MKW Chapter 880

Chapter 880  [Title below]


“Yuanyuan, why are you here?”

Liu Yi looks at this young sister in front of him in shock.

“I am also very surprised!”

Ma Yuanyuan looks at Liu Yi with delight on her face, “So that big devil head Liu Yi that my seniors are talking about was you!”

“This, this…”

Their conversation causes Liu Shuyao to have a huge shock. What is going on? Do these two know each other?

This seems…to be not beneficial…but also seems to be beneficial!

Liu Shuyao is a smart person and she thought of something.

Who is Liu Yi? Back then for a woman, he fought to the death against the world’s outer pavilions!

This person indeed a human but like the saying, even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beautiful woman!

Ma Yuanyuan is definitely a beauty. Furthermore, if Liu Yi is an affectionate person, he will go easy!

“Stupid ox. You are indeed impressive!”

Ma Yuanyuan plays with the sword in her hand and says, “But in my sect, they also say that I am very powerful! Hehe, Stupid big ox. Let me first test out your weight!”

As Ma Yuanyuan speaks, she forms a seal with her hand and swings upwards.

Her sword flies out from the sheath with a metallic sound. After which it flies in the sky like it is alive letting out dragon roar.

“Stupid ox, here I come!”

As Ma Yuanyuan speaks, she tosses down her sword sheath and spreads apart her hands.

The sword in the sky instantly split into over a hundred swords before raining down on Liu Yi like a storm.

Liu Yi smiles bitterly, this girl, really…

I still have not understood how she became a cultivator and she immediately starts fighting me the moment she steps up.

Ma Yuanyuan seems to have improved very quickly. How did Concealed Sword Pavilion cultivate her? Her cultivation is at 15 starjades!

So heaven-defying!

Liu Yi says in his heart, could it be that I am dreaming?

But these swords are real!

Forget it. Let’s accompany this girl and play.

Liu Yi retreats two steps and the sword rain lands on the ground in front of him.

Countless of swords instantly stab into the ground like a sword mound.

But these words did not injure Liu Yi. He is standing over a meter away from them smiling.

“Damn it! You dodge quickly!”

Ma Yuanyuan still has that neighbor demoness temperament as she stomps her feet, “I will hit you!”

The sword rain chases after Liu Yi.

Liu Yi uses Spirit Fox Step and keeps dodging the sword rain.

Although Ma Yuanyuan’s sword rain is very swift and quick, but it is unable to hit Liu Yi.

Ma Yuanyuan shouts, “Ah!!! Why do you keep dodging! Damn Stupid ox! Let me hit you a few times!”

Liu Yi laughs and says, “How is that possible. Why should I let you hit me without any good cause.”

“Because I am a beauty! You must let me hit you!”

As Ma Yuanyuan speaks, she continues to execute her technique.

The sword rain immediately surrounds Liu Yi as it descends, surrounding Liu Yi in the center.

“Anyway even if you do not allow me to hit you, I will still hit you!”

Those swords start to centralize on Liu Yi.

As for Liu Yi, he stands there as he keeps throwing out palm attacks and slaps down all of the swords that came close to him.

“Gods! By relying on your palms, you hit down my sword rain?”

Ma Yuanyuan exclaims, “How is this possible!”

In my sect, I do not have any opponent!

Other than Elder Liu whom I’m unable to defeat, I defeated the rest of the people!

Right now I can’t do anything about Liu Yi, to the extent that I am unable to even touch his clothes! Too hateful!

“Stupid ox! Let me stab you once!”

As Ma Yuanyuan speaks, she suddenly grabs a sword and turns into a stream of long light stabbing towards Liu Yi’s shoulder.

While Liu Yi stretches out two fingers and lightly pinches that sword.

“Yuanyuan. I’m afraid that your strength is not enough to stab me.”

Liu Yi’s smile makes Ma Yuanyuan wish to go mad.

Ma Yuanyuan stomps her feet in anger as the sword in her hand lets out dragon roar and explodes out in golden light!

A stream of golden sword qi knocks away Liu Yi’s finger and stabs into Liu Yi’s shoulder and out from the back carrying traces of blood.

Liu Yi covered his shoulder as astonishment filled his eyes.

“Take that! I stabbed you! Stupid ox, I stabbed you!”

Ma Yuanyuan claps her hands happily.

As for Liu Yi, he did not say anything as he was in shock.

He can not be more familiar with the power that Ma Yuanyuan just used!

It should be the Gold Spirit Body that her elder sister possessed!

Ma Yuanyuan is also a gold spirit body?

No wonder she would improve so quickly! So is it because of her spirit body?

With a spirit body along with the full out cultivation from Concealed Sword Pavilion this kind of major sect which provides all kinds of pills as support, it is not a problem to reach 15 starjades.

What is going on…Does Ma Family have twin spirit bodies?

Both of them possess a gold spirit body…thinking about it, the two of them are sisters so this possibility is quite high!

What the….two gold spirit bodies, this is too heaven-defying!

The Ma Family sisters are too fortunate!

If a family possesses one, they would be very happy and now, it is one family with two!

Liu Yi takes in a cold breath before lowering his hand.

The wound on his shoulder starts to recover. Although he had gotten injured, Liu Yi’s body is half-dragon thus his regeneration is very powerful!

To him, this small injury does not affect him at all.

“Eh? Why are you fine?”

Seeing how there is no injury on Liu Yi’s shoulder and how even his clothing is perfectly fine, Ma Yuanyuan became curious.

“Could it be that my stab missed?”

Ma Yuanyuan tilts her head and looks at Liu Yi.

From the top came Ai Ling’s voice, “Liu Yi, don’t forget your task.”

Liu Yi immediately trembles before becoming clear-minded and says to Ma Yuanyuan, “Yuanyuan, I cannot accompany you anymore. I shall let you leave the stage.”

“Accompany me?”

Ma Yuanyuan immediately pouts and says unhappily, “Stupid ox! I admit that you are that a bit impressive but I, Ma Yuanyuan am not to be trifled with! Let me show you my strength!”

Her pupils turn golden as she raises her right hand.

“Ah! What happened to my sword!”

“What! I also lost control over my sword!”

A lot of cultivators present exclaims.

Their swords fly up on their own and tremble while floating into the sky.

In a blink of an eye, over thousands of swords were all moved by Ma Yuanyuan’s gold spirit qi before gathering together in the sky like a long dragon that is revolving around.

“Stupid ox. You must be careful!”

While speaking, that dragon made from swords flies over towards Liu Yi.

“Indeed, you are the gold spirit. Impressive.”

Liu Yi smiles, “But to me, it is child’s play.”

As he speaks, he takes out his Sky Splitting Golden Spear and stabs into the ground.

When the spearhead stabs into the ground, a bolt of red lightning flies out immediately.

This red lightning knocks into the dragon made of swords in the sky and instantly blasts those swords apart which then drop onto the ground.

“What, what is this situation?”

Ma Yuanyuan got a huge shock as she tried her best wanting to continue to move those words.

But she realizes that she seems to have lost sense of these swords and can no longer move them.

“The Trial Lightning has broken the relationship between you and these swords.”

Liu Yi raises his Sky Splitting Golden Spear and says, “These are all small tricks. If you still do not admit defeat then I shall become serious.”

“Don’t mess with me! Take out your real ability!”

Ma Yuanyuan stomps her leg in anger and only feels that Liu Yi is looking down on her.

“Then I shall send you back.”

Liu Yi throws out a palm attack towards Ma Yuanyuan through the air.

With a boom, Ma Yuanyuan was sent flying away by Liu Yi and landed within the group of people from Concealed Sword Pavilion.

Ma Yuanyuan is stunned, not knowing how she had gotten sent back.

She got hit back but did not receive any injury which is strange!

“Liu Yi’s cultivation is higher than yours…”

Liu Shuyao pats Ma Yuanyuan’s shoulder and comforts her, “So it is possible for him to hit you while keeping you safe and sound. Alas, I thought that Liu Yi would throw the match for you…I miscalculated!”

Ma Yuanyuan asked unresigned, “Didn’t elder say that I was the strongest…”

“Among those of the same age in the outer pavilion, you should be considered as the strongest…”

Liu Shuyao sighs, “But right now…you had met a pervert among perverts…a monster among monsters…”

Ma Yuanyuan lowers her head as she mutters, “Stupid ox is a monster? Why did I not realize it in the past…”

Ai Ling who is standing on the lotus stage announces, “Concealed Sword Pavilion has lost its qualification. Who shall be the next?”

Outer Pavilion no longer had any chance anymore. Last time at Keda, it was already proven.

The heaven realm elders from the outer pavilion were all badly beaten by Liu Yi! Right now even if they came here, they are unable to do anything.

Furthermore…it seems like Liu Yi had become even stronger!

This pervert! How did he cultivate!

“Let the next one be my Fuxi Palace Hall!”

From among Fuxi Palace Hall walks out a person.

This person is not Chen Sihan but an unfamiliar face.

Liu Yi glanced at him and realized that his clothing needed to be investigated more. Clearly, it is not ordinary. Perhaps he should be the Main Palace Hall Master.

Similar to a sect head, that is the highest person in charge of Fuxi Palace Hall.

“This seat is the Main Palace Hall Master from Fuxi Palace Hall, Long Tianzhen.”

Long Tianzhen’s hands are hidden in his sleeves. His sleeves are really big and wide, hanging down all the way down to his knees.

“This seat has heard of your name, Liu Yi, right?”

As he looks at Liu Yi, a trace of contempt flashes across her eyes, “Perhaps you are rather famous recently but you do not know high tall heaven is! Today I shall let you know!”

“Hall Master Long’s tone is rather big.”

This is not the first time Liu Yi had met this kind of person. He crosses his arms and smiles, “I wonder if your skills are also that impressive.”

“You shall know immediately!”


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