MKW Chapter 887

Chapter 887  [Title below]


Liu Yi is too used to doing nothing while asking other people to work. For example, Red Scarf Army which he had established, it was thrown to Chen Dahai. After establishing Redstar Conglomerate, he threw it to Zhou Ziying as well as Lin Zhouyi.

After becoming the Dragon King of River Song, he tossed it to his avatar as well as Military Blade and let them handle it.

Even for the matter of crusading the four seas, he did not take part.

Right now, after becoming the Sect Head of Massacre Shrine, he finally became busy.

During the beginning stages of the establishment of Massacre Shrine, Liu Yi does not dare to let other people handle any big or small matters at all. He personally took charge of all of them.

Right now, Liu Yi cannot help but wish that he can split himself into more parts to use!

After two months had passed and everything was up to standard Liu Yi became idle.

Poison Jasmine and Chen Keqing are Liu Yi’s left and right hand, bustling all over the place.

Although Ai Ling scared him by saying that opening the Spirit Vien needs the sacrifice of the lives of the Spirit Bodies, but right now the girls are living perfectly fine and they did not lose their spirit body power.

As for the previous Elder Zhang Wentao, he is once again heavily utilized by Liu Yi. Surprisingly that irascible old man is not a bad talent.

If not for his protection, who would know what would have happened to Poison Jasmine.

At this moment, Liu Yi is sitting on top of the hilt of Through Heaven Sword as he absorbs the heaven and earth essence to replenish his 5th sunjade’s energy.

Nine small golden suns are revolving behind his back making other cultivators envious.

This is the legendary Nine Yang God Qi, the technique of gods!

Liu Yi is indeed blessed by the heavens!

{Master, there is a call request!}

Just as Liu Yi is cultivating thoroughly and relaxingly, Little Jade’s alarm suddenly rings.

This means that someone is calling him. Liu Yi unhurriedly recalled his qi and asked, {Who is calling me?}

{It is Long San.}

Long San? Why is this fellow looking for me?

He was my superior, but now…the post of Law Enforcer is very high up. Long San has already come under me.

It’s been a long time since Chinese New Year, it couldn’t be that he is calling to pay me respect.

Liu Yi thinks before letting Little Jade connect the call.

From the opposite came Long San’s slightly anxious voice.

“Liu….sir, it, it, it is bad!”

“What is the matter? Why are you making a big fuss.”

Liu Yi creases his brows and says, “What is with your decorum? Start talking.”


Long San adjusts his emotion before saying, “Liu Hongxian has met with a mishap…”


[TL: lols and Liu Yi instantly lost his own decorum.]

Liu Yi stood up on top of the Through Heaven Sword as his eyes widen.

“Liu Hongxian? What happened to her?”

“Sir Liu, don’t be anxious, listen to me…”

“Fuck! How can I not be anxious!”

Liu Yi hurriedly asked, “Didn’t Liu Hongxian go to America? Don’t tell me that she met with a mishap?”

“Yes, that’s right…but we only lost contact with her! The liaison that we sent out was unable to find her. It is like she disappeared from the face of the earth! If it was not absolutely essential, we wouldn’t come and look for Sir Liu!”

“Which part of America did we lose contact with her?”

Liu Yi says in his heart. It looks like I have to make a trip to America.

“It was in Washington.”

Washington? It looks like this can be considered as the highest phase of the spy battle between the USA and China. To work in other’s political center.

“Understood. Leave the rest to me.”

Liu Hongxian is Liu Yi’s woman, thus he will not let anything happen to her.

But seeking rashly is a no go. Luckily Liu Yi has a multi-functional individual soldier system by his side.

Liu Yi shouts, “Anna!”

This sound is like thunder which spread throughout the entire Massacre Shrine.

“What is the matter, Liu Yi?”

Anna appears in front of Liu Yi as a pair of small white wings flap behind her.

Liu Yi gets to the point right away and says, “Accompany me on a trip to Washington.”

“What? We are going to the west?”

Anna was shocked, “That is the territory of the west…could it be that you are going to find trouble for the God Realm?”

She is worried that Liu Yi will make things difficult for the Western God Realm. Although Western God Realm is in the wrong in certain matters it is still her home. Anna does not wish for Liu Yi to wreak havoc there!

“No. I am going to save my woman. I will not go and find trouble for the God Realm.”

Liu Yi knows that Anna is worried, so he comforts, “I need to trouble you, to be a small radar for me.”

“This is not a problem! I will do my best to help you!”

Only then did Anna relax. It looks like I must hurry and help Liu Yi save that person!

I cannot let Liu Yi stay there for too long to avoid issues from arising!

“Let’s go. Send me over.”

Liu Yi orders and Anna nods her head as she holds onto Liu Yi’s shoulder.

The two of them turn into white light before disappearing.

Almost in a flash, Liu Yi’s legs stood on top of a skyscraper in Washington.

Liu Yi cannot help but feel rueful, “Your ability is really convenient…”

By the side, Anna’s forehead is covered in sweat.

“Still, still okay..”

Liu Yi feels that Anna’s state does not look good and asks, “Anna, what is the matter? Are you tired because of the long-distance?”


Anna shakes her head and did not say why. Instead, she asked, “Do you have a photo of the person whom you want me to find?”


Liu Yi takes out his handphone and pulls out the photo that he and Liu Hongxian posted together.

“Yet another beauty.”

Liu Yi does not know if Anna’s smile is mocking or jealousy.

“Anyway, with a photo, it will be easy.”

She places a finger lightly on the photo as she closes her eyes.

Anna trembles while Liu Yi says in his heart, could it be that when searching, it also has a vibration mode?

Before Liu Yi can comprehend, Anna suddenly vomits blood before collapsing weakly into Liu Yi’s embrace.

Liu Yi got a huge shock as he hurriedly supported Anna and asked, “Anna? What is the matter?”

“There…is an even stronger power here…”

Anna laughs bitterly, “Different from the power of light, this is a type of depraved power…it made me feel uncomfortable….”

“Why did I not sense it?”

Liu Yi looks around but only feels that this place is a bustling city and did not sense anything else.

Anna explains, “Because you are a cultivator from the east and do not possess holy power. Naturally, you are unable to sense the depraved power. It is like you can sense demon qi while I am unable to.”

“Understood, then what should we do? Are you unable to find the person?”

“That’s right….my powers….are too affected…”

Anna speaks like she is half-asleep. As she speaks, her body starts dispersing bit by bit and finally transformed into a white awn which forms a mark on Liu Yi’s palm.

“You can only….rely…on your..self…”

Damn it! She fell into a deep sleep!

And of all places she chose to sleep, she chose to sleep in my hand!

Damn it. It looks like during crucial moments, she cannot be counted on!

Liu Hongxian, where are you?

Without any other choice, Liu Yi can only call Long San and find a person from him.

After explaining Liu Yi told them where he currently is.

He jumps off the skyscraper silently. Luckily it is currently night time, thus no one notices him.

After waiting for over an hour a black Impala stopped in front of Liu Yi.

It seems like USA likes this kind of muscle car. Liu Yi does not like it. He prefers SUVs.

“Director Liu! I am sorry for coming late!”

From the car jumps down a fatty who has an embarrassed look as he apologizes to Liu Yi.

As for director and the likes, it is just something for them to cover up their identity.

Liu Yi’s current identity is Liu Dabo, a director from a foreign trading company who went abroad to do on-the-spot investigation.

“No worries. Get on.”

Liu Yi waves his hand and enters the car.

The fatty eagerly returns to the driver’s seat and starts the car.

Liu Yi asked, “Is this place safe?”

“Safe,” replied the fatty as he nods his head, “There are no wiretaps on the car. I check it a few times daily.”


Only then did Liu Yi start talking about the proper matter, “How many days has Liu Hongxian disappeared for?”

“Three days!”

The moment the fatty talked about this, he became anxious, “A few days ago, we discovered a security official met someone. After Group Leader Liu obtained this intelligence, she tried approaching that guy but from then on, she disappeared…”

“Who is that guy?”

Flames of anger surges in Liu Yi’s eyes. To dare to touch my woman! Seeking death!

“It is this guy.”

As the fatty drives the car, he takes out a photo.

When Liu Yi takes a look at the photo, it is a flirtatious looking guy with blond hair.

Meng Xi pops out her head and says, {This barbarian looks good….could it be that he had taken benefactor’s woman and eloped?}

{Get lost! Don’t talk nonsense!}

Liu Yi berates Meng Xi. What is this lass speaking blindly about?

Meng Xi says feeling wronged, {Benefactor, this servant knows my mistake…why don’t you punish this servant…}

This makes Liu Yi sweat, punish you? How to punish? Punish you on the bed???

Forget it. After all, this lass is just speaking harshly without any ill intent.

Liu Yi ignores Meng Xi and questions the fatty, “What is the background of this person?”

The fatty says, “His background is not small. He is a baron from the UK! He is called Bullate and has quite an impressive reputation among the locals. This person also has a few companies under his name and can be considered as having both wealth and fame!”

“Leave it to me.”

Liu Yi plans to find that person and break his teeth to see if he will speak or not!

“Senior official, you cannot!”

The fatty hurriedly says, “We cannot use force and can only use stratagem!”


“Because this person is the breakthrough point for our focus on the USA X Plan!”

The fatty says honestly, “USA has drawn up an X Plan to deal with China. And right now we still know nothing about this plan! That is why this Bullate cannot die. Furthermore, Team Leader Liu also did not die. Although we are unable to find her but the biological signal within her body exists, but we are unable to determine the location!”

Liu Hongxian is still alive!

Hearing this Liu Yi became a lot calmer.

In the past, he had sent Hunter to protect Liu Hongxian. Later on, due to him taking part in 5 Spirit Gathering and needed manpower, he recalled him.

It is my fault. Liu Hongxian, I will save you!


Chapter 887   [Unrelenting]

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  1. Oh god no. This is going to be a hard to read arc. The authors racism is sure to show up a lot here.

    Also may want to change it from just Washington to Washington DC, as they are very difrent. Also correct me if im wrong but isnt there a hight limit imposed on buildings in Washington DC, and as such there isnt any skyscrapers.

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    • Pshhh, what do you know? As the capital of Americaland, there’s nothing but skyscrapers! there are cheeseburgers and guns sold on every street corner, and the only cars allowed on the road are monster trucks. All the politicians are blatantly corrupt, and the only reason why Liu Yi will get in a fight is because the big dumb Ameri-barbarians said something racist and untrue against the great and glorious China, may it last forever in its perfectness.

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      • So to allow aircraft and remove potential sniper locations as well as to allow certain monuments to be the tallest things Washington DC has building height limits. 90ft for residential and 110ft for business. Many Americans call Washington DC just DC for short, there are a good number that do call it Washington but often when talking politics so there is still context pointing to DC, that said Washington state is regularly called Washington so just calling DC thatcan be confusing. Its not uncommon for those wanting to take a plane to DC to accidentally book a plane to Washington state. Calling it DC is enough for a American but may want to call it Washington DC for others as they are more familiar with the Washington part of the name.


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