chinese language is still falling short.”

The beauty sticks out her tongue.

Liu Yi winks at the beauty, “No worries. If you are interested, I can teach you.”


The beauty seems to be slightly surprised.

“I swear to god.”

Liu Yi says in his heart, taking out your name as an excuse again. Please forgive me. At most, I will treat you to some drinks in the future.

“Looks like this time, it has become don’t bump, won’t become friends!”

The beauty smiles charmingly before stretching out her hand, “I’m Jenny.”

“I’m called Liu Dabo.”

Liu Yi shakes hands with her. This big western horse’s hand is not small at all.

[TL: basically it is a term for women in chinese, describing them as bigger and sturdier than the women in china usually the western women. Apparently the origin of the word ‘horse’ came from Yangzhou Skinny Horse which are those skinny girls in YangZhou who were sold to slave traders by their parents.]

“Ah, Dabo? Liu!”

Jenny says out loud the name according to their pattern making Liu Yi’s forehead covered with black lines.

Alas…this name is too tragic!

“Please call me Mr Liu instead…”

“Okay then. Mr Liu, you are also here to take part in the party?”

Liu Yi shrugs his shoulders regretfully, “That’s right. But I forgot to bring my invitation letter and was planning to go back.”

“No worries. I can help you!”

Jenny’s eyes brighten up as she grabs Liu Yi’s hand to stop him before seizing the opportunity to hook her arm around his arm.

“Fate has brought us together!”

She amiably leads Liu Yi and walks towards the club’s entrance.

There are a few burly chaps at the entrance of the club demanding for the invitation letter.

Jenny hands over her invitation letter before pointing at Liu Yi, “He is my companion.”

The burly chaps yield, “Please enter!”

Most of the parties in the USA allow guests to bring along a male or female companion. What Liu Yi guessed was not wrong and indeed allowed him to sneak in!

As the two of them lean against each other, it is like they are a pair of lovers entering the party in the club.

The people inside are all figures of the upper layer of society. Several of them gathered together as they discussed the economy, stocks, or mistresses.

As they walk, Jenny keeps inquiring Liu Yi about his matter and is especially interested in whether or not he is single.

Liu Yi did not become impatient as he attentively replied to her according to his beforehand weaved identity.

Very soon, Liu Yi finally met the target.

His gaze lands on Bullate who is currently chatting with a beauty by his side and his eyes instantly narrow.

Liu Yi smells a trace of putrid from that fellow.

This is the smell of a creature that had been corrupted. Ever since Anna entered Liu Yi’s palm, Liu Yi could sense some of those corrupted living creatures.

It looks like even if this lass has fallen asleep, she can still help me.

There are only two methods to let Anna walk up. The first is to leave this place while the second is to kill the person who is affecting her.

Don’t tell me that it is this blond handsome guy. Although he is a corrupted creature, his aura is very weak.

The moment Liu Yi senses the other party’s aura, the blond guy’s eyes also land on Liu Yi.

A different color flashes across that guy’s blue eyes but he only smiles. After taking his leave from his own female companion, he takes the initiative to walk towards Liu Yi.

“Beautiful Jenny, can I borrow your male companion for a bit?”

“Of course.”

Jenny shrugs her shoulder before stuffing a card into Liu Yi’s hand.

“Mr Liu. We can have a drink together tonight!”

She winks before sashaying away.

“That woman is very hot.”

Bullate licks his lips, “Otherwise how would she move the heart of a holy warrior?”

Holy warrior?

Liu Yi smirks in his heart, looks like this fellow is treating me as the believer of angels.

It should be due to the weak aura from the angel’s mark on my hand!

Liu Yi did not expose anything, “Towards beautiful things, everyone’s the same.”

“But I don’t know why you have come?” 

The baron lowered his voice and asked, “Could it be that you forgot about the agreement?”


Could it be that the angel in charge of this area had come to an agreement with the corrupted creatures in this place?

Forget it. Who cares about it. I am here to find my women.

“Or is it that the holy hall also wishes to butt in in my newly invested business?”

“The holy hall is not interested in your business.”

As Liu Yi sips the wine he feigns indifference as he says, “But baron has captured our people which makes us unable to remain indifferent.”

“Your people?”

The baron raises his eyebrow, “When have I captured a person of the holy hall? I abide strictly to our agreement!”

“It is a woman.” Liu Yi reminds, “A Chinese who is the same as me.”

“She is yours?”

Bullate raises his eyebrow, “I thought that she was the spy from China!”

Liu Yi seized the opportunity and said, “That is the person that we inserted into China. With you capturing her like this, it nearly destroyed our plans!”

“Damn it.. it was a misunderstanding.”

Bullate says very apologetically, “China is our common enemy!”

“Of course. You did not injure that woman, right?”


Bullate shrugs his shoulders, “Recently, due to being under pressure of rushing the investment business, after capturing her I did not deal with her. Originally, I planned to turn her into my blood slave when I was free, before sending her back to China. I didn’t expect that she was a spy for you. Looks like this time around, I let you guys have the head start.”

“Of course. Our holy hall has never fallen behind others.”

Liu Yi is enraged in his heart. To wish to turn Liu Hongxian into his blood slave? It was nearly too late.

The moment Liu Hongxian had turned into a blood slave, she would have been brainwashed.

Furthermore, she is also very pretty, who would know what Bullate would do to her!

Liu Yi thanks Long San in his heart. Luckily this fellow brought it to my attention in time!

No….this motherfucker should have brought it to my attention the very first day she had disappeared! This old thing! After going back, I shall deal with him!

“If baron’s capital is not enough, I am willing to personally offer you some help.”


Bullate is slightly startled, “Not as the identity of Holy Hall?”

“Of course not. It is from me.”

Liu Yi smiles shyly, “The person whom Bullate captured is this one’s fiance.”

“Ah, what the hell! I am very sorry!”

Bullate is ashamed, “Dear Mr Liu, I shall lead you to your fiance immediately. I hope that you will be willing to forgive me.”

“Not a problem.”

Liu Yi pretends to be not angry while he had already cursed this man over a thousand times in his heart.

“Please follow me.”

Bullate walks towards the back, “Your fiance is within an underground hidden chamber.”

“Then we shall retrieve her.”

Liu Yi follows Bullate and walks inside.

Very quickly, the two of them left the party and walked into an elevator.

Bullate opens a secret panel and enters a string of passwords and the elevator immediately speeds downward.

“The head of Holy Hall is well recently, right?”

“Of course. He is blessed by gods.”

On the elevator, Liu Yi replies to those very boring questions of Bullate.

“That is good then. I hope that our friendship exists forever!”

After which, he raises his winecup.


Liu Yi raises his winecup and clinks it but he is thinking about Liu Hongxian in his heart.

God’s blessing….ah no, it is Buddha blessing’s she must be safe and sound!

While they are speaking, the elevator pauses for a while before the door opens slowly.

An enormous underground space appears, making him exclaim in admiration.

Good gosh, there is such a large place here, how much did he spend to do it?

But when the elevator door opens, a decaying foul odor immediately charges into Liu Yi’s nose.

He sees numerous women being hung up on the ceiling of the subterranean and all of them have turned into dried corpses. Clearly, their blood had been sucked away by certain people.

“Apologies. This place is where I store my food.”

Bullate smiles and Liu Yi smells a bloody smell from his mouth.

Bullshit…this bastard is a vampire!

“Mr Liu, this way please!”

Although there was no light inside, due to the elevator it brightens up this small space slightly. The moment the elevator door closes, the underground turns completely dark. But Liu Yi has night vision and there is no hindrance for him to walk in this place.

Bullate leads ahead and the sound of his footsteps is very clear.

“Baron, where are we going?”



Chapter 888   [Mr Baron]

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  1. Oh geez, im detecting a time bomb, the villain is a vampire and he is working with a holy group.

    So i should have been more clear about what type of racism is hard to stomach. When other has liu yi curse at another ethnic group its actually rather easy to ignore. The onse that are more annoying are the ones the author didnt mean to be insults. Like when Europeans are depicted as all blond, or how muscle cars are used to transport vip’s and not SUV’s, we use SUV’s or a luxury car, definitely not a muscle car for that. Its the ofhand ones like that that are just annoying.


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