MKW Chapter 883

Chapter 883  [Title below]


“How dare you!”

By the side, Xue Luo berates, “To dare to discuss terms with my master! Do you want me to kill you!”

“Hahaha…so what if you kill me. After all, I am already about to die.”

Giu Tongtian laughs dully, “Dying earlier or dying later. So what?”

“You will die very soon?” Ai Ling frowns, “Even if you want to die, you must first tell me what I want to know!”

“I possess the ability to read fate. Naturally, I know when I will die.”

That Gui Tongtian laughs, “As I said. If you want to obtain something from me then you must pay the price.”


Ai Ling does not care about Xue Luo stopping her and agreed to it.

“No matter what the price just name it!”

“I want your God Race True Blood!”

Gui Tongtian’s request is startling causing Xue Luo to scold, “What a good old thing! What a big mouth you have! God Race True Blood is our God Race’s Essence! After giving it to you, my master will die due to the god’s punishment in the future!”

“Hahaha, that is the price.”

Gui Tongtian continues and says, “In this world, there is never a free lunch. If you wish to know the truth then you must hand over your God Race True Blood. Although I cultivated until I obtained the Knowledge of Past Lives but I was unable to cultivate until I obtained the Destruction of all Affliction. Without the Destruction of all Affliction, I am unable to detach from life and death and will fall into reincarnation.”

[TL: Destruction of all Affliction and Knowledge of Past Lives is from chapter 727.]

“Then let me send you into reincarnation now!”

As Xue Luo speaks, she pulls out a blood-red sword.

“Xue Luo stop!”

But Ai Ling stops Xue Luo and agrees to it, “I will give you the true blood but you must first tell me what I want to know!”

“You are very smart. If you do not hand over the true blood, I will not tell you anything.”

Gui Tongtian laughs craftily.


Ai Ling clenches her teeth before spitting out a red blood ball and slowly sent it in front of that Gui Tongtian.

Upon seeing this blood ball, Gui Tongtian instantly starts laughing loudly, “Hahaha!”

He swallows down this blood ball before stretching out a finger and taps Ai Ling’s forehead.

“Have a look yourself about all of the things that you wish to know!”

Done speaking, he disappears.

While Ai Ling trembles as scenes appear in her mind.


Because he is looking at Ai Ling’s memory, these scenes also appear in Liu Yi’s eyes.


Liu Yi stands in front of Wangzong Mountain as he executed Wine Sword Technique madly while crying!

But no matter what, he is unable to enter the space-time. He keeps crashing into the space-time crack and gets knocked away again.


Seeing Liu Yi crying, Ai Ling also cannot help but cry.

At this moment, the scene changes again.

The sky is dark as Liu Yi lies in a pool of blood.

A golden red Firegod Sword is stabbed through his chest.

His eyes were already dimmed and clearly, he had already died.

While standing beside him is a pair of man’s legs.

As for who that guy is, no one knows.

Ai Ling trembles as tears of blood pools up in her eyes.

My heart…is so painful…so painful…

Lord…Little Lass will not let you die!

Thinking till here, Ai Ling wipes away the blood tears in the corner of her eyes.

“Xue Luo, we have things to do.”

“What does master want to do?”

“I shall pave the road for lord. I shall make him the number 1 in the world!”


Xue Luo exclaims, “You have lost your true blood. What you should do now is to turn that Fake Spiritual Vein into a god race as well then obtain his true blood!”

“In this world, no one can harm my lord!”

After finishing, Ai Ling turns into a blood light and disappears while Xue Luo chases after her in a panic.


After all of the scenes are gone, Ai Ling’s beautiful image reappears in Liu Yi’s view.

Her gaze is incomparably warm. Her hands had already let go of the Sky Splitting Golden Spear and were gently hugging Liu Yi’s waist.


“Little Lass!”

Liu Yi who had seen Ai Ling’s thoughts feels like his heart is about to scatter!

It is like a hand is ruthlessly gripping his heart making him unable to breathe from the pain.


Golden light slowly emits out from Ai Ling’s seven apertures and converges with the rest of the women’s light and floats into the air.

Very quickly 5 different colored magatamas formed before being threaded by the golden thread and turned into a necklace.

This is the 5 Spirit Treasure which all of the cultivators in the world wish to obtain!

“Quickly snatch it!”

No one knows who shouted it but all of the cultivators present charge forward.

Xue Luo hurriedly starts to block these people but there are too many cultivators. Thus she is unable to block them on her own.

“Block them!”

Zhang Mianmian and the rest of the women no longer attack Xue Luo but instead, they start fighting against the rest of the cultivators in the world.

Instantly the pressure on Xue Luo drops greatly.

Underneath it is a huge messy fight while above, Liu Yi and Ai Ling are hugging each other.


Ai Ling’s eyes are filled with tender sentiments, “Forget about Little Lass…”

She gently pushes Liu Yi away and at this moment, a red lightning bolt falls from the sky and struck Ai Ling’s body.

Liu Yi’s heart scatters.

Ai Ling’s body was turned into dust by this lightning bolt and a red blood pearl fell down.

Liu Yi frantically stretches out his hand and grabs hold of that blood pearl.

At this same moment, a figure jumps out and snatched the magatama necklace from the air and lands on top of the statue.

The 5 women who possess the 5 Spirit Bodies faint and drop onto the ground, and were caught by the people from Womanland.

“Hahahaha! 5 Spirit Treasure! I have obtained the 5 Spirit Treasure!”

Liu Haisheng raises the necklace high up as he stands on top of the statue laughing like a madman.

“The world shall be mine!”

Liu Yi does not seem to have seen all of these as he holds the red blood pearl in his hands while crying tears of blood.

{Benefactor! Quickly use your True Blood to irrigate the blood pearl!}

As the Eight Desolate Poison Mother, Meng Xi shouts, {Quickly! Otherwise, it will be too late!}

Although Liu Yi does not know what Meng Xi means, he quickly does as she says!

A mouthful of true blood surges out from his dantian before being sprayed onto the blood pearl.

Although the true blood is very valuable to a god race, if it can save Little Lass, Liu Yi is willing to take out all of his true blood!

The moment the true blood touches the blood pearl, the blood pearl starts blossoming like a flower bud that was being watered.

Very quickly a beautiful blood lotus flower appears in Liu Yi’s palm.

{All God Race members possess undying bodies!}

Meng Xi transmits her voice to Liu Yi’s ear, {Along with the fact that Miss Ai Ling’s cultivation is very deep, even if she is dead, her soul will not wither away! Miss Ai Ling’s 3 immortal and 7 mortal souls are inside this blood pearl. As long as the master uses your true blood to water it, she will be reborn from the blood lotus flower!}

{Real, really?!}

Liu Yi became excited. Little Lass can still be revived!

What other matter can be even more gratifying than this?

He immediately wants to urge his true blood but only feels that his body is empty. His vision turns dark as stars circle him.

{Benefactor! Right now your true blood is still not enough to water the blood lotus flower!}

Meng Xi immediately reminds Liu Yi, {You must continue to refine your god race true blood before slowly watering the blood lotus flower! Otherwise, even if you killed yourself and attract the god’s punishment, it will not be enough to allow Miss Ai Ling revival!}

{I know. I know!}

Liu Yi nods his head before carefully putting the blood lotus flower away.

This blood lotus flower is even more precious than his life, thus he must protect it properly!

Little Lass, Lord will revive you soon! Just wait!

You waited for 1300 years, right now it is time for me to protect you!

At this moment, Liu Haisheng who is standing on top of the statue lets out a roar.

This roar carries a strange demon qi!

Momentarily, a lot of people were unable to take it and collapse onto the ground bleeding from their seven apertures!

Those who have slightly better cultivators also shiver!

“Hahaha! Sky Demon Great Technique is so powerful! Now that I had obtained the 5 Spirit Treasure, the world shall belong to my Solo Sect!”

Solo Sect?

Liu Yi instantly turns his head over and stares at Liu Haisheng coldly.

“You are from Solo Sect?”

“Hahaha! Of course!”

Right now Liu Haisheng no longer fears Liu Yi. He hangs the 5 Spirit Treasure around his neck and his body is immediately covered with the 5 colored lights like a spirit!

“To be precise, I…no, this seat is the sect head of Solo Sect! Everyone shall bow down in front of this seat’s might! Those who do not submit shall be killed!”

At this moment, a sect head from the outer pavilion sects curses, “Damn it! Who do you count as!”


Liu Haisheng waves his hand and an enormous black hand descends from the sky. It swipes the air and that entire outer pavilion sect disappears!

All of the cultivators present were instantly frightened out of their minds!

“Come out my warriors!”

Liu Haisheng shouted, causing the black clouds in the sky to disperse.

Angels flapping their wings descend from the sky.

These angles are different from those angels that Liu Yi had seen before in the past. They are more like semi-finished products of human evolution!

Half angel half-demon!

“It is the Heaven Realm Army!”

Anna who is a member of the Heaven Realm cannot be any more familiar with these people!

“Something is wrong… they are Heaven Realm Army…but why did they turn into this?”

Not only these transformed Heaven Realm Army, Li Heqiang also summoned out countless dragons as he appeared.

“Solo Sect…very good!”

Liu Yi clenches his fist, “Today I shall settle the score with you all!”

Liu Yi swipes his Netherworld Ghost Ring and releases thousands of Netherworld Soldiers!

These Netherworld Soldiers immediately start fighting against those transformed angels as well as the dragons that Li Heqiang had summoned.

“You think that you can win me?”

Liu Haisheng sneers, “This seat waited for a long time and finally waited for this day’s arrival! Now that woman has finally died! She is truly stupid! She possessed the strength of a realm crosser but she sacrificed her life for you! What a joke, truly a joke! She thought that she would let you obtain the 5 Spirit Treasure and her scheme was airtight. But she did not expect that in the end, this 5 Spirit Treasure will land in this seat’s hand! Didn’t that stupid woman die for nothing in the end!”

“How dare you humiliate Little Lass! Die!”

Liu Yi’s eyes turn red as he charges at Liu Haisheng.


Chapter 883   [Forget about me]

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