MKW Chapter 886

Chapter 886  [Title below]


“Since we are following Daoist Liu, I think it is not right for Daoist Liu to still be sectless.”

Qiu Jiqing is very crafty. He thinks in his heart, right now Liu Yi is alone. If something happened and he ran off on his own, who do we all look for?

Like the old saying, The monk can run away but the temple won’t run with him! We must make Liu Yi leave behind a lair!

“Daoist Liu, you see since Raising Immortal Palace Hall no longer has an owner right now and you were once a brilliant disciple of Raising Immortal Palace Hall, why don’t…”

The moment Liu Yi heard what he said, he instantly understood what Qiu Jiqing was thinking about.

He is afraid that since I am alone, in hindsight if something troublesome happened, I would run away.

But Liu Yi already has plans to subdue Raising Immortal Palace Hall. He nods his head and says, “The millennium foundation of Raising Immortal Palace Hall cannot be destroyed like this.”

Liu Yi thinks for a while before saying, “But Raising Immortal Palace Hall has become notorious far and wide due to Liu Haisheng. Now that I have taken over Raising Immortal Palace Hall, this place must have a new look! I, Liu Yi declare from today onwards, Raising Immortal Palace Hall shall be renamed to Massacre Shrine! And I, Liu Yi, shall be the first sect head!”

Massacre Shrine!

Oh gosh, Liu Yi’s tone is not small!

It looks like this sect’s target is not just becoming famous in the six realms! It points at the Nine Layers of Heaven!

This guy is out of the ordinary!

“We, Massacre Shrine, are not willing to establish any enemy. As long as no one takes the initiative to provoke us, we will not provoke others! But whoever dares to provoke my Massacre Shrine, will not be let off! Furthermore, right now our enemy is only Qin Imperial Palace! We and Qin Imperial Palace cannot exist together!”

This sentence struck the hearts of the crowd.

In the future, the situation is necessary to fight against Qin Imperial Palace! Emperor Qin who wishes to conquer the world is even scarier that Liu Yi!

Although Liu Yi is powerful, he is regarded as low-profile. He never interfered with the matters of other sects nor had any wish to proclaim himself a hegemony or the likes.

Thus following Liu Yi to fight Emperor Qin is the best choice!

Qin Imperial Palace is the entire cultivation world…, is the entire six realms’ greatest threat!

Liu Yi waves his hand and says, “From today onwards, Massacre Shrine shall recruit disciples from the entire world!”

On the back of his coat appears two words, Massacre Shrine.

Liu Yi let out Through Heaven Sword. This sword, that can change its size as it wishes, replaces that previous statue of Liu Haisheng and pierces into the center of the public square.

Through Heaven Sword expands swiftly and in a blink of an eye, it grows into an over hundred-meter long enormous sword. Its imposing manner makes people alarmed.

Liu Yi says loudly, “Through Heaven return back to the origin. Massacring gods established!”

None of the cultivators in the world were disrespectful. Liu Yi indeed has his charm.

From now onwards, none in the cultivation world would not know of his name.

“Sect Head….you, you must stand firm!”

Kunlun Mountain’s disciples grab hold of Yang Mianmian crying, “Please don’t think of joining Liu’s sect! You cannot leave our Kunlun Mountain!”

Yang Mianmian says in grief, “Wuwu…really hateful…why can’t you all quickly choose a new sect head!”

The Kunlun Mountain’s disciples were all about to go crazy. Other people wish to become a sect head but our own sect head hates that she cannot immediately jump ship!

A slightly smarter Kunlun Mountain’s disciple thinks rapidly before saying, “Sect head! You need to think about ith. If you leave Kunlun Mountain, then the new sect head who takes up the post might not be of one mind with Sect Head Liu! Only with you remaining as the sect head can you give Sect Head Liu the greatest help!”

“What you say is reasonable!”

Yang Mianmian nods her head and only then did the Kunlun Mountain’s disciple breathe out in relief.

“After Massacre Shrine has been established, we will set up an embassy for everyone.”

Liu Yi thought of the current political style and had his own thoughts.

“All of the sects can have an embassy in my Massacre Sect and leave behind an envoy to carry out an alliance with Massacre Sect. Since our alliance’s sole target is to resist Qin Imperial Palace, this alliance shall be called Chu Han Alliance. What does everyone think about it?”

Chu Han Alliance?

It looks like it is a pledge to exterminate that Qin Imperial Palace!

This idea obtained the unanimous positive evaluation from the rest of the cultivators present.

Everyone is afraid of having spies being planted into their sect but on the contrary, this Massacre Shine lets them place people inside.

Finding people to watch Massacre Sect is also good. Even if Massacre Sect did not establish this embassy, they would also think of ways to plant spies inside.

“Junior brother…Sect Head!”

Chen Keqing walks up to Liu Yi and transmits her voice to Liu Yi, {Isn’t this just letting them send spies to us by establishing this embassy?}

{Senior Sister. Do you think that they will not send spies if we do not set up this embassy?}

Liu Yi chuckles, {By establishing the embassy now, we can make their spies move out from the dark into the open. Moreover, the more important matter currently is to resist Qin Imperial Palace. The sectarian biases between these sects should be tossed aside first.}

{Sect Head has a good bearing…}

Chen Keqing sighs faintly, {I do not know if the other sects would have this bearing as well.}

At this moment, the disciples from Kunlun Mountain are holding Yang Mianmian, “Sect head! Sect Head! You must persevere! You cannot be the envoy!”

“Why! Who says that the sect head cannot be the envoy!”

Damn it. When is there a sect head who does not stay in their own sect and stay in other people sects daily!

If this news went out wouldn’t Kunlun Mountain become a joke?

This is not allowed!

“Sect Head think about it. Even if you stay here, Sect Head Liu would also not stay in Massare Shrine daily!”

That disciple from earlier speaks up, “Furthermore, like what the ancient says, reunion after an absence is sweeter than being newlyweds! If you stay in Massacre Shrine daily, perhaps that Sect Head Liu will be sick of you! As long as you remain in Kunlun Mountain and not in front of him, only then would Sect Head Liu think about you and miss you!”

“Putting it like this, it is rather reasonable.”

Yang Mianmian nods her head making the rest of the disciples let out a sigh of relief.

Damn it…why would we meet such an unreliable sect head. Furthermore, she is also a once in a millennium rarely seen talent in Kunlun Mountain! She cannot be allowed to leave!

Dragon Lotus is not like Yang Mianmian. She understood the big picture and would not personally stay here at Massacre Shrine, thus she orders Qiu Han, “Qiu Han you shall stay here then.”

“As ordered!”

Qiu Han does not hesitate at all and agrees to it. Furthermore, she is also looking forward to it in her heart.

Am I…looking forward to something happening between me and Liu Yi?

The rest of the sects also left their own envoy. What makes Liu Yi amuse is that the envoy from World Manor is Mo Lan while the envoy from Immortal Snow Peak is Gu Yu.

As for Medical King Valley, the envoy they left behind is Huang Jie. Looks like the sects from the outer pavilion are fighting to leave behind envoys whom Liu Yi are close to, so as to deepen their relationship with Liu Yi.

In the past, Liu Yi was the mouse among the outer pavilions whom everyone wanted to kill, but now, Liu Yi has turned into a huge pillar whom everyone wants to hug tight!

Towards this point, Liu Yi was also well aware of it and thus did not expose it.

To be honest not only is the outer pavilion like this. Even the inner pavilion is also the same.

For example, Penglai Island whose envoy is Zhang Jiashuang.

It looks like the future will become more and more interesting.

“Liu Yi.”

Just as Liu Yi is hurriedly handling the affairs of Massacre Shrine, Xue Luo suddenly appears in front of him.

“Xue Luo?”

Liu Yi looks at the woman in front of her not knowing what she is going to do.

Thinking about it, it looks like both of her masters died in my hands.

But Little Lass is still alive, having turned into a blood lotus flower waiting for me to water it.

“Can you please let me have a look at master?”

Xue Luo’s voice is heavy, making people feel stifled.

Liu Yi cannot reject this request. Thus he carefully takes out that blood lotus flower, cupping it in his hands.

Xue Luo instantly started crying. Her charming face suddenly turns blood red as she sprays out a mouthful of blood onto the blood lotus flower.

Instantly that blood lotus flower starts to unfurl!

The originally fist small blood lotus flower turned palm-size big!


Liu Yi got a huge shock!

Xue Luo had taken out all of her real blood and watered the blood lotus flower.


Xue Luo stretched out her hand and stroked that blood lotus flower in a daze.

“You are a stupid woman…but…isn’t Xue Luo also the same…”

A miserable smile appears on her face and at this moment, scarlet lightning suddenly descended from the sky and struck her!

Xue Luo was instantly turned into ashes and disappeared!

Because her cultivation was too low, not a single fragment of her soul was left behind!

Liu Yi felt his blood run cold. Xue Luo offered up her own life for Ai Ling!

Could it be that she loved my Little Lass?

Improper longing.

Alas…in the end, she was also a sentimental woman.

At this moment the 5th sun jade in his body had also lit up. Because of Ai Ling biting him, that blood power was completed.

Now that Nine Yang God Qi has fused with the blood power, I can be considered as a complete god race.

Right now Liu Yi does not know what kind of monster he is. Anyway this monster will not harm the people whom I love.

5 Spirit Gathering ends like this. In the end, the 5 Spirit Treasure still ended up in the hands of Qin Imperial Palace.

As for Great God Sect that did not appear, this did not make Liu Yi feel unexpected.

Liu Yi is also unable to guess what the Sect Head of Great God Sect is planning.

Li Heqiang had run away and Solo Sect was still not thoroughly eliminated.

Liu Yi ordered people to seek the location of these people. The surviving members of Solo Sect cannot be allowed to remain!

At this moment, one of the past Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples suddenly rushes up in a panic and report.

“Sect Head! It is bad! Liu Haisheng’s corpse disappeared!”


Liu Yi got a huge shock. Could it be that Liu Haisheng had not died?

That Heaven Demon Great Technique is weird. Could it be that it can split up his soul?

“Find him! You must find him! Alive must see the person, dead must see the corpse!”


Liu Yi’s guess was not wrong. Liu Haisheng had split apart his soul, preparing to drag out his ignoble existence and wait for an opportunity to take revenge in the future.

But what he did not expect was that he had met a scarier enemy.

A beautiful woman wearing a cheongsam is laughing charmingly as she steps on his head.

“Looks like I did not come to this 5 Spirit Gathering for nothing. To harvest such a good dessert… Soul Sucking Technique!”


Chapter 886   [Massacre Shrine]

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