MKW Chapter 884

Chapter 884  [Title below]


“Hahaha, this seat has obtained the 5 Spirit Treasure, who can be this seat’s opponent!”

Liu Haisheng only laughs loudly like he does not place Liu Yi in his eyes.

He trembles slightly as the 5 colored lights wrapped around his entire body.

A pair of white flesh wings spread out from behind his back!

Demon transform, angel transform!

After Liu Haisheng learned the Demon Sword Technique, he metamorphosed to the extreme.

He raises his palm and the enormous statue below him moves along as well!

The enormous statue follows Liu Haisheng’s movement and grabs Liu Yi!

This technique is indeed evil but Liu Yi slaps out a palm against the incoming palm.

When his palm wind sweeps onto the arm, that arm starts to crumble bit by bit!

In anger, Liu Yi immediately used his full strength the moment he stepped up.

He activates God Transformation as the sun tattoo on his back starts to light up.

Fire-ice armor, Nine Yang Chains. No matter what technique it is, as long as it can strengthen him, Liu Yi uses all of them!

The anger is like a catalyst that urges him, causing his golden pupil to turn blood red!

Right now, Liu Yi only has a single thought and that is to kill Liu Haisheng!

“Demon Qi Impose!”

Liu Haisheng places both hands together and continues to urge his technique.

The black clouds in the sky change as an enormous Heaven Demon King avatar appears among the clouds!

The body is enormous like a god!

Its hands tear apart the cloud layer as it’s six demon eyes stare at Liu Yi.

A bad premonition emerges in Liu Yi’s mind.

That Heaven Demon King suddenly stretched out its arm. Its palm descends from the sky slapping down at Liu Yi.

This is the move that Liu Haisheng used earlier to kill off the outer pavilion sect!

Liu Yi lets out a roar as an enormous armored warrior appears behind his back!

This armored warrior is his Asura strength. It is the Asura Demon King that is formed from Liu Yi’s Asura Qi!

The armored Asura Demon King stretches out its arm and grabs hold of the Heaven Demon King’s arm before its other arm raises an enormous Asura Blade and chops that arm off.

Liu Haisheng got a huge shock. The Heaven Demon King that I bitterly cultivated was unable to withstand a single blow?


Liu Yi grabs the Sky Splitting Golden Spear with one hand and takes a deep breath. He then let out a roar at that Heaven Demon King that is screaming in the sky!

Dragon Breath!

Red trial lightning shoots out from Liu Yi’s mouth forming a red lightning cyclone!

This cyclone sweeps towards that Heaven Demon King’s head and starts tearing it apart, starting from the head to its body!

Almost in a blink of an eye, the Heaven Demon King was destroyed.

“Liu Haisheng! It is your turn!”

Liu Yi roars and appears in front of Liu Haisheng.

His legs pedals on top of the statue making the statue start running upwards.

Liu Yi exerted strength on the statue. With every pedal on the statue, it causes the statue to start collapsing bit by bit!

“Impossible! How can this seat’s Heaven Demon Great Technique be so easily defeated!”

Liu Haisheng is still in astonishment. While in a blink of an eye, Liu Yi was in front of him.

“Go and die!”

Liu Yi’s hands grab hold of Liu Haisheng’s head and yanked hard to the side!

Liu Haisheng’s head was torn off by Liu Yi! His body sprays out blood before it sways and tumbles down.

Although Liu Haisheng’s head was torn off, due to his lifeforce he did not die instantly.


His head is still mumbling as it falls to the ground, “Why…this seat possesses Heaven Demon Great Technique as well as 5 Spirit Treasure. Why am I still unable to defeat you…”

“The 5 Spirit Treasure does not belong to you!”

Liu Yi stretches out his hand and grabs that magatama necklace, “You cant display even 0.01% of the 5 Spirit Treasure’s might!”

“This seat is unwilling!” roars Liu Haisheng with red eyes!

From his head, slender white meridians stretch out before interweaving together like a white and swiftly form the body of an angel!

This angel’s body is white like resin.

From his back stretches out two pairs of flesh wings which have some feathers growing from it.

This angel’s hands and legs are very slender and a tail also grew from its butt.

Instead of calling it an angel, it is more like a demon!

This is the appearance of Liu Haisheng after his metamorphosis!

“This guy’s technique…is scary…”

Anna who is fighting against other cultivators cannot help but feel fear upon seeing this scene.

Too scary…the aura that this guy is emitting is the aura of a God-King…

He possesses a flesh body comparable to a God-King!

“Liu Yi! This seat shall send you to meet that woman!”

Liu Haisheng roars as his arms transform into silver swords. He flies toward Liu Yi as he keeps swinging his swords.

The avatar behind Liu Yi’s back waves its 4 Firegod swords, Through Heaven Sword as well as Xiao Taiji, this six swords. It can both attack and defend. Not only did it block Liu Haisheng’s attack, but it also suppressed him until he was unable to breathe.

“This seat is unresigned! This seat is unresigned!”

The longer Liu Haisheng fought, the more sullen he became. The more sullen he became the angrier he became!

His legs also turn into silver blades chopping at Liu Yi time after time but the avatar behind Liu Yi is valiant. It calmly faces Liu Haisheng’s attack.

It took advantage of the gap between Liu Haisheng’s attack and its palm slaps his chest.

Desolate Flame!

Liu Haisheng vomits out silver blood as his body was sent flying backward a few hundred meters until he smashes into a hall in Raising Immortal Palace Hall.

Liu Yi immediately went after him.

The avatar behind his back stretches out an arm and pulls Liu Haisheng out from the rubble before using a Firegod Sword to chop off one of his arms.

Liu Yi wants to let Liu Haisheng experience suffering before killing him!

But after losing an arm, Liu Haisheng only sneered.

Silver blood vessels extend out from the wound and reform his arm.

Regeneration! Indeed same as that Evil Infant!

If it is another person, facing this kind of technique they will have a headache.

But to Liu Yi, it is nothing!

“You are unable to kill this seat! This seat is undying! This seat shall kill you and send you to meet that bitch!”

Just as Liu Haisheng finished speaking, Liu Yi appears in front of him before punching his head fiercely.

Liu Haisheng got blasted into the ground like a cannonball causing layers of ground to fissure.

Liu Yi descended from the sky while holding a Firegod Sword.

The Firegod Sword let out a dazzling flame tail, drawing a red line in the sky.

Liu Yi pierces the sword through the top of Liu Haisheng’s head.

Brain matter splashes all over the place but Liu Haisheng only laughs, “You think that you can kill this seat? This seat will revive again and again!”

“Liu Haisheng. Could it be that you forgot?”

Liu Yi grabs the sword hilt of Firegod sword with both hands as he looks at Liu Haisheng with a cold look, “This Demon Sword Technique of yours was learned from me!”

“Demon Sword Technique!”

Liu Haisheng’s eyes are filled with fear as his entire body turns cold!

Demon Sword Technique….Demon Sword Technique is the bane of this technique of mine!

“Liu Haisheng. Persisting in evil brings about self-destruction. Just accept your fate!”

Liu Yi uses the Demon Sword Technique: Soul Return!

Liu Haisheng’s soul was instantly pulled out by him and grasped in his hand. He then sends his soul into Xiao Taiji!

His Xiao Taiji instantly started transforming. The green radiance that was originally being emitted by his Xiao Taiji instantly turns silver.

A pair of small white wings grew out from the sword hilt while the sword body also start to have a slight bone-like appearance.

Xiao Taiji’s grade seems to have increased by a few. Looks like Liu Haisheng’s soul is a huge tonic!

As for Liu Haisheng’s corpse, it lies there no longer moving.

Seeing Liu Haisheng had died, Li Heqiang instantly became badly frightened.


He immediately leads those angels, dragons and flees in disarray flurriedly.

Liu Yi tosses down Liu Haisheng’s corpse and raises the magatama necklace in his hand.

“5 Spirit Treasure is in my hands, who still dares to fight for it!”

This shout from Liu Yi causes the cultivators to all calm down.

In the end, 5 Spirit Treasure still ended up in his hands?

Then in the future, who in this world can block his steps!

With him holding onto the 5 Spirit Treasure, no one dared to step forward to snatch it.

But most of the cultivators are unconvinced in their hearts that Liu Yi took the 5 Spirit Treasure!

Just as they had this thought, several silver light beams descend from the sky.

The black clouds in the sky disperse unceasingly and very quickly, an enormous palace appears faintly in the sky.

“What is this!”

“Where did this palace came from…such pressure…”

Everyone is incomparably shocked. The people from the outer pavilion are perplexed while the people from inner pavilion were feeling danger!

Qin Imperial Palace! This is the Qin Imperial Palace from the legends!

For the 5 Spirit Treasure, Qin Imperial Palace had finally appeared!

For every beam of moonlight that shines down, a figure appears among the moonbeam.

“5 Spirit Treasure!”

The head of them is none other than First.

He is holding a fan in his hand like a carefree scholar as he slowly fans himself while smiling.

“Liu Yi, we have finally met.”

“Qin Imperial Palace. Looks like you are unable to bear it?”

Liu Yi who is holding the 5 Spirit Treasure says with a mocking smile, “I thought that you guys would be like a turtle that pulls its head in and continues to hide!”

“We are only here to retrieve the thing that we lost.”

First says unhurriedly, “This 5 Spirit Treasure belonged to my Qin Imperial Palace. That spirit vein, as well as unceasingly reincarnating spirit body powers, is the power that my noble Emperor Qin lost! Right now it is time for it to be handed back to us.”

“You are thinking too much!”

Liu Yi sneers, “You say it is yours and it becomes yours? If you want it then snatch it from my hands!”

“Liu Yi. I will not fight against you.”

First, continue to fan himself while smiling.

“I know that you are powerful. Very powerful. But no matter how powerful you are, you still have a weak point.”

“My weak point? I do want to know what it is!”


Chapter 884   [Liu Yi’s weakness]

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