MKW Chapter 879

Chapter 879  [Title below]


After everyone had gathered, this public square became fully packed.

Raising Immortal Palace Hall’s disciples immediately walk out and surround the public square.

Liu Yi saw his cheap senior sister Chen Keqing among them. She is standing at the head of the group hugging a sword.

Chen Keqing is also looking for Liu Yi among the crowd. Then their gazes meet, there are lots of emotions brought up.

In the past, they were senior sister and junior brother. But now on the surface, they had become enemies.

Chen Keqing secretly gives Liu Yi a look which means to be careful.

Liu Yi nods his head before crosses his arm and stands on the flight of steps.

At this moment, Liu Yi is no longer alone. By his side, other than Anna, Netherworld Xuefeng, Hunter, Guan Yihua, Dragon Lotus, Yuan Mianmian, and Tao Cheng form a group of people.

Liu Yi is wearing a black and white robe. Actually, it is the robes of Raising Immortal Palace Hall just that on the back are not the four characters Raising Immortal Palace Hall but Scarlet Cloth Guard.

Looking at this big hall, Liu Yi cannot help but feel bitter in his heart.

This Raising Immortal Palace Hall was created by me… Unexpectedly it turned into the wedding dress for other people and benefitted that Liu Haisheng.

“What is this 5 Spirit Gathering going to do!”

“That’s right. What is Liu Haisheng playing!”

Everyone starts discussing with one another. And at this moment, a black figure flies out and stands on top of that enormous statue’s head.

Who are cultivators, they are all eagle-eyed people.

Although that guy is standing on such a tall place the cultivators can see the guy’s appearance clearly.

Who else could this person be other than Liu Haisheng?

Liu Haisheng is wearing the sect head robes of Raising Immortal Palace Hall. That robe does not appear to be ordinary and carries a bit of treasure aura. It looks like it is magic equipment that Liu Haisheng had refined.

“Being able to invite all of the heroes of the world to attend today’s 5 Spirit Gathering brings light to Raising Immortal Palace Hall!”

Liu Yi starts to become drowsy listening to Liu Haisheng saying his conventional greeting.

Why is it that I hear this everywhere I go. Annoying.

Recalling my past in school, the principle and the likes would always like to gather all of the students in the sports field. While the students are standing, the rest of the people will be seated and he will speak non-stop.

After speaking he would add another few sentences.

Anyways the speech will not end. It is like a granny foot-binding, stinky and long!

I hope that this Liu Haisheng will not speak for too long!

The cultivators are not students thus they will definitely not stand for it.

Indeed, after Liu Haisheng had said a few sentences, a disciple from Ruyi Sect immediately shouts, “Sect Head Liu! Why are you saying all of these useless things! Tell us what on earth is this 5 Spirit Gathering for! Is that 5 Spirit Treasure really in your hands?”

“That’s right. Where is that 5 Spirit Treasure? Quickly tell us!”

“You better not swallow it up on your own!”

The cultivators do not care about Liu Haisheng especially the people from the inner pavilion.

The outer pavilion knows Liu Haisheng’s methods. Even Liu Boyao would have to give him face.

As for inner pavilion, they look down on the outer pavilion thus who would care about Liu Haisheng.

These people from inner pavilion only acknowledge one expert from the outer pavilion and that is Liu Yi.

“Everyone don’t be anxious. I, the sect head of Raising Immortal Palace Hall is unable to take charge of this matter.”

Liu Haisheng’s sentence causes everyone from the outer pavilion to be shocked.

Even this Raising Immortal Palace Hall sect head cannot take charge?

At this moment Liu Haisheng speaks up again, “Since I cannot take charge, naturally someone else can.”

As he speaks, he invites, “My Master. She is the host of this 5 Spirit Gathering!”

He flips down and kneels towards the west.

From the west flies out two figures. Below is a woman holding an enormous lotus flower stage.

While above stands a beautiful female wearing golden clothing.

Seeing this woman, the people from the Concealed Sword Pavilion are the most shocked.

Concealed Sword Pavilion’s Elder Liu Shuyao’s eyeball pop out the most! This woman is none other than Ai Ling from their Concealed Sword Pavilion!

Why did she run here and became the master of Liu Haisheng?

“I greet Master!”

Liu Haisheng kneels there respectfully while Ai Ling who is standing on the lotus stage was sent to the top of the statue.

The lotus stage was sent to the top of the statue by Xue Luo before landing.

Ai Ling who is standing on the lotus stage has her hands behind her back. The arrogant aura that she is carrying makes those watching below shocked.

Who could this heroic woman be?

“This one is the current master of my Raising Immortal Palace Hall, Ai Ling.”

After Liu Haisheng had finished introducing Ai Ling, he introduced her to the crowd. “She is also the organizer of this 5 Spirit Gathering.”

Everyone’s gaze lands on Ai Ling but she is not frightened. She stands there like a statue.

At this moment, Liu Yi is also like a statue. He stands there having forgotten that there are other people by the side. His eyes are only on Ai Ling.

Ai Ling stands there making Liu Yi feel like she is standing very close in front of him.

But when he stretched out his hand, he is unable to grab her.

Little Lass, Little Lass…you finally came out..but…why did you not call me…why did you not call out …

Have these 1300 years diluted your feelings?

Liu Yi’s heart is like its 5 flavors bottle had been flipped over. Right now there is all kind of tastes in his heart.

But mostly bitterness.

A cultivator suddenly shouts, “5 Spirit Gathering, you say this is the 5 Spirit Gathering then where are the 5 Spirit bodies?”

“That’s right! Don’t tell us that this 5 Spirit Gathering is a farce!”

“I feel that this matter is unreliable. How would the 5 Spirit bodies be so easy to find!”

The cultivators start making noise and at this moment, Ai Ling snorts, “Hmph!”

This cold snort is like thunder as it explodes out.

All of the cultivators present were shocked as they trembled.

What deep cultivation!

This woman is really powerful! Where did she come from!

When did this powerful expert appear in the cultivation world!

Furthermore, it is such a powerful, powerful expert!

The most startled one is Liu Shuyao. Although Ai Ling’s talent is not bad it is not possible to improve so much in such a short time! This is too ridiculous!

With a mere snort, she had dominated all of the cultivators present!

What cultivation level is this? She must have surpassed Heaven Realm…furthermore it is not just a little bit but by a large level!

It seems like she is even stronger than Liu Yi!

“This woman is very scary…”

Anna’s forehead is covered with cold sweat, “Even when the three god-kings were together…the pressure they give me was not as much as this woman…”

“That’s right…because she is Ai Ling…” Liu Yi’s voice carries bitterness, “My Little Lass…”

When Yuan Zhenyue heard this, her forehead was covered with cold sweat, “What the! Why do all kinds of women have an affair with you! Liu Yi, you are not simple!”

Liu Yi also has the heart to cry. How is this not simple…I wish to cry!

For me, it was just a few months while for Little Lass, she must have waited for 1300 years.

Just what happened during these 1300 years!

“The 5 Spirit Gathering naturally has 5 Spirit Bodies. But I will not say who are the 5 Spirit Bodies right now. Right now all of you only need to do one thing.”

She looks down and none of them dare to say anything.

Everyone’s heart is filled with fear towards this woman including the sect heads of the major sects. None of them are calm as they are unable to see through the depth of this woman and only know that she is very powerful!

“This matter is very simple. After all, only one person can obtain the 5 Spirit Treasure. Right now, all of you must choose the  number one person and only this number one can obtain the 5 Spirit Treasure.”

“Number one?”

Everyone looks at each other.

Ai Ling nods her head, “That’s right. Number one. 5 Spirit Treasure is not that easy to obtain. Only the  number one in the world can obtain it!”

Sect Head Qiu Jiqing of Ruyi Sect cannot take it and ask, “But there are so many of us, how to choose? Don’t tell me that you want all of us to fight against each other?”

“There is no need for that.”

Ai Ling smiles and her smile stunned a lot of people.

“My envoy you can come up.”

As Ai Ling speaks, she beckons Liu Yi.

Liu Yi is stumped for words. Little Lass is calling me?

Everyone’s gaze lands on Liu Yi.

Liu Yi did not hesitate and walked out of the crowd.

He stands in the center of the public square below that statue.

“This is my envoy.” Ai Ling continues, “Every sect shall send out their strongest person. Whoever defeats him will be able to obtain the 5 Spirit Treasure!”

Liu Yi wrinkles his brows slightly but rapidly loosens it.

It does not matter even if Little Lass wants me to take my own life, not to mention just fighting.

“Defeating him is enough? Good, then let me!”

That little man from Fuxi Palace Hall wants to step out.

While Chen Sihan immediately stops him. Every sect only has one chance, how can it be wasted like this!

“All of the heroes in the world, who shall be the first to attempt?”

This sentence from Ai Ling stumped everyone.

Who would step forward to and take the lead?

If one makes a mistake, they might lose their chance.

“Why doesn’t my Concealed Sword Pavilion go first!”

Liu Shuyao thinks rapidly and says, “For this opportunity, my Concealed Sword Pavilion has cultivated an expert!”

“Oh? Concealed Sword Pavilion had another expert? This is fresh news.”

Ai Ling looks at Liu Shuyao and says, “Then please step forward. I do want to see who this expert is.”

Liu Shuyao shouts, “Good! Yuanyuan, it is time for you to step onto the stage!”

A girl in the prime of her youth immediately jumps out holding a sword in her hand.

When Ai Ling saw her, she smiled.

“I was thinking about who it could be. So it is you.”

When Liu Yi sees her, he also got a shock.

Isn’t this my neighbor Ma Yuanyuan? Why is she a cultivator?

He watches his former neighbor step on a flying sword and lands nimbly in the center of the stage and says merrily at Liu Yi, “Stupid ox, I have come to look for you!”


Chapter 879   [So it is her]

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