MKW Chapter 885

Chapter 885  [Title below]


“Since you put it like that then I shall satisfy you.”

First kept smiling in delight as he claps his hands, “Soon your weak point will appear.”

One of the Ten Heavenly Stems drags out a girl as he steps forward in front of Liu Yi.

 Seeing this girl, Liu Yi got a huge shock!

Wang Lele!

“Big Brother Xiao Yi!”

Lele struggles with all her might while that person behind her grabs her tightly.

“Qin Imperial Palace! You are too despicable!”

Liu Yi’s anger cannot be unmasked. His rage burns up like a raging flame. If this flame was real, perhaps half of the sky would be reflecting red!

This group of scumbags! They captured Wang Lele to threaten me!

“Don’t move.”

Seeing Liu Yi clenches his fist, First immediately says, “Your might is too strong making us afraid. Stay there not moving otherwise this girlfriend of yours will be decapitated.”

As First is speaking, the Ten Heavenly Stem member behind Wang Lele rests a dagger against Wang Lele’s throat.

So long as he exerts a bit more strength on the dagger, Wang Lele’s neck will be cut.

Liu Yi became anxious in his heart. Lele is only a mortal! The moment her neck gets cut, she will die!

He relaxes his fist and no longer moves.

“Don’t act recklessly. If you have things to say then say it!”

“In front of your weak point, you are also helpless.”

First continue to fan himself and that smile of his makes Liu Yi feel disgusted.

“Right now, I’ll give you a chance to choose. Either you choose her or choose the 5 Spirit Treasure.”

Fourth who is holding the dagger smiles in delight.

No one will think of giving up the 5 Spirit Treasure. When Liu Yi makes his choice, my woman’s heart will return to me.

At that time, we will release Wang Lele, and then she can deal him a fatal strike!

This way, He will definitely die.

After he dies, the 5 Spirit Treasure will become Qin Imperial Palace’s.

Perhaps my fiance liked this guy but he is only one small story of Qin Imperial Palace history.

Sooner or later a story will end.

First emphasizes, “So which are you going to choose! The 5 Spirit Treasure or this woman! Let me tell you, you only have a single chance to choose!”

“Let her go.”

Liu Yi did not hesitate and tossed the 5 Spirit Treasure.

The people from Qin Imperial Palace were stunned. Is Liu Yi really handing over the 5 Spirit Treasure?

Even Wang Lele got a huge shock as she watched the 5 Spirit Treasure fly over.


Wang Lele suddenly shrieks as she jumps out and snatches the 5 Spirit Treasure before landing by Liu Yi’s side.

Seeing Wang Lele jumping so high, he was surprised, “Lele?”

Is….is this a height that a normal human can jump up?

“Are you an idiot?”

Wang Lele, who is holding the 5 Spirit Treasure, is flustered and exasperated as she questions Liu Yi, “This is the 5 Spirit Treasure you know! How can you hand it over to other people s so casually!”

“So what about this 5 Spirit Treasure?”

Liu Yi let slip, “Strength can be obtained as one cultivates! But there is only a single Wang Lele in this world!”

“You! You big idiot….”

Wang Lele’s eyes turn slightly damp, “I am not worthy for you to do this!”

“Tenth! What are you doing!”

Seeing Wang Lele holding the 5 Spirit Treasure standing by Liu Yi’s side, he yells anxiously, “Quickly bring the 5 Spirit Treasure!”


Radiance flashes across Liu Yi’s eyes as his gaze lands on Wang Lele.

Wang Lele….is part of the Ten Heavenly Stem?

“You understand now?”

Wang Lele bites her lips as she looks at Liu Yi and says, “I am a liar. I am not worth it!”

For a while, Liu Yi’s mind is in a mess as he stands there blankly.

The shock that he had experienced today is too much. For a while, he was unable to digest everything in his mind.

But at this moment, the people from Qin Imperial Palace charge over wanting to snatch over the necklace in Wang Lele’s hand.

“Don’t move!”

Wang Lele immediately pulls the magatama necklace with both hands, “If anyone dares to come over, I shall destroy this necklace!”

“Tenth are you mad!”

Fourth berates, “Don’t forget that you are a person of Qin Imperial Palace! If you dare do this, you must think about what price you will pay!”


Wang Lele does not have any fear on her face, “I already died once. I have saw through life and death a long time ago. It is useless to use death to threaten me.”

“Tenth take a look at what this is!”

First stretch out his hand which is holding a wooden tablet.

A clear ‘Tenth’ character is carved on that wooden tablet.

“Look at this carefully! This is your life and death tablet! As long as I destroy this tablet, your soul will be scattered!”

“Then you can just kill me.”

After saying this, Wang Lele passed the necklace back into Liu Yi’s hands, “I am sick of living.”

“Fine! Then I shall fulfill your wish!”

Ruthlessness flashes across First’s eyes as he prepares to destroy that life and death tablet.

At this moment, Liu Yi suddenly shouted, “Wait!”

First sneers, I knew that you would stop me.

“Give me the life and death tablet and I will give you the 5 Spirit Treasure.” says Liu Yi as he raises that necklace.

“Liu Yi! You, you are mad!”

Wang Lele looks at Liu Yi in shock, “Do you know the consequences of this action of yours? After you hand it over, Qin Emperor will revive! The moment Emperor Qin revives people will be in a terrible situation! But if you hold on to it and use it to cultivate, your strength will increase swiftly and rapidly becoming a realm crosser!”

Become like a realm crosser…

To cultivators, this is a huge allure.

The strength of a realm crosser, is the peak of the six realms!

“If I can’t even protect my woman, what can I use to protect this world?”

Liu Yi smiles at Wang Lele, “Furthermore, I already lost an important person today and I do not wish to lose a second one.”

After which he shouts, “People from Qin Imperial Palace. Do you keep your word?”

First also shouts back, “I swear on my noble Emperor Qin!”

“Very good!”

Liu Yi is not a person who likes to procrastinate. He immediately tosses out the necklace.

First also did not hesitate and toss the life and death tablet over.

After the two of them have exchanged the items, First laughs as he holds the 5 Spirit Treasure.

After Liu Yi got the life and death tablet, he stuffed it into Wang Lele’s hands.

“From now on you are free.”

“You…you idiot…”

Wang Lele starts crying, “How can you be so stupid!”

“This is not stupid.” Liu Yi pulls Wang Lele behind him, “As long as you all stand behind me, I will become even stronger.”


Wang Lele leaps into Liu Yi’s embrace as she cries nonstop.

“Liu Yi. I shall pardon you today.” First keeps away his fan and says, “Sooner or later Qin Imperial Palace shall once again visit the world! Liu Yi, we shall calculate our debt later!”

He prepares to bring the entire Qin Imperial Palace and leave.


Fourth shouts hurriedly, “Tenth cannot be abandoned just like this! She is my fiancee!”

“She is no longer your fiancee.”

First shake the necklace in his hand, “Our Qin Imperial Palace is about to emerge once more. Don’t forget our great cause for a woman!”

“But, but…”

“But what! Do you want to leave along with her!”

First’s expression is cold.

Fourth immediately stops speaking. As he follows Qin Imperial Palace and flies upwards, she shouts towards Wang Lele below, “Tenth, come back. As long as you come back, I will apologize to Emperor Qin! We are still the Ten Heavenly Stems, the capable generals of Qin Imperial Palace .”

“I am no longer Tenth.”

Wang Lele stands by Liu Yi’s side and looks at Fourth in the sky and says coldly, “From this moment onwards, Tenth no longer exists. I, am Wang Lele.”

After which she closes her eyes.

Immediately after, she trembles before fainting. Later, she wakes up in Liu Yi’s embrace.

“Big Brother Xiao Yi…where, where is this place…”


“What is Big Brother Xiao Yi saying?”

Wang Lele looks at Liu Yi in puzzlement, “Wasn’t I at home…why did I come here…where is this place…”

“It’s alright Lele. It has all passed.”

Liu Yi gently kisses Lele’s forehead. She felt sleepy and fell asleep in Liu Yi’s embrace.

“Anna.” summons Liu Yi and Anna instantly appear by Liu Yi’s side.

Liu Yi passes Wang Lele over to Anna, “Send her back to North Dragon City.”


Right now, Anna adulates Liu Yi a lot. Whatever he says, she will immediately do as instructed.

Only after Wang Lele and Anna disappeared did Liu Yi relax.

So long as Lele is safe.

After Liu Yi had settled Wang Lele’s matter, he looked at the sky where the Qin Imperial Palace had disappeared before looking at the rest of the cultivators.

He then says, “Everyone, all of you have seen it. The rise of Qin Imperial Palace is just a matter of time.”

Liu Yi’s gaze lands on the cultivators, “You don’t wish to become the slaves of Qin Imperial Palace right? If you do not wish to become slaves then raise your weapons and stand on my side!”

“I support husband!”

Yang Mianmian immediately raises her giant ax and leads the people from Kunlun Mountain and stands behind Liu Yi.

“My Womanland also supports Sage Ruler!”

Princess Dragon Lotus and the rest of the beauties behind her are the most faithful supporters of Liu Yi.

All of a sudden obtaining the support of two major sects, Liu Yi’s influence magnified by quite a bit.

Tao Cheng thinks rapidly and says, “Fendu City shall also obey Daoist Liu’s order!”

He feels that he will not lose out following Liu Yi.

After all two major sects are following him, there will be even more following him.

I must snatch up a good position first! At the very least I can improve my good impression in Liu Yi’s heart by a bit!

“Boundless life!”

The Living Buddha who had always been watching the show says, “Since that is the case, then I might as well join in the excitement. Religion Mi will also resist Qin Imperial Palace along with Daoist Liu!”

Religion Mi had also given word!

Ruyi Sect is also unwilling to fall behind. Qiu Jiqing also declared his position and is willing to be in an alliance with Liu Yi.

Thus the remaining small and big sects all declare that they are willing to follow Liu Yi.

Liu Yi looks at those big and small sects that acknowledge allegiance to him and feel like it was a lifetime ago in his heart.

Little Lass…wait for lord…


Chapter 885   [Exchange]

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